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You pick up the scroll labeled “Zenbu777,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
MSxD(MSxD)Adult (f)1,03767723
AkpH(AkpH)Adult (m)1,0818292
2684(2684)Adult (m)1,8964901
9OS0(9OS0)Adult (f)2,7277037
uXlG(uXlG)Adult (f)1,8767043
Gqvn(Gqvn)Adult (f)1,4434382
3B4P(3B4P)Adult (m)2,0616675
SZcN(SZcN)Adult (f)2,8007375
p4nt(p4nt)Adult (m)2,3441,0742
9MZd(9MZd)Adult (m)1,7845286
JRVR(JRVR)Adult (f)1,7047083
JHLr(JHLr)Adult (m)1,5717084
pEtl(pEtl)Adult (f)1,0528316
3zHw(3zHw)Adult (m)1,2028943
vqEJ(vqEJ)Adult (m)1,9847352
HuGO(HuGO)Adult (m)1,2058617
6RXo(6RXo)Adult (f)1,4676713
fLYj(fLYj)Adult (m)2,3726534
ORkY(ORkY)Adult (m)2,3909416
Vky1(Vky1)Adult (f)1,03467620
9Sls(9Sls)Adult (m)8276112
HcWr(HcWr)Adult (f)2,3606655
8ABB(8ABB)Adult (f)2,1959087
gUsc(gUsc)Adult (f)2,16369911
5e4k(5e4k)Adult (m)2,2232916
1PkU(1PkU)Adult (m)1,9727655
7OYm(7OYm)Adult (m)7915961
gb1T(gb1T)Adult (f)2,1292935
2oMh(2oMh)Adult (f)1,2588906
oP4s(oP4s)Adult (m)1,4033772
IdTF(IdTF)Adult (f)2,0477776
fNSm(fNSm)Adult (f)1,4655202
aWnO(aWnO)Adult (f)1,3259207
Hoif(Hoif)Adult (m)7895941
Vtx6(Vtx6)Adult (f)6885464
ITOG(ITOG)Adult (f)1,9922777
2LGe(2LGe)Adult (f)2,4846971
nQf2(nQf2)Adult (f)1,9087532
VW0F(VW0F)Adult (f)1,3586916
ZgZ5(ZgZ5)Adult (m)7305827
Q86H(Q86H)Adult (f)2,1861,0414
TH3T(TH3T)Adult (f)2,1029913
hpcE(hpcE)Adult (f)1,9068673
tZ1h(tZ1h)Adult (m)2,0187452
Fp5C(Fp5C)Adult (f)7956011
Fn1a(Fn1a)Adult (f)7895961
MaKV(MaKV)Adult (f)1,1247734
M0Hi(M0Hi)Adult (f)1,1294692
PTMf(PTMf)Adult (f)1,1844916
Kxs9(Kxs9)Adult (f)1,05367723
SC00(SC00)Adult (f)1,1888852
ARgY(ARgY)Adult (m)8316141
Mzfd(Mzfd)Adult (f)1,1217724
1LaL(1LaL)Adult (m)1,0727423
MZFN(MZFN)Adult (m)9467212
D5Ro(D5Ro)Adult (m)8916707
NHjT(NHjT)Adult (f)6725314
vop7(vop7)Adult (m)6975526
lcTJ(lcTJ)Adult (f)1,5814591
Med3(Med3)Adult (f)1,04967523
kFAA(kFAA)Adult (m)1,5675071
6LqQ(6LqQ)Adult (m)1,7806451
6KgK(6KgK)Adult (m)1,0937534
wcRf(wcRf)Adult (m)1,7555187
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If you would like your own dragons, you’ll have to go to the Cave Entrance.
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