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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “aliceslalaland,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
cTK1(cTK1)Adult (m)16,6401,35277
miyz(miyz)Adult (f)16,1931,32565
4SbU(4SbU)Adult (f)16,0051,31345
MNAP(MNAP)Adult (f)15,7901,29845
CW6n(CW6n)Adult (f)15,7981,29943
4hBV(4hBV)Adult (f)14,8531,23850
T9JF(T9JF)Adult (f)14,6461,22537
gkvP(gkvP)Adult (f)14,5011,21645
jhI5(jhI5)Adult (m)13,7241,16230
TDQx(TDQx)Adult (m)13,6871,15937
WGLy(WGLy)Adult (m)13,3081,13529
ZtZW(ZtZW)Adult (f)11,35096355
smCJ(smCJ)Adult (m)10,41790123
qzGy(qzGy)Adult (f)16,3691,29949
3Qlc(3Qlc)Adult (f)10,04087624
t9n6(t9n6)Adult (m)9,74685621
rY8u(rY8u)Adult (m)9,90486927
ZMf5(ZMf5)Adult (m)10,27889331
mzOj(mzOj)Adult (f)9,39483423
HEQJ(HEQJ)Adult (m)9,31682923
Ll5k(Ll5k)Adult (m)17,4811,41529
SKVy(SKVy)Adult (m)10,90897637
YlA4(YlA4)Adult (f)10,63795819
gLE3(gLE3)Adult (f)10,86997518
YiqH(YiqH)Adult (m)9,69189828
1w4W(1w4W)Adult (f)10,44294623
6pJi(6pJi)Adult (m)10,29093820
mMQl(mMQl)Adult (m)8,70579116
njK5(njK5)Adult (m)9,25382823
OHct(OHct)Adult (f)10,87998119
xmjU(xmjU)Adult (f)12,2451,07131
EkmV(EkmV)Adult (f)12,8081,83024
etWP(etWP)Adult (f)9,53389317
nJNM(nJNM)Adult (f)9,53089316
7w9t(7w9t)Adult (f)10,03092615
GAlp(GAlp)Adult (f)12,6931,1855
Xe56(Xe56)Adult (m)10,34794819
9rhs(9rhs)Adult (m)9,93692217
NNiC(NNiC)Adult (f)10,8731,4377
37Op(37Op)Adult (m)9,26788636
1Diz(1Diz)Adult (m)11,7791,5816
IUW8(IUW8)Adult (m)11,5641,04914
ZmnJ(ZmnJ)Adult (f)14,7921,25614
o6ip(o6ip)Adult (f)10,63198218
CyO4(CyO4)Adult (f)11,1861,44830
5qfI(5qfI)Adult (f)10,72192938
wuLb(wuLb)Adult (m)10,25493739
hX8S(hX8S)Adult (f)10,7431,24617
G1uC(G1uC)Adult (m)9,98899227
ajlN(ajlN)Adult (f)9,08092332
V1eM(V1eM)Adult (f)8,97492034
PDyr(PDyr)Adult (m)6,32276826
WVGP(WVGP)Adult (m)5,74867326
Y92N(Y92N)Adult (f)5,18692212
SaRB(SaRB)Adult (m)5,55966130
JzBL(JzBL)Adult (m)4,17561431
7wXB(7wXB)Adult (m)2,36851038
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