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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “_smoczyca_,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
zrurQLook at My Leetle TreeEgg (F)
GColM(GColM)Adult (f)5,0291,0459
u6B2T(u6B2T)Adult (f)5,9001,1802
uu3Dz(uu3Dz)Adult (m)5,8171,0611
YsDjr(YsDjr)Adult (m)5,7361,0580
VSwHU(VSwHU)Adult (f)5,9551,0630
WPsCb(WPsCb)Adult (m)5,3201,0591
6dF12(6dF12)Adult (m)5,0041,02714
AU5ad(AU5ad)Adult (m)4,8731,0285
OhuJS(OhuJS)Adult (f)5,3851,0496
uLf5F(uLf5F)Adult (m)4,9461,0424
HAnhi(HAnhi)Adult (m)4,4189393
crinx(crinx)Adult (f)4,6899463
rBaim(rBaim)Adult (f)4,5959543
znQMi(znQMi)Adult (m)4,3219323
EjwNm(EjwNm)Adult (f)2,4599406
JpKNl(JpKNl)Adult (f)1,8865902
SSWRV(SSWRV)Adult (f)1,8615733
vhjHx(vhjHx)Adult (f)1,9116133
kgAUj(kgAUj)Adult (f)2,2415120
kop2B(kop2B)Adult (m)2,1865020
c9m9a(c9m9a)Adult (m)2,3085240
q4il4(q4il4)Adult (f)2,2735170
FCxEK(FCxEK)Adult (f)2,1795000
RTu7z(RTu7z)Adult (m)2,2565150
CCvrd(CCvrd)Adult (m)2,1815000
BogzI(BogzI)Adult (f)2,0774810
Z7pNC(Z7pNC)Adult (f)3,2077683
qxav8(qxav8)Adult (m)3,2297562
QiCZb(QiCZb)Adult (m)2,2393903
zZVAG(zZVAG)Adult (f)2,0983703
OeNne(OeNne)Adult (f)2,3144322
SFOUH(SFOUH)Adult (f)2,1604311
T40bX(T40bX)Adult (f)4,7606821
1MM30(1MM30)Adult (f)3,2236532
Mqvts(Mqvts)Adult (f)3,3906370
gVeSI(gVeSI)Adult (f)3,4166811
jyBhR(jyBhR)Adult (m)3,5236701
1lngd(1lngd)Adult (m)3,5856961
uaTMD(uaTMD)Adult (f)3,4756581
ztCBX(ztCBX)Adult (m)3,7497121
1DWYa(1DWYa)Adult (m)3,5556671
SCqBI(SCqBI)Adult (f)3,4366490
Wn5uf(Wn5uf)Adult (f)3,6006671
veD8P(veD8P)Adult (f)2,4535095
LrYkI(LrYkI)Adult (m)2,9845622
V1y5r(V1y5r)Adult (f)2,7665562
2aYuJ(2aYuJ)Adult (f)2,4525072
rUrIp(rUrIp)Adult (f)2,8615802
YTVaM(YTVaM)Adult (m)2,6465241
Hx4RD(Hx4RD)Adult (f)2,8225651
DLRpe(DLRpe)Adult (f)2,3874980
DDapg(DDapg)Adult (m)3,3167121
Fy5b3(Fy5b3)Adult (f)3,3437070
gWPOM(gWPOM)Adult (f)3,5437250
cBxEl(cBxEl)Adult (m)3,3607130
a272f(a272f)Adult (m)8,6271,4141
3hFLx(3hFLx)Adult (m)3,0227220
xcv7X(xcv7X)Adult (m)5,1788260
tfCnv(tfCnv)Adult (m)3,8449060
6jqQI(6jqQI)Adult (f)3,8789060
qyPuA(qyPuA)Adult (m)3,9988610
ZOMZrClesha Vanyali IAdult (f)3,8719081
7beCm(7beCm)Adult (f)4,0089481
Dp4Ak(Dp4Ak)Adult (m)4,1539502
LQh52(LQh52)Adult (f)3,8139041
BD9ZQ(BD9ZQ)Adult (m)6,9491,3081
nD21r(nD21r)Adult (f)3,6058484
erRi7(erRi7)Adult (m)4,4619721
VofeU(VofeU)Adult (f)5,0381,0311
ihPjW(ihPjW)Adult (m)4,1067911
TQPpZ(TQPpZ)Adult (m)8,6551,1301
Rjeua(Rjeua)Adult (f)8,6891,4421
DkkkW(DkkkW)Adult (m)5,1741,0661
bZ3SR(bZ3SR)Adult (m)4,6416973
KIW3WMisaces of AmityAdult (m)7,9411,3582
U28TLNichye of AbnegationAdult (f)8,0161,3491
lqGVxNieles of EruditeAdult (m)5,1338443
rO4krYahet of CandorAdult (m)5,2028452
uoBZSNiserie of CandorAdult (f)5,1798263
f7cYuOvi of CandorAdult (m)5,2328610
LNL2ABlaiyu of CandorAdult (f)5,4267891
mEQ2RNeerphi of AmityAdult (f)3,7158302
rqktK(rqktK)Adult (m)6,3551,0914
9iA6jCiablai of AmityAdult (f)4,4249294
P5vqANorrsa of CandorAdult (f)5,5711,1743
A7yiJ(A7yiJ)Adult (f)8,7381,4593
TZnGz(TZnGz)Adult (f)5,7491,1440
VlWOB(VlWOB)Adult (f)8,0851,1293
oJpVl(oJpVl)Adult (f)5,1978771
rqU3z(rqU3z)Adult (m)4,1828740
36zMg(36zMg)Adult (f)6,2581,0860
iz0hI(iz0hI)Adult (m)3,7557922
zIVRz(zIVRz)Adult (m)4,0688650
S2fpz(S2fpz)Adult (m)5,2337802
loIbt(loIbt)Adult (m)3,8628610
3zSss(3zSss)Adult (f)5,3941,0512
vbL0y(vbL0y)Adult (f)2,4556741
Gvtah(Gvtah)Hatchling (f, F)1,6434563
me8n8(me8n8)Adult (f)6,1901,1720
dems3(dems3)Adult (m)5,7631,1250
Fbedh(Fbedh)Adult (m)5,7791,1160
UugfR(UugfR)Hatchling (F)2,9473664
fePm8(fePm8)Hatchling (F)1,5204204
rEFed(rEFed)Adult (m)5,5781,1030
KmykULird Vanyali IAdult (m)4,5617431
5orQ0Atust Vanyali IAdult (m)7,2666020
soBiTSobit Vanyali IIIAdult (m)4,9588783
Cwt29Thiraa Vanyali IAdult (f)4,5567151
q52DYAgrayria Vanyali IAdult (f)4,7706430
YOAXA(YOAXA)Adult (f)7,6041,1453
jGVEUJegveu Vanyali IAdult (m)5,7901,0134
HbnZColaena Vanyali IAdult (f)1,74883160
l7ovYndrea Vanyali IAdult (f)1,43260269
vPl0Veylara Vanyali IAdult (f)1,7253835
AH3DAthria Vanyali IAdult (f)2,2687324
hLoBHanani Vanyali IIAdult (f)2,7536722
G0sgvUlelesse Vanyali IAdult (f)2,8134635
xVVAJJorildyn Vanyali IAdult (m)2,1066803
rZ9k4Isunda Vanyali IIAdult (f)1,9936532
9EzN5Meteor Vanyali IVAdult (m)3,99086312
Jgt2jPraleand Vanyali IAdult (m)4,6196860
s7JHNIldsay Vanyali IIIAdult (f)6,4641,0872
pzn8WLyees Vanyali IVAdult (f)6,7181,0241
gLQ3WGlemna Vanyali IHatchling (f, F)1,89551815
riQ1Riro Vanyali IHatchling (F)7423087
PC65gThaulia Vanyali IAdult (f)3,8747411
lypGCEleat Vanyali IAdult (m)3,9997510
M5UAtNydyn Vanyali IAdult (m)7,0055520
0PjUdShynd Vanyali IIAdult (m)9,5819441
KXYtJCraesa Vanyali IAdult (f)5,2756251
VOk5MHeissi Vanyali IAdult (f)5,8705990
ZvdoFErgia Vanyali IAdult (f)7,0706040
Yxm4RAnbure Vanyali IIAdult (f)7,6881,1223
smBNmSimbun VanyaliHatchling (F)9251948
jeiNzEngur Vanyali IAdult (m)2,7905542
BmrLCMether Vanyali IAdult (m)2,6655452
HWKLeKerryell Vanyali IAdult (m)2,8305301
wInjuYirekon Vanyali IIAdult (m)5,5097223
d41WiEngid Vanyali IIAdult (m)5,5301,1071
bvdotTreest Vanyali IIIAdult (m)4,9633824
E7mgHEvona Vanyali IAdult (f)2,6925212
vAtl9Anisell Vanyali IAdult (f)2,7125261
7exMNNeyne Vanyali IAdult (f)2,6905452
fdNsgFarmeyne Vanyali IAdult (f)2,7955541
uL1cHLaibhi Vanyali IAdult (f)2,7975441
meiVgFyjar Vanyali IAdult (m)5,4598100
t9iSoCin Vanyali IAdult (m)5,7527601
SxOIQGedrivyr Vanyali IAdult (m)4,1739501
qn19yEdiras Vanyali IAdult (m)5,1226671
qiZghQizgh Vanyali IIIAdult (m)7,3841,1532
c8cZtVerravia Vanyali IAdult (f)5,2997961
X6lTZIberrania Vanyali IAdult (f)5,7907823
UUNE7Vyssa Vanyali IAdult (f)5,7977501
xFaFuYbireclya Vanyali IAdult (f)4,7608962
9Thue(9Thue)Adult (f)5,0979863
9NLSJHadan Vanyali IAdult (m)3,8117040
4Nw5IFaerid Vanyali IAdult (m)4,6276531
5GhdfGaliand Vanyali IAdult (m)4,6416370
aJzVEAthend Vanyali IIAdult (m)6,8791,0762
4jqEAstelili Vanyali IAdult (f)7,5002,541159
VlpOViala Vanyali IIAdult (f)65938133
YmV47Kaeide Vanyali IAdult (f)3,9536821
CyO2uCyona Vanyali IAdult (f)3,8137011
iGHGcEloedia Vanyali IAdult (f)3,8807021
jtluJuna Vanyali IIHatchling (f, F)9867551
DmOfcRodei VanyaliHatchling (F)2,3983634
Veljs(Veljs)Adult (f)6,4401,4481
0w9jAIldine Vanyali IAdult (f)6,5031,4291
cQh7XYvali Vanyali IIAdult (f)2,1608281
JJnjDAlvaerele Vanyali IIAdult (f)3,7111,2067
BQtw6Nilmythe Vanyali IIAdult (f)2,3707953
evEt1Angcora Vanyali IIAdult (f)3,2779444
i64U3Amlaruil Vanyali IIAdult (f)3,3341,3011
LqZzZLyndis Vanyali IIAdult (f)4,3731,42617
sUUsoSuuso Vanyali IIAdult (f)2,9853564
BCMezErelavia Vanyali IIIAdult (f)3,1618961
6sy5VNuala Vanyali IIIAdult (f)3,7841,2287
iY7xwCraenia Vanyali IIIAdult (f)5,7631,2291
eyACsLierin Vanyali IIIAdult (f)2,05874512
NEf6KYbicien Vanyali IIIAdult (f)6,1206162
Kcs1EYeidia Vanyali IIIAdult (f)6,2675220
3kijlRynturi Vanyali IVAdult (f)3,5575771
0n8l0Dralinn Vanyali IVAdult (f)3,8118731
LSRPsNalildy Vanyali IVAdult (f)3,6416601
QYSYmOrtai VanyaliHatchling (f, F)1,9137791
9PVcjPevea VanyaliHatchling (F)7373452
8eL65(8eL65)Adult (f)4,0308832
CpuGi(CpuGi)Adult (m)4,2608942
VJCx3Thoeng Vanyali IAdult (m)4,2576561
GDywmRhoiric Vanyali IAdult (m)6,0185420
NFbIWAlorema Vanyali IAdult (f)4,1956530
2NQLPRaylrak Vanyali IAdult (m)4,22879711
N4uabNauab Vanyali IAdult (f)4,1288171
vLTPjEtepath Vanyali IAdult (m)4,1598220
fPN1Mea Vanyali IAdult (f)2,2581,0708
Xq9MRoash Vanyali IAdult (m)1,1467302
trZqATevka Vanyali IAdult (f)2,0685321
ZGpcKAbby Vanyali IIIAdult (f)1,9616711
sDHtuBeania Vanyali IAdult (f)6,4045803
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