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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “allmah,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
KSgrX(KSgrX)Adult (m)6,5621,3983
WTnHc(WTnHc)Adult (f)6,3841,3892
YdZUT(YdZUT)Adult (f)6,5311,3842
Gm45m(Gm45m)Adult (m)6,5301,3972
zqPTO(zqPTO)Adult (f)6,6041,4172
cqYsw(cqYsw)Hatchling (f, F)4,2311,0086
zFphL(zFphL)Adult (f)5,8841,2711
QLsNe(QLsNe)Adult (f)6,4371,2843
glYHi(glYHi)Adult (f)6,4791,2481
ZKUEN(ZKUEN)Hatchling (F)5,2991,0511
HkvNk(HkvNk)Hatchling (f, F)7,7771,4462
DzDGM(DzDGM)Hatchling (F)1,5862211
nyLQm(nyLQm)Hatchling (F)2,1181845
ORZRh(ORZRh)Hatchling (F)1,8842301
uW1jR(uW1jR)Hatchling (F)1,9562330
ic4u6(ic4u6)Hatchling (F)3,9378770
cM3Sq(cM3Sq)Hatchling (F)3,9868490
WUPcu(WUPcu)Hatchling (F)4,0428760
WfxEW(WfxEW)Hatchling (F)4,1788910
F1e4r(F1e4r)Adult (m)9,5141,4982
CzdYn(CzdYn)Adult (m)10,5611,5726
yVbtk(yVbtk)Adult (m)10,5081,6212
UJ7ab(UJ7ab)Adult (m)9,5221,5153
GQiEj(GQiEj)Hatchling (F)3,0616992
fl6t3(fl6t3)Hatchling (F)3,3757484
abLhM(abLhM)Hatchling (F)3,1346881
FRbY9(FRbY9)Hatchling (F)3,1367162
YnzQv(YnzQv)Adult (m)
QO7nn(QO7nn)Adult (m)
1cnBh(1cnBh)Adult (f)
3AOu4(3AOu4)Adult (m)7,1821,5054
4CXTP(4CXTP)Adult (m)9,3721,3630
BOBRO(BOBRO)Adult (f)10,2251,4131
ndtCD(ndtCD)Adult (m)9,6621,3774
r32FJ(r32FJ)Adult (m)10,0361,3840
TuUKl(TuUKl)Adult (f)7,1731,4914
LjCeh(LjCeh)Adult (m)9,2161,3421
Aa3YB(Aa3YB)Adult (m)10,0221,3840
OOGHk(OOGHk)Adult (f)7,3081,5442
6D0uT(6D0uT)Adult (m)9,8801,3800
SAI9p(SAI9p)Adult (f)9,5491,3870
tCWzl(tCWzl)Adult (f)7,1801,5222
7fbcO(7fbcO)Adult (m)12,2301,6192
lj9QF(lj9QF)Adult (m)10,2871,4011
nT9zI(nT9zI)Adult (f)9,5441,7463
ezNML(ezNML)Adult (m)9,4221,3413
30QDY(30QDY)Adult (m)10,0071,3801
IP4gz(IP4gz)Adult (f)9,5491,7792
jLbFg(jLbFg)Adult (m)7,8261,3893
FArAE(FArAE)Adult (f)8,5381,4433
KUv1u(KUv1u)Adult (m)8,3481,4243
tt1Ka(tt1Ka)Adult (m)6,4871,0443
Y23Lx(Y23Lx)Adult (f)5,3119652
guRkS(guRkS)Adult (m)11,9851,6052
6jSQs(6jSQs)Adult (f)8,9721,1014
SZw04(SZw04)Adult (f)12,0991,5432
HFrIf(HFrIf)Adult (m)9,3861,5322
gC6Fk(gC6Fk)Adult (m)8,0021,1392
DPC1p(DPC1p)Adult (m)9,4321,5654
zoTjh(zoTjh)Adult (m)5,0618432
zXRve(zXRve)Adult (m)10,5501,2044
QH7kp(QH7kp)Adult (f)8,3171,1711
RzNL2(RzNL2)Adult (f)5,8619771
euB1m(euB1m)Adult (f)11,4851,6444
c2Qfv(c2Qfv)Adult (f)7,0481,0432
31lrJ(31lrJ)Adult (f)7,9151,4045
KMirV(KMirV)Adult (m)6,5951,0423
EGsVK(EGsVK)Adult (f)6,5341,0572
msw0O(msw0O)Adult (m)7,5161,3924
MiIA0(MiIA0)Adult (f)9,5811,5160
AaLDM(AaLDM)Adult (m)11,4251,6713
Xltn9(Xltn9)Adult (m)11,3311,6593
2IOr8(2IOr8)Adult (f)11,3901,6793
tQV8q(tQV8q)Adult (f)11,4701,6735
DDEtX(DDEtX)Adult (m)5,4599472
JJqsH(JJqsH)Adult (m)5,4059653
a7SN0(a7SN0)Adult (f)5,3689611
Lp9j1(Lp9j1)Adult (f)5,3379511
DLPIP(DLPIP)Adult (m)5,4489502
S0AEG(S0AEG)Adult (f)8,0711,2042
Uz2IS(Uz2IS)Adult (m)5,3579513
VmMp6(VmMp6)Adult (m)7,6171,3553
TAUmT(TAUmT)Adult (m)8,3201,2721
ZTlw4(ZTlw4)Adult (f)11,9261,5982
4ldSO(4ldSO)Adult (m)7,1241,0282
d0eIL(d0eIL)Adult (f)7,1061,0281
Vwyzb(Vwyzb)Adult (f)8,8101,2013
l7PQV(l7PQV)Adult (f)9,9781,3331
mhUBH(mhUBH)Adult (m)7,0199563
hp6ry(hp6ry)Adult (f)9,6521,1871
LrAWj(LrAWj)Adult (f)10,5801,2653
wgVWF(wgVWF)Adult (f)10,8171,2211
LezR7(LezR7)Adult (m)10,5351,2452
vqFOT(vqFOT)Adult (f)10,6871,2022
qqU8c(qqU8c)Adult (m)7,4891,0812
5rExH(5rExH)Adult (m)7,4791,0581
rk6B4(rk6B4)Adult (m)7,5081,0602
CARi2(CARi2)Adult (m)7,5641,1051
YPUGg(YPUGg)Adult (f)10,6511,3191
zgBOz(zgBOz)Adult (m)8,8289761
DyNlA(DyNlA)Adult (f)8,9831,0121
a4mYR(a4mYR)Adult (m)8,1459581
sBUfd(sBUfd)Adult (f)8,5321,2073
IQYG5(IQYG5)Adult (m)8,0689672
TW0FL(TW0FL)Adult (m)7,2051,0931
gWcca(gWcca)Adult (f)9,6981,0661
VROFTo-  Welcome to My Scroll  -oHatchling (F)1,68663215
dJcSZo-  allmah on the forums  -oHatchling (F)2,2132112
DRmleo- -o- -o- -o- -o- -o- -o- -oHatchling (F)2,6682381
iKTJeo-  SPECIALS -oHatchling (F)2,4375690
QRMjpMs Cheeps A LotAdult (f)6,4321,1995
dEW6CPraemium AurumAdult (f)7,6846665
8K6qSix Year Aged Sharp CheddarAdult2,1321,04438
6PdOFolio IVAdult1,85460714
T757lCalluna  VulgarisAdult (m)3,9041,0699
rkVSrSinomorphismAdult (m)
gzcZCSinomorphologyAdult (f)
emPrzCustos de NaturaAdult (m)5,0311,4492
KQastCustos de VitaAdult (f)5,3951,3523
aJsqsCustos de MinorHatchling (f, F)6,8731,0853
eTYooSinapis  AlbaAdult6,4179965
HB6NDTotally Not YoshiAdult5,8166373
muUOtMint Upside Down PieAdult (m)7,9241,3923
cb3LkMint Upside Down CakeAdult (f)4,6396463
tpR73o- COLLECTIONS -oHatchling (F)1,6195958
BSGqHII Saturn by Sleeping At Last IIHatchling (F)1,66763912
Rfoxho YOU TAUGHT ME THE COURAGE oAdult (m)11,2781,6851
xzlD8o OF STARS BEFORE YOU LEFT oAdult (f)8,6031,3522
OV1hvo HOW LIGHT CARRIES ON oAdult (m)10,9981,5452
tnnCoo ENDLESSLY EVEN AFTER DEATH oAdult (f)10,8471,4915
QUinro WITH SHORTNESS OF BREATH oAdult (m)12,9301,5945
A4h9Ko YOU EXPLAINED THE INFINITE oAdult (f)13,1051,6051
LQqa1o HOW RARE AND BEAUTIFUL oAdult (f)12,1831,5933
RyKaQo IT IS TO EVEN EXIST oAdult (m)8,2391,1397
k0omco I COULDN'T HELP BUT ASK oAdult (m)10,4291,4062
7l4gjo FOR YOU TO SAY IT ALL AGAIN oAdult (f)9,4061,2593
FBR7Qo I TRIED TO WRITE IT DOWN oAdult (m)8,4551,1681
1pUhXo BUT I COULD NEVER FIND A PEN oAdult (f)8,2131,2585
izQ79o I'D GIVE ANYTHING TO HEAR oAdult (f)9,8071,4241
Sz6uOo YOU SAY IT ONE MORE TIME oAdult (f)12,1551,6021
22JQ3o THAT THE UNIVERSE WAS MADE oAdult (f)8,6601,3901
UHPB1o JUST TO BE SEEN BY MY EYES oAdult (f)8,7521,2474
rqG7Ko  WITH SHORTNESS OF BREATH  oAdult (f)8,8681,2331
H9dp7o I'LL EXPLAIN THE INFINITE oAdult (m)7,2871,0742
MfJO4o HOW RARE oAdult (f)7,1871,1131
ZwcxMo AND BEAUTIFUL oAdult (f)8,4311,1471
uK5Lmo IT TRULY IS oAdult (f)5,4029152
ZNtIso THAT WE EXIST oAdult (m)8,1811,1852
HBhS3II Pluto by Sleeping At Last IIHatchling (F)6,1328851
utSqQI woke up from the same dreamAdult (m)8,2531,1987
G5evCFallin' backwardsAdult (m)11,6981,5155
wcHnZTil it turned me inside outAdult (m)10,9821,4674
dZdswNow I live a waking lifeAdult (f)11,5671,4731
xuWSmOf looking backwardsAdult (f)10,1151,3742
0yCElA model citizen of doubtAdult (f)8,9221,3703
GE6HmUntil one day I had enoughAdult (f)7,6981,1576
TXaGAOf this exercise of trustAdult (f)6,9011,1355
rPeciI leaned in and let it hurtAdult (f)6,8978032
ivUapAnd let my body feel the dirtAdult (m)6,8278374
cmegyWhen I break patternAdult (f)6,5488182
EZKnl(EZKnl)Adult (f)7,9491,3514
06EIG(06EIG)Adult (f)9,6951,2191
VOvVY(VOvVY)Adult (f)7,8401,3596
LNxA2II poem - shminsington on twt IIHatchling (F)4,1308002
7ZorAMoon-drunk monsterAdult (m)11,3011,5965
yff2BBeautiful  and  StrangeAdult (f)8,4871,3032
XA7QqHowl your melancholy questionAdult (f)9,4911,4642
5e1bCAnd  tell  meAdult (m)10,3151,3084
QPTF3Which you dread moreAdult (f)11,4681,4902
hcKozThe echo or the answerAdult (m)11,7981,5171
aXfAFII Hyrule Hystoria IIHatchling (F)4,8687352
19bUACB HatenoAdult (m)10,9361,5882
TkInyCB KakarikoAdult (m)11,2371,5942
3M6YzCB The Great SeaAdult (m)12,2591,5982
LT3icLake FloriaAdult (m)7,0609683
DfodRCB LurelinAdult (f)10,3031,3844
ElQy3CB Lost WoodsAdult (f)9,8381,4732
2qQJ1Faron SeaAdult (f)8,2701,3604
pVQPDWindfall IsleAdult (f)9,5531,3743
qa9EMHeroine of the SkiesAdult (f)11,7291,5204
GYupgWindvane  MeadowAdult (f)7,6088292
cHOtuNecluda SeaAdult (f)7,1189691
TU6daII Among the Stars IIHatchling (F)1,9874312
o0K1gCB Crystal AndromedaAdult (m)5,5959292
5ZaEqCB Crystal OrionAdult (m)5,2458861
AGCo0CB Crystal StarAdult (m)5,4569241
FLhYtCB Glacial LightAdult (m)4,8445895
uO3hfGolden Starlight ShineAdult (m)5,2238361
YcGSZCB Crystal AstraAdult (f)5,4799600
FFbQBCB Crystal MonocerosAdult (f)5,2569041
quyM1CB Crystal CassiopeiaAdult (f)5,5159350
lBphQCB Crystal VirgoAdult (f)5,4289150
gKhPiGolden Starlight TwinkleAdult (f)5,5028392
1nJC5II Crashing Waves IIHatchling (F)6,0669391
o6WQYCB Montauk CoastAdult (m)6,4327433
5NNOzCB NozineAdult (m)5,6191,07718
yeEe9CB YaelnaAdult (m)3,2601,17414
3Jb5XCB EiodeAdult (m)3,01683811
oExcdCB WystineAdult (m)3,9851,35216
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