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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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  • Silver Trophy
  • Trick-or-Treat
  • Egg Basket
  • 2012 Valentine’s Day
  • 2011 Holiday Event
  • Carrot Cave
  • 2010 Tree Decorating
  • Beat the Heat Summer
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You pick up the scroll labeled “Yubsie,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
kkpM(kkpM)Adult (m)1,13951111
04gL(04gL)Adult (m)8924326
32WuG(32WuG)Adult (m)2,0647762
giRuj(giRuj)Adult (f)2,0498423
6B4Xm(6B4Xm)Adult (f)2,0648284
9HgZ(9HgZ)Adult (f)2,6191,41010
Txhc(Txhc)Adult (m)1,1626994
ttUa(ttUa)Adult (f)1,7914553
MGua(MGua)Adult (f)8365592
0eaG(0eaG)Adult (m)1,6741,0649
9Wsb(9Wsb)Adult (f)1,7083355
P3RF(P3RF)Adult (m)1,2815106
5s1c(5s1c)Adult (f)1,5235217
b7TZ(b7TZ)Adult (f)1,2234183
VVvT(VVvT)Adult (f)9364674
LKiRm(LKiRm)Adult (f)1,3505481
dftEParles aux AnimauxAdult (f)800242152
8KGSZ(8KGSZ)Adult (f)1,9137491
5Z89W(5Z89W)Adult (f)1,5886782
quuu(quuu)Adult (m)1,2937157
LVdmAm a MANAdult (m)1,4935094
j5av(j5av)Adult (m)1,5594032
WJKo(WJKo)Adult (m)1,7584032
uQ2nU(uQ2nU)Adult (m)1,9486072
g0hr(g0hr)Adult (f)1,0516734
bIH9(bIH9)Adult (f)1,0118083
C4yU(C4yU)Adult (f)1,546354213
vcvw(vcvw)Adult (m)1,7355285
Oy6r(Oy6r)Adult (f)1,0888644
jZmU(jZmU)Adult (f)1,3497135
PJTG(PJTG)Adult (f)1,4795217
5vYu(5vYu)Adult (m)1,3018895
AAb3(AAb3)Adult (m)7745253
15sN(15sN)Adult (f)1,5625654
JJgk(JJgk)Adult (f)1,4475723
4Edm(4Edm)Adult (m)6074875
9E4f(9E4f)Adult (m)1,3826203
UZna(UZna)Adult (m)1,2025024
bmUk(bmUk)Adult (m)1,4323982
vTrh(vTrh)Adult (f)1,3484343
m8c6(m8c6)Adult (f)1,1528627
hL3j(hL3j)Adult (f)1,2475023
MUFP(MUFP)Adult (f)2,582631222
3TQe(3TQe)Adult (m)1,314318158
AqKV(AqKV)Adult (f)1,237269172
jpex(jpex)Adult (f)1,4307252
gOKp(gOKp)Adult (m)1,1337944
msCQ(msCQ)Adult (f)1,6211,0095
Q9w3(Q9w3)Adult (m)9944654
gBdD(gBdD)Adult (m)1,5484744
Uczx(Uczx)Adult (m)8726883
pZQ6(pZQ6)Adult (m)1,135343193
YfdO(YfdO)Adult (f)1,3918719
9SQq(9SQq)Adult (f)1,5343933
a4F0(a4F0)Adult (m)3,2174266
C38M(C38M)Adult (m)1,25267421
pXSc(pXSc)Adult (f)1,477426217
9AE1(9AE1)Adult (f)855317149
12cD(12cD)Adult (f)932261124
vLz8(vLz8)Adult (f)1,00446255
WCGi(WCGi)Adult (f)1,4356446
VGA1(VGA1)Adult (f)1,399397209
KaSG(KaSG)Adult (f)865292126
r7vT(r7vT)Adult (m)9937447
5Lxd(5Lxd)Adult (f)9547663
Z3DT(Z3DT)Adult (f)1,2305564
R8m6W(R8m6W)Adult (f)2,0718593
Dpsi(Dpsi)Adult (f)7005806
D7mi(D7mi)Adult (f)2,8971,13718
grX7(grX7)Adult (m)1,139380102
qk5M(qk5M)Adult (m)2,8891,43354
Xbkb(Xbkb)Adult (m)1,1635343
59Kp(59Kp)Adult (f)1,646441206
wiHF(wiHF)Adult (f)1,291279166
RSRD(RSRD)Adult (f)917326134
F2KN(F2KN)Adult (m)1,3015495
pVb1(pVb1)Adult (m)2,1791,2985
HWWc(HWWc)Adult (f)2,4761,0127
NUTR(NUTR)Adult (f)1,4269166
k2s8(k2s8)Adult (f)9927406
KXjfc(KXjfc)Adult (f)1,5996761
erDsV(erDsV)Adult (f)1,7226981
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