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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New types of dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “aemuah,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
YbRe(YbRe)Adult (m)1,71033372
tTES(tTES)Adult (m)80449420
Wbds(Wbds)Adult (f)1,33930651
goaE(goaE)Adult (m)2,43530361
i9IY(i9IY)Adult (f)1,77024059
7nIf(7nIf)Adult (f)2,69023045
yEBd(yEBd)Adult (f)703333155
I51j(I51j)Adult (f)732236157
ijCM(ijCM)Adult (f)696232142
zcqZ(zcqZ)Adult (f)1,573193100
IKHv(IKHv)Adult (f)2,59323759
BDKm(BDKm)Adult (f)1,347298184
nA18(nA18)Adult (f)1,35123298
u5Vq(u5Vq)Adult (f)978344139
GRQa(GRQa)Adult (f)681256148
d788(d788)Adult (f)1,749212103
wjKV(wjKV)Adult (f)2,19034160
Kv4D(Kv4D)Adult (f)1,321282169
e8EN(e8EN)Adult (f)1,5491,06369
mfjw(mfjw)Adult (f)1,423368181
tY4f(tY4f)Adult (f)885323155
suwp(suwp)Adult (f)1,316374174
vsgm(vsgm)Adult (f)776258162
vE71(vE71)Adult (f)767287160
TcBK(TcBK)Adult (f)1,251301169
WnRO(WnRO)Adult (f)775260159
WOOU(WOOU)Adult (f)778302141
kRJ2(kRJ2)Adult (f)810297160
FsYx(FsYx)Adult (f)1,42021999
smV5(smV5)Adult (f)2,01237554
8NYB(8NYB)Adult (f)1,202198120
jpef(jpef)Adult (f)2,23341765
2sHM(2sHM)Adult (f)2,01140068
Tgfh(Tgfh)Adult (f)1,95738270
EPnL(EPnL)Adult (f)2,00938870
gE1A(gE1A)Adult (f)2,23233862
Z2lp(Z2lp)Adult (f)1,260304187
9rQ9(9rQ9)Adult (f)1,143394191
ixB2(ixB2)Adult (f)1,717213104
QngW(QngW)Adult (f)1,292385157
QgYN(QgYN)Adult (f)771261162
od7l(od7l)Adult (f)2,63233576
59Cz(59Cz)Adult (f)1,716484128
muMm(muMm)Adult (m)792289168
VD2k(VD2k)Adult (m)678252151
s319(s319)Adult (m)881219124
GWn6(GWn6)Adult (m)1,173311170
mxWZ(mxWZ)Adult (m)929243109
KqRp(KqRp)Adult (m)933357172
tIQN(tIQN)Adult (m)1,141434211
vXdO(vXdO)Adult (m)831316151
3vIl(3vIl)Adult (m)2,04335563
D3yP(D3yP)Adult (m)1,196358197
u7KS(u7KS)Adult (m)4,0891,181220
MLaB(MLaB)Adult (m)1,012278168
lgqz(lgqz)Hatchling (m, F)1,33035958
mlnL(mlnL)Adult (m)1,69139662
nFcR(nFcR)Adult (m)741266183
DgZd(DgZd)Adult (m)692251152
4EKA(4EKA)Adult (m)705284139
TSdy(TSdy)Adult (m)2,03736759
6PI9(6PI9)Adult (m)1,480404189
Gxzu(Gxzu)Adult (m)1,215475166
zdWW(zdWW)Adult (m)1,89024966
7XYS(7XYS)Adult (m)1,722222127
SAUV(SAUV)Adult (m)1,334311169
Wi1T(Wi1T)Adult (f)1,714215109
o5Zn(o5Zn)Adult (m)759274157
N17x(N17x)Adult (m)3,28326066
ZNWL(ZNWL)Adult (m)3,05889935
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