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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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  • 2012 Holiday Cooking
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You pick up the scroll labeled “amethysta,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
OizTH(OizTH)Adult (f)7,0951,1275
PBprn(PBprn)Adult (f)7,0181,1365
GmYRR(GmYRR)Adult (m)6,9448412
gNsws(gNsws)Adult (f)4,2721,2554
Y3Yc5(Y3Yc5)Adult (f)4,2741,2594
Zrw7U(Zrw7U)Adult (f)4,2851,2471
1nvJM(1nvJM)Adult (m)5,2131,0652
zGfJX(zGfJX)Adult (f)5,1501,0050
c3619(c3619)Adult (m)5,5949910
JMfxE(JMfxE)Adult (f)5,2671,0100
I4fJQ(I4fJQ)Adult (f)2,0776260
JoWjK(JoWjK)Hatchling (m, F)4,1241,0065
bpwXr(bpwXr)Adult (f)5,3711,2747
UGK0g(UGK0g)Adult (f)4,9351,3389
hHer4(hHer4)Adult (m)4,8401,2676
nuHoJ(nuHoJ)Adult (f)5,3531,2546
YNiWE(YNiWE)Adult (m)6,0048406
9tPvK(9tPvK)Adult (m)5,9318496
bNqUe(bNqUe)Adult (f)5,3611,2995
swwBA(swwBA)Adult (f)5,5951,2366
UnIdw(UnIdw)Adult (m)6,2751,1989
do4oAmmys ScrollAdult1,18174018
Duffy(Duffy)Adult (f)5,6461,00820
cv4FAmmys TweetHatchling (f, F)1,2585488
R84NAmmys X-Rayed Zombie iarsmaHatchling (F)1,2528423
Ba0nAmmys Nature's KeeperAdult (f)5,7921,16348
mb6TkAmmys Peace of MindAdult (m)3,0549673
0vaTaAmmys Purity of SoulAdult (f)2,5118781
a68NEAmmysuminiacAdult (m)4,24194260
Yk9fKAmmysillusionAdult (m)5,6661,1025
86aaJAmmys Goat CheeseHatchling (F)1,3775762
TbCQAmmys BrieHatchling (F)1,4764795
R8fpBfriend not renk wtf fingersHatchling (F)9913831
7tpdAmmys Lady in RosaAdult (f)5,1201,77957
431hAmmys Wild RoseAdult (f)1,10463857
eEjaFjorellaAdult (f)7916444
EnL4FrillordAdult (m)7856393
W9qXPadrigAdult (m)3,20589411
XcigAmmys RosebudAdult (f)1,8181,35632
HtG8Ammys RosepetalAdult (f)1,8221,36040
TakmAmmys CarysAdult (f)8836973
nEMt2Michas LoveAdult (f)3,0151,0694
gS4XW(gS4XW)Adult (f)3,4118156
HdR42(HdR42)Adult (f)3,3218035
VnBBkAmmys HubertAdult (m)2,2359823
W11GGAmmys HugleikrAdult (m)2,1819802
Nk4aAmmys Sickly SweetAdult (m)3,2969067
DlGEAmmys Delicious Pink CandyAdult (m)3,1498857
tvb6aAmmys Noel BelroseAdult (m)2,05656713
9lIS9Poor HollyAdult (f)2,48489810
ZALcAmmys CandycaneAdult (m)4,5832,4844
PyY9Ammys LeckerAdult (m)4,6192,5013
OVimAmmys WinterangelAdult (f)1,0474841
tS5nAmmys Winged GoatAdult (f)1,1325173
PVH5Ammys Christmas DancerAdult (f)2,2861,1925
Y38nAmmys RibbondancerAdult (f)2,2801,2214
uBHsINigelmagicAdult (m)2,65283110
ljhDIOrvillemagicAdult (m)2,3818232
MbI0uWingwrapperAdult (m)1,8466170
cgR3jPaperwrapperAdult (m)2,0466440
rVMbMaxijonaAdult (f)2,8741,5179
2HPbMaxijonAdult (m)2,7391,61416
vVt5Ammys Little Dokface D'HennegelHatchling (f, F)1,41342510
5VH5hAmmys Little BagheeraHatchling (F)1,9531441
VZEieAmmys Little Black MothHatchling (m, F)3,8701,0124
9G40HAmmys Little Experimental DarkHatchling (f, F)2,2317706
kloplAmmys Alternative SurpriseAdult (f)1,5755658
lMoF2Ammys Dark NoushaAdult (f)2,2868881
gEXAAmmys Bittersweet Dark NightAdult (f)3,1561,83057
C2dXAmmys Mara Esti DraconnaAdult (f)3,18393049
PCqcXAmmys Zen MnemeAdult (f)3,5498991
UVLgAmmys HellerodendronAdult (f)4,50989114
3BIJFAmmys Devil's NightAdult (f)6,8491,2767
4b0ShAmmys Dark AnushkaAdult (f)1,9357956
SsJstAmmys Black MothAdult (m)2,1379282
oZFPsAmmys Names are RelativesAdult (m)3,4339899
WS7OZAmmys DonndubhanAdult (m)4,37693710
tnAbAmmys BlackKnight domApacheTearsAdult (m)1,00257386
mUaaOAmmys CorentinaAdult (f)2,5221,0144
Z4KVn(Z4KVn)Adult (m)3,3579287
heg7H(heg7H)Adult (m)2,5618993
4SsG0(4SsG0)Adult (f)1,8607903
eTIPt(eTIPt)Adult (f)2,9565963
m8kDd(m8kDd)Adult (f)4,8771,0693
LAZGE(LAZGE)Adult (m)5,3721,0824
6qrUAmmys Silver SurpriseAdult (f)1,01567961
8DMBfFiddaAdult (f)4,8189188
18djqAmmys Princess Leariel EmeraldAdult (f)3,9458758
Zn1RAmmys Simin of the UnnamedAdult (f)5,4233,69821
54g4Ammys Eun of ChaosAdult (f)1,58489916
JehEAmmys Jehe Space ChickenAdult (f)1,63391238
kJgKeAmmys AnargyrosAdult (m)3,4761,1583
lXqUPilakAdult (m)1,7181,06471
eWdLSAmmys SilverbudAdult (m)3,4175853
cIpnAmmys Terian JBAdult (m)2,0321,01855
3IiYSylvrisAdult (m)1,61797348
XOCk4Ammys EA QuirijinAdult (m)3,73092522
9H6fAmmys Twilight MoonAdult (m)2,3936227
On515Ammys Silver FlagAdult (m)4,3278786
NvMJAmmys Silver PearlAdult (m)1,8591,38025
nLjFYAmmys Spectraled Silver 'FawxAdult (m)4,04581911
M6K3Ammys Siminus of the UnnamedAdult (m)2,6241,72299
VT0Ce(VT0Ce)Adult (f)1,48055322
dHfRh(dHfRh)Adult (m)3,20386611
Tzf5E(Tzf5E)Adult (f)4,3999214
cOfj9(cOfj9)Adult (f)4,7841,0586
IMhVAmmys Paz dom Apache TearsHatchling (F)6094323
MNF8Ammys Cite dom Apache TearsHatchling (m, F)1,0045724
MgkdAmmys ChrysesAdult (m)3,9571,74947
GRMXnKairysAdult (f)7,4299238
PRJ9FSoddisfactionAdult (m)5,80994514
K79LAmmys Ser' ChaosAdult (m)2,4991,35918
MWTpAmmys SLAte dom Apache TearsAdult (m)2,4751,54915
YShvAmmys GoldKnight dom ApacheTearsAdult (m)2,3611,57911
A1SIAmmys Oxygene DQ S'aarAdult (m)1,7401,00346
CJAvAmmys Sparkling BadrAdult (m)1,19865326
owJDAmmys Dilay of ChaosAdult (f)2,1901,4198
uIXgAmmys Feray of ChaosAdult (f)9286789
GMGnAmmys ChryseisAdult (f)9296798
4SF3gAmmys Chrysa from PinkAdult (f)2,05570411
0fPrAmmys Chlorspinel of ChaosAdult (f)2,17942625
pQD5o(pQD5o)Adult (f)2,1669683
Enml9(Enml9)Adult (m)2,1079682
QojCg(QojCg)Adult (f)1,7388400
5eNIG(5eNIG)Adult (m)1,7658390
j85Om(j85Om)Adult (f)1,8018710
cDnRuAmmys Apollon S'aarAdult (m)4,9111,1193
QsHg3Ammys MoonfoolAdult (m)5,1949167
M4XJ6Ammys Sheila D'OrisaarAdult (f)3,9351,0245
HbTBHAmmys Shanaya D'OrisaarAdult (f)6,6119199
NHJARAmmys Dancer AdonisAdult (m)4,4591,1731
f8HDV(f8HDV)Adult (f)6,2461,33910
0RISFAmmys Silver DawnAdult (m)5,1831,1153
DpRDVAmmys Dancer of DawnAdult (m)3,7031,0205
DQvAiAmmys Penk Sky of AtlantisAdult (f)4,9961,01316
uJk60Ammys Ion D'AlseaAdult (m)4,8711,28215
ErM8hAmmys Doomed Way to HellAdult (f)4,8701,3532
OFcZvAmmys Streaming DawnAdult (m)4,7301,2613
nFHRiAmmys Erno D'AlseaAdult (m)4,5431,1903
oMAPhAmmys Silver Ribbon DawnAdult (m)5,2261,0375
SE5XRMecholihro von PenkAdult (m)5,5871,2318
GQiU2(GQiU2)Adult (f)6,85398217
lC2g7(lC2g7)Hatchling (m, F)6,0548929
OhLpVAmmys XuginAdult (m)8,6687468
aG0BVAmmys DevashusAdult (m)4,8731,3202
Vpm0ZAmmys Nightwing VexAdult (f)3,4589759
a61itAmmys BroncenightAdult (f)6,20887914
n9IroAmmys Tippy LaSalleAdult (f)5,0221,0026
Xa3g0Ammys Eagle TippyAdult (f)6,5971,0659
MllMQAmmys Alcoholic MranndiusAdult (m)5,1509919
NsTNKAmmys Galetian ClockworkAdult (f)6,8431,0277
pgJVZAmmys Tunc MaraschinoAdult (m)3,0551,2628
SSgrsAmmys BronzetearAdult (f)4,42098015
nZeOuAmmys BronzeroseAdult (f)5,6231,22411
XcA22Ammys DevasAdult (m)4,3521,1664
uWoaIAmmys Cielatal VexAdult (f)3,7641,0672
d9AHDAmmys Bronzenight VexAdult (f)5,4301,0723
N1PVS(N1PVS)Adult (m)8,7898579
WSHXAmmys Swan NebulaAdult (m)2,8981,52244
Q1QBAmmys Eagle NebulaAdult (m)1,9718858
pKj1Ammys Light of AntarisAdult (m)1,39877941
BmWfAmmys Phoenix NebulaAdult (m)1,19973736
igOQAmmys Bubble NebulaAdult (m)1,6936233
5nQkAmmys Pelican NebulaAdult (m)1,11373422
8WGcAmmys Perseus NebulaAdult (m)2,5047827
YSa4v(YSa4v)Adult (m)2,2975815
h757Ammys Flame NebulaAdult (m)1,77495535
TeGX6(TeGX6)Adult (m)2,2741,0132
cERV3Valentines Heart of EridanusAdult (m)1,7716575
NGM2Ammys Crescent NebulaAdult (f)1,8801,00671
voCEAmmys Kassiopeia NebulaAdult (f)2,1738677
fXriAmmys Snake NebulaAdult (f)1,54087229
C5tJAmmys Maia NebulaAdult (f)3,8741,73727
v9A3Ammys Merope NebulaAdult (f)4,15683124
co7Ik(co7Ik)Adult (f)3,6419084
bIA1R(bIA1R)Adult (f)3,5677953
JMkTS(JMkTS)Adult (f)4,2149825
CjFpP(CjFpP)Adult (f)2,5148813
XZS78(XZS78)Adult (f)4,0588027
ho5LAmmys Heart NebulaAdult (f)3,4573564
RuRTAmmys Rosetta NebulaAdult (f)1,8231,00762
NUhtAmmys Flaming Star NebulaAdult (f)1,6725372
i04QAmmys Flaming Heart of AntarisAdult (f)1,6971,05839
kt54Q(kt54Q)Hatchling (m, F)2,9968404
NC89cAmmys AstraAdult (f)3,4311,0821
Bd8F2Nabila von PenkAdult (f)3,3351,20112
MtnUVAmmys EstrellaAdult (f)4,0731,1007
ovZvEAmmys Odhran NabilAdult (m)4,4241,2932
ggBY5nebbie cb greenAdult (m)4,4581,1912
UZ5Mr(UZ5Mr)Adult (m)2,5379311
NC9hHValentinskinAdult (m)2,7429358
RTI1sValentinskin IIAdult (m)2,3339872
nObNO(nObNO)Adult (m)3,5098583
btm4P(btm4P)Adult (f)3,4018844
naJdP(naJdP)Adult (m)3,0297122
Mj1kM(Mj1kM)Adult (m)2,3759121
ycmFg(ycmFg)Adult (f)3,0439171
qptkf(qptkf)Adult (m)3,0278920
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