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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “amaelel,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
yvsu(yvsu)Adult (m)1,0688135
ZBBT(ZBBT)Adult (m)8637061
OLE3(OLE3)Adult (m)8156721
G5yt(G5yt)Adult (f)1,1999248
DfBn(DfBn)Adult (f)1,6944764
7We9(7We9)Adult (f)1,8921,3757
5WrL(5WrL)Adult (f)8175834
7DYb(7DYb)Adult (m)9866501
EAlu(EAlu)Adult (m)1,8339146
MKxx(MKxx)Adult (f)2,9761,62614
MWcx(MWcx)Adult (m)9316962
ADpH(ADpH)Adult (m)8146745
UN0W(UN0W)Adult (m)7726403
ytVf(ytVf)Adult (f)8026583
XjVF(XjVF)Adult (m)9327512
a1mu(a1mu)Adult (f)8106042
QWHf(QWHf)Adult (m)9877561
KrUS(KrUS)Adult (f)9837731
O6We(O6We)Adult (m)1,7181,0757
LUqQ(LUqQ)Adult (f)8705354
C4ZV(C4ZV)Adult (f)7905903
phD6(phD6)Adult (f)1,2479545
YrEd(YrEd)Adult (f)8216023
dkLg(dkLg)Adult (m)1,6784703
QaeP(QaeP)Adult (m)9277494
ULWZ(ULWZ)Adult (m)7515493
lClQ(lClQ)Adult (m)9896552
JIDw(JIDw)Adult (m)8836813
MUem(MUem)Adult (m)8395984
JtgE(JtgE)Adult (f)2,0461,2257
5Prx(5Prx)Adult (m)1,47399038
gbbO(gbbO)Adult (m)1,1538895
9EbA(9EbA)Adult (f)1,0187761
LxfR(LxfR)Adult (f)8506618
coHW(coHW)Adult (m)8696741
gAfx(gAfx)Adult (m)1,1658968
h8ct(h8ct)Adult (f)1,1769054
GgJ9(GgJ9)Adult (f)9826492
5Cl0(5Cl0)Adult (f)5925071
Qa23(Qa23)Adult (m)9847531
2B6t(2B6t)Adult (f)1,65635112
euI1(euI1)Adult (m)8016003
IUur(IUur)Hatchling (m, F)8736793
XvjT(XvjT)Adult (f)1,0517514
IsS0(IsS0)Adult (f)1,0457482
vGKG(vGKG)Adult (m)7535513
Qg2y(Qg2y)Adult (m)8686503
QgqZ(QgqZ)Adult (m)1,5431,2205
OEvj(OEvj)Adult (f)7615784
UvDC(UvDC)Adult (f)1,9491,23610
8VmQ(8VmQ)Adult (f)2,0811,02612
6C2P(6C2P)Adult (m)8566964
KYqH(KYqH)Adult (f)3,70883519
VQXJ(VQXJ)Adult (f)1,9721,20513
WTbI(WTbI)Adult (m)8456941
PuWm(PuWm)Adult (f)7415423
ShcZ(ShcZ)Adult (f)7435413
jZST(jZST)Adult (m)1,6924742
JbC5(JbC5)Adult (f)1,6114554
08GT(08GT)Adult (m)1,4661,14319
EeH9(EeH9)Adult (f)9836511
Pit6(Pit6)Adult (f)8446173
M2aV(M2aV)Adult (m)9826481
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