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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “amthystfire,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
VKz2OVizkizothAdult (m)3,8547661
OPKZhOpkizoth of ApiliaAdult (f)5,2931,0444
CoOFeCoofeth of ApiliaAdult (f)5,2411,0545
hzbnwHizbnowoth of ApiliaAdult (f)5,1201,0292
05y6TOsyeth of BanathAdult (m)4,0037870
iLPvtLipivert of ApiliaAdult (f)3,6629481
ZeVjuZevjuth of BrophelleAdult (f)4,4858445
xnlKmXaniklem of BrophelleAdult (f)5,1288933
mWkLMMawklemethAdult (f)7,1241,1846
r7D6aRatdeathAdult (m)3,3568541
v9lJ5(v9lJ5)Adult (m)4,0517602
4hA6e(4hA6e)Adult (m)3,9338291
oDgF4OdegafathAdult (m)3,4128121
7agcyTagacyAdult (m)3,3418351
vEV9jVevejAdult (m)4,9217831
ZyYG4ZygathAdult (m)3,6617671
k9c9vKeckev of BanathAdult (m)5,1358763
fEWzhFewazeth of ApiliaAdult (f)5,8157612
gNLuSGnalus of BandrayAdult (m)6,3237574
9qsGKEquiskathAdult (m)5,7348971
9oN6y(9oN6y)Adult (m)4,3337821
iv7LvRisawathAdult (m)2,7438283
qKQSrQuaneethAdult (f)3,3106733
dNoXGPoldeneth Tinselkin of FlogivenAdult (f)2,3636561
NxJkYNixajokyth of ApiliaAdult (m)1,9706092
xplchXapilacth of DalagonAdult (f)2,5736840
islmQSlimiquithAdult (f)4,0748792
3h72UEthzuth of ApiliaAdult (f)4,4577292
aMfvCAmfeveth of BanathAdult (m)5,6047091
eNSjSEnessjeth of BanathAdult (m)5,5847052
zUVgU(zUVgU)Adult (f)4,1567701
UyFBzUyfubez of BanathAdult (f)5,1058884
nXIGINixgith of ApiliaAdult (m)5,8127441
QY9bpQuyebeth of ApiliaAdult (m)4,5537661
4nZ3zAnzezeth of BanathAdult (m)5,5966942
ItW15TwisisthAdult (f)3,4397900
hqlquHiquelquethAdult (m)3,5367940
KwnrSKawnarsethAdult (m)5,3449850
QOVLAQuovalathAdult (m)3,9675292
m6jIuMejiluthAdult (f)3,9135852
8wp1hBewpithAdult (f)3,3447481
hbjALHibjalath of ApiliaAdult (f)2,8356488
p1lx2Pilixith of ApiliaAdult (m)3,3286102
HOvGg(HOvGg)Adult (f)6,0547202
mpGURMepgur of ApiliaAdult (f)3,7209362
mtqoOWe could get off this scrollAdult (m)2,2947782
yAHowYa howAdult (m)2,3807671
dZdJGZeddithAdult (f)2,3927910
HiBlFHi my name is BifAdult (f)2,4967770
Wu92WWuuu SaaahAdult (m)2,5767853
XlG5IXiggisithAdult (f)2,3247321
kKPt4KickethAdult (m)2,3887530
BapnxBapinexAdult (m)3,5528522
c3lMZCeimzeth of EdwindiaAdult (m)3,7554200
d73x8DetexterAdult (m)4,8229051
cdjpMCorinelimethAdult (m)4,9959600
d9PITDepityAdult (f)5,0019631
J6hUuJeshuuuAdult (m)4,3076133
MriJ8MijurioAdult (m)3,1506033
CyD5cCydel of ApiliaAdult (f)3,3865412
ScXTxScaxteth of BrophelleAdult (f)4,1487333
05d1d(05d1d)Adult (f)3,7748221
qrdEcQuirecthAdult (f)3,1606902
nVOstNarvostAdult (f)3,3057132
3PLriEplrithAdult (f)3,4027590
D1z6DDizedethAdult (m)4,2388171
c6KMmCekmimithAdult (f)3,3227702
qq42VQuaquizivith of ApiliaAdult (f)3,9956612
LNmwNLiniminithAdult (f)3,7396891
G6BoEGeboethAdult (m)5,0767401
nwLI8NowlibithAdult (m)5,3679842
IeeLULeeluthAdult (f)2,2375821
hAxtxHaxitix of BanathAdult (m)5,0668351
iQf1fQuiffi of DardwinAdult (m)4,3566770
upIBOUpiboth of BanathAdult (m)4,4808812
zYjkYZyjakythAdult (m)6,1168834
LrVAiLarvai of ApiliaAdult (f)5,4718862
zTPdQZ'tepid of CerdwynAdult (f)5,7867954
50pzwSopawith of BanathAdult (f)3,5408501
1qTRcQuith de Kefren of ApiliaAdult (m)4,1378042
YkG5bYekgasbite-El of ApiliaAdult (m)4,4397962
bBsPNBabspenite-El of ApiliaAdult (m)4,3127742
MnhbjBanahbajite-El of ApiliaAdult (m)4,2617862
iNYE8Niyeth of ApiliaAdult (f)6,3927562
M3rqeMerqueth of ApiliaAdult (f)6,0837172
wx3xNWexexanth of ApiliaAdult (m)5,7937593
vlBaqValbaqueth of BrophelleAdult (f)5,7227572
MZIPBMazipbeth of ApiliaAdult (f)5,4147481
5HAGfShagfath of ApiliaAdult (f)4,6317371
LY9ZpLyezeth of ApiliaAdult (m)4,7637892
SepqESepqueth of BanathAdult (m)4,9578271
MoepVMoepeth of ApiliaAdult (m)4,7657951
lv9HkLaveth of ApiliaAdult (f)4,6377752
r7H1vReth of ApiliaAdult (f)4,7477601
sbqSVSabaqueth of ApiliaAdult (m)5,6637142
lO3oyLoeyth of ApiliaAdult (f)5,8347133
NPDMsNapademeth of ApiliaAdult (f)5,4877112
8LRpHBlaraph of ApiliaAdult (f)4,6047413
4iqtUAquith of ApiliaAdult (f)4,6247622
55cW7(55cW7)Adult (m)4,1077712
ejbE6(ejbE6)Adult (m)4,5688933
KS7EBArcana KestebethAdult (f)6,8241,1011
IXNUpArcana XinupethAdult (m)3,4571,0560
hRObhArcana Hrobeth of BanathAdult (m)3,6398621
MqhTXMaqueth of CherithAdult (m)3,5768441
9w38x(9w38x)Adult (m)2,6917922
TzaYc(TzaYc)Adult (f)3,4208211
4AVNA(4AVNA)Adult (m)3,5008092
BDZle(BDZle)Adult (m)3,0131,0364
rMpvl(rMpvl)Adult (f)3,5647402
pdXAFHolly's SongAdult (m)3,9217270
N2zYLNazzylith of ApiliaAdult (f)3,3716421
SGxb8SegexbithAdult (m)4,4007880
d7c05DataicoAdult (f)3,9677080
PCjQBPecijquibithAdult (m)3,9627280
wbzUUWubzuu of DardwinAdult (f)4,1045101
gEIiEGeyiozuthAdult (f)4,8335371
U207zUzotezAdult (m)4,8105110
cnHL2CanaholtAdult (m)6,2547441
smjpdSmijedethAdult (m)5,9021,0003
leuV5(leuV5)Adult (f)3,4127641
msSgkArsani Stetanoth of ApiliaAdult (f)2,7558803
Qj7sQArsani Bloitath of ApiliaAdult (f)4,2311,1146
ULDg0Arsani Uldigo of ApiliaAdult (f)4,23599512
Cv6PyArsani Covepoy of ClovekAdult (f)3,6198100
HrTxhHartexeth of BanathAdult (f)3,6968920
AlQhDAiquith of BanathAdult (f)3,2955941
k3gf6Kegafeth of BanathAdult (f)3,1655780
o5v4rOsvarathAdult (m)3,8498382
DV7osDevatosAdult (f)3,2787930
hWNkuHawaknuAdult (f)3,3287961
F9IyzFelyzethAdult (f)3,9688362
lusybLusybeth of ApiliaAdult (m)6,1678294
u3XJhUexjathAdult (m)4,8628263
LuXYB(LuXYB)Adult (m)3,9807683
O14ocOicao of CerdwynAdult (f)4,3158853
9nTMZEntimizeth of ApiliaAdult (m)5,5027773
5FrQN(5FrQN)Adult (f)3,5727841
V2ykDVeykdethAdult (m)5,6487701
GD1kyGidekythAdult (f)6,1197710
5HApMShamethAdult (m)6,5559222
NOjp0NojapothAdult (m)5,2248362
iw5g4Wisigath of ApiliaAdult (m)5,5168003
7fHY7Tayfeth of ApiliaAdult (m)5,9467833
aKgYdAkygidAdult (m)4,1959283
34uUqEathuquithAdult (m)6,6619030
GX2j3GaxzethAdult (m)5,6331,1692
1qDivIquidivAdult (f)5,3561,1141
2XtpeZextpethAdult (f)5,1638750
nBKrqN'BaroqueAdult (f)6,7599231
6XoREExoreth of ApiliaAdult (f)5,0987464
5ZKGRSezkegethAdult (f)5,7028613
zkqnP(zkqnP)Adult (f)5,8187471
6VmwY(6VmwY)Adult (f)4,8478022
ntA23NatezAdult (f)1,8595430
gXfPKGexifathAdult (f)1,8465270
rAMxSRamaxisAdult (m)2,6336102
vLuS4ValusathAdult (m)3,1556910
NUMzKNumizkithAdult (m)5,5459090
qHjmWQuithmawth of ApiliaAdult (m)5,1798441
81AfGBiagaffithAdult (f)3,3855282
OflI7OfillathAdult (m)6,4739801
6H76Q(6H76Q)Adult (m)3,7727821
A8II9Umveriyth CBAdult (m)2,0266084
S4chFNoitiaeth CBAdult (f)4,5451,3572
6Jrd0Ejeradoth Shimmerkin of EdwindiaAdult (f)2,6277165
kylPwI am not a Pokemon from HamaritAdult (f)3,3817242
6DpyIChocolate BanathAdult (f)3,4927774
a0WT0Aowoth of BanathAdult (f)3,1185780
TrCAoTracaothAdult (f)10,1219201
57za5StazasthAdult (m)9,9869300
Hzg3dHazgedethAdult (f)3,8748671
kXjpIKixijaplithAdult (f)4,7658731
aSqaBAsquabathAdult (m)5,5311,2302
huY7tHuyttAdult (f)3,3726084
gd1gBGadibeth of ApiliaAdult (m)5,9037312
im0hqLemohoquithAdult (m)6,1708481
53CyySecythAdult (m)6,0228501
zLLLeZ'ellleAdult (m)6,1318821
3nG3ZEngezethAdult (m)6,0488491
yiHpS(yiHpS)Adult (m)8,6791,1633
J5UOE(J5UOE)Adult (f)5,0907933
IkwUeOodoithAdult (f)2,6679043
kkzoaReasamanthAdult (m)3,0439481
G9Z6DGezedethAdult (f)3,2368802
Giy5vGiovani of BanathAdult (f)2,2715822
Ly1T3LylitethAdult (m)3,4847275
etQKsEtiquekishAdult (m)3,4217427
8zU1hBuzzithAdult (f)4,5297594
F3W8K(F3W8K)Adult (f)3,4078271
kMkqkIeloruth of TeramaughAdult (m)3,0407697
rcRGABoetaneith ThuwedAdult (f)3,9879987
8cHMJNysoldeith ThuwedAdult (m)3,6429107
iV5AkLord Tobias BlackthornAdult (m)3,4217646
CzAZoLord Severus ThuwedAdult (m)2,2318533
VdzpYAgekinyth Blackthorn ThuwedAdult (m)2,1917683
tGw0aBeetanyth Blackthorn ThuwedAdult (f)2,4246802
qLI4QEboneth of ApiliaAdult (f)4,1471,45013
t5DkVDraoth ThuwedAdult (m)3,1249864
8MXpAAydraith of BernaceAdult (m)2,2887983
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