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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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  • 2016 Valentine’s Day
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You pick up the scroll labeled “Zuckerstern,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
qSKE5(qSKE5)Adult (f)2,3598982
BYqyK(BYqyK)Adult (m)1,7846601
R0SY(R0SY)Adult (m)2,1734007
UDpdCGreguoriusAdult (m)1,6236340
UBnhEHusbariumAdult (m)2,0296960
NMyOk(NMyOk)Adult (m)4,9416141
GQOW8(GQOW8)Adult (m)6,5086762
gaNSP(gaNSP)Adult (m)5,5686921
h8MH8Shadow in the Red MoonAdult (f)1,5316312
jHc5JMy whole Red UniverseAdult (f)1,9696500
c1W7kOh Yes a Red OneAdult (f)1,9806873
t9YooRed Again and AgainAdult (f)1,5757522
W6sGErebos NightAdult (m)1,9273898
qUA0Vlad NightAdult (m)2,0643918
23KvVladimir NightAdult (m)2,8694146
NWPqDracula NightAdult (m)2,17638817
V0OKPSparky SoulAdult (m)4,2021,1071
6yf0J(6yf0J)Adult (f)5,8876051
MarsGMarsGAdult (f)4,7726541
lQGh0(lQGh0)Adult (m)4,8397650
P0tD2(P0tD2)Adult (m)4,7527650
t3HBJ(t3HBJ)Adult (m)4,8087570
lPN1A(lPN1A)Adult (m)3,6808976
kik5M(kik5M)Adult (m)4,5837512
rfu7M(rfu7M)Adult (m)2,9241,0074
cbBpQ(cbBpQ)Adult (m)3,2116821
zmS76(zmS76)Adult (m)3,2256841
hFp69(hFp69)Adult (m)3,2246871
EjlslEjlslAdult (f)2,3218342
oNydhRaphael NightshadowAdult (m)2,2496831
cd73ILucinda NightgrayAdult (f)1,7956741
BtSZX(BtSZX)Adult (m)3,6147010
ZB0cy(ZB0cy)Adult (m)3,5567110
JAWNHJawnhAdult (m)2,7127505
CGP7My lovely Red DinosaurAdult1,1044474
OXpxw(OXpxw)Adult (m)2,9237140
XZqHS(XZqHS)Adult (m)2,7557522
6Q5Sx(6Q5Sx)Adult (m)4,8427470
jH9PKHarald KagamineAdult (m)1,6486391
Gyq6eHalo de BixenAdult (m)1,8066563
uovxUMiddniaAdult (f)1,7326033
LjvmFiejimAdult (m)64945026
vDseU(vDseU)Adult (m)8,4166003
Iq2LDark IdaAdult (f)2,01032510
7B05JLisbelleAdult (f)2,4726782
Vq3FIHemephesta FireAdult (f)1,6005972
osCvg(osCvg)Adult (f)4,8926911
gmh1Mephista NightAdult (f)2,4313617
LQrbLerena NightAdult (f)2,26544110
TqQaHephesta NightAdult (f)1,2585219
2UmtxThe Daughter of NightAdult (f)1,4806650
gwKbdHalo NightAdult (f)1,5066305
22SpQ(22SpQ)Adult (m)4,3436692
6dbBK(6dbBK)Adult (m)5,3996412
xXNJRXeberosyAdult (f)4,4164280
Hh3NlXeberasyAdult (f)1,6005950
amaCaAmacaAdult (f)4,8277601
XdZhg(XdZhg)Adult (f)2,2548603
bRYrR(bRYrR)Adult (m)2,2748661
PYMyi(PYMyi)Adult (m)2,1077181
caSnL(caSnL)Adult (m)4,5555973
NDSrZ(NDSrZ)Adult (m)2,9456851
sqJfS(sqJfS)Adult (f)2,8747181
YhU7Spinga AutumAdult (f)9315182
6efiLima AutumAdult (f)7774612
ZbggGinella AutumAdult (f)1,6065881
QR06Mersua AutumAdult (f)8274081
G6xeI(G6xeI)Adult (m)1,9957852
srvWV(srvWV)Adult (m)2,1058080
LV3Vb(LV3Vb)Adult (m)2,0967901
I94jJ(I94jJ)Adult (m)2,1037921
00eYh(00eYh)Adult (m)4,3276591
6aT1TalliemeAdult (f)8697122
A0yeHorerbtAdult (m)7065300
VZjzSamulenAdult (m)9177294
XbgLMinoselAdult (m)1,3409233
DXHqcMeowMeowAdult (m)1,7826542
2WdyU(2WdyU)Adult (m)2,3915962
wrSDr(wrSDr)Adult (f)6,5985770
KOOEDMr Magma HeadAdult (f)2,2296264
YCXq4(YCXq4)Adult (m)2,3526141
3h1pPimmenoAdult (m)1,5411,04528
TzJLQuembuAdult (m)1,23196713
AW1ELorelei EmensAdult (f)6334852
Ap31OrgangenAdult (m)6334843
gwB3POrange de JuiceAdult (m)1,7556430
lrcgNHerbert TangensAdult (m)1,8726794
Zc4xuGoldine die GoldfischinAdult (f)2,1145972
9ULxQGolda der GoldfischAdult (f)1,7436240
XtoOI(XtoOI)Adult (f)2,7275520
gyr36(gyr36)Adult (f)4,8501,2724
LwPmFLowinaAdult (f)1,5136921
fSs0GGoldi der GoldfischAdult (m)2,0158263
WPQS4Gold der GoldfischAdult (m)2,1688932
sacrSambeleeeAdult (f)1,1859913
bLAaDaphneeeAdult (f)1,2029732
synsBellaneeeAdult (f)1,0078036
uETUUmina CurlAdult (m)3,23829020
pUxAhLittle CurlAdult (m)1,6086760
KgrITiny KarlAdult (m)4,42352323
1ZEITiny SallyAdult (f)2,97429520
21m7Tiny LouisAdult (m)3,03429819
giCfTiny EmmaAdult (f)1,16656310
GHWNTiny RowenaAdult (f)1,3466747
Krv6Tiny PaulAdult (m)1,9847182
PKMsDLowenusAdult (m)1,4836920
Hx4g1Fly with Golden WingsAdult (m)1,5906532
Iifdp(Iifdp)Adult (m)3,9599524
8GPMx(8GPMx)Adult (m)4,3576501
OsW7iOswitaAdult (f)1,8576594
CHodvOswaltoAdult (m)1,7446493
ltfmu(ltfmu)Adult (m)4,4887391
n9ETO(n9ETO)Adult (m)3,1436831
uO6Qy(uO6Qy)Adult (m)3,1306751
iFC16Lars CBAdult (m)2,0076423
6t1HmEberhard FluffAdult (m)2,4417802
igBsK(igBsK)Adult (m)2,2365711
FLVSEElvira FlauschigAdult (f)2,0776494
2UMxUFreja FlauschigAdult (f)2,4406813
8dZKnNebea FlauschigAdult (f)2,3769694
S66oL(S66oL)Adult (f)5,4967211
PiZmRenoweAdult (f)2,0033307
5ankgLol RoAdult (m)2,2266560
GlaRzSpitinaAdult (f)1,4596271
TDHVXRantoneAdult (f)2,0435675
UD6m2Pumpkin GeorgeAdult (f)1,4616951
IKOsD(IKOsD)Adult (f)6,4546350
2rF9gGolden LolaAdult (f)2,3387655
4YPqEMy little yellow DinosaurAdult2,9729898
0L8iMaria MudAdult (f)93747113
GYUZSally MudAdult (f)1,4187047
iPYvvNo Shadow in the LightAdult (m)1,7796481
52Ao2Sunlight between the cloudsAdult (f)2,1228210
mBeRe(mBeRe)Adult (f)7,5821,04911
ZqBv6(ZqBv6)Adult (m)2,8731,0012
jMnmp(jMnmp)Adult (m)4,3898718
D8UD8Flying Gold YayAdult (f)2,7918863
IIYzDEberhard GelbAdult (f)2,0108170
R0oURolling HawiaAdult (f)2,1393807
Hl8pRolling HimaAdult (f)2,1523854
9u9tu(9u9tu)Adult (f)2,9621,0303
DOemE(DOemE)Adult (f)3,9857370
WA2oSWasusAdult (m)5,2213492
5m2MDark Wings in the SkyAdult (m)1,5601,05726
71p5Dark Eyes in the SkyAdult (m)1,27484725
vsZXDark Scream in the SkyAdult (m)1,38887922
GNlfDark Tail in the SkyAdult (m)1,0755501
5C3YDark Dragon in the SkyAdult (m)1,2535977
NaDWLara LapDogAdult (m)1,93536512
dJKqQ(dJKqQ)Adult (m)4,0461,0671
3D72Cheese with Black EyesAdult1,17656710
2Cw1Dark Dragon on the GroundAdult (f)1,44496833
2JeMDark Fire on the GroundAdult (f)2,4301,60927
ymZPDark Breath on the GroundAdult (f)8166528
7jNnDark Sound on the GroundAdult (f)1,4955884
JFhJlDark Wings on the GroundAdult (f)1,7725033
SXWjh(SXWjh)Adult (f)2,5947392
DdbUFDuffillaAdult (f)1,6836361
cO4PqFather of the Green ForestAdult (m)1,8096640
LzYFwBrother of Green ForestAdult (m)2,7447992
cvhLTerra ZefirAdult (f)2,9684948
UxSyv(UxSyv)Adult (m)6,1146060
obC5ST-Rex TrexAdult (m)1,7636822
5ugx2(5ugx2)Adult (m)2,4618053
tdEu0(tdEu0)Adult (f)4,7987460
AYIAm(AYIAm)Adult (f)5,6585870
HW4CO(HW4CO)Adult (f)4,1746400
Y4aao(Y4aao)Adult (f)4,5587531
eSYiNEysin MewAdult (m)5,5626253
IyNDG(IyNDG)Adult (m)3,6967571
MtkCLeav WingsAdult (m)2,5693389
apMhSLight Green WingsAdult (m)1,9526872
I8WhLGreen Monster DeamonAdult (f)1,9346414
2505Y(2505Y)Adult (m)2,6199212
QSDU2(QSDU2)Adult (m)3,9207380
xGA4P(xGA4P)Adult (m)3,2076831
q6TjBug SpringAdult (m)1,1348165
N51iDog SpringAdult (m)1,1448195
PEHkBee SpringAdult (f)8637326
GWDCCat SpringAdult (f)1,1169362
a4HCMammal SpringAdult (m)1,1659440
kL3NBird SpringAdult (f)8596691
pLJLMorning SummerAdult (m)2,46220221
YugARunning throw the ForestAdult (f)6894461
R9FLStaying in the ForestAdult (f)7664965
ZmdViTangarus GreenAdult (m)1,8326791
a458G(a458G)Adult (m)4,4746511
7arUStripeyna MewAdult (f)1,4281,0022
IDjANight SummerAdult (f)1,1298573
9LQcMiddnight SummerAdult (f)1,0988402
ttU9Strong Leav WingAdult (f)1,7842999
zGNxs(zGNxs)Adult (f)2,5879042
wT03g(wT03g)Adult (f)2,5819090
fj3Lo(fj3Lo)Adult (f)3,5728581
ItQHo(ItQHo)Adult (f)4,1257291
hIWuQ(hIWuQ)Adult (m)4,3437391
3CYwg(3CYwg)Adult (m)3,2786851
1VyM6Harris FedeliAdult (m)1,9506251
WQNuRunninaAdult (f)2,4533588
acmdACMDAdult (m)9165461
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