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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “Yubelchen,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
o2VV4CB Aeon KingAdult (m)6,7705595
lZtNh2Gen Red-Aeon QueenAdult (f)6,2715324
6afVJ2G Aeon KingAdult (m)5,6706724
JiQ1BCB Aeon QueenAdult (f)3,7146922
zzXm3Holly AeonAdult (f)7,4218112
5cDQ6Heart AeonAdult (f)4,4699773
i4m27Ion the SickAdult (f)4,2811,0592
WjwU5(WjwU5)Adult (m)4,9829603
ecHo2(ecHo2)Adult (m)3,2458281
NnOnI(NnOnI)Adult (f)3,2188241
xgyQ4(xgyQ4)Adult (m)3,3557630
j5q3Y(j5q3Y)Adult (f)3,2347400
1zqm7(1zqm7)Adult (f)3,4527671
CWJJQ(CWJJQ)Adult (m)4,1398591
bYDtR(bYDtR)Adult (f)3,1516900
T2XNo(T2XNo)Adult (f)3,0837140
Pp3yP(Pp3yP)Adult (m)3,3827103
ipq9r(ipq9r)Adult (f)2,8736780
7znCl(7znCl)Adult (m)3,4707560
OI5tf(OI5tf)Adult (f)3,3937700
JLPpr(JLPpr)Adult (f)3,2287420
2iD1CB Albino KingAdult (m)7,1511,0619
6KsYCB AlbinoQueenAdult (f)8,3611,0789
X6UyGCB Albino King2Adult (m)4,7949340
ULIl6CB AlbinoQueen2Adult (f)5,7686782
mt5NDCB Almerald KingAdult (m)5,6017966
s1ATeCB Almerald QueenAdult (f)5,6868145
K7mwi(K7mwi)Adult (m)4,7697122
HbvGX(HbvGX)Adult (m)3,5976890
5gpNs(5gpNs)Adult (m)3,2588231
b5YzV(b5YzV)Adult (f)3,4028062
bW5vECB Anagallis KingAdult (m)3,8368872
WjwlzCB Anagallis QueenAdult (f)3,7748811
YUgc9Looking cool JokerAdult (m)3,9498691
GClpKCB Anagallis King3Adult (m)3,9088753
mjKBbCB Anagallis Queen2Adult (f)3,8958771
LvHzXCB Anagallis Queen3Adult (f)4,0148691
8KPgiCB Anagallis King4Adult (m)3,9258711
JaozVCB Anagallis King5Adult (m)4,7917381
zI2dACB Anagallis Queen4Adult (f)4,7246610
2UujaCB Antarean KingAdult (m)5,5965901
PILiSCB Antarean QueenAdult (f)1,1275361
hrSJx(hrSJx)Adult (m)7,4538011
VltAh(VltAh)Adult (f)4,3731,0040
qOe7F(qOe7F)Adult (m)4,5361,0000
WhDeo(WhDeo)Adult (f)4,2889831
KwKSW(KwKSW)Adult (m)4,2478801
h0qgR(h0qgR)Adult (f)3,7959651
ERxAF(ERxAF)Adult (f)3,5619481
X1DG6(X1DG6)Adult (f)2,5436741
mh1WQ(mh1WQ)Adult (f)2,3076192
WVO1S(WVO1S)Adult (f)2,9137521
FVC8u(FVC8u)Adult (m)3,0297562
pBfY8(pBfY8)Adult (m)3,3858900
5HwnH(5HwnH)Adult (f)2,7946910
B49Zf(B49Zf)Adult (f)2,3407002
7gez1(7gez1)Adult (m)3,0496981
i4b0Y(i4b0Y)Adult (f)3,1546921
WFdpy(WFdpy)Adult (m)2,9707573
F2LpBWitch of the Green FlameAdult (f)2,8027801
Rkstd(Rkstd)Adult (f)2,6857571
udTD1(udTD1)Adult (m)2,6677521
5U0Zg(5U0Zg)Adult (m)2,3576761
KttJn(KttJn)Adult (m)2,3877223
xO406(xO406)Adult (m)2,2956761
w5upFCB AriaQueenAdult (f)10,4901,0604
SHJEoCB AriaKingAdult (m)5,9106191
cSiHBCB AriaKing2Adult (m)2,0857031
bsXvsCB AriaKing3Adult (m)4,6241,0471
aNTNrCB ArsaniQueenAdult (f)4,9613911
ICkcMCB ArsaniQueen2Adult (f)4,8123890
Y3rCx2Gen LN MagiArsaniAdult (f)4,6451,0255
zKgCR(zKgCR)Adult (f)4,0251,0251
QvOBc(QvOBc)Adult (f)2,9997091
2RqoI(2RqoI)Adult (f)2,9377371
5Rpkq(5Rpkq)Adult (f)2,6866821
eNdN8(eNdN8)Adult (m)2,7477141
P7bbX(P7bbX)Adult (m)2,8696990
SDAtQ(SDAtQ)Adult (f)3,4217061
HNDMu(HNDMu)Adult (f)3,3737241
53Rgg(53Rgg)Adult (m)4,0727111
4Oi3n(4Oi3n)Adult (m)3,9657260
eFC2g(eFC2g)Adult (f)3,0217182
VcN5Z(VcN5Z)Adult (f)2,7707142
VIihV(VIihV)Adult (m)2,7077171
3AoXo(3AoXo)Adult (m)2,8127092
iz1X6CB Azure Glacewing QueenAdult (f)10,7701,1117
WIRoBCB Azure Glacewin KingAdult (m)5,7765533
jxGiq(jxGiq)Adult (f)6,7847560
Fn5ml(Fn5ml)Adult (m)4,3738811
aAg3z(aAg3z)Adult (f)4,3479011
0bn9C(0bn9C)Adult (f)3,5928540
BKkfPCB G Baikala KingAdult (m)6,4796171
AWZtZCB G Baikala QueenAdult (f)7,2854921
m5y0E(m5y0E)Adult (m)5,6131,0562
cyvCd(cyvCd)Adult (f)3,5247411
FYAGeCB Baikala KingAdult (m)5,5525352
abHfiCB Baikala QueenAdult (f)7,6197907
jczjM(jczjM)Adult (f)4,0269511
bNWc3(bNWc3)Adult (m)2,8116912
Dl5V9(Dl5V9)Adult (f)3,5047312
OBQQCB BalloonQueenAdult (f)7,4077616
PlnY3Gen BalloonPinkAdult (m)5,5131,1257
fN6YOCB BalloonQueen2Adult (f)4,8679263
JsH85CB BalloonQueen3Adult (f)6,0068272
JvnmSCB Bauta QueenAdult (f)7,3129853
ynAjXCB Bauta KingAdult (m)3,1617012
9mPcw(9mPcw)Adult (f)4,2228041
HSYm1(HSYm1)Adult (m)4,3508051
P6QPj(P6QPj)Adult (m)3,5297331
nJ8vfCB Black Capped Teimarr QueenAdult (f)3,9388564
Uwq0KCB Black Capped Teimarr KingAdult (m)3,2108813
iR2HLCB Black Capped Teimarr Queen2Adult (f)2,9017901
zKFNZCB Black Capped Teimarr King2Adult (m)5,8438721
h4Um7Gen MessyBlackGoldAdult (m)7,3821,1129
7nL17Gen BlackPinkAdult (f)6,2221,17310
06GEK2Gen LN BlackWhiteAdult (m)4,1249315
HJqm92Gen LN TurpinBlackAdult (f)4,7519058
mFOmV3Gen Spiral White FailAdult (m)4,1473976
863O92Gen PB BlackPrincessAdult (f)3,7663577
UlqrY2Gen LN NebularBlackAdult (f)2,8158815
FClQT3Gen LN WhiteBlack TwistAdult (f)4,9537143
phg4O3Gen LN TurpinBlackAdult (f)3,3273762
SMhbZ2Gen PB DarkPrinceAdult (m)3,5064253
gD5QE3Gen PB Black GrandprinceAdult (m)2,2616625
Ey9FNCB Black KingAdult (m)2,5137001
3EKeICB Black King2Adult (m)2,4824706
1DbTOCB BlackQueen2Adult (f)3,3964154
tzz8hCB BlackQueenAdult (f)2,4698195
Y0IjWCB Black King3Adult (m)2,8826855
xwAB32Gen PB BlackPrinceAdult (m)3,0615571
Q7KQQ2Gen PB BlackPrincess1Adult (f)4,6083261
2fbKz2Gen PB BlackPrince2Adult (m)5,1353441
DQJOj3Gen PB BlackPrincessAdult (f)3,7993270
OjxEA2Gen PB BlackPrincess11Adult (f)4,7383311
tZXk62Gen PB BlackPrince1Adult (m)4,1712910
6gCuH2Gen PB BlackPrincess2Adult (f)4,4973011
EbQ0D2Gen PB BlackPrince11Adult (m)3,0024371
9JkpwCB Black King4Adult (m)6,1546642
G0zgTCB Black King5Adult (m)6,0208661
mgt3S(mgt3S)Adult (m)4,2831,0428
FhNeS(FhNeS)Adult (m)3,8978262
1Ed0G(1Ed0G)Adult (m)5,3268002
uBJH1(uBJH1)Adult (m)2,5737040
eVbyT(eVbyT)Adult (f)3,2857350
YYgrHXGen AltBlacknossAdult (m)4,6693711
L0Y2J2Gen PB AltBlackPrincessAdult (f)3,8205578
84plo2GenLN Faceless the DemonAdult (m)6,8081,5409
mbmm52GenLN Kyoki the DemonAdult (m)4,6751,0545
Acrt22GenLN Yubelchen the DemonAdult (f)6,5551,4337
n43B02Gen PB MarrowAdult (f)5,2289316
jM9Rm2Gen Royal Crimson MarrowAdult (f)4,0549252
9SUOk(9SUOk)Adult (m)2,3516882
ohD1zCB Black Tea QueenAdult (f)2,4669053
b5x9BCB Black Tea KingAdult (m)2,4479011
HLlAOCB Black Tea Queen2Adult (f)2,8567763
9Y9mPCB Black Tea Queen3Adult (f)2,1606034
P1JdH(P1JdH)Adult (m)3,5346570
9IDht(9IDht)Adult (m)2,5836612
kLDSk(kLDSk)Adult (f)3,0857500
G6vdn(G6vdn)Adult (m)3,1907891
FLcQY(FLcQY)Adult (m)3,1947780
UraCs(UraCs)Adult (m)3,2456880
ysKHB(ysKHB)Adult (f)4,1258500
0jo6ICB Blacktip KingAdult (m)2,1651,1791
geP7yCB Blacktip QueenAdult (f)2,1731,1891
nIXOOCB Blacktip King2Adult (m)1,9477210
wdqyhCB Blacktip Queen2Adult (f)2,2187531
Bnq50CB Blacktip Queen3Adult (f)5,0999300
YlZoa(YlZoa)Adult (f)4,3509871
xolkL(xolkL)Adult (m)4,3211,0140
YlJMX(YlJMX)Adult (m)4,4881,0082
mHoNa(mHoNa)Adult (f)4,1858790
A9htNCB BleedingKingAdult (m)1,7887164
BZO17CB BleedingQueenAdult (f)1,5786942
R6f3tCB BleedingQueen2Adult (f)2,3217691
F3IJxCB BleedingQueen3Adult (f)3,4948633
sErALCB BleedingQueen4Adult (f)6,3687820
W10TKCB Blue-Banded QueenAdult (f)2,7359513
fdOihCB Blue-Banded KingAdult (m)2,7589572
Al1XlCB Blue-Banded King2Adult (m)6,1079890
b6tlJCB Blue-Banded Queen2Adult (f)3,5359442
KQwduCB Blue-Banded King3Adult (m)4,6198661
XYPMdCB Blue-Banded King4Adult (m)4,5518731
HzCFD(HzCFD)Adult (m)4,7546841
dIsXI2Gen PB BlusangPrincessAdult (f)4,3837805
Q0jsG2Gen PB BlusangPrincess2Adult (f)2,9438899
ElOK32Gen PB BlusangPrincAdult (m)3,0615257
hzd2bCB Blusang KingAdult (m)7,0916623
OznOLCB Blusang QueenAdult (f)5,5427073
FimFpCB Blusang King2Adult (m)4,7741,0346
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