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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New types of dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “a5t100,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
v8tzLI  Like BootsAdult2,74174612
IcfSVTell Me Now CBAdult6,7388978
fWGN0Only Human CBAdult3,4441,1457
Q23i4Bad CBAdult2,8361,01435
AmlZ3Dog Laid An Egg CBAdult (f)3,7516341
nNwM3Wilderness CBAdult (f)2,5124811
zVCo7I Have Questions CBAdult (f)3,4236104
cB2fWWhy'd You Leave CBAdult (f)2,2917243
pGLqLTired Of Me CBAdult (m)6,69485424
IzJUdRed Elder CBAdult (f)5,1788881
foKkT(foKkT)Adult (f)8,0351,0813
lCUAiWorld Around Me Changes IIAdult (m)7,8791,2592
trvyfLed The RevolutionAdult (f)7,9241,0713
NZfef100 Times IIAdult (m)7,7238553
r9nHSWhat About Trust CBAdult (m)9,1561,2162
YpFxTWater Zyu IIIAdult (f)8,1401,0384
Y9ss7S m a u g CBAdult (m)6,3417641
f4JpeElectric Stel CBAdult (f)5,3769562
EdjfVBlown TireAdult (m)7,3051,2483
fyb2JKnow It's Over CBAdult (f)10,9609113
OjTeZWhite Do You Mean CBAdult (f)8,9008059
zs0crWhite Electric CBAdult (m)8,9668794
FMgmBAway From You CBAdult (f)9,4981,0672
wIThnIf You're Hearing This CBAdult (f)7,2321,0583
6WbTOBlue Electric IIIAdult (f)7,3961,1013
BHI3MLock Ness CBAdult (m)5,5949381
beTDX(beTDX)Adult (f)8,6101,2684
46mHaJumpsuit IIIAdult (m)5,7007294
V8wsxLeave Me Low IIAdult (f)8,7661,0312
EhpwkF-R-I-E-N-D-S CBAdult (f)10,3829811
3UlKLAtlantis 2PBAdult (m)9,2399541
y4jX0Give Me My Cupcakes CBAdult (f)7,2901,0015
ZiRWnCan't Be Reasoned With CBAdult (f)6,6478753
Df2cZLatched OnAdult (f)4,3669053
CjU30Crowned Victor CBAdult (f)2,3415791
TZH6tFight For You CBAdult (f)3,2645991
NyrOrCrowned Tooth CBAdult (m)2,3598441
lFKA1Yellow King CBAdult (f)2,2398310
LHlXbCrown The Victor CBAdult (m)2,4048561
LUKNVKeep It Together CBAdult (f)2,4368351
sKpnoImagine CBAdult (m)2,3206481
CqyPUSay It To My Face IIAdult (m)5,8488792
JEGNfMagik Mike CBAdult (m)3,3967472
cIFxBRight To It CBAdult (m)3,9936741
X4PeWMetallic Blue CBAdult (m)4,4057251
QFHTsMana Current CBAdult (m)3,4825512
udglnJust Wait IIAdult (m)6,4931,1902
T94id(T94id)Adult (f)5,9959373
61DAWWhy Don't You Love Me CBAdult (m)5,4551,1800
Y32OXComing In Hot CBAdult (f)5,4346851
dl9HZOne Look CBAdult (m)6,3489421
XYYjYPyro Main CBAdult (m)2,9516450
aJ01tFire Burst CBAdult (f)3,4136355
H7lCEMake Me NervousAdult (f)4,2516731
gZXYuOn My Knees IIAdult (f)4,1426763
lh2rx(lh2rx)Adult (f)5,7131,0332
14nQKCancel Your Plans CBAdult (m)6,4871,0783
MBERzNot The One 4PBAdult (m)7,7135153
vBWq3Treat Me Like Fire 2PBAdult (m)6,5208725
hUIDmRoyal  MageAdult (m)5,1137524
lAJou(lAJou)Adult (m)3,6347662
AEufmEvery MomentAdult (m)5,5389212
JtZ7QMage Magic CBAdult (m)3,1805781
IFQYkMage Main CBAdult (m)2,6764441
m3qSh(m3qSh)Adult (m)2,9717341
lJgjUFire In Her HeartAdult (f)3,6197091
kKTlEAt My Door IIIAdult (f)5,0829185
66MsbTired Of Inconsistency CBAdult (f)7,5679861
IzJ0IRainforest CBAdult (m)3,7247733
CIoRqSilvarum IIAdult (m)3,4396162
7tWMYFind Your Solution VAdult (f)6,3221,0863
0kokbWanna Die 2PBAdult (m)6,8009013
MQs9M(MQs9M)Adult (f)6,7001,1154
GG6V0Pick Up The Phone 2PBAdult (f)5,5339783
iV5bLDark  SoulsAdult (m)4,7108014
Uma6UDark Chronus IVAdult (f)3,7297683
zAJU8When You Walked In The RoomAdult (m)4,4877002
a8VTCFalling Asleep IIIAdult (f)3,8137571
PsDtfLove Me IIIAdult (f)4,8668903
TKTeZLook In Your Eye IIAdult (f)2,8516415
oZMtOCurly FriedAdult (f)5,4679723
pl7gb(pl7gb)Adult (f)2,9625971
ejExV(ejExV)Adult (m)8,9001,2644
RwdpW(RwdpW)Adult (m)6,8271,1211
UiAQG(UiAQG)Adult (f)3,8597401
z6s6k(z6s6k)Adult (m)3,3547573
sTAjV(sTAjV)Adult (m)4,4817055
9HMOdWhite  ThunderAdult (f)5,5469532
aUUyr(aUUyr)Adult (m)2,9917031
yXf3G(yXf3G)Adult (m)2,9916573
bpSZX(bpSZX)Adult (m)2,0815817
EVSgGTrading In His ChevyAdult (f)4,0316576
vNFhbLet You Down CBAdult (m)3,6676902
rXKHe(rXKHe)Adult (f)3,0935651
d9TQE(d9TQE)Adult (m)3,2588390
Hy2qAWhich Witch CBAdult (f)3,4124823
Ddw3dSay Something CBAdult (m)4,5821,0633
2SaWcWitches and Wizardry CBAdult (f)2,3677640
TTgVKWhich Way Is Right CBAdult (m)2,2947720
qj5AVEyes Shut CBAdult (f)2,3417260
PMJTsWhich Light CBAdult (f)2,4307471
074LHOne More Day To WishAdult (m)8,4469381
4ln9kReflected CBAdult (m)7,6839761
8cTpkHeart Of Mine CBAdult (m)7,5379371
LMoH3Like The Wind CBAdult (m)3,4855864
MgAhsJuniors CBAdult (f)3,0856112
ijwR8(ijwR8)Adult (m)3,4468125
JFKEyDoes She Love MeAdult (f)5,0559193
AdZbLGave You My AllAdult (f)3,1527582
wjAsXDon't Fade CBAdult (f)3,1429735
RiYvZFlash Of White CBAdult (m)2,9907493
96DCIAngle Of The Lord CBAdult (f)2,0847132
h38KeMake Up Your Mind CBAdult (f)2,9116332
rHrbVShould Have Walked AwayAdult (f)2,0296255
iLlfrGot Me Thinking About YouAdult (m)2,2396640
7w4QWJust Say IIAdult (m)2,6959140
WRWDEIf You Need MeAdult (m)2,4416623
Y7Ed8(Y7Ed8)Adult (m)4,8948621
7w7KQEvery Breath CBAdult (f)7,5659434
Lorp1(Lorp1)Adult (m)6,3218622
hoZHUCrack The Whip CBAdult (m)5,1057463
nMUYsWatch Me CBAdult (f)3,4924692
v1cNFTantrum 2PBAdult (m)8,0629743
IdoHz(IdoHz)Adult (m)6,1681,1683
m3p4tEverything CBAdult (m)8,8131,5205
46eJUHome With You CBAdult (m)8,3549703
vJp2k(vJp2k)Adult (m)7,8778071
EgB13Let Go 2PBAdult (m)7,6548603
u9Ju8Tip Toe 2PBAdult (m)7,2449641
hvYT8(hvYT8)Adult (m)6,5941,1521
bW5Q5To You CBAdult (m)6,9711,2433
E351ZLet 'Em KnowAdult (m)5,5687142
FHUawGold Metal Swimmer CBAdult (m)6,3171,0163
UFtL4In The Rain CBAdult (m)5,8036953
5ytMjNot Doing You Wrong IIIAdult (f)4,4097333
II3isHad EnoughtAdult (m)3,0267351
I0m2YSmoke Alarm IVAdult (f)4,3056920
0VpYnInstagram Slime AccountAdult (m)3,8067821
2bi0BBaby Horse CBAdult (m)2,7746971
AaBLeFan Already IIIAdult (f)3,9736802
2L0ucNo Wonder IIAdult (f)2,5406852
UvaTCWater Bout Now CBAdult (f)2,9496693
0WHvWClick Click CBAdult (m)2,5956824
FvZanCoaster CBAdult (f)1,8656121
8kp3CFeel Like MyselfAdult (m)2,1826852
fudyiAquae CBAdult (f)1,6796590
XDcY2Wasted Time CBAdult (m)1,6076572
nWxtoStill Here CBAdult (f)1,6556642
vGGfbDriving SoloAdult (m)1,8256164
Vz4nuTreat Me Like That IIAdult (m)1,8206624
FOCpvFlying Horse CBAdult (f)1,5156031
rEapS(rEapS)Adult (f)6,2781,1110
RdeV3Lucky People 2PBAdult (f)5,2271,0681
Cgv8cBad Tattoo 2PBAdult (m)5,7718053
RfIAb(RfIAb)Adult (m)7,9908843
d6hZLComing Back To Me CBAdult (f)9,1041,2042
5At6fAin't Over You CBAdult (f)8,5649002
jcYC6Quite Alright 2PBAdult (m)5,7648574
LPCiKFall Through CBAdult (m)3,6905982
WOEdkWalking On Egg Shells 2PBAdult (m)4,4809434
JQxx5Walkin' On Water CBAdult (f)2,4636632
BZmbJEverytime You See Me CryAdult (f)4,4159244
jXCPfNo Goodbyes CBAdult (m)4,2719244
ME3qGIn It's Element CBAdult (m)4,0191,1198
YCSGNThe Vamps CBAdult (f)3,4966014
5lEWPLove It CBAdult (f)1,9796104
ZHsh6(ZHsh6)Adult (f)7,1451,59814
eOwlK(eOwlK)Adult (f)3,0837680
z6pJe(z6pJe)Adult (f)3,2726740
m9TzfBe Myne ValentyneAdult (f)3,0168956
s29O1Made Me FallAdult (f)2,8931,0311
nsYpiLuving UAdult (f)3,2981,1285
j7dva(j7dva)Adult (m)6,0291,0442
Kj5InThe Night We Met 2PBAdult (m)5,1686591
BAYmNYou're Not That Girl 2PBAdult (f)4,7406302
7fhiqQuick To LoveAdult (m)5,5066892
C6jn7You're The Drug 3PBAdult (m)5,0914172
hoAth(hoAth)Adult (m)3,6358101
EcqiXUndining CBAdult (f)2,7155641
AaztxIndependent 2PBAdult (f)2,1935893
TftOeAm I Wrong CBAdult (f)5,2479786
Il0NUUndyine CBAdult (m)4,9068635
JHfbtFull Speed 2PBAdult (f)2,6318141
BWmzpGreen Crayons CBAdult (m)3,8561,0236
Hx24OUndead Undine CBAdult (f)3,9629843
bPk6FFor Now CBAdult (m)3,5079072
lUCuwToo Good At Goodbyes CBAdult (m)3,4689323
B6qGjIrresistible CBAdult (f)4,3691,2532
5HEMXSea Spirit CBAdult (m)4,3241,2532
qRyP3Never Trusted YouAdult (f)2,6378162
bgdcqBreaking My Back 2PBAdult (m)2,1726684
gfVUwPower Couple CBAdult (f)3,4476311
lRBazWay Too WrongAdult (f)2,9397731
TubcKHot Or Cold CBAdult (m)4,1071,0364
MvU30Castle Crashers CBAdult (m)2,7046624
BojFWAttached At The Hip CBAdult (f)5,4121,0865
xJvpiGot This Far CBAdult (m)2,8917813
dFtMkIt Was RealAdult (m)2,3268281
7MGAEIf You Really CareAdult (m)3,1779266
SI1sAAt Our WorstAdult (f)2,3657745
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