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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “ankaisa,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
Yyu36(Yyu36)Dead Egg23191
3IGXK(3IGXK)Hatchling (m)3,3767223
Uy49l(Uy49l)Hatchling (m)3,3167183
ziCk2(ziCk2)Dead Egg111
OSDuAnkaisa's SplitinaAdult (f)4,0491,05963
e2TWAnkaisa's CB SplitinaAdult (f)2,07665536
AzxMAnkaisa's CB SplityAdult (m)1,63151263
p8dCAnkaisa's SplityAdult (m)2,20970738
gwkeAnkaisa's BlueboyHatchling (m, F)1,99256845
dBdeAnkaisa's BluegirlHatchling (f, F)1,97856946
TcWvvAnkaisa's CB Two-headedyAdult (m)5,0879111
3xfptAnkaisa's Two-headedinaAdult (f)5,8836731
MP2gu(MP2gu)Adult (m)4,1618132
IYgMWAnkaisa's CB Aeria GlorisyuAdult (m)3,6958032
szkTlAnkaisa's CB Aeria GlorisiyAdult (m)4,1018040
ymyAOAnkaisa's CB Aeria GlorisoyAdult (m)4,0248391
WbtxrAnkaisa's CB AetherinaAdult (f)3,9358660
AwlzSAnkaisa's CB AetheryAdult (m)4,1358631
pcKkAnkaisa's CB AlbinaAdult (f)2,83424215
H7rbQAnkaisa's CB AlbinoyAdult (m)5,1678281
qFLY4Ankaisa's CB AlcedineinaAdult (f)3,5498431
FKyErAnkaisa's CB AlcedineyAdult (m)4,4358751
5r4ydAnkaisa's CB AlmeraldyAdult (m)4,1957691
cESIKAnkaisa's AlmeraldyAdult (m)4,3307451
Sc1VgAnkaisa's CB AlmeraldinaAdult (f)5,4866491
2A4JmAnkaisa's AmaltheaninaAdult (f)4,0279471
avtuPAnkaisa's AmaltheaniaAdult (f)4,1149772
T4uLhAnkaisa's AmaltheayAdult (m)4,6479233
fYgshAnkaisa's AnagallisinaAdult (f)5,1638331
lqPODAnkaisa's AnagallisyAdult (m)4,8348801
5P0k3Ankaisa's CB AnagallisinaAdult (f)5,4257651
X40B3Ankaisa's CB AntareanyAdult (m)4,1707311
NzjVoAnkaisa's CB AntareaniyAdult (m)6,3538142
haWv4Ankaisa's CB AntareaniaAdult (f)4,7766492
wN0XPAnkaisa's CB AqualisinaAdult (f)3,0357631
jfQZCAnkaisa's CB AqualisyAdult (m)3,8387781
IBLclAnkaisa's CB AqualisiniaAdult (f)4,2569022
Lcf3IAnkaisa's CB AranoayAdult (m)3,8278462
JuSFtAnkaisa's CB AranoaniaAdult (f)4,0418741
3IPRAnkaisa's AriannaAdult (f)2,04061537
EIXxAnkaisa's ArianeiaAdult (f)1,69251439
scGZNAnkaisa's CB ArianeAdult (f)3,8087403
zKdwfAnkaisa's CB AriaryAdult (m)3,6238392
7UZIAnkaisa's Aria BabyHatchling (f, F)2,24649641
BtUi3Ankaisa's CB AshyAdult (m)4,8969403
l1QNIAnkaisa's AshinaAdult (f)3,5218022
NDaJ7Ankaisa's CB AstaarusyAdult (m)4,7559704
P8PLVAnkaisa's CB AstaarusinaAdult (f)4,7159802
6MuNTAnkaisa's CB AstaarusiyAdult (m)5,5701,0643
kg0xSAnkaisa's CB Azure GlacewingyAdult (m)3,4537011
zCtVWAnkaisa's CB Azure GlacewingiaAdult (f)3,4307102
nI9q2Ankaisa's CB Azure GlacewingnaAdult (f)5,3226801
t1tGeAnkaisa's CB Azure GlacewingiyAdult (m)5,0996902
SduRWAnkaisa's CB BaikalayAdult (m)4,3476401
AZz8YAnkaisa's CB BaikalayiAdult (m)4,1408711
5EkBXAnkaisa's CB BaikalainaAdult (f)4,4619221
GOAqAnkaisa's CB BallooneyAdult (m)1,61328522
KhR2Ankaisa's BallooniaAdult (f)1,46229522
DQXkMAnkaisa's CB BalloonyAdult (m)3,4998363
4acZ6Ankaisa's CB BautayAdult (m)4,1898412
7nJ5CAnkaisa's CB BautaiaAdult (f)6,2519284
Is13Ankaisa's BlackyAdult (m)2,29776038
MF1PAnkaisa's CB BlackinaAdult (f)2,86580849
EaC2Ankaisa's CB BlackiniaAdult (f)3,14293845
k28EAnkaisa's BlackiyAdult (m)2,95086042
ROCoLAnkaisa's CB BlackyAdult (m)5,6376421
33o1iAnkaisa's CB BlackiiyAdult (m)3,6399621
jdAoAnkaisa's Little WarriorHatchling (f, F)1,15647724
KI75Ankaisa's BlackinaAdult (f)2,75862255
8NQWAnkaisa's BlackisyAdult (m)2,28358452
vhb5iAnkaisa's Blac TeeniaAdult (f)6,3638572
C6OqlAnkaisa's Black TeayAdult (m)4,4909401
EddxLAnkaisa's CB Black TeayAdult (m)5,1326551
BJe6uAnkaisa's BlacktipsinaAdult (f)5,8288783
8Wn97Ankaisa's BlacktipsyAdult (m)5,2937921
VoBb4Ankaisa's CB BlacktipsiaAdult (f)3,9837851
Y5OujAnkaisa's CB Black TruffleiaAdult (f)4,1278442
Go2SaAnkaisa's CB Black TruffleyAdult (m)3,4557964
zxBKCAnkaisa's CB BlancblackinaAdult (f)3,7517672
EJh4mAnkaisa's CB BlancblackyAdult (m)4,6819283
kglynAnkaisa's CB BlancblackiniaAdult (f)6,3879063
0hMs6Ankaisa's Bleeding MooniaAdult (f)6,5939292
ghokGAnkaisa's CB Bleeding MooniyAdult (m)4,7177582
LcHrPAnkaisa's CB Bleeding MoonyAdult (m)5,0987312
Pvy2vAnkaisa's CB Gilded BloodscalaAdult (f)5,4159281
UrUtRAnkaisa's CB Gilded BloodscaleyAdult (m)5,5649321
FacFUAnkaisa's CB Gilded BloodscaleiyAdult (m)5,7787121
C7cCWAnkaisa's CB Blue-BandedyAdult (m)5,0218452
sVcEeAnkaisa's Blue-BandinaAdult (f)5,2278881
FN6xbAnkaisa's CB Sinii KraiyAdult (m)5,9157341
H7HTvAnkaisa's CB Sinii KrainaAdult (f)6,1526801
2eRlHAnkaisa's CB Sinii KraiinaAdult (f)4,5008521
7neFTAnkaisa's Two-5Gen-Finned BlunayAdult (m)4,7207511
mWNwwAnkaisa's Two-Gen-Finned BlunayAdult (m)5,3166891
8zcr7Ankaisa's Two-Gen-Finned BlunaiAdult (f)3,6817531
eJoKxAnkaisa's CB BlusanginaAdult (f)5,5967361
PtaR4Ankaisa's BlusangyAdult (m)3,5828541
DumRTAnkaisa's CB BoltinaAdult (f)5,1856471
zBpIkAnkaisa's CB BoltyAdult (m)5,4076492
pyG8wAnkaisa's CB BoltiniaAdult (f)4,1008242
iRuZFAnkaisa's CB BorealiinaAdult (f)4,4669721
GsGx3Ankaisa's CB BorealinaAdult (f)3,5398521
GcpwsAnkaisa's Bright-BreastinaAdult (f)5,9258791
NWQzyAnkaisa's Bright-BreastedyAdult (m)5,0527031
y1XCVAnkaisa's BrimstoniaAdult (f)6,4579741
nbRNAAnkaisa's CB BrimstoneyAdult (m)4,8977873
M5ZkRAnkaisa's BruteyAdult (m)5,4567551
4XmDMAnkaisa's BrutinaAdult (f)4,8617491
zUPWpAnkaisa's CB CandelabraniaAdult (f)3,2188091
FzhuOAnkaisa's CB CandelabrayAdult (m)4,8006991
6PRkpAnkaisa's CB CandelabraninaAdult (f)6,1177291
Kus6NAnkaisa's CB CanopyAdult (m)4,6751,0081
0TFlrAnkaisa's CB CanopinaAdult (f)3,6298131
rYsnFAnkaisa's CarinaiaAdult (f)3,9728601
WqbshAnkaisa's CB CarmineyAdult (m)4,3937941
ZDVvfAnkaisa's CB CarmineiyAdult (m)5,7667111
odcyYAnkaisa's CB CarmineiaAdult (f)4,2557422
jJBt7Ankaisa's CassareyAdult (m)5,1157822
ljwOiAnkaisa's CB CassarinaAdult (f)5,7749271
iKd4kAnkaisa's CB CassareiaAdult (f)4,5627241
OkFEtAnkaisa's CB CelestialiaAdult (f)4,1766981
auwGeAnkaisa's CB CelestialinaAdult (f)5,4257012
ddrbWAnkaisa's CB CelestialiyAdult (m)5,9906892
blrk3Ankaisa's CB CelestiasiyAdult (m)4,2538892
6vG4Kana Kot KotAdult (f)2,05957346
ha4FMAnkaisa's Holidayia 2007Adult (f)3,4518481
3X9TNAnkaisa's Holiday 2007Adult (m)3,6077501
ovw6eAnkaisa's Holidayiy 2007Adult (m)5,4046052
MWGfIAnkaisa's Little SpiritHatchling (F)1,8424502
rRRnAnkaisa's CB Candy CaneAdult (m)1,51549733
FtwYAnkaisa's CB Holiday 2008Adult (m)1,15945024
5yXOwAnkaisa's Holiday 2008Adult (m)3,7757621
Vc0GqAnkaisa's Holidayiy 2008Adult (m)4,0467411
jJQ5xAnkaisa's Mini CandyCane IIHatchling (m, F)3,9367311
QO0vZAnkaisa's Mini CandyCaneHatchling (F)1,8805881
sgDIoAnkaisa's Holidayina 2009Adult (f)3,9248612
aBRSiAnkaisa's Holidayna 2009Adult (f)3,2878622
3mZhlAnkaisa's Holidaysna 2009Adult (f)3,7297511
J4tnMAnkaisa's Holidaysina 2009Adult (f)4,7427211
23TbnAnkaisa's Holiday 2010Adult (f)3,8528591
R7P3RAnkaisa's Holidayana 2010Adult (f)2,5838562
9sVyrAnkaisa's Holidayna 2010Adult (f)3,7367421
YD7bsAnkaisa's Holidays 2010Adult (f)4,6766751
U5FDZAnkaisa's Holiday 2011Adult (m)3,9478702
Hs0ViAnkaisa's Holidays 2011Adult (m)2,7998371
PkUQiAnkaisa's Holidayiy 2011Adult (m)3,0436722
1zLZwAnkaisa's Holidayis 2011Adult (m)3,0516641
Mfy47Ankaisa's Holiday 2012Adult (m)4,0508771
cY3epAnkaisa's Holidays 2012Adult (m)2,8738761
oMpvTAnkaisa's Holidaysis 2012Adult (m)3,0716661
PQ9LyAnkaisa's Holiday 2013Adult (f)3,7968731
PNQCpAnkaisa's Holidays 2013Adult (f)2,5448641
SOupXAnkaisa's Holidayna 2013Adult (f)3,7137431
YRwGZAnkaisa's Holiday 2014Adult (m)3,2568491
XoBJmAnkaisa's Holidairy 2014Adult (f)3,7207491
00NhEAnkaisa's CB Holiday 2015Adult (m)2,5848551
5vBbJAnkaisa's CB Holidaysy 2015Adult (m)2,5988541
1yjzXAnkaisa's Holiday 2015Adult (m)4,6646811
kReQeAnkaisa's Holidays 2015Adult (m)3,0546601
lvBNHAnkaisa's CB Holiday 2016Adult (m)3,0606731
ote10Ankaisa's CB Hoildays 2016Adult (m)3,0516681
zNFkgAnkaisa's CB WintertideiyAdult (m)3,5709941
0n1h3Ankaisa's CB WintertideyAdult (m)3,6271,0064
413CkAnkaisa's CB CloudplumeyAdult (m)3,6698923
b2V2cAnkaisa's CB CloudplumeiaAdult (f)4,3579611
AXqixAnkaisa's Coastal WaverunneriaAdult (f)5,8508961
IPao5Ankaisa's Coastal WaverunneryAdult (m)5,8697041
pDagHAnkaisa's CB Coastal WaverunneryAdult (m)5,9587151
FDld0(FDld0)Adult (f)4,0197651
m0JXnAnkaisa's CB Plated ColosseyAdult (m)4,4808502
mr8E9Ankaisa's Plated ColossiaAdult (f)4,1518081
iMs0kAnkaisa's Plated ColosseyAdult (m)7,7587082
DJPMsAnkaisa's CopperiyAdult (m)6,8885532
xkuTCAnkaisa's CopperiiaAdult (f)4,9165702
vsf6zAnkaisa's CopperiniaAdult (f)4,4307861
tB0nvAnkaisa's CopperinaAdult (f)4,7357192
t3PGZAnkaisa's CopperyAdult (m)3,8867062
sELtDAnkaisa's CB CrystallineyAdult (m)3,3678022
3XXyNAnkaisa's CB CrystallineiaAdult (f)4,5429472
ygPwwAnkaisa's CB CrystallineniaAdult (f)4,1969182
SyZUAnkaisa's CB Dark GreenyAdult (m)4,2841,03255
WeeUAnkaisa's Dark GreeniaAdult (f)2,13557734
jd8afAnkaisa's CB Dark GreeniaAdult (f)4,1756971
3gaN5Ankaisa's CB Dark GreeniyAdult (m)4,0179111
rajQAnkaisa's Vine BabyHatchling (f, F)1,43451323
CQIBAnkaisa's Dark GreenyAdult (m)2,64361642
XfcOAnkaisa's Dark GreeninaAdult (f)1,12747523
FPsLAnkaisa's CB DaydreaminaAdult (f)1,31230623
GqZQLAnkaisa's CB DaydreamyAdult (m)6,1368492
hsjFrAnkaisa's CB DaydreamiaAdult (f)4,4927421
KgoWaAnkaisa's CB DaydreamiyAdult (m)4,7307653
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