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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “Zwii,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
1TSx8Eternally Half-Alive IIIAdult (f)4,5877116
xhzHxBlackest Eternity IVAdult (f)6,5291,0883
n9qwkIn The Space of Eternity IVAdult (f)5,4511,0163
cUekUCoocoo CBAdult (m)3,6556981
XX3Qz(XX3Qz)Adult (f)4,1651,0062
sCZaMScam CBAdult (f)6,4091,1872
JsosEPale Mint IIIAdult (f)7,0188842
T9ijoNot a Peridot CBAdult (f)6,1101,1074
Cn848Primary IIAdult (f)6,1071,0724
vBR2HPrimary Crayons CBAdult (f)4,9216820
5RmBRRemember Five CBAdult (f)8,0381,1416
DQMvzDomick CBAdult (m)4,3498135
LTHXFHoly Sandor IIAdult (m)3,8287605
tLaXNThe Prefix CBAdult (m)5,9089482
wim0xEarly Ant IIAdult (f)5,5729693
bATTIBatti IIAdult (f)5,0859433
k9YShAntarean Harvest IIIAdult (f)7,6668891
zuYuRAnt-Like CBAdult (m)8,1521,1234
mk0kIThe Queen Ant CBAdult (f)6,9589391
PeEBL(PeEBL)Adult (f)4,0559732
ahntJSitting Pink CBAdult (f)7,6131,1936
4AJ29Mystic Love IIAdult (f)7,1841,1242
B0o9rSunset Aria IIAdult (m)6,7977911
cUljKSpeckle Arsani IIAdult (f)4,7831,6872
NelhkNelhk IIIAdult (f)4,9551,0592
PlcRFLady of Beets IIIAdult (f)5,8709627
Q1xH5(Q1xH5)Adult (f)4,6849882
OcO1a(OcO1a)Adult (f)4,4431,1041
pxr7aDusk Opal CBAdult (m)3,0206055
jqs33Dusky Sun IIAdult (f)4,5516893
fTVwMSolar Bite IIAdult (m)3,8327841
2BoUNAbound CBAdult (m)6,2068345
Kc2BgBlue Jacqueline CBAdult (f)6,3301,0384
OqoEyTactile Beans CBAdult (f)6,0801,0651
AJ3gkUlrich Vkandyes CBAdult (m)5,9471,1052
KSZGUIced Giant IIIAdult (m)7,0809032
JR8JaThe Stars are Compromised II PBAdult (f)6,3481,0104
Xgho4Blue Sunrise IIAdult (f)5,7231,0223
xPIdxAbounding Orange IIAdult (m)5,7689992
tOeltCallisto Iridescent CBAdult (f)6,3611,0834
xADp5Blue Sunchild IIAdult (m)6,7491,0431
7JsDJNot a Moonstone CBAdult (f)5,9071,1283
bPx7RSolar Blue IIIAdult (m)6,7911,0265
7iBL4Morbid Moonray IIAdult (f)6,0479495
rRbxjOrsen's Purple Sect IIAdult (f)6,6491,0454
S3mIiSteel Scales CBAdult (m)5,8541,0162
1ITnDAzure Morph IIAdult (m)6,0881,0312
cxA8VStriped Denim IIAdult (m)6,8609731
JkyvqPurple Denim IIAdult (f)6,6861,0172
xK0qYChristmas Glacewing IIAdult (m)7,0069672
VpUsEBluebred II PBAdult (m)7,1289471
3sjpXSteel Concrete IIAdult (m)5,7289184
BB6CyBlue Stars III PBAdult (f)5,3039561
hf7NBMoonstone Crown IIAdult (m)6,1361,0091
ekQEnThe King Abounds IIAdult (m)5,8331,0131
UaszMBloo Bloo CBAdult (f)5,7161,0412
PKH9TGlydvult CBAdult (m)6,4809424
SWlgSBlue Concrete IIIAdult (m)4,3527121
Ze1exElspeth's Crown IIIAdult (f)4,6967381
vBAG6Kitsune Star IIIAdult (f)4,3547172
yKJMjThe Kingly Beans IIAdult (f)4,9147771
6f2FvSteel Solo IIAdult (m)4,3797342
FGV82Blue Bite IIIAdult (m)5,1868292
CmmoFMr Bluecrown IIIAdult (m)6,1769832
OWW46The Bouncing Beans IIIAdult (f)5,9389882
WIBMHNon-Moonstone Oracle IIAdult (m)4,9458322
fLbwBBlue Snake IIAdult (m)5,3398951
VWfBSDiced XeNOs Pebbles IIIAdult (f)6,8938313
zyejfZyejf II PBAdult (f)6,8008743
3qZGpThe Winged Beans IIAdult (m)7,1349261
lmNLaReductionist CBAdult (m)7,2399252
dTq1SMoonstone Yoyo IIIAdult (m)5,8351,0322
jYNr7Dawn Crown IIIAdult (m)5,0498711
Elp8PCallisto Oracle IIIAdult (f)4,1678481
hQGa5Blue Yoyo IIIAdult (m)4,2838804
C25n2Reedist IIAdult (m)5,0778792
ngGlaOnly Scales IIAdult (m)6,0018893
XdolCKing's Vault IIAdult (f)4,9758412
ANiVkDusky King IIIAdult (m)7,0271,0881
Sxg2XBlue Three III PBAdult (m)7,0981,0332
tzC7sPeth Oracle IVAdult (f)6,6758521
5fBy1Reed Reduction IIAdult (m)6,6408632
G1qvVJacqueline Belly IIAdult (m)6,8488711
8EPzwThe King's Sun IIIAdult (f)6,6118692
iSeHaSilver-Blue IIAdult (f)7,0947061
mQ3ImDaisy Blue IIAdult (f)7,0888292
bnb1uBugle CBAdult (m)4,4506191
m0qJoMoako CBAdult (f)5,2229424
uE1f3Yuelf CBAdult (m)6,0046721
0vzXTRosebud Scent IIIAdult (f)4,6818292
X0jDZ(X0jDZ)Adult (f)11,1729330
Bgd7l(Bgd7l)Adult (f)11,0719101
CmSEb(CmSEb)Adult (m)3,2566754
oYTqIAlgae Dolphin CBAdult (f)5,1069921
IIpa4Green Manatee CBAdult (m)5,0679790
eB1KKStressball CBAdult (f)4,9378761
0rNXxIndicative of Dolphins CBAdult (f)4,6278863
NVkoLScion of Dolphins CBAdult (f)4,8969071
RklE7Heir to Dolphins CBAdult (f)5,5881,0070
fYspxUnderwater Dolphin CBAdult (f)5,7271,0130
yFyKUCertainly a Dolphin CBAdult (f)6,6059261
6hoSbBubble Belly CBAdult (f)4,2601,3503
XljdzPurple Dolphin CBAdult (m)3,8635731
82L76Purple Orca CBAdult (f)3,9806031
pD4FJPurple Purpose CBAdult (f)4,5366300
wTXfO(wTXfO)Adult (f)4,0569661
5yD3pCallisto Cape CBAdult (m)6,3208865
fVbIeBlack and Gold Fable IVAdult (m)6,1781,3671
MtBxSGoth Spikes CBAdult (m)3,7651,1961
Yn2x4Fourteen Black Dragons CBAdult (f)4,4371,2102
l07DIBlack 'n White IIAdult (f)5,4481,0352
TmKBKOriginal Spikes CBAdult (m)4,2771,1677
YmZ0pBlack Dragon Runt III PBAdult (m)4,8571,4381
Y37YIInk Sea CBAdult (f)8,1651,2274
1H5IVI'm The Next Generation IIAdult (f)6,5469861
wQwT9Son of Mwnmd IIAdult (m)5,5948805
bGloIHallowed Belmont IIIAdult (f)6,6389543
ymdMENoir Drake IIAdult (m)5,5779372
UIfIlOoof CBAdult (f)5,3101,0901
J0asi(J0asi)Adult (f)11,1469230
TA8L6Frozen Between XHatchling (F)3,0772924
rYl0eBlackest Space IIIAdult (m)4,8141,4482
SCAWY(SCAWY)Adult (m)5,2191,1233
NGVBVScarold CBAdult (m)5,0961,1372
8E33D8th Seed CBAdult (m)4,9701,1241
Pu1dPHallow Waterbug IIIAdult (f)4,6611,0973
eAea0Shan Tuyet Black Tea CBAdult (f)4,8991,2752
ZRMWVEarl Pink Tea CBAdult (f)5,3301,0790
xgzDXPink Oolong CBAdult (m)5,4911,0890
W0oakAngry Tea CBAdult (m)5,7738262
8ttozRose Sencha CBAdult (f)3,6557010
qroIIMalt Assam CBAdult (f)4,2426100
VJsar(VJsar)Adult (f)7,6688030
IOjtqShining Breez IIAdult (f)3,3527635
hhiBg(hhiBg)Adult (f)5,6416853
Fax04(Fax04)Adult (m)7,1931,0782
cumCV(cumCV)Adult (f)7,0101,0240
tTLvwTiny Blue Lawyer IIAdult (f)3,9666911
lulsqLuls Q CBAdult (m)5,3047090
NseqjSiccuard Mercury VIAdult (m)2,6949322
OBdj2Blue Limned CBAdult (f)6,1871,4675
AHWD5Opal Quartz CBAdult (m)8,5001,2774
fCRFEBlue Koir CBAdult (f)5,8111,2232
IjmmRBlue RIFFL IVAdult (f)5,9979222
rTzMODefying Photosynthesis V PBAdult (f)7,0039805
a0yHiSweatpants Forthcoming IIIAdult (f)5,6829953
nM4FCTugboat II PBAdult (m)5,9949881
EbRUmKoroit Fling CBAdult (f)5,1308831
ahnUoFelix the Punk VIIIAdult (m)5,6858772
wMJMWTwirlbolt CBAdult (f)4,8438023
qTOQ1Stormbringer's Nomaphobia IIAdult (m)4,5497044
ywuBmThor's Spirit IIAdult (f)5,0657144
981uiThe Voiceless Blueblood II PBAdult (m)3,6596633
mqFyWPoison Jungle CBAdult (f)4,6571,4162
FMBav(FMBav)Adult (f)7,6857021
dsizQThe Plumber CBAdult (f)4,1971,3913
Z9piOAnger misManagement CBAdult (m)4,1631,3972
d5ohePlum Plum CBAdult (f)4,2871,3341
yZ9wMDeathpunk CBAdult (m)5,5601,0731
vlz9LGothpunk CBAdult (f)5,1381,1321
BGdmsShadowpunk CBAdult (f)3,9149970
fJ1WDLunar Eve IIAdult (f)6,3291,4823
6SfNWHell's Cousin IIIAdult (m)3,9369941
vEtDKHallow Noir CBAdult (m)2,5126421
SNTxpHaunted Wasp IIIAdult (m)3,9731,0902
dKFvCThe Flying Kite CBAdult (m)5,5381,0315
z4hTEFloo CBAdult (f)7,8281,0515
lVriTLurkpunk CBAdult (f)5,0571,1501
lN1xqCavern Ember IIAdult (f)3,6628621
cy2AILonesome Stars CBAdult (f)7,2321,2926
uqRftCheesy PenrodAdult5,9731,0102
ZIaEnLotta Knives CBAdult (m)4,9461,2702
hMHPxMissus Wednesday CBAdult (f)7,1949733
m8Od8Odin Sleipnir CBAdult (m)4,3119673
roZekTiny Flit CBAdult (f)4,3911,3051
leA3XTarnished Cuprum IIIAdult (f)3,5109762
MOrZSShiny Copper Tea IIIAdult (f)4,3001,3851
zAeGRCopper Mort II PBAdult (m)6,7928933
TgkspLiberty Claws IIAdult (m)6,3659003
Sf9HrRed Hot Copper IIAdult (f)6,4379724
MCUHkTarnished Oxidation CBAdult (m)6,7691,0572
5Eo4mRainbowfire IV PBAdult (f)2,6778353
VF5GUFrosted Copper IIIAdult (m)6,1121,4635
YGwm0Miss Liberty CBAdult (f)4,4131,3242
nizmWChild of Liberty II PBAdult (f)3,3946691
NLX24Call Me Caeda IIIAdult (f)4,5876853
cOqz7Licking Liberty IIAdult (m)5,2467582
UrEHNVictory Wings II PBAdult (f)5,7591,1661
4EkAqDeath and Liberty III PBAdult (f)6,5251,0924
KMpFdThe Death of Liberty III PBAdult (m)5,2238482
LCq02Liberty is Crying II PBAdult (m)7,4708562
0dl11(0dl11)Adult (f)11,0498961
aFZZ1Zek's Patina IVAdult (f)4,1301,1962
AOmzJMister Liberty CBAdult (m)4,3471,3451
EnPROPatina Angel VAdult (m)3,2546651
ibfpQEiffel 65 III PBAdult (f)3,4306793
AR7CpBronze Ghost IVAdult (f)3,2726423
lEsKTWinter Merlin IVAdult (m)6,5801,0191
ox7VQBronze Merlin VAdult (f)6,7711,0582
4ltidCopper Holidays VAdult (m)6,6901,0785
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