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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “a_god_s,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
LgM2DragonForce Temple of A god SHatchling (F)6273404
a7ayj(a7ayj)Adult (f)3,4437505
ZkfDua Frill to KillAdult (f)2,5706014
hbGtISalted PorkAdult (f)3,6034833
ljXeGTouching a lot of PinkAdult (m)2,3255612
uSfuz(uSfuz)Adult (f)3,6878194
ZRFGU(ZRFGU)Adult (f)1,7995194
SseEF10 10 20 20Adult (m)2,5185983
UVZpU10102020Adult (f)3,1116663
WNDKhDragonForce BrineAdult (f)1,8965333
35oxx(35oxx)Adult (f)3,1674393
8xPWkDragonforce Salted PeekAdult (f)2,6296263
ED2X0(ED2X0)Adult (m)3,3034806
zxdzU(zxdzU)Adult (m)3,9644843
7siiN(7siiN)Adult (m)3,8395034
2Yrzs(2Yrzs)Adult (f)2,8125279
zFew3(zFew3)Adult (f)2,9334355
kibA7(kibA7)Adult (m)3,9934686
XJlptUglie in DeathAdult (m)3,7566384
Hzgod(Hzgod)Adult (f)1,9925301
ouSHE(ouSHE)Adult (m)2,1955442
Zzymd(Zzymd)Adult (f)2,3935972
hp2PxDragonForce Salted HPAdult (f)2,6075693
zAy0x(zAy0x)Adult (m)2,9255152
aTtiN(aTtiN)Adult (m)2,2445281
wRen9(wRen9)Adult (f)2,2775101
0GlNA(0GlNA)Adult (f)2,7065524
14YaK(14YaK)Adult (f)2,2935191
zzS0s(zzS0s)Adult (f)2,3255201
IbC1h(IbC1h)Adult (f)2,6535302
emr8l(emr8l)Adult (f)3,6808142
St6PsBeyond EvlAdult (f)2,4154603
edJjd(edJjd)Adult (m)2,5285235
S2K3x(S2K3x)Adult (f)4,89987111
zt4U1(zt4U1)Adult (m)2,4645713
zAemn(zAemn)Adult (f)2,9324722
eGuNs(eGuNs)Adult (m)3,2054571
ZMWpZ(ZMWpZ)Adult (m)2,6174652
Ze3g7(Ze3g7)Adult (f)3,3764953
5DMoo(5DMoo)Adult (m)2,6166061
XLdKQ(XLdKQ)Adult (f)2,9605384
wzbyE(wzbyE)Adult (f)2,5705383
KoOyh(KoOyh)Adult (f)2,4526333
oDbQu(oDbQu)Adult (f)2,3866121
gUY1z(gUY1z)Hatchling (F)1,6144912
iLCKa(iLCKa)Adult (f)2,5765595
b9X5OKick'd in DeathAdult (f)1,9654703
dObeY(dObeY)Adult (f)2,4525541
ODPlz(ODPlz)Adult (f)2,4045220
lvnLW(lvnLW)Adult (f)2,5847772
69hVQ(69hVQ)Adult (m)2,4407592
tom1o(tom1o)Adult (m)2,4115752
w9u68(w9u68)Adult (f)2,4916131
uP7xj(uP7xj)Adult (m)2,4875962
rPRAz(rPRAz)Adult (f)2,8315883
qrP0R(qrP0R)Adult (f)2,6126321
z5sNa(z5sNa)Adult (f)1,9125132
SIsXx(SIsXx)Adult (f)3,8674621
iFEy1(iFEy1)Adult (m)3,2024102
dNabU(dNabU)Adult (m)2,9324142
VDgkS(VDgkS)Adult (m)3,1314632
OIslr(OIslr)Adult (f)3,5346424
BzHAU(BzHAU)Adult (m)3,2246022
Ex0U4(Ex0U4)Adult (m)4,2137441
nxUKb(nxUKb)Adult (f)3,5936251
JLDwUMore Salted TipsAdult (m)3,0117531
S36pyMade Tips SaltedAdult (m)3,1867701
tswBvWay gone Messed up SaltAdult (m)3,0497592
uGHblUgh Salted DionAdult (m)3,1657622
byUYpSalted for ChangeAdult (m)3,1167651
4N6viVengeful Salted 4uAdult (f)3,1327731
gwdgmBackstreet Salted BoysAdult (m)3,0037501
6nfO1Salted HymalAdult (m)3,0357572
ZK6fQWhat's in a Salted NameAdult (f)2,2465571
aTvvjSalted TV TearsAdult (f)2,4165483
ktOGQGQ Salted DespairAdult (f)2,2665422
TuOTIMultiplied SaltsquaresAdult (f)1,9505671
4ZsPoPo Salted MesselAdult (m)2,4285710
Zndn8Salted z messAdult (m)3,1625981
htbgZWild white MortonAdult (f)3,0097511
qIKtRSalted QuikerAdult (m)2,7507122
8Ng0qsalTed RUMP shakerAdult (f)3,0167172
pivOmForgotten what I've Salted ForAdult (m)3,0797163
jYdw0Summertime Salted Ydw0Adult (f)2,9237364
xZS5uScared and Salted ShadowsAdult (m)3,4507943
MnO4g(MnO4g)Adult (f)1,9735362
IS5tB(IS5tB)Adult (m)3,7434074
I7bkI(I7bkI)Adult (m)3,6474162
JemFUJemFUAdult (f)3,3673984
JiNCo(JiNCo)Adult (m)3,5633775
DDLlV(DDLlV)Adult (m)2,9194392
aEUY9(aEUY9)Adult (m)2,8894253
peQTh(peQTh)Adult (m)2,8784462
YGFLm(YGFLm)Adult (m)3,0084463
mw7js(mw7js)Adult (m)2,5384262
BqNWYBaby GroguAdult (f)2,0935362
Eecz1Eek I've been SaltedAdult (m)5,0687212
qNxPfSalted Freaky CaprisAdult (f)5,0137282
Isv61GroguAdult (m)5,2507122
FxueaFaux SaltedAdult (m)3,8055645
wIx7RTimewalker LatteAdult (f)6,7306166
5CdoG(5CdoG)Adult (m)2,1995482
lRUDN(lRUDN)Adult (m)3,9244244
0lmOO(0lmOO)Adult (m)2,5264644
gfiT7(gfiT7)Adult (m)3,0748085
7PEN9(7PEN9)Adult (m)2,3824712
05nun(05nun)Adult (f)3,2444062
9kAyg(9kAyg)Adult (f)3,1284151
yGgqyHadron HoneyHatchling (f, F)4,8845422
VikCO(VikCO)Adult (m)4,7443965
aIV1a(aIV1a)Adult (m)2,4905222
0dxYP(0dxYP)Adult (f)3,2867172
g80qwFluffly Salted TipHatchling (m, F)3,1956664
SlPRySalted Pry TipHatchling (m, F)3,6907552
jACEH(jACEH)Adult (m)3,3104392
ReXiM(ReXiM)Adult (m)3,9884562
Nbhr2(Nbhr2)Adult (m)4,8115004
rDfvM(rDfvM)Adult (m)3,4806752
nIn0U(nIn0U)Adult (f)4,5118425
zFAgg(zFAgg)Adult (m)1,9935235
HYdUs(HYdUs)Adult (f)2,0664533
NebO0(NebO0)Adult (f)3,0926922
ODJaw(ODJaw)Adult (f)2,6955392
MTVNo(MTVNo)Adult (m)2,6715351
7t0UR(7t0UR)Adult (m)2,8625291
ZtXPa(ZtXPa)Adult (m)2,6925430
IL725ThorzikaAdult (m)2,1006703
1NI3wPotion MintleafAdult (m)2,2516762
Jg1yM(Jg1yM)Adult (m)2,2816872
D2jtS(D2jtS)Adult (m)2,2847091
jOqf3(jOqf3)Adult (m)2,2016662
2TrnM(2TrnM)Adult (m)2,1796701
tqfouSnow FouAdult (m)2,2557003
DRRVs(DRRVs)Adult (f)2,7216973
dsbjSJean Van GoghAdult (m)2,6097172
aFuUC(aFuUC)Adult (f)2,9117463
OVlmhMelancholyMoonAdult (f)2,6106923
KvyuA(KvyuA)Adult (f)2,6366703
IV3ZnYule BubsAdult (m)2,3916103
8TjOk(8TjOk)Adult (f)2,0405771
F1rBg(F1rBg)Adult (f)2,0495751
b7u0d(b7u0d)Adult (m)2,1015741
8WlOt(8WlOt)Hatchling (F)1,5024462
bvQ83(bvQ83)Adult (m)2,9925383
Ih18G(Ih18G)Adult (f)3,2165612
mDIy8(mDIy8)Adult (f)3,2095514
0PT4I(0PT4I)Adult (f)1,8945022
6J0ee(6J0ee)Adult (f)2,4595883
3epJg(3epJg)Adult (f)2,0405044
fYtl0(fYtl0)Adult (m)2,0675381
dZN13(dZN13)Adult (m)2,5447901
k6YtA(k6YtA)Adult (m)2,5287913
PoFJK(PoFJK)Adult (f)2,5557881
ZzQtG(ZzQtG)Adult (m)2,6428001
I7PXb(I7PXb)Adult (f)2,6598212
zjbCTz GlystereAdult (m)2,1706921
yeaVd(yeaVd)Adult (m)2,1027172
9SJAh(9SJAh)Adult (m)2,9597483
gseBJ(gseBJ)Adult (f)2,8797392
oLiok(oLiok)Adult (m)3,0737302
PtDKm(PtDKm)Adult (m)2,9607341
8Enba(8Enba)Adult (m)3,1216932
izYRo(izYRo)Adult (m)2,9277641
kdoFF(kdoFF)Adult (f)2,8937442
yKHoU(yKHoU)Adult (m)3,4026902
IyaR2(IyaR2)Adult (m)1,9644174
ikObY(ikObY)Adult (m)2,4474993
cn3Az(cn3Az)Adult (m)2,2474842
B5mUJ(B5mUJ)Adult (m)3,1774156
LKldo(LKldo)Adult (f)1,8724392
zzTfG(zzTfG)Adult (f)3,1396974
JePO0(JePO0)Adult (f)3,3477561
0TvlD(0TvlD)Adult (m)3,2747413
zeiYS(zeiYS)Adult (f)3,1187294
0VPzW(0VPzW)Adult (f)3,0677216
AvCuB(AvCuB)Adult (m)2,3383625
lyND0(lyND0)Adult (f)2,2354140
3aAtf(3aAtf)Adult (f)2,0313564
4CoW4(4CoW4)Adult (f)3,6024044
QkIN4Cro'gaAdult (f)3,7647343
uSAPx(uSAPx)Adult (f)2,7986671
nwNAJ(nwNAJ)Adult (m)2,8316601
zx4AV(zx4AV)Adult (f)3,8056534
X5UCK(X5UCK)Adult (m)2,5985213
Deo0p(Deo0p)Adult (m)2,2485172
9TVEG(9TVEG)Adult (m)2,2935142
oUkFy(oUkFy)Adult (f)3,2718053
1847E(1847E)Adult (f)3,3408061
THnwn(THnwn)Adult (m)3,6138142
2EVKK(2EVKK)Adult (m)3,3488012
UUmaI(UUmaI)Adult (m)3,2987673
6TcQk(6TcQk)Adult (f)3,5927672
pqRbS(pqRbS)Adult (f)3,2927963
5vDQB(5vDQB)Adult (f)3,2587562
R0Dyf(R0Dyf)Adult (f)1,7535102
lwfrK(lwfrK)Adult (f)1,9165290
ZR456(ZR456)Adult (m)3,78583512
3ATOo(3ATOo)Adult (m)1,8704583
XPAry(XPAry)Adult (m)1,7815381
quZSl(quZSl)Adult (f)1,7455362
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