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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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  • 2020 Halloween Event
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You pick up the scroll labeled “aky-mala,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
AlTbd(AlTbd)Adult (m)5,3436430
h9p3X(h9p3X)Adult (m)3,3974381
y3JZrSpinel Wyvern X CBAdult (f)3,5084371
Fw4m0Floral-Crowned Y CBAdult (m)4,6003661
H77yp(H77yp)Hatchling (F)1,4341071
cOSUz(cOSUz)Adult (f)2,09650412
h4WOY(h4WOY)Adult (f)2,1925442
y4TxS(y4TxS)Adult (f)2,5085882
FXidv(FXidv)Adult (f)2,1295431
5RnOz(5RnOz)Adult (f)5,7316430
I4qYN(I4qYN)Adult (m)5,1716480
6TPya(6TPya)Adult (f)6,3276240
FiS0z(FiS0z)Adult (m)5,1886451
gXyx0Morphodrake Y CBAdult (m)6,3646240
QHWg5(QHWg5)Adult (f)6,3266231
iYXu2(iYXu2)Adult (f)4,3596041
XoS7A(XoS7A)Adult (f)6,8465701
MVdmH(MVdmH)Adult (f)4,2155991
A3nDW(A3nDW)Adult (m)4,0416411
ABFZd(ABFZd)Adult (f)5,3375172
VQS4S(VQS4S)Adult (m)6,7785632
V33VJCB Diamondwing XAdult (f)3,2446331
A7YVGCB Diamondwing YAdult (m)3,0526051
AW5oMCB Monarch YAdult (m)3,1486030
ilZ6a(ilZ6a)Hatchling (F)3,4864541
sWpoJ(sWpoJ)Hatchling (F)2,3222470
idBVc(idBVc)Hatchling (F)1,8081310
AUQR8Witchlight OHatchling (F)1,1362240
jcC1jCB Witchlight XAdult (f)2,5616180
qVFhw(qVFhw)Adult (f)2,6816350
NbtuXCB Copper Liver of Sulfur YAdult (m)3,3778161
Ez0nrCB Blusang Lindwurms XAdult (f)4,0573657
NyCJPPB Lunar Herald XAdult (f)4,9297193
fcBtWNexus XAdult (f)5,3986022
UeRECrveni DAdult4,61744817
SRRTcZeleni DAdult3,8842879
rKdjUZuti DAdult3,1998623
mTYKLjubicasti DAdult1,25945723
JnDuPlavi OHatchling (F)2,1742176
iBgsPlavi DAdult2,22735918
7MpCnCamembret OHatchling (F)1,7851198
I2slCB Paper DAdult3,6045866
K30WRGold Tinsel OHatchling (F)2,2434467
eGQhJXX Gold Tinsel XAdult (f)7,7415178
8ll3jXX Gold Tinsel YAdult (m)6,34678111
YEPOPSilver Tinsel OHatchling (F)2,5632453
Jv8f0Silver Tinsel X LNNAdult (f)5,73041913
t6msOLN6 Silver Tinsel YAdult (m)6,55090512
VZdDvBronze Tinsel OHatchling (F)2,2851551
n6weTBronze Tinsel XAdult (f)7,0494703
5cYMbLN9 Bronze Tinsel YAdult (m)6,24150111
5qCfFGold Shimmer-scale OHatchling (F)3,37832510
M7l2cGold Shimmer-scale XAdult (f)9,19761616
GtjY5LN11 Gold Shimmer-scale YAdult (m)4,4881,1265
sAKaeSilver Shimmer-scale OHatchling (F)4,2703584
Go4tALN6 Silver Shimmer-scale XAdult (f)5,7438035
tXxa9Silver Shimmer-scale YAdult (m)7,8046097
rCowjBronze Shimmer-scale OHatchling (F)3,6073002
NkMeALN6 Bronze Shimmer-scale XAdult (f)5,4957886
q5DoQLN6 Bronze Shimmer-scale YAdult (m)5,8017493
WRaArGold Dragon OHatchling (F)1,7401164
L0llGold Dragon XAdult (f)3,25640327
2PeXGold Dragon YAdult (m)3,9452637
OptaSilver OHatchling (F)1,58120211
V0XUSilver XAdult (f)1,51635324
uIDKSilver YAdult (m)2,11771217
VJy3MGolden Wyvern OHatchling (F)1,2761310
oe8ddGolden Wyvern XAdult (f)5,5908271
LYh8xCB Golden Wyvern YAdult (m)3,0322082
roNBAMagma Dragon OHatchling (F)1,305873
1XspTCB Magma Dragon XAdult (f)3,22221616
SA4lcMagma Dragon YAdult (m)3,36622510
bsdVUIce Dragon OHatchling (F)1,045736
LGSoNIce Dragon XAdult (f)3,0912367
8abOYIce Dragon YAdult (m)2,2864775
RsM7BThunder Dragon OHatchling (F)1,7121404
ABCk8CB Thunder Dragon XAdult (f)3,2109554
0j6FkThunder Dragon YAdult (m)3,3733054
93ziHCB Mageia Xenowyrm XAdult (f)5,5155802
u2MSHMageia Xenowyrm YAdult (m)5,7875711
1o6o3Gaia Xenowyrm XAdult (f)5,6705781
0qNT1LN Gaia Xenowyrm YAdult (m)5,7325661
XrETb(XrETb)Adult (m)4,9866611
gDB5QPyro Xenowyrm YAdult (m)4,4995861
srynPAstrapi Xenowyrm XAdult (f)5,6905741
mSTzmCB Guardian of Nature XAdult (f)5,36893556
qgPu7CB Guardian of Nature YAdult (m)6,0516743
focJjPB Avatar of Change XAdult (f)3,8009951
BE8H4PB Avatar of Creation XAdult (f)5,8297756
bmowjAvatar of Destruction OHatchling (F)2,9573081
iP8eSPB Avatar of Destruction XAdult (f)6,4228761
DeRUGPB Avatar of Destruction YAdult (m)3,4521,0026
NscLAlbino OHatchling (F)2,1101736
T1tCAlbino X CBAdult (f)2,74535911
04p6Albino Y CBAdult (m)6,4415609
pbKxKAnagallis OHatchling (F)1,8905660
m4iwMCB Anagallis XAdult (f)2,3176801
kkyarCB Anagallis YAdult (m)2,3776453
F697tAntarean OHatchling (F)1,8351411
Gj4X5CB Antarean XAdult (f)4,9857561
8u0PUCB Antarean YAdult (m)4,8017612
GZv8cAria OHatchling (F)3,4183551
YiSMBright Pink XAdult (f)2,76079034
0smMXCB Aria XAdult (f)3,9366311
RdMlDCB Aria YAdult (m)5,0156900
G5mJBalloon OHatchling (F)62713211
APCiBalloon X CBAdult (f)2,3387839
5ZUdBalloon Y CBAdult (m)2,95135318
UfhkBlack Dragon OHatchling (F)1,1681328
uPqMcCB Black Dragon XAdult (f)2,2297773
4rc18CB Black Dragon YAdult (m)2,7448534
7JSI0Alt Black Dragon OHatchling (F)9833033
TpfrmAlt Black Dragon XAdult (f)5,3237833
tQ0MnAlt Black Dragon YAdult (m)4,5443113
rfByaBlack Capped Teimarr OHatchling (F)3942314
okomMCB Black Capped Teimarr XAdult (f)4,3642913
0yafdCB Black Capped Teimarr YAdult (m)3,5553896
lIQVzBlack Tea OHatchling (F)1,5381221
uckasCB Black Tea XAdult (f)4,0952731
8hCW5CB Black Tea YAdult (m)3,4352296
Cg27cBlacktip OHatchling (F)1,8081213
nTLnTCB Blacktip XAdult (f)3,2253821
4P9vsCB Blacktip YAdult (m)4,2762861
oTVYXBleeding Moon OHatchling (F)1,365914
JiJVaCB Bleeding Moon XAdult (f)3,1952146
kgoWnCB Bleeding Moon YAdult (m)3,1352094
32zqOBlue-Banded Dragon OHatchling (F)1,6001671
2lqvHCB Blue-Banded Dragon XAdult (f)2,6022531
N8Z3VCB Blue-Banded Dragon YAdult (m)2,3622440
JXjhaBolt OHatchling (F)2,5553001
ijlmeCB Bolt XAdult (f)5,8715821
SaMwGCB Bolt YAdult (m)5,8085811
NvnBBright-Breasted Wyvern OHatchling (F)1,4581544
LCC0Bright-Breasted Wyvern XAdult (f)1,3025255
qD1nCB Bright-Breasted Wyvern YAdult (m)4,58933824
MgiAtBrimstone Dragon OHatchling (F)2,7542906
YMMcmCB Brimstone Dragon XAdult (f)5,5278472
eotnBCB Brimstone Dragon YAdult (m)6,0808845
wn8MLBrute Dragon OHatchling (F)1,357970
U2UGwCB Brute Dragon XAdult (f)2,0235293
CfjEuCB Brute Dragon YAdult (m)2,1605943
Ivmo3Candelabra OHatchling (F)2,5522971
IBk4XCB Candelabra XAdult (f)5,8665931
OOOmeCB Candelabra YAdult (m)4,7276151
1pu3Kanopi OHatchling (F)8762004
lY0aCB Canopi XAdult (f)1,3433984
dLi8CB Canopi YAdult (m)8764807
r9lNzCarmine Wyvern OHatchling (F)1,0133050
OFBGTCB Carmine Wyvern XAdult (f)2,9052712
jkMZgCB Carmine Wyvern YAdult (m)2,2782661
pnNuKCassare Dragon OHatchling (F)1,1203211
dQiwlCB Cassare Dragon XAdult (f)3,4348010
4ArNSCB Cassare Dragon YAdult (m)3,7408401
qEQD3Celestial OHatchling (F)3,5973840
iALQHCB Celestial XAdult (f)4,7717282
uhMQmCB Celestial YAdult (m)4,7317340
lOWMt(lOWMt)Adult (m)4,9086880
JipTCoastal Waverunner OHatchling (F)2,0741602
2rUsCB Coastal Waverunner XAdult (f)4,4993816
fDCLCB Coastal Waverunner YAdult (m)3,7163367
Jd8nDark Green Dragon OHatchling (F)1,1111456
hEdKCB Dark Green Dragon XAdult (f)2,12530011
Wl6s5CB Dark Green Dragon YAdult (m)2,9512953
UNPLoDark Green Alt Dragon OHatchling (F)1,1232113
476HcPB Dark Green Alt Dragon XAdult (f)3,1195655
Ko7ZuPB Dark Green Alt Dragon YAdult (m)4,1436472
ai5ZDay Glori OHatchling (F)2,2131993
RIVACB Day Glori XAdult (f)3,7042697
RkmfCB Day Glori YAdult (m)4,07333610
b6SFNight Glori OHatchling (F)1,5591133
js7XCCB Night Glori XAdult (f)4,1954226
inG2CB Night Glori YAdult (m)3,2763576
rXsUDaydream OHatchling (F)1,4741173
KridCB Daydream XAdult (f)1,78344416
WVhRCB Daydream YAdult (m)2,55732711
NEOeDeep Sea Dragon OHatchling (F)1,6541515
DC9VCB Deep Sea Dragon XAdult (f)2,5053997
NeuPCB Deep Sea Dragon YAdult (m)3,01729413
C03BDorsal Purple OHatchling (F)2,0671404
K1maCB Dorsal Purple XAdult (f)2,31133020
EuW0CB Dorsal Purple YAdult (m)2,37740614
XL1ODorsal Red OHatchling (F)897938
TfJcCB Dorsal Red XAdult (f)3,30331612
qZL7CB Dorsal Red YAdult (m)1,51947414
WTLHqDuotone Dragon OHatchling (F)1,6813983
kQMxVCB Duotone Dragon XAdult (f)5,3184035
WE3RICB Duotone Dragon YAdult (m)4,6463103
2JitElectric Dragon OHatchling (F)1,6651115
A7vUCB Electric Dragon XAdult (f)1,4294604
jFm8CB Electric Dragon YAdult (m)6,81755513
ASUmEmber OHatchling (F)1,8511234
Qr5WCB Ember XAdult (f)3,6412525
K2iDCB Ember YAdult (m)3,7672816
IiZx7Falconiform Wyvern OHatchling (F)1,5081091
vEmPYCB Falconiform Wyvern XAdult (f)2,7552283
aH07kCB Falconiform Wyvern YAdult (m)3,2162365
iKbkrFever Wyvern OHatchling (F)1,320880
9D4GcCB Fever Wyvern XAdult (f)1,8445931
dEenCCB Fever Wyvern YAdult (m)1,9595402
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