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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “Yuddith,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
fvhwZ(fvhwZ)Adult (m)3,6777232
9wsyp(9wsyp)Adult (m)5,1437243
npJTm(npJTm)Adult (f)4,7557190
YwaMK(YwaMK)Adult (m)4,6787010
ODGwf(ODGwf)Adult (f)4,6177070
IA27k(IA27k)Adult (m)3,4157390
5210v(5210v)Adult (f)4,0207331
IHNjT(IHNjT)Adult (f)3,4467470
duitA(duitA)Adult (m)3,5827260
ztexe(ztexe)Adult (m)3,6357300
6Kv0D(6Kv0D)Adult (m)3,5517100
lAxmZ(lAxmZ)Adult (f)3,6347260
JRWOn(JRWOn)Adult (f)3,0607300
0sgOP(0sgOP)Adult (m)2,8736901
Trhrk(Trhrk)Adult (m)2,9917001
xSu63(xSu63)Adult (f)3,2677400
u6145Okeanos Pente MinosAdult (m)3,2797351
1TiEQ(1TiEQ)Adult (m)3,4467113
1Yija(1Yija)Adult (m)3,2897151
pyC7e(pyC7e)Adult (m)3,3847221
d0FF0(d0FF0)Adult (m)3,3367150
n1fgG(n1fgG)Adult (m)3,4917320
3ZGzC(3ZGzC)Adult (m)3,4567161
dx2vR(dx2vR)Egg (F)
IireKCharma Non AjaxAdult (f)5,4131,2531
ZlvtjAchlada AjaxAdult (f)7,0651,0745
iwFITPogonia AjaxAdult (f)4,6419443
92IoVNymfaio AjaxAdult (f)6,0991,1997
uIVq3Stilida AjaxAdult (f)8,4039934
IYfLQTrachila AjaxAdult (f)6,1198984
f6wq3Kalamata AjaxAdult (f)5,0557471
VwhDcPolythea AjaxAdult (f)4,8429893
PHMSZAiani AjaxAdult (f)4,0777936
ahfmiPixari AjaxAdult (f)3,8658262
7ghynGrevena AjaxAdult (f)2,1895151
4EznBDamaskinia AjaxAdult (f)2,2255322
BUfZfItia Dyo AjaxAdult (f)4,2671,0054
I1xkXKavala Dyo AjaxAdult (f)3,1626951
aWDiEKyparissia Dyo AjaxAdult (f)3,9086223
5lrGSAmaliada Dyo AjaxAdult (f)3,5327272
sJziBSelene Tria AjaxAdult (f)3,8417243
VkRoYSiatista Tria AjaxAdult (f)3,6297682
dL25oHekate Tessera AjaxAdult (f)3,5367471
wjul6Varakes Non AjaxAdult (m)7,4971,3789
eIisoElisos AjaxAdult (m)6,9971,2064
HRuQfLakkos AjaxAdult (m)6,6821,2136
vQRXfEpidavros AjaxAdult (m)5,2859724
WczkRKampos AjaxAdult (m)5,0589084
VDjYoTholo AjaxAdult (m)3,1558364
xijH5Chromio AjaxAdult (m)3,9877824
Y6d0yVelventos AjaxAdult (m)2,1295040
kUiDUKalo Dyo AjaxAdult (m)5,7181,2305
YrJYpSellas Dyo AjaxAdult (m)6,0148764
zIcA5Chriso Dyo AjaxAdult (m)4,0947816
UksthLavdas Tria AjaxAdult (m)3,3697732
tFMES(tFMES)Adult (m)3,8229284
hxaxc(hxaxc)Adult (m)3,0209262
9LbJr(9LbJr)Adult (f)4,7581,0991
KwA8F(KwA8F)Adult (f)2,6448023
KfiD3(KfiD3)Adult (f)5,7321,2113
wt79I(wt79I)Adult (f)5,8891,1733
BVMOJXifiani MinosAdult (f)5,5631,2365
UJe8rStefani MinosAdult (f)4,9029924
j3BKBNea MinosAdult (f)6,2821,1763
cY9zYPerama MinosAdult (f)7,3791,2324
BD4D0Valani MinosAdult (f)6,4131,3133
0tlS4Ossa MinosAdult (f)6,0091,2014
K28J9Megara MinosAdult (f)3,2549937
O7XuTKreta MinosAdult (f)3,1839211
w3lgWAgioi MinosAdult (f)3,7211,0053
CfNmBAgia MinosAdult (f)2,9369230
IkDscDafni MinosAdult (f)2,7928802
UgzbYKea MinosAdult (f)3,5598724
j7A0gLivadi MinosAdult (f)4,1319263
mrs31Sklavena MinosAdult (f)4,00494110
EdkUaNedousa MinosAdult (f)6,6261,1266
9RJF4Pollonia MinosAdult (f)3,2037796
Gz4iiKrya Dyo MinosAdult (f)5,7239584
NprVXKalivia Dyo MinosAdult (f)6,3671,0054
PuL0zCharia Dyo MinosAdult (f)4,1468426
cehH6Ioannina Dyo MinosAdult (f)4,7069586
DoQDeMelissa Dyo MinosAdult (f)4,7119935
JnGEwAlestia Dyo MinosAdult (f)4,1161,0173
VkWsfThouria Dyo MinosAdult (f)4,0729474
Xo2IqMila Dyo MinosAdult (f)4,5889572
ad6wVAthena Tria MinosAdult (f)5,9311,1893
K1e4OHera Tria MinosAdult (f)3,4838644
tqjf9Daphne Tria MinosAdult (f)5,1659602
gXIGLEos Tria MinosAdult (f)3,8417254
eERDxUrsa Tessera MinosAdult (f)2,1545253
Yg0jnDione Tessera MinosAdult (f)3,4977183
yqnysEurybia Pente MinosAdult (f)2,9636672
VNoQrUgurlu MinosAdult (m)5,7041,4584
3iIAPEmporio MinosAdult (m)3,5349173
5mGy6Kythnos MinosAdult (m)3,5269283
MOxQuMikonos MinosAdult (m)3,1289535
WHm8kRizario MinosAdult (m)6,0411,0913
p83FZGaios MinosAdult (m)3,1588455
b4d0EMegalo MinosAdult (m)5,5131,1076
7Ar1JLofiskos MinosAdult (m)5,9341,1364
5TpuWGithio MinosAdult (m)6,7071,3967
weUTZAkovos MinosAdult (m)6,5291,0788
NSeidZigos MinosAdult (m)5,8961,2913
tHq35Samiko MinosAdult (m)7,8321,0453
wGnf3Gavros MinosAdult (m)5,1699872
ZsQqAElos MinosAdult (m)6,3761,2097
azodoPatras MinosAdult (m)7,9891,02610
sb2nHSpathades MinosAdult (m)5,2011,0063
ukOD0Dion Dyo MinosAdult (m)5,9001,2003
PIvEkStenimachos Dyo MinosAdult (m)5,2551,0076
UgXykLete Dyo MinosAdult (m)3,2819282
l1HnOXinon Dyo MinosAdult (m)5,8271,1792
LI681Eleonas Dyo MinosAdult (m)6,5351,1091
YLzKaVolos Dyo MinosAdult (m)4,1979153
lGw2GKinigos Dyo MinosAdult (m)5,7031,2503
QLidsMitikas Dyo MinosAdult (m)4,2561,06312
0GE1xAres Tria MinosAdult (m)6,4901,2534
Vs4z7Hermes Tria MinosAdult (m)6,4121,1866
PGX6PHades Tria MinosAdult (m)7,5609606
8wbcbZakas Tria MinosAdult (m)3,1537502
JUy2THyperion Tessera MinosAdult (m)3,8988784
9UPteKronos Tessera MinosAdult (m)5,1198505
phYjSCrius Tessera MinosAdult (m)3,3647995
RyBCCIk heb de pokkenAdult (f)3,7401,05512
AUJsoIk heb de mazelenAdult (m)4,1479847
RX00CSkhira Gypsum RoseAdult (f)4,4159916
pOBIC(pOBIC)Adult (f)7,1711,1103
YrfxY(YrfxY)Adult (m)3,5807261
qA24Z(qA24Z)Adult (m)3,5607552
qXfB6(qXfB6)Adult (m)3,7427753
E6OHUArais Gypsum RoseAdult (m)3,5951,0072
uyycL(uyycL)Adult (m)4,0798932
meExc(meExc)Adult (m)4,1509182
qJRFt(qJRFt)Adult (m)3,3931,0088
HjyxX(HjyxX)Adult (m)2,5726583
QKgNI(QKgNI)Adult (f)2,7958773
QBW6X(QBW6X)Adult (m)6,3361,2029
kGNjx(kGNjx)Adult (m)3,1039906
gV6Q5(gV6Q5)Adult (m)2,8868697
sFCrm(sFCrm)Adult (m)2,1637042
aEupd(aEupd)Adult (m)2,6308843
Derp5(Derp5)Adult (m)2,6358992
K7ICx(K7ICx)Adult (m)2,6918863
8PePr(8PePr)Adult (m)3,0639562
L3UF3(L3UF3)Adult (f)4,3061,0392
2UcHLares Ianus FilliusAdult (m)4,26960933
dBn1Varro Ianus FilliusAdult (m)1,54181712
vbgpFides Ianus FilliusAdult (m)2,6991,66523
IRkBSalus Ianus FilliusAdult (m)2,8521,15612
jzPmAverruncus Ianus FilliusAdult (m)1,5457047
y4WiCaelus Ianus FilliusAdult (m)1,6961,0536
BEvPFebruus Ianus FilliusAdult (m)2,6961,2388
vxe6Indiges Ianus FilliusAdult (m)2,4351,5516
v7NTLiber Ianus FilliusAdult (m)1,8301,1478
Xw91Nascio Ianus FilliusAdult (m)2,0539928
phQrLetum Ianus FilliusAdult (m)1,9237076
TLHuHonos Ianus FilliusAdult (m)1,2924973
tA2zSol Iana FilliaAdult (f)2,5101,45619
7fPFLuna Iana FilliaAdult (f)2,8701,03312
5R3ALarunda Iana FilliaAdult (f)1,51069610
Bu1oLibitina Iana FilliaAdult (f)1,7719368
kAUGPietas Iana FilliaAdult (f)1,5149368
qi5IVictoria Iana FilliaAdult (f)1,4981,1469
H3bVRumina Iana FilliaAdult (f)1,4951,1436
AwPXOApox LernaeanAdult (m)2,5736535
nzCzEMordil LernaeanAdult (m)2,8937544
zwsFLZwelgje LernaeanAdult (m)3,4707811
6kQoEAmymone LernaeanAdult (f)2,51577510
CHDcoChadci LernaeanAdult (f)6,85997316
YM9JhSanctus Purpurus LernaeanAdult (m)2,2377145
NSL5SRjim Purpurus LernaeanAdult (m)5,8961,1596
5RzGB(5RzGB)Adult (f)2,3175870
QA54yQuintessa Purpurus LernaeanAdult (f)2,0837503
76YnPIphigenia Purpura LernaeanAdult (f)3,3398154
skhecSkehsis Purpura LernaeanAdult (f)2,8707154
cXUyNEa TiamataanAdult (f)3,4018673
anEbjIo TiamataanAdult (f)3,9706955
Ud21ZEe TiamataanAdult (m)3,0927571
bLLOpYi TiamataanAdult (m)3,0837541
WmspsAo TiamataanAdult (m)2,8917433
y6tyaIu TiamataanAdult (m)2,7768812
RLGgClongor SkakoansonAdult (m)1,3547204
uxL1Tiure SkakoansonAdult (m)1,3036931
LL0sDesilijic SkakoansonAdult (m)1,4747110
LFHQJiliac SkakoansonAdult (m)1,3466591
MClpYlesia SkakoansonAdult (m)1,2706260
MvVcBesadii SkakoansonAdult (m)1,5306974
6je7Bria SkakoandottirAdult (f)1,3956403
FFFOAruk SkakoansonAdult (m)1,6777663
FxvNmCoco PopAdult (f)2,5957696
JXikDellingr NottsonAdult (m)2,6561,00619
lgZ9Audr NottsonAdult (m)2,6521,01020
9vokVafbrudnir NottsonAdult (m)1,51781110
bWhH8Yami NottsonAdult (m)7,3841,4232
zQjK3Dajakida NottsonAdult (m)2,8246084
qSdKXFlamin NottsonAdult (m)4,0061,0563
m1aqfMinen NottsonAdult (m)6,5971,1142
MnkbKHeirule NottsonAdult (m)3,5528921
quispTyn NottsonAdult (m)4,9371,0246
b71SbNuntius NottsonAdult (m)5,4599744
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