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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “Zeriath,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
gXum4(gXum4)Adult (m)4,4528855
S6Cz2Radiant Kindred FireAdult (f)6,5169337
uhKISA Fear of FireAdult (f)6,9021,1635
xva4SFire UntouchedAdult (f)4,9178986
zkfESSimmering DeceptionAdult (m)4,4438165
BdHf5Flame of the DeepAdult (f)4,6038942
S6fNtDeep Earth CatalystAdult (f)2,8334663
bt5vQA Midsummer StarAdult (m)5,7159536
rfbBIGolden Starlight AboveAdult (f)7,1221,0745
AQpqwSwallowtail's StarAdult (m)6,4251,0704
J5gDuGalaxy of Strung StarsAdult (f)5,0999264
vIMcnCaught in Silver StarsAdult (f)2,9096102
pj8aB(pj8aB)Adult (f)3,4237462
T0bZeA Whisper of SpringAdult (f)7,0281,2117
gkbC7Magic of Spring MistsAdult (f)6,9911,1763
3WnZlTinseled GreenAdult (f)5,5451,0063
dNvonLeaves in AirAdult (f)5,8151,0062
52muUSilver GreenleafAdult (f)5,1069806
UAvAsGreen Shimmering ScaleAdult (m)4,0518632
2azDxNightime BloomAdult (m)4,3598144
LMJiIA Song of RebirthAdult (m)2,5594533
K3LH4(K3LH4)Adult (m)4,6219963
JCApwMagick in SilverAdult (f)3,4367024
wQpEnMagick Sung in TimeAdult (f)4,0778683
OfdarOfdar's MagickAdult (f)6,9711,1274
jVF8AMagick Under the MoonAdult (m)7,4221,2334
syPfbWarlock of TimeAdult (m)6,6601,1705
BPe97Magick of DNAAdult (f)5,0268892
uobTXMagic in IlluminessenceAdult (m)5,9021,0524
CNGP3Made of MagickAdult (m)4,5739564
alEwKMagic in BlueAdult (m)4,0237565
H7NqMMidnight MagickAdult (m)3,8517392
fUmcx(fUmcx)Adult (f)4,4586273
W4W2g(W4W2g)Adult (m)4,2356183
5DFZcFire's BurnAdult (m)7,1711,1697
p2lL6Magic Fire of DeceptionAdult (f)7,1251,1763
t0BYpGolden Fire AboveAdult (f)5,5091,0214
1bn6zWater in FireAdult (f)6,7851,1624
hudHmSimmering Magic FireAdult (f)6,4031,1824
Y5MEeFire from LavaAdult (m)6,5161,0884
uLZL4Magick Fire UnderneathAdult (f)2,8506181
q4D4ZLove's Sizzling FireAdult (f)3,2497346
l4vRYFire in SnowAdult (f)3,8223870
QdauJEchoed Tinseled SongAdult (f)3,3747352
IlI7iMagic's TuneAdult (f)5,8691,0423
1vx3PMagic in LoveAdult (m)7,1071,2094
MgE4aMagics in the MistAdult (m)7,5641,1912
Qf0u4A Song of SerenityAdult (f)4,5519084
IP4sTMaskless WonderAdult (f)2,6564911
qpKqUMagic that SingsAdult (m)2,9794252
1CdZsRed Hunter's MoonAdult (m)3,0654982
xTU3OSwift as SnowAdult (m)3,8805423
UwBAwSpiced Blue ThuwedAdult (m)3,2298924
UDSAHDorkface UnlimitedAdult (f)3,8951,0713
A6JR7Shining White Under the MoonAdult (f)4,3391,0843
0KG00Spiced Magic ThuwedAdult (f)3,5261,0114
WFG1EValkezAdult (m)2,7988992
JK1CZephrilAdult (f)1,38894253
SQGXThat Thin ThreadAdult (m)8986126
yoRxYorxAdult (m)8676843
J6lrSprint to the PlainsAdult (m)1,7711,24326
0f4KWater TiptoeAdult (m)1,4387464
Q9kwGSplash in the AirAdult (m)7,2841,1683
RqLJ8Drip Drop FloppAdult (m)2,0547551
josESilent as a FishAdult (f)7254185
JmiKSwift like SalmonAdult (m)1,3707175
EmqaM(EmqaM)Adult (m)3,8478212
2cYcBite's BloomAdult (m)1,3715994
4rm8Quick Bite on the SideAdult (m)1,6216513
7NLhPale as the Moon's GlowAdult (f)1,5356764
OcC7Midnight's BiteAdult (m)1,4176799
G4wXN(G4wXN)Adult (m)4,7711,0962
a1PCZ(a1PCZ)Adult (m)4,8981,0881
oWqL3Love's Magic UnsungAdult (f)2,2486102
ezxzaLove's ElixirAdult (f)2,0996100
jKLJ6(jKLJ6)Adult (m)3,9248532
AoTyI(AoTyI)Adult (m)4,8491,1384
PBfQA(PBfQA)Adult (m)5,7071,0724
vBPOU(vBPOU)Adult (m)4,4081,0103
FWvusLove in a GemAdult (m)2,5467612
6fqoVMatchmaker's CoffeeAdult (m)3,0237183
ZMetG(ZMetG)Adult (f)3,4407671
xhMTD(xhMTD)Adult (f)3,9418933
yBR3oTwist of HeartfireAdult (f)3,1347462
X9XKNCrinkled CandyAdult (f)2,4798362
zYjaCSimpering SweetAdult (f)2,5848323
cvOYf(cvOYf)Adult (m)4,5857301
M2BPq(M2BPq)Adult (m)3,5947531
7kgsj(7kgsj)Adult (m)3,5457761
225sB(225sB)Adult (m)3,2507621
7b4AM(7b4AM)Adult (m)4,7361,1372
TNi5U(TNi5U)Adult (m)3,9371,0082
VRp2f(VRp2f)Adult (m)4,9691,1302
YfI5XSinging to EmeraldsAdult (m)2,5937642
iaORiCrystaled in SnowAdult (m)2,5637781
nCj3LCupid's Tin ArrowAdult (m)3,1077272
nie1rCupid's Swift RoseAdult (m)3,2207223
mAReIFetching MarelAdult (m)2,4808663
CEcw7Coveted ValentineAdult (m)2,6869481
w9IJ1(w9IJ1)Adult (f)4,9441,1452
eDV42(eDV42)Adult (f)4,3391,0333
Bo4bjWickedly SweetAdult (f)2,5719084
8n55b(8n55b)Adult (m)3,5467772
U0XWQ(U0XWQ)Adult (m)3,8211,0262
iIXi9(iIXi9)Adult (m)4,9761,1072
N7D5P(N7D5P)Adult (m)5,0941,1463
7YYhtSizzle of TimeAdult (m)3,0725632
YWhRfTruffles of GoldAdult (m)2,5927861
f5FxyGolden Sweet CocoaAdult (m)2,6277771
69DErHarp's ThornAdult (m)3,0177105
8ilIjChocolate BloomAdult (m)3,0627252
W0b8IGold in ChocolateAdult (m)3,1837383
TMezVHints of CocoaAdult (m)2,7028187
gAWPPetal for TwoAdult (f)2,0011,0203
2V2ARose's FragranceAdult (f)1,9311,0673
4JRhYSweet Touch of NightAdult (m)2,8037941
LflDMidnight PastryAdult (m)1,8211,0212
sSeTPluff PastryAdult (m)3,8862608
ENoqLove's AnswerAdult (f)1,8361,0082
hkdxLove's QuestionAdult (f)2,2871,66741
bqAalThat Hint of GoldAdult (f)5,4918492
A7kSTAn Overture in GoldAdult (m)4,8989065
dEeLXHill of StarsAdult (m)5,5341,0162
aD7PQCrest of the MidlandsAdult (m)5,2838633
LzvO9Meadow's TuneAdult (m)4,7019094
1sLeZLight of the HillsAdult (f)4,7549445
6N9jhSprung from SpringAdult (f)4,6439207
zDqNfValmarukAdult (m)2,3335772
hdcVCIviskuskAdult (m)2,9938325
Qd75oRrutaekAdult (m)2,3606503
onC13VaerixAdult (m)3,6011,0595
9mu8aExaibulAdult (m)3,4831,0124
Hg7HSFeraithraAdult (m)3,4208502
ro5C4HibiruskAdult (m)3,4348834
vNnILTasalivaeAdult (f)3,4288783
0eemkKevaruksuneAdult (m)3,2838506
ujVC2(ujVC2)Adult (f)4,3905864
3Yzzr(3Yzzr)Adult (m)2,2797603
DgqctSwift OrderAdult (f)3,8919433
vtAiVSilent Creeping ShadowAdult (f)3,5648805
LTCxqNight's Silent StrikeAdult (f)3,4638949
eBaIh(eBaIh)Adult (f)2,4199862
BPudDPoison of FoolsAdult (f)3,2978692
YAmkkYamkkAdult (m)2,4415382
jUlBHWave of FortuneAdult (f)5,6978516
NuzF0(NuzF0)Adult (f)3,2244414
kOM05(kOM05)Adult (m)3,5499164
EnXbd(EnXbd)Adult (m)2,5767241
bniqS(bniqS)Adult (m)2,9918992
GdhYV(GdhYV)Adult (f)3,4397705
ysJ60(ysJ60)Adult (m)4,0371,0694
hbOhd(hbOhd)Adult (m)2,7916661
7DZGQ(7DZGQ)Adult (m)4,31868221
uGOwP(uGOwP)Adult (f)2,7106812
dfSXk(dfSXk)Adult (f)4,5339782
RVYXf(RVYXf)Adult (f)4,2636151
W1tEE(W1tEE)Adult (f)3,2457051
4UguZ(4UguZ)Adult (m)3,1877031
QTQ6d(QTQ6d)Adult (m)3,5097422
0ZWS4Whimsical RushAdult (f)4,1838144
fkNkAAvarinsumiaAdult (m)2,7616242
0somhShift in WindsAdult (m)1,9426630
OZX5DCrested Storm RiderAdult (f)1,9477092
PLJ6KShaelinAdult (m)2,2987435
PqSZwCaluskAdult (m)2,2956934
umr1NNumerin EkeptsiAdult (f)3,1628082
6qujaFriamortaAdult (f)2,7949768
kAwuQUnzwilAdult (m)3,0239094
Xin6BNihiaAdult (f)2,6244837
NZczARed Wisp of the TidesAdult (f)3,2768522
3b6GcRisk of Red in WaterAdult (m)4,7761,2004
PZDz9Sudden Thunder ThuwedAdult (m)4,9121,1435
6QWTeCrest in the StormAdult (m)3,6327994
GxnNg(GxnNg)Adult (m)5,0916751
ExVXy(ExVXy)Adult (f)4,7889571
IVzl9(IVzl9)Adult (f)4,5739184
4ALEg(4ALEg)Adult (f)3,1267341
Eidg5Buzz in HoneyAdult (f)8,2121,0476
XSGrXEveressence in EternityAdult (f)3,4205950
pyYOy(pyYOy)Adult (f)5,3118965
l6sybStriped with GemsAdult (m)9,8561,1275
hPaiDRyanthiaAdult (f)5,03185514
06FYQuick GambleAdult (f)1,78761412
Utm3g(Utm3g)Adult (f)3,4187321
J0GB5Lord of the BramblesAdult (m)2,0206991
ZdIHTwist of a BranchAdult (m)1,8818054
bQmoTwig in the WoodsAdult (f)2,5337858
RtmRg(RtmRg)Adult (m)3,5181,1190
fIZYaWaves Through TimeAdult (m)5,9038743
q29IWCoastal Golden FisherAdult (f)4,9168504
P03JjBuoyant Wave RunnerAdult (f)4,2318566
GwjNdRun the Coast in GoldAdult (m)2,3166620
LtCIrCoastal CrowAdult (m)2,4037012
om1XFSandy CoastlineAdult (m)3,6467716
hd8P1KalymiAdult (m)4,1149633
Db8umPebble on the BeachAdult (m)2,9581,0202
uTYuASwift Green FisherAdult (m)3,1219765
5Tq9nHunt on the CoastAdult (f)4,4041,4105
T5Ll8Coastal RushAdult (m)5,5101,5695
2q5FlRhythm of the WildsAdult (f)1,5944542
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