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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “ace1012003,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
KNafASwampLilyAdult (f)9,0191,2635
ofKvCWinged Night JumperAdult (f)8,9061,2124
pi1OkEmpress Liteng the WarriorAdult (f)8,8051,1822
Mu19RGoldilocks PygmyAdult (m)8,8361,2354
tUSUBKing Tanodon the EternalAdult (m)8,4741,1202
t56fVUnnuatAdult (m)11,9921,4475
RBadvPotent ShamanAdult (m)12,0791,4894
VvJ5sThe Veiled DestroyerAdult (f)9,6371,1072
Utiq9Wrecker of HistoryAdult (m)7,5941,0423
GxcsdZrikkicAdult (m)8,7061,1012
ItKbDYeshkAdult (f)7,9711,1134
FlZBuThe Great ThundersAdult (f)9,9501,3982
EscqpThree-Horned DevilAdult (m)6,7331,1324
tbgQsThe Elegant Snow DancerAdult (m)6,4831,0856
AXI1u(AXI1u)Adult (f)10,3611,4704
XxtLE(XxtLE)Adult (m)10,3471,4602
DMUv5(DMUv5)Adult (f)9,5381,4644
1spSG(1spSG)Adult (m)7,0011,2773
jyfy9(jyfy9)Adult (f)6,9091,2488
N1m0y(N1m0y)Adult (f)7,1091,2368
LJKfu(LJKfu)Adult (m)9,0291,4625
rpG9G(rpG9G)Adult (f)5,8461,1001
1Mafc(1Mafc)Adult (f)8,9661,4013
5V1nn(5V1nn)Adult (m)9,0471,3871
TUBNs(TUBNs)Adult (f)6,1451,1350
o4n3B(o4n3B)Adult (f)5,9071,1091
QbdIR(QbdIR)Adult (f)6,0611,1161
RsmNV(RsmNV)Adult (m)7,3631,2814
CgsXe(CgsXe)Adult (f)6,2241,0442
1xe4V(1xe4V)Adult (m)6,3481,0482
8k055(8k055)Adult (m)7,5631,2322
4GY1L(4GY1L)Adult (m)7,5651,2701
85Kmj(85Kmj)Adult (m)8,8169784
FNewN(FNewN)Adult (f)8,7741,0013
AGzJq(AGzJq)Adult (m)8,7089852
9uu0a(9uu0a)Adult (m)5,4331,0762
3Kc1k(3Kc1k)Adult (m)7,2351,2470
l3I65(l3I65)Adult (m)7,1151,2380
rvgEW(rvgEW)Adult (f)7,0221,2340
60bP8(60bP8)Adult (f)5,9701,3661
7pkCx(7pkCx)Adult (m)4,8641,1931
UqGCQ(UqGCQ)Adult (f)4,8521,1953
2FB7W(2FB7W)Adult (f)4,8731,2102
gxUVX(gxUVX)Adult (f)2,6567582
6S5dp(6S5dp)Adult (f)2,5747491
XNq4I(XNq4I)Adult (f)2,5407441
Eu99K(Eu99K)Adult (m)2,5117612
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