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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “angelmischa,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
XCZD72G AeonCopper 2021Adult (f)8,7331,3865
3KoVO3G AeonMarrow 2021Adult (f)4,9348304
QRpAWMess Aeon 2021Adult (m)3,1664112
oMEcdMess Aeria 2021Adult (m)5,2756943
e1VDhCB Aeria 2021Adult (f)4,5956364
oYtFx2G Aether 2021Adult (m)5,7778263
nBdT2CB Aether 2021Adult (m)4,6226233
LntRCB Alby 2009Adult (f)2,2163995
SLhRCB Alby 2009 2Adult (f)2,2174007
qiu7Mess Alby 2009Adult (m)3,79186117
gkd52G SunAlby Alby 2010Adult (f)5,3476432
fkXTMess Alby 2010Adult (f)5,3496402
1GfNPCB Alby 2021Adult (m)4,5265755
ZHbca(ZHbca)Adult (m)9,8079591
czL0s3G Alcedine 2021Adult (f)7,5669523
6bVpz2G Alciver 2021Adult (m)5,1435684
vLte12G AlcWater 2021Adult (f)4,9199563
Dth8eCB Almerald 2021Adult (m)6,6538695
kL5x6CB Almerald 2021 2Adult (f)4,6826842
PQOFM2G Almerald 2021Adult (m)4,1796084
RUzNi3G Almilver 2021Adult (f)5,8286401
VdzQH(VdzQH)Adult (f)9,8329431
4oZ0O2G Amalthean 2021Adult (f)4,9361,0203
KXyhFMess Amalthean 2021Adult (f)5,1087125
V1k883G MistleLis 2021Adult (f)5,0177592
0sdGiMess Antarean 2021Adult (f)4,0815903
ZnE3X2G Aqualis 2021Adult (m)5,5116612
Y1pGKMess Aqualis 2021Adult (m)4,0886442
uTAQkMess Aqualis 2021 2Adult (f)4,0166154
0oLpS2G Striped Aranoa 2021Adult (f)5,9918054
7QHWxCB Aranoa 2021Adult (f)3,8925661
31mcCB Aria 2008Adult (f)7,9323,873229
I5kHMess Aria 2008Adult (f)7,3143,99058
jA7H73G XmasAsh 2021Adult (m)5,3967084
QiHUV(QiHUV)Adult (m)5,1849563
9axbQ2G SilvAstaarus 2021Adult (m)6,2028526
nn7022G Silk Astaarus 2021Adult (f)4,6405862
76PhxCB Avea 2021Adult (m)5,9671,42910
4JNf12G AzureSea 2021Adult (f)5,3208105
pbFw82G AzureSnow 2021Adult (m)6,0007908
jwYPw2G Azure 2021Adult (f)5,1566925
B1awSCB Azure 2021Adult (m)4,9069304
tl39hMess Baikala 2021Adult (m)4,2455913
olqV32G BalloonDream 2021Adult (m)5,0957064
oQVZdMess Bauta 2021Adult (m)4,9047371
DVQcj3G Bauta FailZ 2021Adult (m)4,1055803
GE9cg2G Bauit 2021Adult (m)5,2867062
yf8hJ2G JesterFail 2021 2Adult (m)6,1871,1244
3RvjSCB Bauta 2021Adult (f)4,8527302
CtJsQ2G Balit 2021Adult (m)2,1955883
ci7uW2G JesterFail 2021 4Adult (m)4,9357032
V3k9H2G Bauta 2021Adult (f)4,5055570
EGJm82G JesterFail 2021 5Adult (f)4,9455952
SZ0F4(SZ0F4)Adult (m)7,8328523
rXFQC(rXFQC)Adult (f)6,4077411
N3j9iMess BlackCap 2021Adult (m)5,1066012
RSMOFirst TemptationAdult (f)12,6194,420196
XcNASecrets LieAdult (f)9,0573,901164
jooyMess Black 2008Adult (f)7,6914,207166
zVnRMess Black 2008 2Adult (m)7,0674,27357
UzDOMess Black 2008 3Adult (f)6,8753,99960
ITOJMess Black 2008 4Adult (f)6,8313,93037
liELMess Black 2008 5Adult (f)6,1353,55033
XXRHMess Black 2009Adult (f)8,7563,351122
9bToMess Black 2009 2Adult (f)7,5763,200108
jZipZip the BlackguardAdult (f)6,8683,201217
GhBBMess Black 2009 3Adult (f)2,6241,68528
XoAKMess Black 2009 4Adult (m)2,6251,68835
YVGPMess Black 2009 5Adult (f)1,74963514
gSJRMess Black 2009 6Adult (f)1,70099811
d278Mess Black 2010Adult (f)4,30083412
Js7dMess Black 2010 2Adult (m)3,4356644
aEWAMess Black 2010 3Adult (m)3,5886683
qv6EMess Black 2010 4Adult (f)4,6327683
59hlMess Black 2010 5Adult (f)4,5117521
aqGeuMess Black 2011Adult (m)4,1107663
UFM2AMess Black 2011 7Adult (m)4,8571,2343
R1IfJMess Black 2011 2Adult (f)4,2021,2201
O9ToAMess Black 2011 3Adult (m)6,5911,4464
mdQtWMess Black 2011 4Adult (f)6,4851,1382
JDpA5Mess Black 2011 5Adult (f)6,6578822
JtlUVMess Black 2011 6Adult (m)5,2326242
wggjkMess Black 2021Adult (f)4,7269885
e9U81Mess Black Thuwed 2021Adult (f)6,9921,0193
flUCoMess Black 2021 2Adult (f)5,4791,0513
bNOyEThe Original RakeAdult (m)3,6746032
GXYpH2G Black 2021Adult (f)2,2746422
pDbDQWilloughby BlackAdult (m)6,7531,2832
93rg4Heathcliff BlackAdult (m)5,0617475
agldqPandora AnesidoraAdult (f)5,0667034
2DqPUPiccolettaAdult (f)5,1116992
gyMhWGomorrah's HorrorAdult (m)4,9026201
HNnaQMess Black 2021 3Adult (m)2,2126885
JsJWFUrsuleenAdult (f)6,7908855
4ZHYJAmina DracaAdult (f)6,7248823
04dKG4G Black 2021Adult (m)3,0558592
YmTDx3G Black 2021Adult (m)5,8619085
sk5DPSkared the BlackguardAdult (f)9,6419491
T5JtECalypso's LureAdult (f)4,1185111
sykJ4Skyje the BlackguardAdult (f)5,4617442
rJ6hg(rJ6hg)Adult (m)3,4865211
665MaAriadne's TheseusAdult (m)4,5045251
drOHDroh the BlackguardAdult (f)7,8804,192297
3WXm2G MagiBlack Alt 2008Adult (m)7,5094,442100
GUif2G GoldBlack Alt 2008Adult (m)8,4014,88493
MVZmMess Black Alt 2009Adult (f)6,6703,167353
UnLaMess Black Alt 2010Adult (f)5,6409757
lSa64Mess Black Alt 2011Adult (f)6,2598943
1VIZCVictor the BlackguardAdult (m)4,0436032
I5bo5Mess AltBlack 2011Hatchling (f, F)5,2349404
jTv0PMess AltBlack 2011 2Hatchling (m, F)4,7926693
9aqZMess AltBlack 2009Hatchling (f, F)7,9243,509263
WT3pMess AltBlack 2009 2Hatchling (m, F)3,4682,03252
6FPpV2G SunMarrow 2011Adult (m)7,2551,5473
qNyFuSweet Chai 2Adult (f)4,7606353
CHOiIFortmasonAdult (m)5,3376985
DPoxEMilady GreyAdult (f)4,5996842
xD1EPFortnum's PrincessAdult (f)4,6606434
yBxJz2G Tea 2021 2Adult (m)7,8519091
L4vvvCB Tea 2021 4Adult (m)6,3588031
aBczi2G Tea 2021 3Adult (f)4,8196512
JEdRXCB Tea 2021 5Adult (f)4,7396803
3ydcmCB Tea 2021 6Adult (m)3,7536182
Q33Ha2G Tea 2021 4Adult (f)6,1858113
sFLGB3G Tea 2021Adult (f)5,5357371
M8JRfCB Tea 2021 7Adult (m)4,8967362
GAmWl2G Tea 2021 5Adult (f)5,8647982
nvwil5G Tea 2021Adult (f)3,2327175
vrMNU2G Tea 2021 6Adult (m)4,7707115
kvsVk2G Tea 2021 7Adult (m)4,8937373
gmN933G Tea 2021 2Adult (m)4,8588184
UzjQL5G Inbred Tea 2021Adult (m)3,9005314
jzM96CB Tea 2021 8Adult (f)4,0885985
uPU9tCB Tea 2021 9Adult (f)6,7909065
i2dBA4G Tea 2021Adult (m)6,4698403
YxbYk3G Tea 2021 3Adult (m)7,7859472
Rwa572G Tea 2021 8Adult (m)4,7916514
VXlVq3G Tea 2021 4Adult (f)6,3198421
s3jIKCB Tea 2021 10Adult (m)4,3086453
9ZKKg4G Tea 2021 2Adult (f)5,4808043
xKDA74G Tea 2021 3Adult (f)6,3178082
sGfmV5G Tea 2021 2Adult (m)8,0628984
8YYNt6G Tea 2021Adult (m)5,0806991
MyjTGCB Tea 2021 11Adult (m)4,1618574
pMwvs2G Tea 2021 9Adult (m)4,6339533
0X0hw(0X0hw)Adult (f)4,3346212
1d4aKMess Truffle 2021Adult (m)5,2616711
pq9HS2G Truffal 2021Adult (m)4,2976172
TxL8G4G Black Truffle 2021Adult (f)4,8306762
5XlFPMexican GothiqueAdult (f)4,2596773
NkrjBMess Truffle 2021 2Adult (f)4,2966963
zTu5D2G Truffle 2021Adult (m)5,4187532
zuw3k(zuw3k)Adult (f)9,5119351
Rjznb(Rjznb)Adult (m)1,9964865
xUX6u2G Salt 2021Adult (f)5,2257281
TfsxG2G Salt 2021 2Adult (m)5,1957666
Ey0PzCB Salt 2021Adult (m)5,7286573
aQxRQ(aQxRQ)Adult (m)5,6926911
v5P58(v5P58)Adult (m)5,7246701
FusSf(FusSf)Adult (f)5,7736961
sMVWw2G JesterFail 2021Adult (f)5,0976992
jWqCC2G JesterFail 2021 3Adult (f)4,5545776
EhqtnCB Blancblack 2021Adult (f)3,8705653
vkfkX2G Blancsplit 2021Adult (f)2,6836423
00fxCMess Blancblack 2021Adult (f)4,7037213
NkoKZ2G JesterFail 2021 6Adult (f)3,4315473
B8Qiw3G JesterFail 2021Adult (m)5,3006982
K3vSL2G JesterFail 2021 7Adult (m)5,7427262
gyvGmCB Blazeback 2021Adult (m)6,3028465
rN96aCB Blazeback 2021 2Adult (f)6,4858562
PAzXSMess Bleeding Moon 2021Adult (f)4,6796022
FYx5o(FYx5o)Adult (f)6,0707462
Ug7Oz(Ug7Oz)Adult (f)6,1537674
aOQQG2G Blue Ribband 2021Adult (m)5,8697842
25nKO3G SoulSang 2021Adult (m)9,3511,1854
UQyvr3G Bluver 2021Adult (f)8,5011,2585
8d3HXCB Blusang 2021Adult (m)5,0075603
fkYeAMess Bolt 2021Adult (m)6,1476643
gOvYWMess Bolt 2021 2Adult (m)3,8945491
zTMc82G CopperBolt 2021Adult (m)3,4414932
nxEEW(nxEEW)Adult (f)3,0584711
p5vlS2G BorealIdius 2021Adult (m)5,5227582
m147Z(m147Z)Adult (m)4,3805531
gD8rG(gD8rG)Adult (f)3,9596052
m2MqH(m2MqH)Adult (m)5,1796802
7CNkL(7CNkL)Adult (m)3,8243733
m8WjCB Bright 2010Adult (m)1,87677015
njkcMess Bright 2010Adult (m)3,21283110
gWNr2G BrightWater 2010Adult (f)3,4709008
vndJMess Bright 2010 2Adult (m)5,3406411
m4pMMess Bright 2010 3Adult (f)3,0375893
uSsGcMess Bright 2011Adult (m)3,8013831
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