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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New types of dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “Zerhai,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
TPYdu(TPYdu)Adult (f)4,1458385
GB42u(GB42u)Adult (f)2,9168091
m6O6I(m6O6I)Adult (f)3,9461,0011
9ICw3(9ICw3)Adult (f)4,1271,0140
368SQ(368SQ)Adult (m)8,4729096
wKw0T(wKw0T)Adult (m)3,6658161
tv9LrOasis in Dra'axi DesertEgg (F)
rE9tu(rE9tu)Adult (f)4,2857720
KUFjI(KUFjI)Adult (f)4,3097690
n6cbb(n6cbb)Adult (f)4,7156683
gbLbN(gbLbN)Adult (f)3,8966822
cQOZI(cQOZI)Adult (f)3,8297271
zml8k(zml8k)Adult (f)6,3216260
msYVT(msYVT)Hatchling (F)1,1771505
jG9YK(jG9YK)Adult (m)3,5248141
OWeao(OWeao)Adult (f)3,5258641
g8BUFWish to RememberAdult (f)5,5918551
t2fpi(t2fpi)Adult (f)4,4506783
mQiFpDeliolth of Pern Dra'axi CBAdult (m)4,5166741
mrqE4Flaming Heart WishAdult (m)6,8475172
uguZ8Urgyth of Pern Dra'axi CBAdult (m)4,6896712
z9oET(z9oET)Adult (f)4,8036781
fARBN(fARBN)Adult (m)4,5276592
07VUB(07VUB)Adult (m)4,4456631
a38IAFlaming Wish Dra'axi 2GPBAdult (f)4,8707011
hE6dNDancing Flames Dra'axi 2GPBAdult (m)4,9536801
BIISi(BIISi)Adult (f)4,4247311
zHiiSz'Dr Who's Wish Dra'axiAdult (m)4,3417201
HttMnInukameko's Wish Dra'axiAdult (f)3,8506941
GKaM6Heartfelt Wish Dra'axi 2GPBAdult (m)3,9896981
7swHERadiant Flame Dra'axi CBAdult (m)5,5725701
Sh83lShell Dra'axi CBAdult (f)5,6885571
7GfiuWish of Dancing Dra'axi 3GPBAdult (m)5,1666751
bd8vOFlaming Bait Dra'axi CBAdult (m)5,6955651
lN3UmGliding Flame Dra'axi CBAdult (f)5,7845501
wtI1UExplosive Wish Dra'axi 2GPBAdult (f)4,6046392
BKXz6Flaming Shell Dra'axi 2GPBAdult (f)6,1425332
Fy25q(Fy25q)Adult (f)5,8705161
orquS(orquS)Adult (m)5,5995061
uob7E(uob7E)Adult (f)5,6745761
visAI(visAI)Adult (f)5,1656432
EIyeELord Kazuhito Dra'axi WishAdult (m)6,3657841
hct2M(hct2M)Adult (f)5,4746004
rHRdP(rHRdP)Adult (f)4,9176921
PFuZo(PFuZo)Adult (f)4,6747411
sKyk9Sky Wish Dra'axiAdult (m)5,2046592
w0WFbFlaming Heart-Wish Dra'axi 3GPBAdult (f)5,1306051
W2W8q(W2W8q)Adult (f)3,9877031
iIE4t(iIE4t)Adult (m)5,5175952
WrLla(WrLla)Adult (m)6,1905222
kegoO(kegoO)Adult (f)10,5801,4072
EIn8d(EIn8d)Adult (f)6,3555950
gEea4(gEea4)Adult (m)3,8606911
zR9vb(zR9vb)Adult (m)7,4821,1432
5IcQG(5IcQG)Adult (m)4,7386971
1DBXh(1DBXh)Adult (m)4,5211,0881
kxDBUKX CB Dra'axiAdult (m)3,5758421
iMntAMint CB Dra'axiAdult (f)4,3818293
X5w2cW2C CB Dra'axiAdult (m)4,9326973
IEvFJIan CB Dra'axiAdult (m)3,3549543
S59P8Cherry Head Dra'axiAdult (m)6,2916641
ytWbqLazy Heart Dra'axi CBAdult (f)3,7221,2704
woccCLavest Dra'axiAdult (f)7,6327971
z3QxBz'Carmine Flamingo Dra'axi 2GAdult (m)5,9328560
GhffCSoaring Heart Dra'axi CBAdult (f)4,5398233
ZYMn1Z'Bloody Carmine Dra'axi CBAdult (m)4,8898742
hIHtpTongue of the House of ZerhaiHatchling (F)1,9431701
kZ1FB(kZ1FB)Adult (f)5,3227261
7T5x5(7T5x5)Adult (f)8,4606901
0Wm5W(0Wm5W)Adult (m)6,9161,0223
FXdhrHappy of the House of ZerhaiHatchling (F)7491423
vTcfRPsuedo Pink CB Dra'axiAdult (m)1,9637993
TdQxr(TdQxr)Adult (m)2,0926563
CoRhtImposter Pink CB Dra'axiAdult (m)2,0426402
F14vv(F14vv)Adult (m)2,3327013
wEywB(wEywB)Adult (m)2,4987264
pBKPo(pBKPo)Adult (m)2,0516211
E2UhDPyna II D12 Dra'axiAdult (m)4,5317672
Z6nrvZ'Six CB Dra'axiAdult (m)4,1696873
zYRskz'Demon Love Dra'axiAdult (m)4,0211,0161
zKdeNz'Demon Progeny Dra'axiAdult (m)5,6649221
1GRoFHolly 2015 Dra'axi 10Hatchling (m, F)3,9799661
VnuQKHolly 2015 Dra'axi 21Hatchling (m, F)3,9409671
O3nfLHolly 2015 Dra'axi 3 MAdult (m)5,4248600
F2sMpHolly 2015 Dra'axi 4 MAdult (m)4,8649370
iH66HHolly 2015 Dra'axi 13Hatchling (m, F)4,1559251
j098AHolly 2015 Dra'axi 15Adult (m)4,4149380
68z8QHolly 2015 Dra'axi 16 2GPBAdult (m)4,4009370
1ehzvHolly 2015 Dra'axi 17 2GPBAdult (m)4,4439360
czE6BHolly 2015 Dra'axi 18 2GPBAdult (m)4,4379420
I7BffHolly 2015 Dra'axi 22 2GAdult (m)4,4719411
q0YIFHolly 2015 Dra'axi 7 2GPBAdult (m)4,5219412
jAe50Holly 2015 Dra'axi 20 2GAdult (m)4,3029632
ezsn8Holly 2015 31 Dra'axiAdult (m)5,2718711
DzS5sHolly 2015 Dra'axi 27 CBAdult (m)4,6641,0600
JJ87xHolly 2015 Dra'axi 28Adult (m)5,0538472
uu7aNHolly 2015 Dra'axi 29Hatchling (F)3,8545591
ZhzElZ'Holly 2015 Dra'axi 2 2GAdult (m)5,1668621
C82psHolly 2015 Dra'axi 36Adult (m)6,8976910
DPtHKHolly 2015 Dra'axi 39Adult (m)3,8661,0312
r7BEpHolly 2015 Dra'axi 40Adult (m)5,7508680
JYFiFHolly 2015 Dra'axi 43Adult (m)5,4957881
Qs08DHolly 2015 Dra'axi 44Adult (m)5,2137811
2AXpjHolly 2015 Dra'axi 45Adult (m)5,4037591
d4MyTHolly 2015 Dra'axi 47Adult (m)5,4737262
aV6cDHolly 2015 Dra'axi 48Adult (m)5,4867183
Ii3bqHolly 2015 Dra'axi 49Adult (m)5,4457131
enA9eHolly 2015 Dra'axi 51Hatchling (F)3,8554141
jLWpTHolly 2015 Dra'axi 52Adult (m)6,1606501
OLjlWHolly 2015 Dra'axi 54Adult (m)6,2066522
U7fmTHolly 2015 Dra'axi 55Adult (m)5,3259652
jcALuHolly 2015 Dra'axi 57 CBAdult (m)4,5897573
RuRn6Holly 2015 Dra'axi 60Adult (m)6,4836402
i3AtdHolly 2015 Dra'axi 61 CBAdult (m)5,5198992
xiKvOHolly 2015 Dra'axi 62Adult (m)7,4546421
tbDfKHolly 2015 Dra'axi 68 CBAdult (m)4,8319232
SBEoPHolly 2015 Dra'axi 84 2GPBAdult (m)5,9549144
P7d5tHolly 2015 Dra'axi 70 3GAdult (m)7,7795502
gasuqHolly 2015 Dra'axi 72 CBAdult (m)6,8896222
Z9RSpZ'Holly 2015 Dra'axi 5 3GAdult (m)5,6545604
pbqgHHolly 2015 Dra'axi 73 CBAdult (m)6,2076603
Mq53bHolly 2015 Dra'axi 76 CBAdult (m)5,3267081
0qQQGHolly 2015 82 Dra'axi CBAdult (m)4,9216823
4hS2GHolly 2015 81 Dra'axi 2GPBAdult (m)4,8956881
istmMHolly 2015 Dra'axi 86 mHatchling (F)3,2285341
gS7qJHolly 2015 Dra'axi 88 CBAdult (m)6,2306460
3Jxn0Holly 2015 Dra'axi 89 CBAdult (m)4,6218064
Zs3eZZ'Holly 2015 Dra'axi 6 3GPBAdult (m)4,7619342
YXKXpHolly 2015 Dra'axi 94Hatchling (F)2,1461911
XikqQHolly 2015 Dra'axi 96 CBAdult (m)6,5016496
tVHE0Holly 2015 Dra'axi 99 CBAdult (m)5,4356672
7AnIwWish of a HollyAdult (m)4,9448542
Vl994(Vl994)Adult (m)5,3906471
3rNUZ(3rNUZ)Adult (m)5,0688262
uI6bS(uI6bS)Adult (m)5,8917181
MlA2D(MlA2D)Adult (m)4,4817090
KMHrIDra'axi Flamingo ThuwedAdult (m)5,9086901
kGoB5(kGoB5)Adult (m)7,0786640
8YRsP(8YRsP)Adult (m)8,7797736
ottG5(ottG5)Adult (m)5,2107520
xqBhs(xqBhs)Adult (m)4,8767454
4x16G(4x16G)Adult (m)4,8667520
bBlu0Fabulous Dra'axi LoverAdult (m)5,8195930
hy6D2Sulky Pink Dra'axi CBAdult (m)4,6863973
G6SH6(G6SH6)Adult (m)7,1038392
MiVuBRosar Dovahrek Dra'axi 2gpbAdult (m)5,6355732
3fHtp(3fHtp)Adult (m)4,0887021
za9fhz'Bloody Flamingo CB Dra'axiAdult (m)5,0206001
7lzt3Wishing on a Star Dra'axi 2GPBAdult (m)4,0567302
Q94DYHolly Wish Dra'axi 2GPBAdult (m)4,4757111
49qKO49er Wish Dra'axi 2GPBAdult (m)4,5426412
qJvvz(qJvvz)Adult (m)5,8141,0263
4kIQ1(4kIQ1)Adult (m)5,4905991
4DuLL(4DuLL)Adult (m)4,9666092
6osp9Wish on a Holly Dra'axi 2GPBAdult (m)5,0396852
fygd8(fygd8)Adult (m)2,9397542
DC5mD(DC5mD)Adult (m)3,5727211
HgjNH(HgjNH)Adult (m)4,2818351
01PEp(01PEp)Adult (m)3,6417690
SY8WfDancing CB Dra'axiAdult (f)1,2045892
emDavBurning CB Dra'axiAdult (m)1,8626521
DbI8sSearing Dra'axi CBAdult (m)1,4226512
sqCeuRaging Red CB Dra'axiAdult (m)2,2746831
S3K3BDra'axi Firefly CBAdult (f)2,1138803
3TOugRover CB Dra'axiAdult (m)2,2058594
pmwEGTiny Red Spork CB Dra'axiAdult (f)2,8948923
tRjgfLord Raven HummingsAdult (m)2,5169243
OP2tfTiny Little Dra'axi CBAdult (m)5,3231,3762
ApGjx(ApGjx)Adult (f)4,9581,0191
tbHEd(tbHEd)Adult (f)8,4638845
CiRfi(CiRfi)Adult (m)4,6319630
ZN6D7(ZN6D7)Adult (m)3,6397900
nb3cKRed Spork CB Dra'axiAdult (m)3,0488552
nkT7BScorpio Gerard Butler CB Dra'axiAdult (m)2,8719154
McgiLAuros CB D4 Dra'axiAdult (m)2,9591,0022
0YoK3Auros III D4 Dra'axiAdult (m)4,3911,0942
Ss8ZWTinselkin Lore Dra'axiAdult (m)3,1148321
fy80JAuros IV D4 Dra'axiAdult (m)5,5097552
K2aB6Bloody Wave CB Dra'axiAdult (m)5,6968901
cowFwRaging Wave CB Dra'axiAdult (m)3,2618651
YE1dTBlazer of the House of ZerhaiHatchling (F)1,3864050
zvhvvRedfinned Dra'axiAdult (m)5,5887578
DKjDi(DKjDi)Adult (m)5,9719473
ZbUUb(ZbUUb)Adult (m)4,4758731
EcVhh(EcVhh)Adult (f)4,8919892
65TPg(65TPg)Adult (m)3,6228010
OoUvBDark Gem Dra'axiAdult (m)6,1076122
5y0vN(5y0vN)Adult (m)5,7345601
TVVP9(TVVP9)Adult (f)4,0806722
mHzbW(mHzbW)Adult (f)5,6337241
rr7UN(rr7UN)Adult (f)5,5376371
Z6mz0(Z6mz0)Adult (m)8,7178753
ChlNW(ChlNW)Adult (m)3,8599212
1NOUG(1NOUG)Adult (m)4,5287071
WVsyr(WVsyr)Adult (m)4,3021,1123
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