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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “ZENOJASON,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
1RVrj(1RVrj)Adult (m)3,1401,0092
n8j8(n8j8)Adult (m)6,01563948
2Iju(2Iju)Adult (f)2,75034077
6Gmp(6Gmp)Adult (f)4,8703290
e6ji(e6ji)Adult (m)4,00238764
ZFpY(ZFpY)Adult (f)3,35949167
iSTb(iSTb)Adult (f)3,76039661
fcha(fcha)Adult (f)2,9423447
3DBtK(3DBtK)Adult (m)3,0139411
53sg(53sg)Adult (m)2,81837278
0aaKY(0aaKY)Adult (f)3,0109221
YiVr(YiVr)Adult (m)4,1667076
h78QG(h78QG)Adult (m)3,1631,0152
Qpbi(Qpbi)Adult (m)2,53935367
6RsJ(6RsJ)Adult (m)4,9533332
lt6u(lt6u)Adult (m)3,53168767
CkAK(CkAK)Adult (m)4,7491,16562
scqtP(scqtP)Adult (m)2,2447452
gWg0(gWg0)Adult (f)2,5543138
tJJA(tJJA)Adult (f)4,6923203
tjb4v(tjb4v)Adult (f)3,0021,0181
R9Bs(R9Bs)Adult (m)3,0322035
pArS(pArS)Adult (m)3,43835612
VoGP(VoGP)Adult (m)3,37848362
X71DS(X71DS)Adult (m)2,9659753
NstT(NstT)Adult (m)4,02427143
ogLr(ogLr)Adult (f)4,8061,06511
gqXq(gqXq)Adult (f)3,09836461
ucIU(ucIU)Adult (m)2,74934656
S62d(S62d)Adult (m)4,9883353
cQAG8(cQAG8)Adult (m)2,9814721
3FEh(3FEh)Adult (m)5,43258172
WtGp8(WtGp8)Adult (m)2,4927343
W10b(W10b)Adult (m)3,1882142
XquM(XquM)Adult (f)3,3602252
pJ1E(pJ1E)Adult (m)4,60130441
d4c6(d4c6)Adult (f)2,72534263
fQK2(fQK2)Adult (m)3,07535960
ABlL(ABlL)Adult (f)1,39729470
FuPb(FuPb)Adult (f)5,1213454
LRcA(LRcA)Adult (m)4,3872934
i7aNg(i7aNg)Adult (f)3,0839562
g0MU(g0MU)Adult (m)3,35240766
6C59(6C59)Adult (m)3,5622510
39g0(39g0)Adult (f)2,87435353
r9pR(r9pR)Adult (m)4,1522781
OaYX(OaYX)Adult (f)3,71891755
H2PJ(H2PJ)Adult (f)4,7563186
jeM3(jeM3)Adult (f)4,28829144
QHtQO(QHtQO)Adult (f)2,2297361
Tt85(Tt85)Adult (f)88830179
lm55(lm55)Adult (f)5,15439148
pU0O(pU0O)Adult (f)3,21438455
jLuk(jLuk)Adult (f)4,57730644
sHKH(sHKH)Adult (m)5,51158773
rgU4(rgU4)Adult (m)3,2272192
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