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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “Zangor,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
6mrt(6mrt)Adult (m)1,1616063
UmqM(UmqM)Adult (m)1,1106252
JYAJ(JYAJ)Adult (f)1,1746560
97cV(97cV)Adult (f)1,2606702
Hrho(Hrho)Adult (m)1,3588141
UuQo(UuQo)Adult (f)1,2336251
pMmq(pMmq)Adult (m)1,1026750
8ovs(8ovs)Adult (m)1,0886922
PHLp(PHLp)Adult (f)1,2997144
gi43(gi43)Adult (m)6804532
3dHk(3dHk)Adult (f)1,2537174
Zkmm(Zkmm)Adult (f)2,15888013
bvJL(bvJL)Adult (m)9984803
d1cI(d1cI)Adult (f)3,55872618
KIZd(KIZd)Adult (f)1,0425446
XVKT(XVKT)Adult (f)1,5526762
lS2O(lS2O)Adult (m)1,2357764
N8UT(N8UT)Adult (m)1,91278512
FB0t(FB0t)Adult (f)2,1451,0175
pNd9(pNd9)Adult (f)9105125
Fg3n(Fg3n)Adult (m)2,7441,01535
PYrU(PYrU)Adult (f)1,1885585
vTGH(vTGH)Adult (f)1,3526112
m4q0(m4q0)Adult (m)1,1997645
jkdq(jkdq)Adult (m)1,4126241
r1Eq(r1Eq)Adult (m)1,6987069
E8FP(E8FP)Adult (f)1,4196441
M8TA(M8TA)Adult (f)1,5556761
gga1(gga1)Adult (m)1,4076293
IlCt(IlCt)Adult (f)1,2196583
GK7l(GK7l)Adult (m)9645335
Fk6o(Fk6o)Adult (m)2,7821,18117
GuBk(GuBk)Adult (f)1,7919709
hMIP(hMIP)Adult (m)2,8941,16416
CXrP(CXrP)Adult (m)2,6951,10522
Pl5b(Pl5b)Adult (m)9075662
hn7U(hn7U)Adult (f)1,0536631
QGZn(QGZn)Adult (f)1,3207421
iIV4(iIV4)Adult (f)1,8439817
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