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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New types of dragons are added regularly!

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    You pick up the scroll labeled “amystar,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
    DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
    OxTb(OxTb)Adult (f)1,40854224
    tGzC(tGzC)Adult (f)1,40554425
    wKXZ(wKXZ)Adult (m)1,40154428
    Zyf9(Zyf9)Adult (m)1,57367923
    l3g8(l3g8)Adult (f)1,29545910
    kWLF(kWLF)Adult (f)1,3614548
    zak3(zak3)Adult (m)1,35445310
    BxHh(BxHh)Adult (f)1,2664829
    8CG4(8CG4)Adult (m)1,8084347
    BAWD(BAWD)Adult (m)1,4874167
    jKqZ(jKqZ)Adult (f)1,6344388
    iIH2(iIH2)Adult (m)1,6514444
    ycOf(ycOf)Adult (f)1,8225396
    MtBP(MtBP)Adult (m)1,6064844
    bJ8j(bJ8j)Adult (f)1,5774824
    5BxI(5BxI)Adult (m)1,6844373
    PK2g(PK2g)Adult (f)1,8564894
    8GHA(8GHA)Adult (m)1,6374124
    UeKU(UeKU)Adult (m)1,8194636
    O9ou(O9ou)Adult (m)1,5324264
    4xuH(4xuH)Adult (f)1,3553914
    5YXE(5YXE)Adult (f)1,0863997
    ffmI(ffmI)Adult (m)1,1133286
    k4Ct(k4Ct)Adult (m)1,2364134
    Iz5q(Iz5q)Adult (m)1,0943797
    hTjl(hTjl)Adult (f)1,1304065
    orDd(orDd)Adult (m)1,5493478
    IKgV(IKgV)Adult (m)1,50539413
    YIjU(YIjU)Adult (m)1,33638512
    XPGv(XPGv)Adult (m)1,30238612
    BKzH(BKzH)Adult (m)1,66138212
    Xc8X(Xc8X)Adult (f)1,6133856
    eadr(eadr)Adult (m)1,5833554
    poEJ(poEJ)Adult (f)1,94941711
    HhZU(HhZU)Adult (f)1,2834043
    7r9c(7r9c)Adult (f)1,5814263
    bEqE(bEqE)Adult (f)1,4484154
    7SQm(7SQm)Adult (f)1,62741910
    PZRZ(PZRZ)Adult (m)1,4314134
    Q1KZ(Q1KZ)Adult (f)1,4364184
    RGKV(RGKV)Adult (m)1,3033995
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