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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “Zylara,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
P2flPlease Do Not ER My Dragons HugZHatchling (F)1,2262482
w874Y(w874Y)Hatchling (F)2,3374441
RfSGITrades-PM Zylara DC forums HugZHatchling (F)1,9582691
aluzlTo Be Frozen HugZHatchling (F)1,8291500
VjZHXNew In-New Release Or Bred HugZHatchling (F)4,5934011
yLiZ3yLiZ3 Alpine Females HugZHatchling (F)1,8192191
4yQ0j4yQ0j Alpine Males HugZHatchling (f, F)7,5068412
LdrW3LdrW3 Coast Females HugZHatchling (F)4,0202682
6433f6433f Coast Males HugZHatchling (F)7952001
KCV3UKCV3U Desert Females HugZHatchling (F)2,6181973
y9WCe(y9WCe)Adult (f)6,5361,1681
YIzVr(YIzVr)Adult (f)6,6771,1630
lAywA(lAywA)Adult (f)6,3221,1433
ypqJP(ypqJP)Adult (f)6,4191,1360
EEV92EEV92 Desert Males HugZHatchling (F)1,7992621
HFxQE(HFxQE)Adult (m)6,3351,1331
L1ihw(L1ihw)Adult (m)6,4611,1310
jHGM8(jHGM8)Adult (m)6,6111,1820
shcDT(shcDT)Adult (m)6,5821,1600
jIo9ejIo9e Forest Females HugZHatchling (f, F)2,8175812
156Xx156Xx Forest Males HugZHatchling (F)5,8846133
SnmjGSnmjG Jungle Females HugZHatchling (F)1,6032091
okTq2(okTq2)Adult (f)6,2708372
28RID(28RID)Adult (f)6,0817892
A4o0A(A4o0A)Adult (f)6,1828191
PjpJT(PjpJT)Adult (f)6,2888210
sifXMsifXM Jungle Males HugZHatchling (F)3,5523283
nK0NN(nK0NN)Adult (m)6,3188340
kFK9x(kFK9x)Adult (m)6,1918181
t0qVc(t0qVc)Adult (m)6,5058361
f8UWL(f8UWL)Adult (m)6,4878172
GTP03GTP03 Volcano Females HugZHatchling (F)8903144
QMvvLQMvvL Volcano Males HugZHatchling (F)3,5142402
La9yyLa9yy Scroll Divider HugZHatchling (F)3,7872873
DiCqwNymeria HugZAdult (f)11,1681,6326
ilm9YIlamey HugZAdult (f)10,1911,1795
oRZDbOrzidoba HugZAdult (f)9,1851,1137
csJM1Cesjomia HugZAdult (f)11,6361,1872
WKJHIWkojhia HugZAdult (f)9,3761,2233
NDxGQNidxgqa HugZAdult (f)13,1831,2813
n3gwaNegowa HugZAdult (f)10,6371,0332
BqT9bBequtiba HugZAdult (f)7,4359505
CCX6PCocxipa HugZAdult (f)8,4471,0133
OlcOlOlcolia HugZAdult (f)8,9771,0995
LAUFGLaufoga HugZAdult (f)7,9881,0367
TpGcPTepgcipa HugZAdult (f)6,0851,0550
bLNkRBlinkra HugZAdult (f)7,7841,1782
poT3zPotez HugZAdult (f)10,0691,0423
5bepdShepida HugZAdult (f)10,4511,2202
1Y9JrLynjira HugZAdult (f)6,7121,0931
vqTL7Voqtilea HugZAdult (f)10,9821,1474
aOh1jAohieja HugZAdult (f)10,0731,4186
dg3vSDigevas HugZAdult (f)9,7131,3621
wb18uWybieu HugZAdult (f)9,4271,3282
mLVgpMilvgpa HugZAdult (f)7,0501,21612
x8wrbXewraib Adani HugZAdult (m)9,5151,2384
wJ92vWujiova HugZAdult (f)5,6939163
bBh5MBuhema HugZAdult (f)7,7521,1642
j7DhNJedhena HugZAdult (f)5,5459891
wP3bpWpebyp HugZAdult (f)7,0149383
wd2geWydoge HugZAdult (f)5,5891,0331
xFfTJXfetja HugZAdult (f)6,7461,1208
WNCetWonicet HugZAdult (m)5,9681,1421
6fRdpIfradpa HugZAdult (f)7,8301,1352
pNLxT(pNLxT)Adult (f)7,2351,2763
Ls1Wz(Ls1Wz)Adult (f)9,9871,0913
Lq9MC(Lq9MC)Adult (f)5,9291,2782
ou1RT(ou1RT)Adult (f)7,2311,2595
wWqGGFreaky HugZAdult (m)5,2151,2374
rK7uPLonracha HugZAdult (m)7,8321,1893
RgVrlDraconis HugZAdult (m)5,6771,2171
aeqsUAequs Alycia HugZAdult (m)8,1841,0533
3pPBQPrize Stairs 3rd Gens HugZHatchling (F)4402734
SYoluSyolua HugZAdult (f)5,2951,2632
oKbvJOkibvjia HugZAdult (f)7,5811,1464
WqVQvWoqva Gir HugZAdult (f)10,4961,0985
KzcN8Kazicyne HugZAdult (f)10,1251,2903
c1hZGCihozerg HugZAdult (m)10,0111,3019
DaxlKDaxiluok HugZAdult (m)5,7951,3833
9ruhnNyruhna HugZAdult (f)8,8051,27614
aM6nyAminy StarDraconis HugZAdult (f)6,2175627
gdnuvGednuva HugZAdult (f)12,4771,1893
ID7eZIdyseza HugZAdult (f)10,4651,0729
DcNaUDecnauy HugZAdult (f)6,2987878
T83gxTiegxol Joy HugZAdult (m)5,1411,0649
opf7uOpifeul HugZAdult (m)8,4231,2933
8wZlBSherlock HugZAdult (m)7,8361,32010
YBE6VSherlocked HugZAdult (f)5,7371,3813
VclHDorkface IB HugZAdult (f)2,9561,3134
hS5v4Female Influences HugZHatchling (F)3,0452031
XVFft(XVFft)Adult (f)7,8001,1918
iYuyF(iYuyF)Adult (f)5,7991,13411
p4LkM(p4LkM)Adult (f)5,5951,16814
jRbpK(jRbpK)Adult (f)3,2168264
8sLuL(8sLuL)Adult (f)7,1851,2829
61Rad(61Rad)Adult (f)6,7591,1784
UcAMd(UcAMd)Adult (f)7,2321,0675
73DmJ(73DmJ)Adult (f)5,0381,1583
wSI9R(wSI9R)Adult (f)5,8049947
poFyS(poFyS)Adult (f)7,8451,1840
8F30g(8F30g)Adult (f)7,6721,2351
2IcTz(2IcTz)Adult (f)6,0569280
A0G9o(A0G9o)Adult (f)5,6451,3364
5mDed(5mDed)Adult (f)6,5241,1946
zymAW(zymAW)Adult (f)6,4851,0753
4n5Ln(4n5Ln)Adult (f)5,4631,02119
7BQLG(7BQLG)Adult (f)6,4141,0001
XUDmR(XUDmR)Adult (f)3,0887326
QW3ur(QW3ur)Adult (f)3,5969555
pxLL4(pxLL4)Adult (f)6,6861,2512
WwyBV(WwyBV)Adult (f)7,8751,1941
yTBnS(yTBnS)Adult (f)5,0191,1895
1opDG(1opDG)Adult (f)4,0307336
5F2Rm(5F2Rm)Adult (f)5,7821,2741
17pnq(17pnq)Adult (f)5,7491,04111
TGARV(TGARV)Adult (f)5,8431,0872
w1xNt(w1xNt)Adult (f)6,1421,3951
lkKkY(lkKkY)Adult (f)7,1461,1114
1sVLz(1sVLz)Adult (f)5,1081,0153
14ojStPatiDayLag09 Survivor IB HugZAdult (f)5,4817229
AyHsj(AyHsj)Adult (f)3,81997415
ghuhT(ghuhT)Adult (m)3,86498517
50FRFirst Gold IB - Darnelas HugZAdult (m)4,9891,1819
rYCDAMale Influences HugZHatchling (F)3,0352033
9I5uH(9I5uH)Adult (m)5,7561,0375
ewGze(ewGze)Adult (m)4,5621,0306
FihDx(FihDx)Adult (m)5,1518658
XMrxm(XMrxm)Adult (m)7,8041,21511
ENSZk(ENSZk)Adult (m)5,3311,0522
xomRH(xomRH)Adult (m)5,9749999
qeVEz(qeVEz)Adult (m)4,8431,02316
AkcLf(AkcLf)Adult (m)4,3181,0219
sevuz(sevuz)Adult (m)4,9389494
4lJz3(4lJz3)Adult (m)6,1321,0253
zIoVD(zIoVD)Adult (m)6,4751,1099
8Yv30(8Yv30)Adult (m)2,4538895
jyzst(jyzst)Adult (m)7,4401,3236
4HhVR(4HhVR)Adult (m)7,9681,3806
060aO(060aO)Adult (m)6,7951,12813
SCXoB(SCXoB)Adult (m)6,3791,0918
3ljqk(3ljqk)Adult (m)5,11790513
oJsNB(oJsNB)Adult (m)6,1591,0496
R0My2(R0My2)Adult (m)7,6051,1222
WbjiM(WbjiM)Adult (m)5,8811,3391
cNssy(cNssy)Adult (m)5,9809172
UTURo(UTURo)Adult (m)4,5558771
K6zqg(K6zqg)Adult (m)5,7929571
KR6B4(KR6B4)Adult (m)4,4409268
AEqiB(AEqiB)Adult (m)6,2181,3921
PXgUD(PXgUD)Adult (m)4,5451,0293
M3LvDorkface Thuwed Bliss IB HugZAdult (m)2,4787437
gEGGiEggi Dorkface HugZAdult (f)10,1231,1712
wn0iwUnused Gen2 for Dorkface HugZHatchling (F)3,2602242
biat5(biat5)Adult (f)5,2721,0552
jC66vJacsiv Xosumim HugZAdult (m)6,8281,21611
hIKam(hIKam)Adult (f)5,4861,1051
2x6izOxesiz Zuftumi HugZAdult (m)7,9961,2764
MqovBUsed 2ndGens Dorkface HugZHatchling (F)4,0253132
aDHjc(aDHjc)Adult (f)5,3071,1897
byFNI(byFNI)Adult (m)3,2868041
RVjBlRevjbila Osyseid HugZAdult (f)3,1768001
mrPDzMrPoduz Wyequam HugZAdult (m)3,2448010
ElP013rdGens for Dorkface line HugZHatchling (F)1,1951481
XRgx1(XRgx1)Adult (m)9,0241,4273
3USPNEusopin Wyequam HugZAdult (m)9,4441,3851
oQjc1Oqujcea Dorkface HugZAdult (f)9,5621,5026
pMFdZ4thGens for Dorkface line HugZHatchling (F)1,6531591
IxIGU(IxIGU)Adult (m)5,1211,0725
O2OM9Otomi Draconna HugZAdult (m)9,4951,2017
W8imC5thGens for Dorkface line HugZHatchling (F)2,3192602
maFfxMafifxa Auriaon HugZAdult (f)11,4311,2483
vS5X7vS5X7 Zombie Fodder HugZHatchling (F)2,7451832
HWwvj(HWwvj)Adult (f)8,0761,2861
W3DBKAM WaterWalkr Wingless BredAdult (m)4,5338792
tvYbaAM WaterHorseWinglesBred tvYbaAdult (m)3,7598471
JHj9pAM WaterHorseWinglesBred JHj9pAdult (m)7,9311,3181
x6byvAM WaterHorse WinglesBred x6byvAdult (m)8,1011,3261
u3Letu3Let AM SunsongAmphiptereBredAdult (m)8,5071,3143
t7J6Tt7J6T AM SkywingAmphiptereBredAdult (m)9,4461,41217
48XNb(48XNb)Adult (f)7,7581,17222
eWmYP(eWmYP)Adult (m)3,5527111
uh0yY(uh0yY)Adult (f)4,5171,1772
RTjlx(RTjlx)Adult (f)8,2161,2981
mVNW6(mVNW6)Adult (f)8,1531,2982
m8Nwb(m8Nwb)Adult (f)8,2471,3686
KqQQsKqQQs AF BBWyvernJungleAdult (f)8,1551,0804
DNo91DNo91 AM BBWyvernJungleAdult (m)8,2561,0633
JRj0vJRj0v AM BBWyvernBredAdult (m)7,5631,0551
Mo5gH(Mo5gH)Adult (f)8,2431,2724
Gv5b5(Gv5b5)Adult (f)8,3481,2864
ur7I2(ur7I2)Adult (f)6,3371,2385
6Vexm(6Vexm)Adult (m)8,1441,2683
Rnxs3(Rnxs3)Adult (m)8,3711,2641
87B3N(87B3N)Adult (f)8,4051,3082
nN9Dd(nN9Dd)Adult (m)3,3887242
haE7G(haE7G)Adult (m)8,4281,2661
OsPFD(OsPFD)Adult (m)6,8871,1633
A2Vwc(A2Vwc)Adult (m)4,4068692
ICxIGICxIG Zombie Fail HugZAdult (m)6,8941,0703
ImVd1(ImVd1)Adult (f)7,0461,20410
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