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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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  • 2012 Valentine’s Day
  • 2011 Holiday Event
  • 2011 Haunted House
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You pick up the scroll labeled “akani,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
sbbbAZombie of HellHatchling (F)1,5061274
aU89p(aU89p)Adult (m)4,3872954
uB0U8(uB0U8)Adult (m)6,9385049
FTA9I(FTA9I)Adult (f)5,7433835
Dm1aY(Dm1aY)Adult (m)6,7634968
CZfFn(CZfFn)Adult (f)4,1433438
FAWCp(FAWCp)Adult (m)4,0212696
duOjb(duOjb)Adult (m)3,8353444
8ekZA(8ekZA)Adult (f)2,6293768
ZsDC4(ZsDC4)Adult (m)4,4613076
HK8eV(HK8eV)Adult (f)4,1502805
PZXJi(PZXJi)Adult (f)4,1733122
CReoa(CReoa)Adult (f)4,2473193
IXaOg(IXaOg)Adult (f)4,3973438
hTJt6(hTJt6)Adult (f)3,5096755
RQSDD(RQSDD)Adult (m)3,2597455
Urpus(Urpus)Adult (m)4,1677018
euX2CLady BiohazardAdult (f)4,67233410
56ehKLovey KehAdult (f)3,9553014
PTh6ZLovey PetehAdult (m)4,1852937
thv4ALovey ThivAdult (m)3,3572676
lvV1TLivit of HeavenAdult (f)4,5603766
bWh89Weih of HeavenAdult (f)3,5362994
jIfEhJifehAdult (m)3,87532211
7p5GMPega XmasAdult (f)4,7864185
f0GCYFoggy XmasAdult (f)4,7063825
VMGDCVide XmasAdult (f)4,2003754
5N5mZMiz XmasAdult (f)4,5193772
O8Uf2Uf XmasAdult (m)4,8744105
pdFjsPD XmasAdult (m)4,4683085
Ju78IJu Ween CBAdult (m)5,66073710
QbV57Q Ween CBAdult (f)5,01570913
hr884Railey Ween CBAdult (m)5,73178015
7CRIdCreid of Hell 2ndAdult (m)9,0741,0478
bPsACPasca of Hell 2ndAdult (f)9,2081,06615
veVD9Veve of Hell 3rdAdult (f)8,5541,0169
pO0ldPold of HeavenAdult4,4534518
BmrZvRoyal Kultiainen 12thAdult (f)9,75275714
ZEkKqWithout Fear 7thAdult (m)9,83888215
58NP7akani's Silva of Heaven 10thAdult (m)7,5695705
d7CuCZeke of Heaven 12thAdult (m)10,50695718
DarEXDarek of Heaven 10thAdult (m)9,94577219
0eqdNSilva of Heaven 9thAdult (f)10,09667412
pJbsp(pJbsp)Adult (m)8,83274617
slAitSlait of Heaven 8thAdult (m)9,39471921
m34dtMeredith of Heaven 9thAdult (f)8,63667112
eCPTPCosmica of Heaven 9thAdult (f)4,2741,0049
tbCBc(tbCBc)Adult (f)3,0522055
KuYDL(KuYDL)Adult (m)3,0137075
VVu4lakaniAdult (f)4,7093869
Aht1YStripy AhtyAdult (f)8,7148106
KBYe7Stripy KyaAdult (f)10,29388313
jY3ML(jY3ML)Adult (f)4,62830913
j8THe(j8THe)Adult (m)3,9012615
dfJNbRaadei StormsongAdult (f)3,53126010
0hb1dAtheena DevotionAdult (f)4,2312977
rWFEVStripy WoloAdult (m)4,8183235
O3abBMist SphynxAdult (f)3,9292632
KV7LhStripy LeahAdult (f)3,8592762
qfLnqStripy LainAdult (f)7,0117888
FaKaVStripy FakavAdult (m)6,0184788
MevksStripy MevksAdult (m)5,2954236
VMn6qMany of Hell 2ndAdult (m)4,6073953
2WKjfWiki of Hell 2ndAdult (f)4,4943955
8CmqtMecs of Hell CBAdult (m)5,2754197
snAE4Snaja of Hell CBAdult (f)5,1453733
II3TYLetty of Hell CBAdult (m)4,0473572
Nvvo8Vora of Hell CBAdult (f)4,3204796
H5tegTeg of Hell CBAdult (m)4,6077495
uIbAuBanu of Heaven CBAdult (m)2,3692787
kLsLOLilo of Heaven CBAdult (f)2,5632755
trhPuTrish of Heaven 12thAdult (f)3,7363907
SUcqfZeke of Heaven 3rdAdult (m)6,1545538
3gGCoGogo of Heaven CBAdult (m)3,5757541
nCsb4Cassie of Heaven CBAdult (f)4,7617661
EFbT3Efe of Heaven CBAdult (f)3,5857443
kcmjGKostja of HeavenAdult (f)3,1903215
Bt3ctBittie of HeavenAdult (m)4,7123923
Hr7HDMoonstone Hedi CBAdult (f)3,8257075
1dfG7Moonstone Buck 4thAdult (m)4,3365533
uLJDhMoonstone Jaden 2ndAdult (m)4,7604536
OCndqMoonstone Neira CBAdult (f)3,3184374
8ZAPiMoonstone Zapi CBAdult (f)3,4194335
ZgNuSMoonstone Gus CBAdult (m)3,4646185
vvErEMoonstone Were CBAdult (m)4,4017413
2Vkj7Moonstone Nuume 2ndAdult (m)5,1259377
kvdIWMoonstone Kuuda CBAdult (f)4,6685346
dZ7BMMoonstone Dzuk CBAdult (m)4,1746452
dmj5aMoonstone Duma CBAdult (m)4,7106772
L2WFBMoonstone Lawi CBAdult (f)3,8424803
Ntpjc(Ntpjc)Adult (f)2,92177510
d550hSunstone d'Soh CBAdult (m)3,8314021
qsEBBSunstone Seb 12thAdult (m)4,9198955
mS3XGSunstone Mese CBAdult (f)3,4303544
XCejOSunstone Ceju CBAdult (f)5,1773926
vZ8o6Sunstone Zoe CBAdult (f)4,8233863
7Z6JmSunstone Lyra CBAdult (f)5,2323812
T7DeeSunstone Tedee 12thAdult (m)5,4043613
hbphnSunstone Hubey 6thAdult (m)5,3263565
4o9T5Sunstone Miu CBAdult (m)3,2415375
dk1kWSunstone Duke CBAdult (m)4,3036872
rgHGLSubstone Lyra CBAdult (f)3,9035283
KKjlXSunstone Kik CBAdult (m)5,48094010
Ob3llSunstone Obell CBAdult (m)4,6087076
scH7HSunstone Chi CBAdult (f)4,0338338
BrmbqSunstone Broom CBAdult (f)2,9645187
uVooSSunstone Uva CBAdult (f)3,6465054
SUliaSunstone Sulia CBAdult (m)5,2686883
uuUu4Sunstone Ugu CBAdult (f)4,5565183
6H2N6Hiro of HeavenAdult (m)6,8524986
iunb9Iun of HeavenAdult (m)2,6475947
YPPWE(YPPWE)Adult (f)2,1325494
1pnIoApollo of HeavenAdult (m)3,38887410
QLqfOKir of HeavenAdult (f)4,8145898
O75lKKiyo of HeavenAdult (m)5,04891716
JUl6tJui of NatureAdult (m)4,0513805
SUGg5Sugi of NatureAdult (f)2,3297838
gCQvtCheesy QAdult3,3356363
3eCKNCheesy SecoAdult3,0977075
ZdKUXCheesy DuxAdult3,4814598
nblQGNibble of PaperfoldAdult3,4615946
DmBVmDema of HellAdult (f)3,9713365
Lv8biFloh of HellAdult (f)3,9042617
HSXFnSheela of HellAdult (f)3,9182816
gL1IGGlip of HellAdult (f)3,04654111
TOOvsToof of HellAdult (f)3,13446411
nrmA3Norman of HellAdult (m)2,8025304
291eBCerebra of HellAdult (f)3,4936476
vvbGLGladice of HellAdult (f)5,1884229
jtHTZTim of HellAdult (m)4,1873866
tHfltThift of HellAdult (m)5,0213949
H9RQ2Hera of HellAdult (f)4,1837209
X5a5FXaf of HellAdult (m)4,0507348
dNccK(dNccK)Adult (m)3,5172355
rLPk5Pete of HellAdult (m)4,0173317
PdRMVPad of HellAdult (m)5,0831,3343
tJ2JpJana of HellAdult (f)3,4988123
SJ7u6Sju of HellAdult (f)3,5472646
H3NQFHiro of HellAdult (f)5,7559348
GFdInGiffy of HeavenAdult (f)6,0905204
SvIajSlay of HeavenAdult (m)5,72058311
W3PJLJD of HeavenAdult (m)4,9285135
crukVCrue of HeavenAdult (m)5,8595429
O4bvaObula of HeavenAdult (f)5,36484413
eCIWGWege of HellAdult (m)3,76344610
99SnjSnaju of HellAdult (m)3,96851211
0fgu7Fugu of HellAdult (m)5,2595583
Rfj04Fij of HellAdult (m)3,6352612
2oR2COrc of HeavenAdult (f)7,8777279
KdbdT(KdbdT)Adult (m)2,2686757
I3JrEJake of HellAdult (m)4,4843005
PKa1EPeka of HeavenAdult (m)5,7711,1056
GKLfeLife of HeavenAdult (m)4,06471117
pi4qLRidgewing of HeavenAdult (f)5,1043418
An6QI(An6QI)Adult (m)3,2755763
j0Ra0Jora of HellAdult (m)4,7213173
LlZFCLiz of HellAdult (m)4,1412773
lSQXESei of HellAdult (m)5,0713395
UEp5UUepu of HellAdult (m)4,2684809
oWmRcOkus of HellAdult (m)3,1305832
iXmckMuck of HellAdult (f)4,1172805
4PZLhLinh of HellAdult (f)4,0913835
Ti0PSTiops of HellAdult (f)4,5957928
RUaIWRuavi of HellAdult (f)4,3216679
u135RSariki of HellAdult (f)7,1021,10613
ErOh2Eroh of HeavenAdult (m)3,2894674
2pgvOKimi of HeavenAdult (m)4,3579026
XAFksAbraxas of HeavenAdult (m)1,5954160
9PrQS(9PrQS)Adult (f)4,5004168
h367V(h367V)Adult (f)2,6887542
DNs7KDana of HeavenAdult (f)2,3997414
Ks0DVLycos of HeavenAdult (m)5,6661,04410
MR923Soy TwotailsAdult (m)3,5425823
prmppPripp TwotailsAdult (f)3,8834517
fkGR0Bluebird TwotailsAdult (f)4,3365241
F0OXWFox TwotailsAdult (m)6,0951,53511
pqVOm(pqVOm)Adult (m)3,8862936
tambqTambo of the DayAdult (m)5,4173925
47qSPSpewee of the DayAdult (f)4,15067211
DWDtEDewee of the NightAdult (f)4,7871,0449
EHSlYEhsiy of the NightAdult (f)4,11948210
FKCqqNum of the NightAdult (m)8,7662,01615
lK1UP(lK1UP)Adult (f)3,5702386
S0omu(S0omu)Adult (m)4,5393049
ultVN(ultVN)Adult (f)2,5126365
l4OJZJoz of HeavenAdult (f)2,7633194
9tbePTwee of HeavenAdult (f)4,5713304
1BbZkSkitty of HeavenAdult (m)4,8143353
gtj6NGitty of HeavenAdult (f)4,5953943
m1Um0Miu of HeavenAdult (f)4,8553642
DJg0eJoe of HeavenAdult (m)4,9273992
YraTvYara of HeavenAdult (m)3,4164604
BrCZNBriczna of HeavenAdult (f)3,47443410
KUnrTTurquoise Mark akaAdult (f)9,1001,89411
gIH8a(gIH8a)Adult (f)3,3677525
LEVdKLevia SchafAdult (f)5,76294411
7i0HqMio SchafAdult (f)5,2623512
gcvDHHappy SchafAdult (m)3,90748211
qsM0UGismou SchafAdult (m)5,9669107
hb75OHibbo SchafAdult (m)3,3564991
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