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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “Zima,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
xxx94Atherton Volcano of the ElementsAdult (f)2,5898833
m2vHxLake Barrine of the ElementsAdult (m)2,5848830
e8xv2(e8xv2)Adult (m)3,7989244
Ud34uBauhinia Volcano of the ElementsAdult (m)2,5928361
2nWO9Buckland of the ElementsAdult (f)2,6059101
ZjRdx(ZjRdx)Adult (f)2,5419452
H8X1Tropical Element Storm ArleneAdult (f)2,4251,1779
RHV5Elemental Hurricane OpheliaAdult (f)1,5186324
v47aElemental Hurricane BetaAdult (f)1,8496302
RC5vOViedma of the ElementsAdult (f)1,7387552
0JUK3Aragats of the ElementsAdult (f)1,8827840
4h4frDar Alages of the ElementsAdult (m)1,8748111
xO0pQGhegam Ridge of the ElementsAdult (m)2,1177952
OJeYRAra ler of the ElementsAdult (f)1,9097502
4so9T(4so9T)Adult (f)3,8539243
b5tFq5E Burude Falls SecundusAdult (f)2,4769834
9ZUUPElements of Mount GasherbrumAdult (f)3,6051,0723
UXtGYElements of Mount HaramoshAdult (m)4,0651,0763
EiRUg5E FC Mount Manaslu D3Adult (f)2,3219665
bpzIq5E FC Mount Manaslu D3 RIIAdult (m)4,4358841
1Umr7(1Umr7)Adult (f)2,3468581
PvI69(PvI69)Adult (m)2,2888470
N1H0Kapteyns Elemental StarAdult (m)1,6799194
eUhYElemental Enckes Comet  2LLAdult (m)2,3261,0307
s3BqJ(s3BqJ)Adult (m)3,0041,3114
cvLgYule ap CelynAdult (m)3,4141,0527
xtUBX(xtUBX)Adult (m)2,9921,2941
eXgBCheery IlandraeAdult (f)2,5271,0286
h9exF(h9exF)Adult (f)2,9631,3121
fuGhXmas Rising SunAdult (f)1,7848362
6qWKXmas Setting SunAdult (f)1,7688111
YagUC(YagUC)Adult (m)2,9351,2871
6aNww(6aNww)Adult (m)2,9891,3381
gtwNB(gtwNB)Adult (m)2,9461,2901
RbjpY(RbjpY)Adult (m)3,0091,3512
2vj5k(2vj5k)Adult (f)3,1621,2822
YoHQq(YoHQq)Adult (f)3,2511,2683
rXj9Elemental Kalambo FallsAdult (f)2,9174054
ouZsElemental Nyambwezi FallsAdult (f)2,6297714
5vO4Elemental Detian FallsAdult (m)2,4208193
PIP8Elemental Hukou FallsAdult (f)1,6895833
2XO5o5E Adyanpara Falls SecundusAdult (m)2,5219092
nQCr75E Chachai Waterfall SecundusAdult (f)2,5169630
0dgOuElemental Payarka FallsAdult (m)2,1968801
YnL8QElemental Vazhachal FallsAdult (m)2,4078713
OULdyElements of Mount Skil BrumAdult (f)2,4481,2374
Xt2cO5E Mount Sangemarmar SarAdult (m)2,4451,2184
11bnRElements of Sutai MountainAdult (f)3,9126813
ul5ejElements of Mount Saltoro KangriAdult (f)4,8061,6302
4qnsiElements of Mount Sia KangriAdult (m)2,5961,2844
uI1UCrommelins Elemental  CometAdult (f)6,8591,1415
SbMFPerrine-Mrkos Elemental CometAdult (f)2,5937553
4Bhh5E Borrelly's Comet SecundusAdult (f)1,8286811
mkFvb5E Slaughter Burnhams Comet D4Adult (m)1,5905113
Ow46Q(Ow46Q)Adult (m)2,5149880
gMhMElemental Storm BretAdult (m)2,4671,0888
hctdElemental Depression TenAdult (m)2,7681,0384
7AQ5Elemental Hurricane DayAdult (m)2,4281,0146
SoiXElemental Hurricane Maria 2LLAdult (f)1,9169902
6bA1Elemental Hurricane Nate 3LLAdult (m)2,1289213
BOLpElemental Hurricane Rita 4LLAdult (f)1,5726806
csC8Elemental Depression Twenty-TwoAdult (m)2,4757683
jC25e5E Tropical Storm Zeta SecundusAdult (f)2,2129232
AGz6M5E Tropical Storm Cristobal 2MLLAdult (m)2,2238672
Hf9reElemental Hurricane Paloma 3MLLAdult (f)2,1308322
1CHDElemental Livingstone FallsAdult (m)2,5461,1789
YIbKElemental Ouzoud FallsAdult (m)2,4361,0487
vQ89Elemental Aughrabies FallsAdult (m)2,1798752
FT2VElemental Murchison FallsAdult (f)4,7841,16412
tTJfElemental Kbal Chhay FallsAdult (f)2,4928653
Lt9HSilverton Fire of the ElementsAdult (m)2,4491,0019
RdmVSaguenay Fire of the ElementsAdult (f)1,7839475
XDPHBighorn Fire of the ElementsAdult (f)2,7731,0568
NLWuSantiago Fire of the ElementsAdult (m)2,4641,0203
BjomHinckley Fire of Elements 2LLAdult (m)2,0341,0311
lIGGCloquet Fire of the ElementsAdult (m)1,4578463
9fpe5E Oakland Hills Fire SecundusAdult (f)2,4997595
DnKoAspen Fire of the ElementsAdult (m)2,0887685
iAF98BB Complex Fire of the ElementsAdult (m)2,0647685
4sqHG5E FC San Francisco 1906 FireAdult (f)2,2338241
V4bOfCerro El Condor of the ElementsAdult (f)2,2328542
UYGvNCerro Escorial of the ElementsAdult (f)2,2758682
jkMCT5E Sierra Nevada de Lagunas 2MLLAdult (m)1,7368256
m4akMississagi Fire of the ElementsAdult (m)2,72988510
7cftCapitan Gap Fire of the ElementsAdult (f)4,2661,05815
BW9S5E South Canyon FireAdult (f)2,4717482
oeusOld Fire of the ElementsAdult (f)1,7076411
ophEd5E Sweat Farm Road Complex FireAdult (f)2,7869893
tnQOL5E Dandenong Bushfire SecundusAdult (m)2,2248682
WV7fg5E Full Circle Rome 64 AD FireAdult (f)2,2718500
MusPP5E Payun Matru D2Adult (m)1,6766723
IIUZi5E Payun Matru D2 RIIAdult (f)2,5687971
3ZW1J(3ZW1J)Adult (m)3,8569671
SLJ08(SLJ08)Adult (f)2,3469040
9B3LF(9B3LF)Adult (f)2,2748481
T3mDh(T3mDh)Adult (f)3,8259543
HEobW5E Laila Peak SecundusAdult (m)1,8678003
wuLP7Elements of Mount Noshaq 2MLLAdult (f)1,7748284
5HoaSElements of Hehuan Mountain 3MLLAdult (m)3,1207201
DzVEu(DzVEu)Adult (m)2,7639424
ibC5Great Matheson Fire of the 5EAdult (m)1,6459642
JsqQGreat Porcupine Fire of the 5EAdult (f)1,9031,0318
Y2f0Tillamook Burn Fire of the 5EAdult (m)1,4228154
kekjLElements of Mount Muztagh TowerAdult (m)1,9438447
OZUzkElements of Mount FujiAdult (m)2,3886663
moJOElemental Storm FranklinAdult (m)1,7549155
Cjc3Elemental Storm LeeAdult (m)2,5841,0202
DbsmElemental Hurricane PhilippeAdult (m)1,7457608
urhZElemental Hurricane Katrina 2LLAdult (f)1,8159874
vtEiElemental Hurricane Stan 3LLAdult (m)2,1216733
TDiJY5E Hurricane Epsilon SecundusAdult (m)1,9628993
vh4foElemental Storm Melissa D7Adult (f)1,9228291
845vkElemental Storm JosephineAdult (f)2,5366811
KYJeElemental Mount MocoAdult (m)2,4081,1203
cEAFElements of Mount EminAdult (m)2,2139243
pKlcElements of Mount KarisimbiAdult (m)2,0668561
OHeYElements of Mount MorotoAdult (m)2,5291,0124
0BjTElements of Mount RungweAdult (f)2,3701,0335
DOiqElements of Mount AnnapurnaAdult (m)1,6899151
PLCSsElements of Mount DhaulagiriAdult (m)1,9797754
XMObpElements of Mount ManasluAdult (m)2,8086775
VHL6c5E Mount Pumori SecundusAdult (f)2,4688712
fWfR2Elements of Mount Kanjut SarAdult (f)2,0057063
fP1ulElements of Mount Lhotse 2MLLAdult (m)1,6097752
gjJw2Elements of Mount Makalu D3Adult (m)1,9028175
yrKEWElements of Mount Ultar PeakAdult (f)2,5991,0712
pVmdWolf's Elemental CometAdult (m)1,4946625
MZF3Schaumasse Elemental Comet 2LLAdult (m)1,8906731
ncDJB5E Forbes Comet SecundusAdult (m)2,5529552
ydRBb5E Van Biesbroecks Comet 2MLLAdult (m)1,7228412
WdMyM5E Yosemite National Park 3MLLAdult (m)2,9368811
9UHLTElemental Machu Picchu WonderAdult (f)2,4526660
rV18r(rV18r)Adult (f)2,1267731
NnZgYachina Fire of the ElementsAdult (m)2,4101,14514
n0fYAdirondack Fire of the ElementsAdult (f)2,0418962
Scjf5E McNally Fire SecundusAdult (m)1,7976672
nM7MWTaylor Fire of the ElementsAdult (f)2,0007474
MqYNaTrigo Fire of the ElementsAdult (m)2,5679731
5LYRo5E Herriman Machine Gun WildfireAdult (m)2,4639372
rZefr5E Red Tuesday BushfireAdult (f)2,0709062
fb0BJ5E Full Circle Chicago 1871 FireAdult (m)2,2608591
lUT5S5E Tokyo Japan FireAdult (f)2,5428911
AbCS2Dacht-i-Navar of the ElementsAdult (m)2,5998602
UHgmTCopahue of the ElementsAdult (m)2,4188322
TW3YT5E FC Planchon Peteroa D2Adult (f)2,2538465
YUkCElemental Epupa FallsAdult (f)2,2911,0007
m2ihElemental Ngonye FallsAdult (m)2,49573711
NjgI0(NjgI0)Egg (F)
MlNrElemental Ivela FallsAdult (f)2,4091,0669
knFTElemental Shahasradhara FallsAdult (f)2,3097892
vyxQRElemental Kegon Falls 2MLLAdult (f)1,8038338
m7J1JElemental Mahua FallsAdult (m)2,6826290
evQlj(evQlj)Adult (m)3,6487933
uL7JParcelforceAdult (m)2,6781,1003
EKkt3DHLAdult (m)1,8237004
arJnw(arJnw)Adult (f)4,9019793
F3vm9(F3vm9)Adult (f)4,5359562
Q4RRMiramichi Fire of the ElementsAdult (f)2,2941,1299
ZkPJvAngora Fire of the ElementsAdult (f)3,8881,0004
Ww7S1Incahuasi of the Elements 2MLLAdult (f)1,6567512
w71nwTskhouk Karckar of the ElementsAdult (m)2,2368063
MJlcBessels Elemental StarAdult (m)2,4361,0379
Sdb5Plasketts Elemental StarAdult (f)2,7621,0394
ZKWU5E Kopff Comet SecundusAdult (f)1,8586953
mKjeB5E Florida Bugaboo FireAdult (m)2,8231,0081
301fl5E Milford Flat FireAdult (f)2,8101,0061
4cf435E Murphy Complex FireAdult (f)2,5649872
T423AZaca Fire of the ElementsAdult (f)2,5939702
GMF6Y5E Evans Road WildfireAdult (m)1,8938493
CnQXU5E West Kelowna WildfireAdult (f)1,8025513
qJcIH5E Richardson Backcountry FireAdult (f)2,4211,0032
qVn8I5E Black Thursday BushfireAdult (f)2,4181,0062
3h3SP5E Western Fire SecundusAdult (m)2,4439212
ZCDjsLithgow Bushfire of the ElementsAdult (f)7,2371,8755
g0K4c5E Black Christmas BushfireAdult (f)2,6789602
ML3Fb5E Eyre Peninsula BushfireAdult (f)2,3028633
WVeDA5E Jail Break Inn Fire SecundusAdult (m)2,6458912
8qJcU5E The Great Divides FireAdult (f)2,2457761
8WnvM5E Boorabbin Park BushfireAdult (f)1,9107331
tDSAT5E Lake Clifton BushfireAdult (m)2,2138851
Lu4Gk5E Roleystone Kelmscott BushfireAdult (f)2,1638191
jgKWW5E Boston Full Circle 1872 FireAdult (f)2,5098352
oJf2rCerro Tuzgle of the ElementsAdult (f)2,4828723
6SdObCerro Volcanico of the ElementsAdult (f)2,4948544
hz92aHuanquihue of the Elements 2MLLAdult (m)1,9068242
V4sP95E Palei-Aike Volcanic Field D8Adult (f)1,9428612
qjtTFull Circle 5E Bielas CometAdult (f)2,5581,25043
6WLGFull Circle 5E Halleys CometAdult (m)2,2641,0869
DYeVElemental Storm GertAdult (m)2,7811,0529
lHoVElemental Hurricane IreneAdult (f)2,5621,0425
GnMh5E Tropical Storm Alpha SecundusAdult (f)2,0737512
Jmcr0Elemental Tropical Storm ChrisAdult (m)4,96789030
0OVCgElemental Hurricane FlorenceAdult (f)3,2789173
gbD4JElemental Hurricane GordonAdult (m)2,1407163
9eWO2Elemental Hurricane IsaacAdult (m)1,9577272
BjYkvElemental Storm AndreaAdult (f)4,9941,3387
s2stDElemental Storm BarryAdult (m)7,3011,70510
P73oBElemental Storm ErinAdult (f)3,4237748
r2uaZElemental Storm GabrielleAdult (f)1,6247882
r0sbTElemental Hurricane DeanAdult (m)1,7908153
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