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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “_Windy_,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
0kfAp(0kfAp)Dead Egg165110
Hvxp8A Cave From Conversations PastAdult (f)4,8259951
FkWpaA Tunnel From Times AheadAdult (m)4,2981,0281
hcIe2Truth Is Like a SculptureAdult (m)4,4829212
6IIoCConsensus of OpinionAdult (m)4,4589412
izFyODon't Ask - Don't GetAdult (f)4,1829142
rXH97Memory CapsuleAdult (m)4,6689201
c1wFxSmall Decaying MindAdult (f)4,5529153
PhXP9The Realm of DreamsAdult (f)5,1421,0631
PbyelPersona TardusAdult (m)4,9241,0282
xG079Rambo You Are NotAdult (f)4,9161,0242
7Z7OLBoat Without a BottomAdult (m)4,7407051
yzNirParallel Lines of LoveAdult (m)4,9476061
tgkvfAdorable Itch GuyAdult (m)3,9457452
UXuC0WarflowerAdult (m)4,8545982
lkDWWYou Don't Have To FeedAdult (f)4,8357241
zwGKENihon Wo ShiruAdult (f)5,6655880
FmvHCWhiskey - Empty - ShameAdult (m)7,0555072
CfvQBC  o  v  f  e  f  eAdult (m)3,2317892
6LGnUA Couple of Rusty CoinsAdult (m)3,3576943
Jf2PLJonas the Red OneAdult (m)4,9241,0870
1aLwuSurvivor's GhostAdult (f)3,5531,0000
wMbxbElder GlorisAdult (m)3,0658801
1ZkNAC y a l u m eAdult (f)2,7578070
En8XxWhatever It TookAdult (m)3,2188380
85cb1G l o w p e a c eAdult (f)3,1086091
GdmTNBlueblade LongtailsAdult (m)4,4026830
140sfAntal LanyiAdult (m)3,1567590
ZjqdZDemons Roam My DreamsAdult (f)2,9126590
5NItCmunshi happyAdult (f)2,7517002
OhabaReanimated Dead TissueAdult (f)2,7526781
lBfoeHATCHE YOAdult (f)4,5318831
U5fTKMy Heart Sails OnAdult (m)2,8376311
Uj8AiOh Just Save Us AllAdult (m)2,6276711
e83y2B u l l e t p r o o fAdult (m)3,4797015
AHOGoBlue HogAdult (m)3,7117645
0rTJKI'm Finally Out of Good IdeasAdult (m)2,4186544
666tj(666tj)Adult (m)4,3719011
XkxBKMercurius BritannicusAdult (f)7,7171,2175
k7FFiHer Name Is Ice-CreamAdult (f)5,0786785
wzTojSerina ChadwickAdult (f)4,1927837
SxCxGD e s t i n eAdult (f)4,2997770
QtxTQWindy - WindyAdult (m)2,4516651
Vx74iRain - RainAdult (f)2,4456812
TrPYEJBL is the bestAdult (m)4,2328621
IImeyLimey LoonAdult (f)3,3646822
wGusIDracarisssssAdult (m)2,7066161
4guyLKenosisAdult (f)4,1348063
spOyCMad Queen of the AshesAdult (f)3,0767810
AosoNScriptura SacraAdult (f)2,2096781
GrOXp(GrOXp)Adult (f)2,9416550
FlynNKissy Kissandra of DreamlandAdult (m)3,7307731
qj3tYInfinitive BouchardAdult (f)2,7426504
M1NOUName WarningAdult (f)8,4881,0174
M1FDWLittle ToothbrushHatchling (m, F)1,1922891
xMjSXNose is Pointed Upward - BINGOAdult (m)2,5476793
ByQLZLavinny WhateleyAdult (f)4,2741,2832
ASg3mFaceless NightgauntAdult (m)4,6341,1865
63009Our Days Are NumberedAdult (m)3,9529562
hydG6Master Secundus Minutius HoraAdult (m)5,0411,1945
jx4BpI'm a CB Holly In DisguiseAdult (m)5,3929754
8DNdXRoyal Naked CoconutAdult (f)3,3296703
sCe8TYou Belong to UsAdult (m)2,5176641
ebAgeS u b s c r i b e rAdult (m)3,9859623
CBwKINaked JosephAdult (f)3,7366323
1oEiYMaybe Hide Next TimeAdult (f)3,2478296
oTZGnNOW YOU HAVE TO SLEEPAdult (f)3,7696489
q4uulYog - SothothHatchling (F)3,0724281
KBP40Smiling In The RainHatchling (f, F)4,7568492
voETCCritical Research FailureHatchling (m, F)4,2291,2162
2Jo71Lawrell CrowneAdult (f)4,4851,0074
aCZ4sArchie the Pancake SpecialistAdult (f)3,9566592
JpCSrWinged Sky BoyAdult (m)4,1367423
qxvV4284 users onlineAdult (m)4,3188454
cSqA3Language of the DevilAdult (m)2,56156714
kKxkVStar Lover AstrophelAdult (m)3,9311,0775
9oKtO(9oKtO)Adult (f)3,0958440
OSeII(OSeII)Adult (m)4,3958092
64rtaBeavermeadowmarketplaceAdult (m)4,3668696
yYTlVSphagnum PerliteAdult (f)2,1163356
KNqtgPot of AcidAdult (m)5,1329972
t1VDqHollow NeedleAdult (m)4,4339291
7tsYkWooden CrankAdult (f)5,4109181
new2ANew AA BatteryAdult (m)5,0571,0731
mslEi(mslEi)Adult (m)2,7616791
BhUsHOhh The MiseryAdult (m)4,3839052
jE3D6Diabetic UnicornAdult (f)3,3509953
IB8qkSugar Free Coconut BiscuitsAdult (m)3,2158102
njeIeClassy Candy Trashy ToffeeAdult (m)4,9819744
vtoOyWily Old SnakeAdult (f)2,7098395
LZ5LKEcho of Multiple LifetimesAdult (f)2,7938451
PIaIoShould We Curse This BloodlineAdult (f)4,2149331
USX2kWily Old MeAdult (f)4,1449141
xvZ4jMelancholic FlavourAdult (m)4,6337480
fOMdZFragrant SoundAdult (m)4,5257651
0rtRtSinging ColourAdult (f)4,5647551
XN9npZombie PigdragonAdult (m)6,6685664
rqrndBlue LongglovesAdult (f)5,0951,1603
nCJ38Arnold AnagallisAdult (m)5,1001,1431
HpNADI Knew You Would Gender WrongAdult (m)4,8608684
0tbc3DoubletwentyAdult (m)3,7564932
3zwhBRyadal the Diabolical OneHatchling (F)1,4511963
bu5yDGordaldoHatchling (m, F)4,6513994
K9YygCatlinaHatchling (f, F)4,5644143
nKj0YI'll Sing When You're DeadAdult (m)4,5167870
u6hYTEmbodiment of LightAdult (m)4,7547901
6Mw3fRadiance of a Dead SunAdult (f)4,7907870
3i4jtSeed of Endless PossibilitiesAdult (f)4,9787890
V6IsORaj Ramayan KoothrappaliAdult (f)3,3247490
KGBhuKGB Agent in HungaryAdult (f)4,7839901
N1qXlFeather Dragon DuhAdult (m)3,4387980
X7LXOEspiral Espiral EspiralAdult (f)3,8688360
Flip5Teresa FidalgoAdult (f)3,3961,0642
bUXFsLiminal HellAdult (f)2,7406602
IeSYuDelta's DemiseAdult (m)3,1266670
4B0Y5(4B0Y5)Adult (m)3,3777002
LLr1uWhy Again WHYAdult (f)5,6271,0421
jUquqUnwelcome but not UnexpectedAdult (f)3,6647780
JSidZWhen Three Suns RiseHatchling (f, F)3,0986080
bu5RKMust - Touch - Weird - PortalHatchling (m, F)3,0906072
AHBglRUN YOU FOOLHatchling (F)1,4683751
CFotbPicnicerAdult (m)2,9957522
fv2FNWater FuhurAdult (f)3,0537481
lUITVWater HakuAdult (f)3,0167601
nRHBdLele YanoAdult (m)3,1157462
YTf5vKing of ValkemareAdult (f)2,6527031
dt5MNThe Most Random ThingsAdult (f)2,7576682
lrmdrThroughout and In PerpetuityAdult (f)2,7646531
t4nF6Factual or FictionalAdult (f)2,7116401
iEZyPThe Gweat and TewwibleAdult (m)2,7636641
tQCFWDadaliAdult (f)2,7246441
IdARtCompletely UnoriginalAdult (m)3,0566370
iwpF8HamartanoAdult (f)3,4196543
IzUUpArth BearAdult (f)4,1487831
GX14bProject MK ULTRAAdult (m)3,0067192
iv1GUSorry Guys Our BadAdult (f)2,9587064
z1qGFCharlie JacobsAdult (m)9,4951,3572
FUuhK(FUuhK)Adult (f)3,0916683
gEAsY(gEAsY)Adult (m)3,1357293
AACRy(AACRy)Adult (m)3,5007651
9898WThe More She DrankAdult (f)2,5086062
CONr4Terms and PrivacyAdult (f)3,1026641
DoMNo(DoMNo)Adult (m)2,3965882
PEnYvWorthy PennyAdult (f)3,3198732
ItQRV3rd YeetAdult (m)3,6908466
vhCRdThat Is What I AmAdult (m)2,6815881
Wa1IfBlue-nailed WaifAdult (m)3,9047020
VhOop(VhOop)Adult (f)3,3207973
8fOf0Salty Potato DevilAdult (f)4,2428113
hefjIJust EndAdult (m)3,5511,0381
lXq6DI Wish You All the LoveAdult (m)3,7441,1671
Q1yUqI Wish You HappinessAdult (m)3,7391,1621
tGZZtI Wish You FreedomAdult (f)3,7971,1530
iidaGI Wish You SafetyAdult (m)3,7661,1660
ikSmQMy Face Is An ExperimentAdult (f)2,6377433
jzw9DVampiric ButterflyAdult (f)5,7511,1464
LjKtBLady of BlyAdult (f)3,3439104
ZIOJmYou - Me - UsAdult (f)4,1491,1063
CixVwTucked AwayAdult (f)3,9781,0754
oUz65Bewitching WitchAdult (f)5,5751,2823
CzjT1Dreary AtmosphereAdult (f)4,1711,2621
LI8QOWitch ItchAdult (m)2,6824802
9gvPdItty Bitty WitchHatchling (F)1,5451034
kKW26Witch LadHatchling (m, F)3,6987444
GlETTEleanor LoreydAdult (f)4,1391,1551
0aUEEAnything to Save ThemAdult (f)4,3426951
dXcAFZarathushtra SpitamaAdult (m)4,6605481
2wfg1Tony LaneAdult (m)4,1426561
7EZZzVadaar NidekhAdult (m)5,3066071
mHpCISpider Gasoline VeryhappyAdult (m)4,9526502
UWktnTerminatorsAdult (m)4,8886851
dcRKIAnything to Save HimAdult (f)4,6787121
KOgk4Dicul MaerdAdult (m)4,5676953
NPqZOI'll Consume Your SoulAdult (m)3,6115622
C6fpTFlesh-Eating BacteriaAdult (m)4,0557492
SzxoOOm So HumAdult (m)3,3395704
Uewk9No One Is As Pretty As MeAdult (f)1,9304512
2IblIGive a Nice and Creative NameAdult (f)2,8838361
B3ULbDisqualified Jelly BeanAdult (f)2,7626513
zuLJtThey Won't Sing to MeAdult (f)3,8726922
GsIze(GsIze)Adult (m)3,2728982
ROsEO(ROsEO)Adult (m)3,9228843
1tW0RMurderous PuddingAdult (f)3,6418581
txaF8Insane InsomniacHatchling (F)2,3832942
uztkbGift Of The HiveAdult (f)4,9717964
VcAdKUncanny Valley EffectAdult (f)5,1221,3854
5aorrInnsmouth's ShadowAdult (f)5,0001,3785
ZMjKCThe Rats in the WallsAdult (f)3,5431,2815
OrFoTEarly-Bird CameoAdult (f)4,6908512
H3IsuA Very Commonplace IncidentAdult (f)4,2981,1252
Cj78rReplace Brain With HeartAdult (f)5,5025983
68aOyFlamingo FlametongueAdult (f)5,5897612
zBRVYFollow Your Crazy HeartAdult (f)5,1941,1291
PcUKKWaelAdult (f)5,2921,1291
byfRUKokoro KaraAdult (f)2,8517581
Wk05zSkybound CheckmateAdult (f)3,5658771
9xJWMWith Love To You TooAdult (f)3,9477553
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