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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “airaani,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
cqsp7If I have offered on a trade andAdult (m)2,8093112
96HC3I am locked them please pm me onAdult (m)6,0251,0304
Ltsd7the forums- Im airaani there tooAdult (m)6,4568955
nnRYy(nnRYy)Adult (f)4,4391,4123
MVEis(MVEis)Adult (f)2,9758482
HexOo(HexOo)Adult (m)3,2398062
BNIci(BNIci)Adult (m)3,4301,0282
Jp9GE(Jp9GE)Adult (f)3,2401,0060
FywWA(FywWA)Adult (f)3,1518220
hPUna(hPUna)Adult (f)3,1568120
7kLPB(7kLPB)Adult (m)3,1388230
SlTc2(SlTc2)Adult (m)3,2268090
udWdN(udWdN)Adult (m)3,0498371
zvKB2(zvKB2)Adult (m)3,1478240
8Puo6(8Puo6)Adult (f)3,0668350
y1Ml0(y1Ml0)Adult (f)3,0778280
rWdym(rWdym)Adult (f)3,3598132
DfyPp(DfyPp)Adult (f)3,1098162
rNpVV(rNpVV)Adult (m)3,6027332
EPYzT(EPYzT)Adult (f)3,2688142
cGZVa(cGZVa)Adult (m)4,1949921
AfKFC(AfKFC)Adult (f)4,4771,1822
VwLi1(VwLi1)Adult (f)3,1194547
vWENp(vWENp)Adult (f)7,5818063
n6vEy(n6vEy)Adult (m)6,1317802
dC74RBaelyra Vex TargaryenAdult (f)4,9627752
qnU61(qnU61)Adult (f)5,5111,1215
nTdAN(nTdAN)Adult (f)5,5491,1023
HQypM(HQypM)Adult (f)4,1078300
OXrpv(OXrpv)Adult (f)4,6998270
jWyeu(jWyeu)Adult (m)5,1276730
HkWgN(HkWgN)Adult (m)5,2876371
uUIfD(uUIfD)Adult (f)5,3221,1133
w01Pd(w01Pd)Adult (m)5,2886783
TuBJ5Viserya Vex TargaryenAdult (f)5,2826781
VwObpVoniwa Vex SignodextraAdult (f)5,7826642
eE5l1(eE5l1)Adult (f)4,6476723
5ZR7h(5ZR7h)Adult (m)4,6756682
0pJmH(0pJmH)Adult (m)4,4486621
lbxiF(lbxiF)Adult (m)4,3456390
N5R0l(N5R0l)Adult (f)6,8598882
6wW4N(6wW4N)Adult (m)5,3076391
wNU28(wNU28)Adult (f)5,3476212
YMmcW(YMmcW)Hatchling (F)4,8616263
w4LrV(w4LrV)Hatchling (f, F)4,2835624
iMGP6(iMGP6)Adult (f)5,8971,0261
54Wwt(54Wwt)Adult (f)4,9497940
G0XuS(G0XuS)Adult (m)4,8047501
TEEoR(TEEoR)Adult (f)4,7147632
pSUmj(pSUmj)Adult (m)5,8516011
k6hnZ(k6hnZ)Adult (f)6,9148701
35SUL(35SUL)Adult (m)6,6211,1708
6KoYb(6KoYb)Adult (m)7,4168561
Zrdzq(Zrdzq)Adult (f)4,3807750
FTgoF(FTgoF)Adult (m)4,4217770
zaHEe(zaHEe)Adult (f)4,4257700
YmFU2(YmFU2)Adult (m)4,2657711
6XYx8(6XYx8)Adult (m)4,2007800
Th7vl(Th7vl)Adult (m)4,3407770
53ob(53ob)Egg (F)
NH99CB Whites of VexHatchling (f, F)3,1361,03319
4R70Elemental Snowfall VexAdult (m)1,5743573
eOIkElemental Beauty VexAdult (f)1,59637715
uh2qSnowy Element VexAdult (m)2,7322919
5DU8Elemental Peace VexAdult (m)1,42234514
rv2uAnniversary Element VexAdult (m)4,7486199
djqfElemental Tranquility VexAdult (f)2,23628210
TtNoElemental Snow White VexAdult (f)2,0694449
MdVIElemental Purity VexAdult (f)4,9629055
fWPFElemental Innocence VexAdult (f)3,2543509
SPa0Elemental Bye Beautiful VexAdult (f)3,0203223
u36vElemental Crownless VexAdult (m)1,50164849
v6CrDeep Silent Element VexAdult (m)4,1794416
nkQBElemental Master Passion VexAdult (m)3,58449319
ZBuqElemental Mystery VexAdult (m)3,36129511
bM1kSilvan Elemental VexAdult (m)1,5755203
6kWFElemental Caster VexAdult (m)7,4301,1197
BQFuElemental Nim VexAdult (m)3,9242818
lY63qElement Walking in the Air VexAdult (m)6,9001,2464
uaK3VElement Upon a Century VexAdult (f)4,0648902
4WqrQElemental Forewarned VexAdult (m)2,5347443
LRnPvLearned Element VexAdult (f)2,5876232
RidF9Elemental Riddle VexAdult (f)3,4006675
XS17HSerious Element VexAdult (f)5,3938943
Xq0YXElemental Mist VexAdult (m)3,7371,27410
pkZsmPick of the Elements VexAdult (m)4,3009343
tiNJaElements' Tin Ninja VexAdult (m)4,4133755
nzVyfElemental Wizard VexAdult (m)3,5676633
qLUZ1Elemental Woman Down VexAdult (f)3,5798065
Se6Q0Elemental Sequin VexAdult (m)3,4054512
7g5rqElement of Joy VexAdult (m)2,7427095
tY8g1Elemental Tyr VexAdult (m)2,5548255
yVCzKElemental Vizier VexAdult (m)3,9278781
wK05TElemental Foam VexAdult (m)3,9377162
5TVUEElement With A View VexAdult (f)4,1157251
fR4kc(fR4kc)Adult (m)3,4729331
rnYaK(rnYaK)Adult (f)4,4118721
ssKmJ(ssKmJ)Adult (f)4,6257612
32wfS(32wfS)Adult (f)5,2826990
goSrF(goSrF)Adult (m)5,6717751
C535c(C535c)Adult (f)4,3258481
OlEWO(OlEWO)Adult (f)4,2026581
IFww3(IFww3)Adult (m)5,5466453
nvUjd(nvUjd)Adult (f)5,6726251
ryS0D(ryS0D)Adult (f)6,8794881
ftHuy(ftHuy)Adult (m)4,4075663
RPynF(RPynF)Adult (m)6,0677353
KSAwk(KSAwk)Adult (m)5,4196371
tUcyT2gen Whites of VexHatchling (F)1,7141624
XgrMElemental Fallen Star VexAdult (m)1,7174387
X5aWElemental Harmony VexAdult (f)5,82873612
cjEtFeathered Element VexAdult (m)4,2554566
F78iElemental Winters Chill VexAdult (m)3,37937713
1QCbSnowy Prism VexAdult (f)4,3373517
mqTmElemental Frigid VexAdult (f)3,6222777
5F1fElemental Wayfarer VexAdult (m)1,5486665
iYbAFrozen Element VexAdult (f)3,2975307
TebnElemental Ghost Love VexAdult (f)3,9775119
6XbsElemental Escapist VexAdult (m)2,6083954
a72rPrecious Element VexAdult (f)3,0565378
NoUfElement Beauty of the Beast VexAdult (f)3,92929810
IOjDShattered Elemental VexAdult (f)3,3423869
b7QkMagical Purity VexAdult (m)3,07744515
pB32lElemental Silten VexAdult (m)2,3907384
LCLMKElemental Limit VexAdult (m)4,4008173
c3qHdPeerless Element VexAdult (f)6,4799381
OvGYZElemental Queen VexAdult (f)4,8878382
nhPj5Elemental Zelda VexAdult (m)4,8138523
NSMZ8Purely Elemental VexAdult (m)4,4339691
d0sY4Element Does VexAdult (f)4,4219822
PWTbqWhich Element VexAdult (f)3,2184782
jrEoh(jrEoh)Adult (f)3,8749341
VsDAF(VsDAF)Adult (m)3,2199501
s4C2u(s4C2u)Adult (m)2,8309811
SsTr4(SsTr4)Adult (f)5,3159471
MCp67Are My Parents ZombiesAdult (m)6,2898575
T5LGI(T5LGI)Adult (m)4,9667471
k6u1L3gen Even Whites of VexHatchling (F)2,1092996
YsLUIdle VexAdult (f)3,7014399
TBaJElement Below Freezing VexAdult (f)4,5109109
Ec4REPIC Element of Winter VexAdult (m)5,02463313
0TpRInnocent Element VexAdult (f)3,4813734
HCcAArctic Element VexAdult (m)2,9593189
csY0Pure Element VexAdult (f)2,2252414
MHXSElemental Frosted Glass VexAdult (f)1,8402766
bul7XClear Element VexAdult (m)3,5856893
cVs7iElemental Chequer VexAdult (f)3,4957191
teRml(teRml)Adult (m)5,2276862
cwKLy(cwKLy)Adult (f)5,6498511
GD5TI(GD5TI)Adult (m)5,4316362
xyZt1(xyZt1)Adult (m)5,8717172
G5aBr(G5aBr)Adult (f)2,8144571
rqj7U(rqj7U)Adult (f)6,6846471
P3NYt3gen Stair Spiral Whites of VexHatchling (F)2,1522993
Rt8JPrismatic Healer VexAdult (m)5,29061013
SZ0fPrince Prism of VexAdult (m)4,5323044
aOewv4gen Even Whites of VexHatchling (F)2,5422894
9HN4Alastia Vex Dusk ThuwedAdult (f)1,4804915
1WW9Synthyris VexAdult (f)2,8114049
kBKMRegality VexAdult (m)5,1475975
B87dEPIC Oraculum VexAdult (m)3,2567266
RGjXGBells VexAdult (f)4,3707026
gh82L(gh82L)Adult (m)7,2381,2523
IGeGW(IGeGW)Adult (f)5,2486973
lIAXx5gen Even Whites of VexHatchling (F)8374151
QkQgCrystal VexAdult (f)4,3636579
UB32Pure EPIC VexAdult (f)3,61437010
6S430(6S430)Adult (f)4,3938160
bxozF5gen Stair Spiral Whites VexHatchling (F)3,5474181
rlVe4River of Love VexAdult (m)2,8467905
ranEDLong Gen Patterned Whites of VexHatchling (m, F)4,3515910
9BorEPIC Stillness VexAdult (m)2,9423847
YENqMastery VexAdult (m)4,5973318
g144Limitless VexAdult (m)3,2423126
ii0opPrismic Beauty VexAdult (f)4,8441,0295
di99gLow Gen Uneven Whites of VexHatchling (F)2,0901623
HZ1fSerenity Lost Dorkface VexAdult (m)1,59173213
UT6eLilith Vex Dusk Element DorkfaceAdult (f)96250416
eNn0Sirya Vex ThuwedAdult (f)1,40844613
lqNhStar of Nenya Lost Dorkface VexAdult (m)1,55456616
Rkg6Elemental Amicizia Vex DorkfaceAdult (f)2,9745088
aA6AnAana VexAdult (f)4,8154360
L1gByMessy Whites of VexHatchling (F)1,0733340
9SqCFrosticle VexAdult (f)2,29146539
hVJrUnending Peace VexAdult (f)1,6273607
sL0Wh(sL0Wh)Adult (f)5,3126590
BfbtM(BfbtM)Hatchling (m, F)4,3734261
Kpe9vCB Female Purples of VexHatchling (F)1,9352861
F23gPurple Haze VexAdult (f)3,29343019
BZQBLyndria VexAdult (f)2,8713162
iM5mhInimitable VexAdult (f)3,6901,05512
nkeoYNeko VexAdult (f)3,6358282
6B5okDoing Well VexAdult (f)5,0088403
cm19QQuickly VexAdult (f)4,0011,1085
qI8vEHive VexAdult (f)4,5697144
C8P5tCaped VexAdult (f)6,8847992
HlC8OHico VexAdult (f)6,8957922
ilLcuPlayer 1Adult (f)4,8218223
fVZ7pFuturamaAdult (f)4,9461,1665
4FnVrForfeitedAdult (f)5,8988532
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