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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New types of dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “Zawisza,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
jpP1(jpP1)Adult (f)1,8774514
uHGX(uHGX)Adult (m)2,4502806
L0or(L0or)Adult (f)1,3914056
JGOJ(JGOJ)Adult (f)1,4235998
uogW(uogW)Adult (m)2,5265607
CJZY(CJZY)Adult (m)1,5024445
yBgy(yBgy)Adult (m)3,58987613
gpG8(gpG8)Adult (f)2,44267412
GBmM(GBmM)Adult (m)2,0516346
emAt(emAt)Adult (m)1,2664205
40Zv(40Zv)Adult (f)1,7433146
w3TP(w3TP)Adult (m)3,4026518
9RdA(9RdA)Adult (m)1,9003172
URV2(URV2)Adult (m)2,2494038
dGru(dGru)Adult (m)3,06077012
Dzhc(Dzhc)Adult (f)3,1076346
3JLm(3JLm)Adult (f)2,5425965
UkQ4(UkQ4)Adult (m)1,4803463
flGt(flGt)Adult (m)2,9563209
QK9K(QK9K)Adult (f)1,5783378
eIHq(eIHq)Adult (f)2,0892578
VIkW(VIkW)Adult (m)2,16065026
4Lv4(4Lv4)Adult (f)2,43127811
p8L2(p8L2)Adult (f)1,91030811
1AbQ(1AbQ)Adult (m)4,54663827
zg5N(zg5N)Adult (f)1,6682795
TQI7(TQI7)Adult (m)3,65755417
gCIC(gCIC)Adult (m)1,3824289
ReOe(ReOe)Adult (m)1,9413297
Ghek(Ghek)Adult (m)2,7652564
GYBj(GYBj)Adult (f)2,73661013
cnUn(cnUn)Adult (f)2,13838310
NW50(NW50)Adult (f)2,3785736
QkWV(QkWV)Adult (f)2,9062599
o3eN(o3eN)Adult (f)1,6483147
HBPX(HBPX)Adult (m)1,3853639
p6al(p6al)Adult (f)2,5295666
JQRY(JQRY)Adult (f)2,43970713
6O2A(6O2A)Adult (m)4,32882215
JOke(JOke)Adult (f)2,5876125
EW1t(EW1t)Adult (f)2,0454913
IkAs(IkAs)Adult (m)2,1054654
eFHv(eFHv)Adult (f)2,7223249
vf36(vf36)Adult (m)1,78639310
PBoO(PBoO)Adult (f)3,8117457
GKjv(GKjv)Adult (f)2,48555114
ocbJ(ocbJ)Adult (m)2,43327717
NJfM(NJfM)Adult (m)2,1893846
EZYU(EZYU)Adult (m)2,0452654
vtpG(vtpG)Adult (m)2,8748107
vRTe(vRTe)Adult (f)3,6738077
LAbF(LAbF)Adult (f)1,8134156
Vs31(Vs31)Adult (m)3,06842112
jJk8(jJk8)Adult (f)2,26653815
RFkm(RFkm)Adult (f)2,7401,0239
wPsj(wPsj)Adult (m)4,39167517
jOYU(jOYU)Adult (m)1,7283138
Eksq(Eksq)Adult (f)2,5524845
Xjel(Xjel)Adult (m)2,5543156
kirR(kirR)Adult (m)2,35541211
7wwH(7wwH)Adult (f)1,9963914
BHDt(BHDt)Adult (f)3,37070010
hY05(hY05)Adult (f)1,4083815
9U2U(9U2U)Adult (f)1,6053818
9RcZ(9RcZ)Adult (f)2,58356213
1Uak(1Uak)Adult (m)2,84939013
4EHK(4EHK)Adult (f)2,71638511
pOtS(pOtS)Adult (f)3,0421,01820
nR6v(nR6v)Adult (m)2,51754910
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