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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New types of dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “Yuseabell,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
mt4trSoul Mistress of TwoAdult (f)6,5251,4379
YfGMKSoul Masters Of TwoAdult (m)7,6881,2462
h1dPl(h1dPl)Adult (f)8,0111,2884
lN2np(lN2np)Adult (m)6,9761,2353
lYhhzGreen Lindwurms QueensAdult (f)7,8651,2123
w5l6pGreen Lindwurms KingsAdult (m)7,0951,0973
DllzF(DllzF)Adult (m)6,2801,1921
RwNO8(RwNO8)Adult (f)7,1738943
kwFEN(kwFEN)Dead Egg111
UeQfQ(UeQfQ)Dead Egg000
NKyID(NKyID)Adult (f)5,4771,1413
OHPtvWhite Albino AngelAdult (f)5,8661,46711
BLuXfWhite Albino Angel KingAdult (m)5,9331,4223
XD8WJ(XD8WJ)Adult (f)6,3531,1871
uyRUj(uyRUj)Adult (m)6,3321,1432
4BnZz(4BnZz)Adult (f)2,8176394
kYfVt(kYfVt)Adult (m)2,8096124
HM2L8(HM2L8)Adult (f)7,6051,1863
S06Ik(S06Ik)Adult (f)5,5527900
GQW0A(GQW0A)Adult (m)7,5231,2082
6aVh5(6aVh5)Adult (m)7,1651,2035
hlI86(hlI86)Adult (m)6,1741,1505
FnRwt(FnRwt)Adult (f)7,1251,2671
5dk48(5dk48)Adult (m)8,7771,2891
dsFgp(dsFgp)Adult (m)13,5231,5748
BtcCl(BtcCl)Adult (f)13,0231,5616
eZ4ZyShadows Mistress of NightAdult (f)6,5941,4371
Epl3kShadows Master of NightAdult (m)6,9051,2270
BQeZQ(BQeZQ)Adult (f)6,8181,1765
HE5nq(HE5nq)Adult (m)7,1065065
esQDMKing Of Chai TeaAdult (m)6,9151,2716
T7yNYQueen Of Chai TeaAdult (f)6,7961,3801
Cpm5vBlacktip Beta MaleAdult (m)7,1661,6581
olMv6Blacktip Alpha FemaleAdult (f)5,0541,4201
apaoPDracul FangAdult (m)7,8191,6707
r9vcwDrachma QueenAdult (f)7,0051,1481
9Lnio(9Lnio)Adult (m)5,4701,4903
zSMir(zSMir)Adult (f)7,0361,3751
GO2TC(GO2TC)Dead Egg000
nNPgDBlue-Banded Water KingAdult (m)4,3581,3881
4ijbxBlue-Banded Water QueenAdult (f)5,6301,4530
sxIFU(sxIFU)Adult (f)8,9941,0232
JD2Bp(JD2Bp)Adult (m)10,9591,3255
DvVy6Queen Of Blunas BeautyAdult (f)4,4271,7002
6XIWtKing Of Blunas BeautyAdult (m)6,7841,2793
csjc1(csjc1)Adult (m)6,7991,2502
VN8UJ(VN8UJ)Adult (m)6,7831,1010
WK5sf(WK5sf)Adult (f)7,9131,1314
fCeSb(fCeSb)Adult (f)4,7248720
ktN9CEmerald Forest QueenAdult (f)6,0461,3003
XJZhREmerald Forest KingAdult (m)5,9361,2646
4vidORassigast The StrongAdult (m)6,0241,5246
yaqNDRassin The BraveAdult (f)6,2911,3163
lKmnDHound Doom's GodAdult (m)5,2071,4204
jJqY2Hound Doom's GoddessAdult (f)5,1521,4450
9MmDm(9MmDm)Adult (f)7,3661,1994
U24tYJungle Queen Of the TreesAdult (f)4,9361,6205
NrLvCJungle King Of The TreesAdult (m)5,6771,5632
ME067(ME067)Adult (m)11,0021,3053
OukUGCarmine Master WyvernAdult (m)4,0041,3770
IcQO5Carmine Mistress WyvernAdult (f)5,2511,3740
qVjLWGod Of The CassareAdult (m)3,9131,4291
I9hoTGoddess Of The CassareAdult (f)3,8911,4600
S57BQ(S57BQ)Adult (f)5,0031,0151
6GgCy(6GgCy)Adult (f)6,1441,0628
Q6gkj(Q6gkj)Adult (f)4,7361,2732
D04QI(D04QI)Adult (m)4,7541,2420
8qCa5(8qCa5)Adult (f)3,3544313
UpeLg(UpeLg)Adult (f)4,8541,3022
zhsnU(zhsnU)Adult (m)4,0084650
1UWQv(1UWQv)Adult (m)3,9114732
dJf1s(dJf1s)Adult (f)4,0624844
mgxIM(mgxIM)Adult (m)4,8381,3010
zQKNx(zQKNx)Adult (m)4,6671,2570
pABYsOcean's Glider BabyAdult (f)7,3751,52810
TQrTEOcean Glidder Baby KingAdult (m)5,5971,4954
i8BTy(i8BTy)Adult (f)6,5441,4840
bhWS9(bhWS9)Adult (m)6,5761,5222
7HVGuRed Copper Crown QueenAdult (f)6,2921,3662
a316BGreen Copper Crown KingAdult (m)8,4591,6392
uGtDqVenus D Fly EaterAdult (m)5,7071,5428
pKJ1FVenus Q Fly QueenAdult (f)6,2351,3160
Gk7CV(Gk7CV)Adult (m)7,3991,88851
PlxSo(PlxSo)Adult (m)1,4803354
x0rpAEmperor Of Good Luck And DreamsAdult (m)5,0731,6211
u6WcpEmperoress of good luck an dreamAdult (f)5,7671,2421
pDc8vQueen Of The Deep Ocean FloorsAdult (f)5,0221,1684
IgyUfKing Of The Deep Ocean FloorsAdult (m)6,5801,3091
MTLa3(MTLa3)Adult (f)4,5928641
ZEsds(ZEsds)Adult (m)4,8798713
bTLVWDorsal Queen of PurpleAdult (f)6,3411,61712
5a04vDorsal King Of PurpleAdult (m)6,4141,2684
KmcgjDorsal King Of RedAdult (m)6,9861,2184
owMLr(owMLr)Adult (f)5,7941,0853
U8BdBDuotone Queen's Of TwoAdult (f)6,7551,4541
aAHnPDuotone King's Of TwoAdult (m)5,6521,5775
WyuRnQueen Of Rising SparkAdult (f)4,6101,2674
DxPWcKing Of Rising SparkAdult (m)1,7946511
q5S6RGoddess of Eternal LavaAdult (f)6,8231,3323
fBCDIGod of Eternal LavaAdult (m)4,8941,3270
tPpElGoddess of Falcon'sAdult (f)5,2971,4241
bhgsBGod of Falcon'sAdult (m)7,5961,3280
yV9Pk(yV9Pk)Adult (f)6,0941,1705
BfETCSerperiorsGodAdult (m)6,0621,4885
9gIu5Serperiors GoddessAdult (f)5,6341,4402
atuXIFlame Mango KingAdult (m)6,9221,5356
y0NqQFlame Mango QueenAdult (f)6,9391,6652
zzdFfEmperor Of Golden CrownsAdult (f)5,2781,1754
i8tkTEmperoress Of Golden CrownsAdult (m)5,7391,2850
43JWC(43JWC)Adult (m)7,7271,1801
ymmDi(ymmDi)Adult (m)7,8511,1942
Xmo1k(Xmo1k)Adult (f)6,5785756
TdiGeQueen of Mountain FrostAdult (f)5,2971,3990
RYL49King Of Mountain FrostAdult (m)5,6251,4360
fsGoV(fsGoV)Adult (m)6,7351,0028
ll7Bb(ll7Bb)Adult (m)6,0871,5502
fuOqC(fuOqC)Adult (f)7,4591,4321
UJYKm(UJYKm)Adult (m)7,4481,4624
UJMm9(UJMm9)Adult (f)4,1464512
VpFco(VpFco)Adult (m)10,8751,3002
fNHnI(fNHnI)Adult (m)6,2081,5060
4moVO(4moVO)Adult (m)7,7431,1591
oIEBAQueen Of The Beautiful GeodeAdult (f)6,2261,3011
4KhxxKing Of The Beautiful GeodeAdult (m)5,0201,4172
3M1ECGod of Glacier's and IceAdult (m)4,7321,3870
83wUZGoddess of Glacier's and IceAdult (f)5,3001,4350
LhftYKing Of Rising DawnAdult (m)5,9251,4087
l7m4fQueen Of Rising DawnAdult (f)8,1741,2431
HTJULKing Of Falling DuskAdult (m)6,7931,5645
XRf8QQueen Of Falling DuskAdult (f)3,4161,0024
r3cODGoddess of Florist BeautyAdult (f)6,1951,3033
1EBFOGod of Florist BeautyAdult (m)4,8131,8041
eQfc9Goddess of Grey StormsAdult (f)4,9711,2837
CninFGod Of Grey StormsAdult (m)5,1291,4442
b1fZ8(b1fZ8)Adult (m)7,8351,3245
GRxS2(GRxS2)Adult (f)8,1421,2702
o2WlgGod of Earth an RockAdult (m)5,1119880
Iump9Goddess Of Earth An RockAdult (f)6,2691,3420
vH9MqKing who wears a spotted CapeAdult (m)4,2131,3901
cxCwnQueen Who Wears a Spotted crownAdult (f)6,6391,4172
GCSi8Guardian God of my HeartAdult (m)4,6841,1146
Zaub8Guardian Goddess of my HeartAdult (f)1,9076790
9GGBb(9GGBb)Adult (f)6,4411,3031
jDHeB(jDHeB)Adult (m)8,6161,3603
5yTNf(5yTNf)Adult (m)6,9291,5823
fj9H3(fj9H3)Adult (f)2,4146846
m1TOJ(m1TOJ)Adult (f)6,8481,5835
pSyn8(pSyn8)Adult (m)6,7911,4992
uJ8ck(uJ8ck)Adult (m)6,7571,5615
zVZT9(zVZT9)Adult (f)6,0161,3632
dJvOj(dJvOj)Adult (m)6,8701,6271
rlj1t(rlj1t)Adult (f)6,5741,2863
KJO2E(KJO2E)Adult (m)6,9731,5850
pgOD3(pgOD3)Adult (f)5,6861,3812
Q8aVI(Q8aVI)Adult (m)7,2181,4256
SO29c(SO29c)Adult (f)7,3731,4861
HgZKv(HgZKv)Adult (f)2,7305781
UP7ky(UP7ky)Adult (m)2,1865260
6vTR3(6vTR3)Adult (m)2,4667026
4duKa(4duKa)Adult (m)2,4197195
1B6nr(1B6nr)Adult (f)2,5187234
XMqVWHarvests Queen Of BeautyAdult (f)5,9581,4985
vds4rHarvests King Of StrengthAdult (m)5,6221,5154
9P0JBBlue Goddess of MoltresAdult (f)6,4001,3404
CBmkfRed God Of MoltresAdult (m)6,4461,3720
PmpZOHades Hellhorse GodAdult (m)4,2761,3574
FrSbi(FrSbi)Adult (f)8,9891,3236
sWW87(sWW87)Adult (f)10,8981,2772
gGMgE(gGMgE)Adult (m)7,7171,2781
NJK5j(NJK5j)Adult (f)7,9751,2362
aXDt9Gallant War Horse GodAdult (m)6,1881,4758
7ZXDIGallant War Horse GoddessAdult (f)6,3501,2242
GMtyuFlareon-MoltressAdult (f)4,7021,3840
arcc2Igneous-RockAdult (m)4,8541,3940
9xpsf(9xpsf)Adult (m)8,7001,0000
ndjL1(ndjL1)Adult (f)9,1511,0510
80Pyx(80Pyx)Adult (f)6,4291,1630
OKgzP(OKgzP)Adult (m)7,7371,1700
gk5Yq(gk5Yq)Adult (m)5,8601,0261
aBnOW(aBnOW)Adult (m)5,6599933
TO8Kc(TO8Kc)Adult (m)6,1411,0476
Qw9kF(Qw9kF)Egg (F)
9fHFl(9fHFl)Adult (f)6,7121,0891
DctHkSapphire's Moon StoneAdult (m)7,3541,5478
1I2tASapphire's Jewel StoneAdult (f)5,0239903
ZheUO(ZheUO)Adult (f)5,8229585
U1dpt(U1dpt)Adult (m)6,7761,3910
IFBrW(IFBrW)Adult (m)8,1371,0431
RUbrW(RUbrW)Adult (f)10,4321,2492
k2Y0u(k2Y0u)Adult (m)7,8981,1065
9GYH1(9GYH1)Adult (f)7,6641,0931
yrvqf(yrvqf)Adult (f)7,8341,2667
RFucN(RFucN)Adult (m)9,8301,2310
bx3YaSilver Rain's Golden MistAdult (f)7,3221,58012
GM2VCGolden Rain's Silver MistAdult (m)7,1131,3042
0qlvT(0qlvT)Adult (f)7,1111,1951
mDrXQ(mDrXQ)Adult (m)7,0131,2132
fE7Pq(fE7Pq)Adult (m)3,8933700
A6a6A(A6a6A)Adult (m)7,2281,2941
XAqMK(XAqMK)Adult (f)7,4841,2761
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