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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “ahcates,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
Td7SI(Td7SI)Egg (F)
opoZNReaung Kore SeaHatchling (F)2,0794561
TlNoINoi Kore SeaHatchling (F)6412922
34J0Su Tess KoreAdult (f)6,1351,4188
L7vlChung Tess Dorkface KoreAdult (m)6,0921,3946
8YGBJun Tess KoreAdult (m)6,0511,4169
IJbNMa Tess KoreAdult (m)4,9101,3117
RRnuMajun Cess KoreAdult (m)4,7441,2686
gkXBHwa Tess KoreAdult (f)4,8671,2526
7AicSan Tess KoreAdult (m)4,6791,2149
QCJMYean Draconna Tess KoreAdult (f)5,5031,3246
EiTqYeanjun Tess KoreAdult (m)5,3021,29010
CtJeHwamin Cess KoreAdult (m)3,8219794
8CKaSoyou Cess KoreAdult (f)4,4301,0985
hMevSanwou KoreAdult (m)1,6472965
JGTDMarioun Cess KoreAdult (f)4,9591,2463
O1YuYeansu Cess KoreAdult (f)6,2341,3226
6VOASomin Cess KoreAdult (f)6,3261,4200
hIVVSori Cess KoreAdult (m)6,8551,4841
IUgSSojun KoreAdult (m)2,5197124
8c3LCho Tess KoreAdult (f)2,5427362
v96pMaJin Cess KoreAdult (m)2,5457542
dSRfCheun Tess KoreAdult (m)3,4879103
9NJ4Bi Tess KoreAdult (m)2,9637836
EiA5Hwarin Cess KoreAdult (f)2,9537843
vYQdMari Cess KoreAdult (f)3,4919532
0rh7Back Nothtova Dorkface KoreAdult (f)5,0391,32414
UYq4Sojin KoreAdult (f)2,7818051
2VgdHein Tess KoreAdult (m)3,4579534
vIUpSuk Tess KoreAdult (m)4,0309354
TqD7Backrin Cess KoreAdult (f)6,5561,4234
q4CAMayoun KoreAdult (f)3,4158783
o3PXHwasu KoreAdult (m)5,3391,2482
5Cg4suji Cess KoreAdult (f)5,3561,2363
f2uhJunjin Cess KoreAdult (m)7,0221,3665
tu8nSumin KoreAdult (m)4,7359853
cZTrMaril KoreAdult (f)8,2821,5071
F1DpMasung KoreAdult (m)8,8471,5584
7l3rCheunreang Cess KoreAdult (f)2,5623731
KUc0Ya Tess Sin KoreAdult (m)8,6901,4412
SPDORiounyoung Tess Sin KoreAdult (m)8,6001,4481
oNiftChouyean Tess KoreAdult (f)3,7817053
uCEYNMahun Cess KoreAdult (m)4,2498121
Gk8ktSujun KoreAdult (m)4,2597542
fbWMjYea Tess KoreAdult (f)5,9451,4632
sGq8hChohin Tess KoreAdult (m)5,8141,4423
6pWl0Jung Tess Sin KoreAdult (f)5,9831,5021
LfEIWMabin Cess KoreAdult (m)2,5716162
bfAqeLea Tess KoreAdult (m)4,0928091
hqkCFPungha Tess KoreAdult (f)4,0728392
bEec3Soun KoreAdult (f)2,9205971
QsUuiMajung Cess KoreAdult (f)3,3896672
6Qe7THwahu KoreAdult (m)4,1186701
RCERARcera Tess KoreAdult (f)2,4658572
FksQIDong Tess KoreAdult (m)3,0031,0235
W05fZYeayeaun SilberFly KoreAdult (m)2,9791,0412
8e6fmMill Tess KoreAdult (m)2,9529972
ik9RrHiun Tess Yoom KoreAdult (m)3,0721,0292
F3jv1Millreu Tess KoreAdult (f)3,1791,0293
CiUPHMillyoun KoreAdult (f)90740716
so3MbLealin KoreAdult (f)2,8561,0683
sJFMLEill Tess KoreAdult (f)3,3371,1632
GN2CnEillrin Tess KoreAdult (f)3,2971,1694
umVXQMillsun Tess KoreAdult (f)3,2061,1492
JroTRJungyun Tess KoreAdult (f)3,9841,3593
YXu3Jyheam Tess Smurf KoreAdult (m)3,4711,1893
CA7aLHeuk Tess KoreAdult (m)2,7531,0462
4pDKjHwian Tess KoreAdult (m)2,7661,0523
5R0IGMillyeun Tess KoreAdult (f)2,7071,0732
AivPmMillyoung Cess KoreAdult (f)2,6741,0903
tokgeTokge Tess KoreAdult (m)2,9401,0615
AK73uBijun KoreAdult (m)2,9081,0891
rsdZbBacksill KoreAdult (f)3,0071,0706
UIBZmDongyoung Tess RICO KoreAdult (m)4,4521,2465
gdNbAGhill Tess KoreAdult (m)3,5491,2064
8Qc3YMomo Tess KoreAdult (m)2,8971,0552
o8UB0Gwang Tess KoreAdult (f)3,6541,0624
Rt6kHSukreang Cess KoreAdult (f)2,8881,0483
p3vgZGhillyull Cess KoreAdult (f)3,7501,0763
uNhuYSabin Tess KoreAdult (f)3,5721,1773
GJ21AWollya Tess KoreAdult (f)3,5601,2015
ihFf2Donglan Ress KoreAdult (f)2,6958442
fPI6MByeok Tess KoreAdult (m)3,6451,0912
OW18fJijin Tess KoreAdult (m)3,7271,1916
PcKsAEisu Tess TH KoreAdult (f)3,5601,1033
KzZMWHyeol Tess TH KoreAdult (m)3,9521,2406
vTcUrEirun Cess KoreAdult (m)5,0871,4716
k9WN7Yuwon Tess KoreAdult (m)3,9881,1966
mLTmdYeamill Cess KoreAdult (m)6,0631,4709
NrJwdSujoung Cess KoreAdult (f)3,1991,0966
dDfqYHwayou Cess KoreAdult (f)3,6281,2434
kqYEbGwangrea Cess KoreAdult (f)3,8171,2232
6pvj4Ryeong Tess Sin KoreAdult (m)3,7711,2562
f0OYRWolljin Royal KoreAdult (f)3,1351,0654
JIP0QRyeongha Cess Sin KoreAdult (m)3,5431,2504
LpAwnRyeongyean Cess Sin KoreAdult (f)3,5611,1712
noXycEunnyong Tess KoreAdult (m)2,8719815
V02Z7Surioun Cess KoreAdult (m)3,2129583
rITQKWollbi Cess KoreAdult (m)3,4821,1916
NwT5FLuna Tess KoreAdult (m)3,2371,1046
Tb6KjJihun Cess KoreAdult (m)3,5731,2015
iMBzLEunbitz Cess KoreAdult (m)2,9901,0266
OigtOBirang Cess KoreAdult (f)2,8841,0186
IxxKiSseda Tess KoreAdult (m)3,3751,1438
2wfE5Heukyoung KoreAdult (f)2,6469835
67zZFYeanwun KoreAdult (f)2,8921,0156
PqaRcYeansik Cess KoreAdult (m)3,1751,0714
m9IvVLumi Aria KoreAdult (f)3,0321,1024
rQB7OWollbin Cess KoreAdult (f)3,5891,2133
Z2UMnYeanju KoreAdult (f)3,6001,1777
h1OpkHeukseol Cess KoreAdult (f)3,8131,2076
PJazNHeukwun Brightbud KoreAdult (m)3,7731,2274
fig8lHwangyou Tess KoreAdult (f)3,1311,0487
kxAwxHwama Cess KoreAdult (m)3,6981,1848
o1wvzHwahyean KoreAdult (f)3,5011,0934
qL5YASuyull Tess KoreAdult (m)3,5811,1757
idgZpSapung Tess KoreAdult (m)3,2011,0214
qyZBSHwisu KoreAdult (f)3,0309985
NMFkJHae Tess KoreAdult (f)2,4388983
jbIc5Bieun Cess KoreAdult (f)2,8117873
MeSPzHwirock Cess KoreAdult (m)2,8539495
EEnoDEnod Tess KoreAdult (m)2,4118245
Eb7cJJabi Cess KoreAdult (f)2,9049995
YdpSNEunyoung Tess MK KoreAdult (f)3,7301,1447
nJq2iEillli i KoreAdult (f)2,96997310
gQb2MGheumsa Tess MK KoreAdult (f)4,8591,2567
wZtCJYong Tess Soul KoreAdult (f)2,9781,0066
ux3dtYongha Tess Soul KoreAdult (m)3,0321,0196
FVkXvChomin Cess KoreAdult (m)2,6659334
Tm8sQBing Tess KoreAdult (m)3,0911,0447
QI3uIRam Tess KoreAdult (m)2,1558326
PMoREPmore Cess MK KoreAdult (m)2,2575283
1C4hPWollhwa Cess KoreAdult (f)2,1308245
wTx4QBackwun KoreAdult (f)2,0598384
2VPeVJalam Tess KoreAdult (m)2,4838997
gkvNmYeanon Cess KoreAdult (m)2,0638206
9oa42Junghan Cess KoreAdult (m)2,6859515
8zQzrRoe Tess Illumina KoreAdult (f)2,4697926
d2JFeHwachun Cess KoreAdult (f)2,6909597
U1lbaSunjoon Tess KoreAdult (m)2,7869426
9izyOHwiju Cess MK KoreAdult (f)4,2313776
2EICvEillyoun Cess KoreAdult (f)2,9479836
D5gGpHwiri Cess KoreAdult (f)3,0499559
1ernwSunji Cess KoreAdult (f)3,2701,0976
ayux6Pado Tess KoreAdult (m)3,2251,0657
2gzisYeanho Cess KoreAdult (f)2,7169354
bLblrBlueBlue Tess KoreAdult (f)2,8069495
a5g7BSsen KoreAdult (m)3,1471,0577
nndA6Backsin Dorkface KoreAdult (m)2,4928675
uv7hoBackdo Libra KoreAdult (m)2,4538603
faVP5Eunseck MJ KoreAdult (m)5,8638754
H0bviJarioun Cess KoreAdult (m)3,3151,1533
kvaYCchounkeayong Tess KoreAdult (f)3,1951,0704
GFO9tWollsu KoreAdult (m)3,13086215
w4v7MDongwe MK KoreAdult (m)7,0959756
PqUCgSaeun MK Srell KoreAdult (f)4,1788334
yA988Sunhwi MK KoreAdult (f)4,8871,1424
CeJYeSarioung MK KoreAdult (m)3,1661,1269
j7t8NYeanhyean Cess KoreAdult (f)1,8027782
HqN8KJayou MK Bral KoreAdult (m)4,0231,2363
Ut4TVChounhyean Ress KoreAdult (m)2,6799556
76gBRSunhong Riisuttu Tess KoreAdult (f)2,0068183
xlCfgHonju Tess KoreAdult (f)2,4128515
SX7bTHongsu Tess Sin KoreAdult (m)2,2218904
4cmzjHonghu Cess KoreAdult (m)2,2569063
EzKZGHonghwa Cess KoreAdult (f)2,5029524
Yxmf0Eunsu KoreAdult (m)2,4289195
EJ0lOSunbin Cess MK KoreAdult (f)2,8347932
I3zKqYongam MK KoreAdult (f)2,2967523
U2DMpCheunyull Cess MK KoreAdult (f)2,3388634
uwST4Honghan Cess KoreAdult (m)3,0841,0563
7gAlzHwijin Cess KoreAdult (f)3,1709966
y1QQlHwangkheal Cess KoreAdult (m)2,6949424
DBUKUDubuku Cess KoreAdult (m)3,1471,1035
H514KYongdam MK KoreAdult (m)3,3281,1326
oKvXNBackeun Cess KoreAdult (m)2,9781,0764
EF3OLYeap Tess MK KoreAdult (m)3,0988753
k8zr5Chounsuol Cess MK KoreAdult (m)2,2407954
6TBGEEunreang MK KoreAdult (f)6,40877710
5gmUDSubi Cess MK KoreAdult (f)3,8738713
pQ52ORoejun Cess KoreAdult (m)3,0451,0526
3CRkhHwahan Dusk Dorkface Thuwed KoreAdult (m)2,5738843
SimDsChounmi Cess KoreAdult (f)3,5371,1274
QkjxCYeanouk Cess KoreAdult (m)3,4461,1763
gOojNYeammu Cess KoreAdult (f)2,6388752
UI1uQMong Tess KoreAdult (f)2,5848564
3hRXhSunkyeal Cess KoreAdult (m)3,2321,0284
YtdkqSunha Cess KoreAdult (f)3,5541,0855
pILOeMacaroon Cess KoreAdult (f)3,8771,2665
1Ef8CBackjun Cess KoreAdult (m)2,8719354
b6xqtPungse Tess KoreAdult (f)3,6531,0775
p9IhoYongwou Cess KoreAdult (m)3,6711,0695
UL9BcHonaa AB KoreAdult (f)3,0133506
Q2XAAHwangrim Cess KoreAdult (f)3,2151,0024
iwxlSSaha MK Azul KoreAdult (f)2,5948646
aVfv5Sunyou Tess KoreAdult (f)3,1141,0097
ovpNDHongyull Cess KoreAdult (f)3,1401,0677
z4cV7Eillgun KoreAdult (m)2,6568624
IPUlKReangyoung Cess KoreAdult (f)3,0871,0613
PHVZIMaha Thuwed Dorkface KoreAdult (m)2,7178936
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