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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “amyrokz,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
rJSF7Roses Are Actually RedAdult (m)2,6249482
iTYF7Roses aren't RedAdult (f)1,9537300
49m6XTulips Can Be Red TooAdult (m)1,7516842
7cZL4My Gardens On FireAdult (m)2,3728571
P6cVDBegging of the RainbowAdult (f)2,6038311
u3g5qJake StripelingAdult (m)4,1981,3975
FRcOISarah StripelingAdult (f)4,5891,3011
CUP3Ecode is CUP3EAdult (m)2,5859362
vH77qGreen Lacking EnvyAdult (f)2,5659482
CEBKlGreen-colored MossAdult (f)2,7548950
l6L0vGreen BeatyAdult (f)1,9017170
ZlJKaGorgeous Green GalliantAdult (f)1,9137010
mirEfGlimmering Green and GoldAdult (f)2,9609171
gsqaf(gsqaf)Adult (m)5,8041,0504
5ZiirHallowen StripesAdult (f)2,3038590
XQ9PTBlack And Yellow or OrangeAdult (m)2,5669180
1ZhelSnap That Whip LOLAdult (f)2,8909312
fdWSdBlack Halloween PumpkinAdult (m)2,6508831
PrJNMHallow's Eve PumpkinAdult (m)2,9109091
AIs0jAll Hallow's Eve StripesAdult (f)2,1938760
6pIYRBlack and Sunset OrangeAdult (m)2,5588622
J3XCo(J3XCo)Adult (f)2,0142982
62lHY(62lHY)Adult (f)3,5778564
fCljA(fCljA)Adult (m)1,9846824
R0TV5(R0TV5)Adult (f)2,1287034
Ej7KY(Ej7KY)Adult (m)2,1686974
bZQ9j(bZQ9j)Adult (f)2,8392718
LeBbQPink SinlightAdult (f)9,0971,48621
MeOINPink HeartfeltAdult (f)3,5811,4553
q6KpoPink PursesAdult (m)2,2889980
PBku4Pink DreamingAdult (m)2,0297181
LZnjiPretty in PinkieAdult (m)2,5668960
5KcugEmperor Purple 2Adult (m)1,59972527
asBpXRoyal FlushesAdult (m)1,90574113
Qsi9PPrince ParsiaAdult (m)3,4131,0771
1YVCbPrincess PenelelopeAdult (f)3,0571,0031
eDfnAPrincess AsiaAdult (f)3,4401,0342
Ih2uXPrincess NightAdult (f)3,3711,0012
MjDjGMadam WhusaleAdult (m)1,9197211
QeTMUSenior ItoAdult (f)3,6739790
MkIXPSenior ItaAdult (m)2,9159993
Kt23RSenor OAdult (m)2,5989230
p5HHzSenior AAdult (f)1,7948382
e39ONSumsit Isabel WhitelawAdult (m)2,55290225
M7Dm7Sumsit RosaAdult (f)3,5681,17426
NETQ2Sumsit RoselinaAdult (f)3,9371,26226
mTCe8Sumsit LilisaAdult (f)5,1161,48323
glnmgSumsit SirAdult (m)3,7321,3642
vKKUFSumsit ForevaAdult (f)2,5329525
eDIlYSumsit MontanyaAdult (f)4,4711,3355
eIQnqSumsit EdwardAdult (m)2,8979645
NvqgLSumsit WilmaAdult (f)3,5061,0424
QWAV4Sumsit EvanAdult (m)2,5819341
mualXSumsit JonahAdult (m)2,5009761
ZvPM1Sumsit AllisonAdult (f)2,1517122
76suXSumsit KeishaAdult (f)1,5266411
Zlpr0Sumsit SaraAdult (f)2,3238562
I5bllSumsit PinkieAdult (m)2,4846171
TBEd1Sumsit AlliAdult (m)2,3936520
N2nIISumsit BFFAEAdult (f)1,8267741
0Ki0aSumsit SunsetAdult (f)1,8157670
kk5ZgSumsit SunriseAdult (f)1,9407941
oWR51(oWR51)Adult (f)5,8001,0366
k48GI(k48GI)Adult (f)6,1531,0882
PtfIsAm I a Tadpole or a DragonHatchling (F)6633051
eQDaHForever SunkistHatchling (m, F)2,2515801
irr9oSunny CookietailAdult (f)2,9001,02124
DO5ckSunny AdeAdult (m)2,7819313
8vSWVSunny Juicy StrawberryAdult (m)2,1467700
F8Eb1Sunny Neon LoveAdult (m)3,0931,0343
skCLRSunny RainAdult (f)2,9009950
Jo573Sunny Dragon CaveAdult (m)5,4131,34510
4QRnESunny Golden OrbAdult (m)3,6769721
JcShQTropical ToucanAdult (m)2,09985219
GF3i1Tropical RioAdult (m)3,1641,0531
zYEws(zYEws)Adult (f)6,3021,1113
pTkn4SpiraliousAdult (f)2,9631,0861
vpbvXSpiramaniaAdult (f)3,0151,0042
Te0j4SpiralizerAdult (m)2,2858523
3g8NgSpiraliniAdult (m)2,5839284
0rdSgSpiral JumpAdult (f)2,9739881
tBUSKSpiral LeapAdult (f)2,3018904
euc6BSpiral SpinningAdult (f)1,7797241
sgmpSSpiral CurvesAdult (m)1,6606541
mbDdn(mbDdn)Adult (m)5,0511,0412
Bum7YI'll Spread My WingsHatchling (f, F)2,2987340
mE6zc(mE6zc)Adult (f)4,9621,0265
ljbqw(ljbqw)Adult (m)5,8541,0683
6yqrs(6yqrs)Adult (f)2,2476792
1DYgI(1DYgI)Adult (f)3,2349671
rsxmU(rsxmU)Adult (m)2,1236950
e9Cti(e9Cti)Adult (m)2,4788530
NY2XV(NY2XV)Adult (f)5,4799973
G4Nu1(G4Nu1)Adult (m)4,9331,0054
jTrGJI Look Like a Little PuppyHatchling (F)2,2057192
tmEAJ(tmEAJ)Adult (f)9,4811,5454
579AQWooda BienvidaAdult (f)2,7451,0620
RvQM9Wooda EstabanaAdult (f)2,2789312
0Q9ZaWooda AnimalousAdult (m)3,6721,10711
bLa0eForever in a LeapHatchling (f, F)2,6658011
qvZMsWooda TrestestaAdult (f)2,89495320
E701kWoodaAdult (f)3,1981,0833
sFjHAWooda WoodyAdult (m)2,8759621
qC8SR(qC8SR)Adult (f)6,5281,0283
2o8Da(2o8Da)Adult (f)7,0971,0762
VUB3u(VUB3u)Adult (f)8,3721,1212
REJ8l(REJ8l)Adult (f)6,7951,1683
OyR1F(OyR1F)Adult (m)6,1291,1533
rp23B(rp23B)Adult (m)2,1453005
G7BBX(G7BBX)Adult (f)2,6312863
B07mM(B07mM)Adult (f)6,6631,1623
1sxJX(1sxJX)Adult (f)7,2781,3708
6tQdy(6tQdy)Adult (f)3,0708840
qcOAa(qcOAa)Adult (f)3,1809534
O3X7Q(O3X7Q)Adult (f)2,1687374
5ph6H(5ph6H)Adult (f)5,5201,1293
DNvtHTri DelightAdult (m)1,9957102
ZgseATri CoolAdult (m)2,2337051
KTjUX(KTjUX)Adult (f)2,1887100
yFi1o(yFi1o)Adult (m)5,4961,0082
VNMpl(VNMpl)Adult (f)5,2049125
oPeT7(oPeT7)Hatchling (m, F)2,5658071
pTSWpShimmering Ocean BreezeAdult (f)2,8598734
z7TKq(z7TKq)Adult (f)2,2687303
VzJ5N(VzJ5N)Adult (f)6,1411,1752
MeaG0Cute and Tiny and AdorableHatchling (F)1,5545140
LGJaIElectric ShockedAdult (f)2,4468403
VKKT8Electric Yellow SpotsAdult (m)2,7298822
m9oT9Electric OrangeeAdult (m)2,3977731
5APPnElectric BlackAdult (f)2,0147211
g3ZAKElectric DottiesAdult (m)1,8817892
W4Xe7(W4Xe7)Adult (f)5,0391,0062
poJ9B(poJ9B)Adult (m)5,8221,0813
ml69QMy Little Light ShowHatchling (f, F)2,1526930
FLVX0(FLVX0)Adult (f)3,3331,0290
2Hjn9(2Hjn9)Adult (f)3,3068602
XlNPJ(XlNPJ)Adult (m)4,7263805
pS2VN(pS2VN)Adult (f)9,4671,4911
IuYQ9(IuYQ9)Adult (m)6,7461,1163
QuNJpUlta HaileyAdult (f)2,7718352
vL5sSUlta JohnAdult (m)2,8168740
HH88CUlta EltonAdult (m)2,0157003
DLJV5Ulta LillyAdult (f)2,1417660
GOV9iUlta BenAdult (m)2,2547751
m6adQUlta SamAdult (f)2,2297810
c2MrPLumious ViolusAdult (m)2,5729591
My4Sh(My4Sh)Adult (f)5,9241,1474
fnJOS(fnJOS)Adult (m)6,8441,2461
iiUIO(iiUIO)Adult (m)5,5411,0522
QrlNV(QrlNV)Adult (f)5,6909955
cSpfe(cSpfe)Adult (m)5,4591,0283
Dh4osValentimes or ValentinesAdult (f)2,7331,0628
04PuuSire ValentinesAdult (f)2,5401,0106
CTkTMKiller PartyingAdult (m)2,4841,0201
YYJW1Delicious PartyingAdult (m)2,5181,0162
VsiXB(VsiXB)Adult (m)2,3119050
NQ7tOGorgeous PegasusAdult (f)2,5101,0253
67cVCGorgeous UnicornAdult (f)2,5221,0372
FCYQV(FCYQV)Adult (f)3,1311,1895
gnnp2Picture of Sophisticated GraceHatchling (f, F)3,0591,1081
f4H0gChocolate Hugs and KissesAdult (m)2,0647455
rbyv0(rbyv0)Adult (m)3,1841,1415
pcFb9(pcFb9)Adult (m)2,1428440
fQz6YWhatcha Looking at BooHatchling (m, F)3,0671,0832
9tPXM(9tPXM)Adult (f)3,1021,1202
wPCmc(wPCmc)Adult (f)2,5679441
30KteA Graceful Young SwanAdult (m)2,6309601
1XXFiWho Outgrew His Ugly DucklingAdult (m)2,7311,0152
q3dHIEdward Cullen LuvrAdult (m)10,4611,50012
70t1BJasper Cullen LuvrAdult (m)2,1577493
ZqWjVEmmet Cullen LuvrAdult (m)3,6411,2053
m3pOjCarlisle Cullen LuvrAdult (m)1,8058232
rYKKTAlice Cullen LuvrAdult (f)2,3109232
YakUHLaurent LuvrAdult (m)1,8367552
tDTX1Esme Cullen LuvrAdult (f)2,0538734
XE9UJBella Cullen LuvrAdult (f)1,8668411
O4TLkDemetri LuvrAdult (m)1,7317462
iIWDnRosalie Cullen LuvrAdult (f)1,9067362
7SsD4James LuvrAdult (m)2,3098462
bbhqRRenesme LuvrAdult (f)2,7679311
omMITDracula LuvrAdult (m)2,7649001
PcqI2Victoria LuvrAdult (f)1,9427250
jLlYjVolturi LuvrAdult (m)2,3698641
akUSUJane LuvrAdult (f)4,8874622
iTBuBGorgeous and PaleAdult (f)2,2108595
PECv8Muscular and SparklyAdult (m)2,0157880
evlkYTwilight LuvrAdult (f)2,1327930
VYIeZPale White Ice ColdAdult (m)5,8691,0893
jUOEkLion and the LambAdult (m)2,6398591
9hcRqExtremely Good LookingAdult (m)3,2879331
BfEt1Golden Amber Eyes When FullAdult (f)5,0548612
HLKOiDark Brown Eyes When HungryAdult (m)5,0411,0121
4UEuGMuscled and ChisledAdult (f)5,3131,1781
jQYWJRed Bloodthirsty EyesAdult (m)2,7489615
FdrQaStrong and TallAdult (f)1,9907041
wl9y1(wl9y1)Adult (m)2,2387394
eufbw(eufbw)Adult (f)2,9297644
euKsBThe Frozen Living DeadHatchling (F)1,8746180
PbXzk(PbXzk)Hatchling (m, F)1,9086201
d0Rxh(d0Rxh)Adult (f)5,0521,0563
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