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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “ZORAGON,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
9dxQKBlacuaAdult (m)10,4811,3925
80ka0Bloody Moon LightAdult (f)10,3231,3305
g38b1(g38b1)Adult (f)6,4561,1622
xdNcz(xdNcz)Adult (m)6,1811,1532
guZuI(guZuI)Adult (f)4,8458932
6ywsP(6ywsP)Adult (m)4,6941,0442
qtVu6(qtVu6)Adult (m)3,9888534
ssdh0(ssdh0)Adult (f)6,0281,2144
lo25M(lo25M)Adult (f)6,3411,3561
IbGza(IbGza)Adult (m)6,0841,2460
XCnxj(XCnxj)Adult (f)4,5449471
H5g3M(H5g3M)Adult (m)6,1101,2623
FCmaA(FCmaA)Adult (f)7,4821,1391
6QXqrBlue CripsAdult (f)4,6328760
1DhHjIcy Rage of Heaven-khAdult (m)5,1351,0521
cU5EUThe Last and OnlyAdult (m)5,2801,0653
AAYKSuger CubeAdult (f)4,5923079
pDE2I'm made of SugarAdult (m)4,3392904
TdYaRYOU ARE THE SKIN 2 MY BONESAdult (m)8,4181,2714
I7cIvKat's Broken ShadowAdult (f)3,8286904
aekblI Was Born This WayAdult (f)3,2955591
v7S5cSomething Is Wrong With MeAdult (f)3,1645420
3EkFCWhip Lash D BoneAdult (m)8,0961,1492
2RnG0I'd Bend Over Backward For UAdult (f)5,7941,1512
clYUK(clYUK)Adult (m)6,8631,2151
cB4Rp(cB4Rp)Adult (m)5,3609180
MsfYr(MsfYr)Adult (m)4,5589100
KyoMM(KyoMM)Adult (f)6,6691,0552
yd6uL(yd6uL)Adult (f)5,6649793
9D1jy(9D1jy)Adult (m)3,9808743
q5HIg(q5HIg)Adult (f)4,8429514
11NlQ(11NlQ)Adult (f)3,2915674
poWHU(poWHU)Adult (f)6,6481,2690
Eoana(Eoana)Adult (m)5,6029001
oE3hS(oE3hS)Adult (m)7,1999692
2IkO0(2IkO0)Adult (f)7,4331,1452
CL9Qo(CL9Qo)Adult (f)7,0371,1193
b1h6H(b1h6H)Adult (m)5,7311,1062
emRYm(emRYm)Adult (f)4,1608144
96JKwEvergreen HeartAdult (m)4,6146022
vYj7iDark Frosted SageAdult (m)6,3417470
4EOuaPerilous Green GemAdult (f)6,7087572
QfwmMBlue Winded KiteAdult (f)1,3684578
I3N1WBlue Willow ShineAdult (f)6,6141,1302
Fw62iNeshanaAdult (f)6,1841,1351
Yil3cHot LaughterAdult (m)6,7501,1424
qWVPORed Willow ShineAdult (m)6,9861,1392
q42t0Ding-GoAdult (m)6,5081,1200
qE9mpRed Heart Of LaughterAdult (m)4,9981,2775
LNI6rGive Me WaterAdult (m)5,1791,2992
Q2cvYWebble WingAdult (f)5,6241,3102
eny6rSinglelyAdult (f)5,1701,2563
B9CguBreezy WingAdult (f)4,0337953
BQQtwBlood BeardAdult (m)6,1099435
FnQj3Blue ApostrophesAdult (f)5,0468922
34y1T(34y1T)Adult (f)8,0599843
9OWwQSun Beam WingAdult (m)5,4858241
dZBuwLonely Willow WingAdult (f)4,9996771
1EscyMeteor  ShowerAdult (m)4,1446801
HKNMVPassion Dust StormAdult (f)4,6388465
jwY5rRun Run Into The SunAdult (f)4,0299060
jW8KvHeros Never DieAdult (f)4,0048960
kMO5pTouch My Wings And Be BlessedAdult (f)4,0908800
1Pjd8Never Look Back On The PastAdult (m)2,8575954
zUYjA(zUYjA)Adult (f)6,5211,2953
8wiOy(8wiOy)Adult (m)6,6251,2942
k5Yoe(k5Yoe)Adult (f)6,9321,2971
Yo3az(Yo3az)Adult (m)6,8961,3120
X1ycG(X1ycG)Adult (f)6,8051,1040
E2efB(E2efB)Adult (f)7,0081,1231
jXLLG(jXLLG)Adult (m)6,4431,1834
FH3Pu(FH3Pu)Adult (f)5,9831,2180
HccM6(HccM6)Adult (f)5,4201,0241
zD1Uy(zD1Uy)Adult (f)7,7421,1402
iGZ6U(iGZ6U)Adult (f)6,3371,0622
xfMi5(xfMi5)Adult (f)6,2791,0701
KVyZQ(KVyZQ)Adult (m)6,8121,1211
6eXhl(6eXhl)Adult (m)6,4201,0642
5iwK7(5iwK7)Adult (f)5,4709981
E2mTy(E2mTy)Adult (f)5,6609960
1WrzN(1WrzN)Adult (m)4,0019922
ZTxIYLittle Sugar Honey Ice TeaAdult (f)5,1031,2302
NiCBHWhiskey Tango Foxtrot XDAdult (f)5,1341,1780
K1c9bNick GreenAdult (m)5,2421,1901
VY7FCMango WaggleAdult (m)5,2091,2073
7fZPeLittle Sugar Honey BunAdult (f)5,1161,1972
NAYG9(NAYG9)Adult (f)3,0429081
RJfRc(RJfRc)Adult (m)4,7741,1844
GqdJD(GqdJD)Adult (f)2,2625533
ciFHs(ciFHs)Adult (f)5,1841,1494
4jOb9(4jOb9)Adult (f)1,7275901
wd53t(wd53t)Adult (f)1,7936092
aC65I(aC65I)Adult (f)5,2309436
XAxuF(XAxuF)Adult (f)5,0529525
CUFcP(CUFcP)Adult (f)3,4996494
eSYMX(eSYMX)Adult (m)4,7158713
eOc68Pink Moon JasmineAdult (f)3,8608010
HXEg8Glory  DellAdult (m)3,5297801
if7JgThe   M i s s i n g   PinkAdult (f)2,9305448
1PTMKRazzle Dazzle I Got U FrazzledAdult (m)5,9577570
L7nCPVines Can Be FreakyAdult (f)3,5674913
Z8P6t(Z8P6t)Adult (m)10,3931,4315
DsSxo(DsSxo)Adult (m)4,4388490
Zj3MT(Zj3MT)Adult (f)7,6301,1493
g6LI2YOU ARE THE KEY 2 MY HEARTAdult (f)4,2415152
nhD4mBaby I Need Your LovingAdult (f)4,0864590
SXgfYYour Heart Belongs To Me NowAdult (f)3,2379860
b7HyMPutting Hearts In Your Black TeaAdult (f)6,4471,3201
djTWOThe Spirit Of LoveAdult (f)5,9291,0023
YTEpeTo Be Loved Is A BlessingAdult (f)6,2108932
v5ezD(v5ezD)Adult (f)4,8808760
MgQ9d(MgQ9d)Adult (f)5,0778542
OELoX(OELoX)Adult (f)4,3948301
i6sLb(i6sLb)Adult (m)3,2825763
UqS0v(UqS0v)Adult (f)5,4769163
kGJRL(kGJRL)Adult (m)9,2481,1884
WHPHE(WHPHE)Adult (m)5,7598192
U4yFb(U4yFb)Adult (m)6,1798544
f8wXR(f8wXR)Adult (f)6,0077965
QRZy0(QRZy0)Adult (f)5,1438834
5hcBB(5hcBB)Adult (m)5,5889171
sSSVX(sSSVX)Adult (m)7,9389920
8fzlO(8fzlO)Adult (m)4,9078924
gBkqq(gBkqq)Adult (f)5,0228582
TYoCO(TYoCO)Adult (f)5,0439031
HP2nX(HP2nX)Adult (m)6,4741,1176
1mz0a(1mz0a)Adult (f)3,9554063
bxn17(bxn17)Adult (f)7,4239701
C2pQ5(C2pQ5)Adult (f)4,4589640
KAvgQ(KAvgQ)Adult (f)7,6611,3665
QyDzx(QyDzx)Adult (m)7,5641,3164
Yphz9(Yphz9)Adult (m)6,1668973
60h7O(60h7O)Adult (m)9,1561,4960
Yy70R(Yy70R)Adult (f)5,7491,2020
XuZ2D(XuZ2D)Adult (m)5,1399823
CpZJc(CpZJc)Adult (m)7,1621,0663
1Ufdm(1Ufdm)Adult (m)5,0919023
1mZY6(1mZY6)Adult (m)7,0121,2403
eILsd(eILsd)Adult (f)4,6347982
xaVRW(xaVRW)Adult (m)8,3131,3232
L9P3V(L9P3V)Adult (m)6,6811,2593
RIFdF(RIFdF)Adult (m)7,1341,3642
m9RsV(m9RsV)Adult (m)1,6483902
GrI0F(GrI0F)Adult (m)4,7449532
EDIwW(EDIwW)Adult (m)4,8369401
5j2Ly(5j2Ly)Adult (m)3,9028262
sAl9g(sAl9g)Adult (m)6,6381,1333
aW4IV(aW4IV)Adult (m)6,7681,1342
a4A1u(a4A1u)Adult (f)5,9239733
gzyMw(gzyMw)Adult (m)8,0341,3384
BjEiHot GassyAdult (f)3,5796576
eUQ0Ball of GasAdult (m)4,1611,2925
6vfsAU ARE THE AIR TO MY BALLOONAdult (m)3,2614430
LAJi6Balloons Are Fun To EatAdult (f)5,4291,0102
EiRsWAnyone Got Some Gas XAdult (m)7,7611,2166
BuEwX(BuEwX)Adult (f)6,7901,1532
PaYD2(PaYD2)Adult (m)5,1057530
LErSk(LErSk)Adult (f)3,6764550
ANjEG(ANjEG)Adult (m)3,7783900
YTAFG(YTAFG)Adult (f)7,5891,2541
U8ETO(U8ETO)Adult (m)6,0761,2112
1iWZ1(1iWZ1)Adult (f)6,6681,2241
Me1Ac(Me1Ac)Adult (f)5,7901,0462
BOxEg(BOxEg)Adult (f)7,3581,1385
WYNPB(WYNPB)Adult (m)5,0128198
XqKay(XqKay)Adult (f)4,4178432
NrkoCI'll Fly Hundreds Of Miles 4 UAdult (f)2,9865663
f9hYDThere's No Where I Can't FlyAdult (m)3,6664981
tUUlKWill Work For FishAdult (f)3,5307002
HsrXoYOU ARE WIND IN MY HAIRAdult (m)3,7507124
SWEmCCotton Whip WingAdult (f)3,3344732
Z2OowY e l l o w   T a i lAdult (m)4,1141,2126
pLpIIBuy Me CashmereAdult (f)4,0184166
gWa2Black  Sky of DoomAdult (m)1,7026257
Bqj7Darkened Days of lifeAdult (f)3,6188676
63lbDark One That SingsAdult (f)5,52689212
uDZeHush Hush Sweet Charlotte  khAdult (f)1,46733526
THpsPoisonous Black ApplesAdult (f)3,32146215
8fs6Black Sugar    khAdult (m)2,6652615
Kkj9You Burnt My HeartAdult (f)1,69953735
m4LneI Wanted To Kiss You In The RainAdult (f)1,5096743
Wamd5Dark Lady khAdult (f)3,5348155
4IvbCSir Black Claw  khAdult (m)4,0531,0244
FXUkKThats Not What Your Mama SaidAdult (m)4,0774602
3S0qiBlack 360Adult (f)5,20673010
1c7eXBlack like Coal KHAdult (f)5,4767959
JYTJ3I Play With Dead ThingsAdult (m)4,7338619
AhU02Classic BlackAdult (m)6,21080011
a7ovZBlack Shadowed GhostAdult (m)5,59479010
ncVb5Fine Lady In BlackAdult (f)4,6481,2023
sRpjbUnforgiving   MiseryAdult (m)2,4844772
6msp6YOU ARE THE LIGHT 2 MY DARKNESSAdult (m)1,9765255
qP6HXBlack PopcornAdult (m)7,3601,4855
u7Y3iKiss-N Under A Silvery MoonAdult (f)8,4241,5222
snbHLI Know U Want ItAdult (f)2,86499613
QHqRPWe Can't All Shimmer Like GoldAdult (m)4,1031,2141
nJ2pFU Hide But I Will Find UAdult (f)2,7126323
LfcjDNAUGHTY JERK    khAdult (m)7,3681,1676
mRqABNight Fall ChiAdult (f)3,0587257
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