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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “alaster,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
23kv(23kv)Adult (f)2,50062528
1fJZ(1fJZ)Adult (f)2,26164424
n50v(n50v)Adult (f)2,48369221
cKXA(cKXA)Adult (f)2,58562623
NOXc(NOXc)Adult (m)2,7524706
0M2K(0M2K)Adult (m)3,0227277
K2tV(K2tV)Adult (f)2,7955415
qRDD(qRDD)Adult (m)2,6655156
aosA(aosA)Adult (m)2,98252215
BmdV(BmdV)Adult (f)2,71446812
fvoB(fvoB)Adult (m)2,98070214
sRlY(sRlY)Adult (m)5,7781,34210
q0Ll(q0Ll)Adult (m)5,5571,2809
PRnJ(PRnJ)Adult (m)5,5521,2678
YXD5(YXD5)Adult (m)5,6281,2607
eqGe(eqGe)Adult (m)2,6779484
dLOs(dLOs)Adult (m)2,6929371
UqW8(UqW8)Adult (f)2,7459672
AZuS(AZuS)Adult (m)5,1641,1469
Gnfr(Gnfr)Adult (m)4,5267869
h3Uk(h3Uk)Adult (m)4,5248122
fnr1(fnr1)Adult (f)4,5818163
aqC3(aqC3)Adult (f)5,4499433
pADq(pADq)Adult (m)2,5286542
ArmL(ArmL)Adult (m)5,2291,04013
9eJ7(9eJ7)Adult (f)3,1667893
ivWR(ivWR)Adult (m)3,4768492
XnmH(XnmH)Adult (f)5,1401,2483
4qOI(4qOI)Adult (m)4,4681,1414
KdEp(KdEp)Adult (m)5,2661,2166
ZXmC(ZXmC)Adult (f)3,9979635
HsLV(HsLV)Adult (f)4,0719743
W2Mf(W2Mf)Adult (m)4,0669493
tDJS(tDJS)Adult (f)4,5911,0675
39iZ(39iZ)Adult (f)6,7651,3953
DcAc(DcAc)Adult (f)7,9501,6463
bNDq(bNDq)Adult (m)8,0291,7065
FkTl(FkTl)Adult (m)6,6301,2529
BPKE(BPKE)Adult (f)7,1141,5287
AbKq(AbKq)Adult (m)9,5001,74012
Bnq4(Bnq4)Adult (f)9,4111,7192
A82C(A82C)Adult (m)9,6031,7093
VVn5(VVn5)Adult (f)6,7581,1742
uSms(uSms)Adult (m)5,5221,6821
e8oU(e8oU)Adult (m)3,5631,1257
ks2L(ks2L)Adult (f)3,4431,0792
M4D8i(M4D8i)Adult (m)2,2219201
Os2IV(Os2IV)Adult (m)2,1789001
kqj9v(kqj9v)Adult (m)2,2549162
foDQr(foDQr)Adult (f)2,2489131
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