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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “Xasora,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
9wcGSubject P2M129 - Kyle and LyleAdult (m)3,40858649
p6nkSubject P3M129 - Davin and GavinAdult (m)3,33158039
mGSbSubject P5F129 - Lia and MiaAdult (f)2,82687128
L9wdSubject P6F129 - Nessa and TessaAdult (f)1,82351030
xoHnSubject P5F129 - Chloe and ZoeAdult (f)1,6161,09710
4XYNSubject I11F129 - Dina and NinaAdult (f)1,1145577
HVskSubject P4M129 - Koby and TobyAdult (m)2,22950413
e1SMSubject P9M129 - Ral and HalAdult (m)2,7754437
GN9NSubject CF129 - Cara and SaraAdult (f)3,32236512
sq5qYSubject CF129 - Bella and StellaAdult (f)3,0851,5872
lMAL4Subject CM129 - Cal and MalAdult (m)3,8171,0614
iSG7s(iSG7s)Adult (m)5,4655930
gSul5(gSul5)Adult (f)4,4557755
HNe3U(HNe3U)Adult (m)3,5635013
EljPSubject FP8F129 - Rika and MikaHatchling (f, F)7923898
dSnA5(dSnA5)Hatchling (F)2,2983466
hw3XmSubject CM128 - Fear and SearAdult (m)6,9311,3504
X00Q4(X00Q4)Adult (f)6,4806261
qVE6ESubject B2M128 - Locks and SocksAdult (m)3,4728877
8Wqj3Subject CF128 - Lissa and LessaAdult (f)3,3666208
5IlxT(5IlxT)Adult (f)6,7731,4224
txw9P(txw9P)Adult (f)4,8731,0410
IaeFG(IaeFG)Adult (m)5,4197674
8rcHV(8rcHV)Adult (m)5,3376010
UtDxO(UtDxO)Adult (f)5,9955262
WQcke(WQcke)Adult (f)6,6695661
csPOM(csPOM)Adult (m)6,6254890
35ig7(35ig7)Adult (m)6,3164970
sXHnR(sXHnR)Adult (m)5,9474760
YJNIN(YJNIN)Adult (m)7,6838621
mCHfb(mCHfb)Adult (m)5,4714924
ptEQs(ptEQs)Adult (m)6,3771,2051
Q44bP(Q44bP)Adult (f)4,5859272
vXN17(vXN17)Adult (m)2,8826890
3dTSj(3dTSj)Adult (f)3,0796801
5HoxG(5HoxG)Adult (m)2,7296410
quITw(quITw)Adult (f)3,2726420
amBCi(amBCi)Adult (m)3,1166572
9vxHU(9vxHU)Adult (f)3,7086691
8DqFLSarkondAdult (m)3,9296630
wmGTI(wmGTI)Adult (f)3,9337131
uVvoD(uVvoD)Adult (m)3,6936690
i4oaM(i4oaM)Adult (f)2,7037600
gsuVi(gsuVi)Adult (m)2,7086931
LqXpA(LqXpA)Adult (f)4,6647782
WsMTw(WsMTw)Adult (m)3,8526760
Slyc1(Slyc1)Adult (m)2,4326238
O0o7Subject CF1 - KaretaAdult (f)1,86942611
ogv7Subject B2F1 - Albino HorseAdult (f)2,0133526
WMBqSubject CM1 - ChielielAdult (m)1,8403406
0cO4Subject B9M1 - WarlordAdult (m)1,6185147
qYMdSubject B3F1 - AlrowarenAdult (f)4,99037614
4iL7Subject CM1 - AvaithAdult (m)2,03932213
bGprSubject CM1 - Ch'tielAdult (m)1,6115414
MjBRSubject CM1 - ValatarAdult (m)1,8604108
gjJfPSubject B5M1 - CopperwhiteAdult (m)5,32648710
4RdGSubject FCM1 - InthynHatchling (m, F)3,08323310
UC8SSubject FI12S1 - NenynHatchling (F)34125918
1SecSubject B12M1 - One SecondHatchling (m, F)2,6201,6379
tej6Subject FCS1 - SithleHatchling (F)1,2031504
Cf2hv(Cf2hv)Adult (m)5,4156161
ICBX0(ICBX0)Adult (f)5,3936150
8DxNp(8DxNp)Adult (f)4,5787741
9tazC(9tazC)Adult (m)6,2621,0190
nvtUl(nvtUl)Adult (f)7,3668681
GTVzk(GTVzk)Adult (f)7,4939093
KClrA(KClrA)Hatchling (F)3,0624062
JlKXD(JlKXD)Adult (m)5,4946903
dQB2U(dQB2U)Adult (m)5,5106681
u210X(u210X)Adult (m)5,6496442
MDvyv(MDvyv)Adult (f)5,5336661
9LCBj(9LCBj)Adult (f)5,7636451
7XZvp(7XZvp)Adult (f)5,5786841
uffFS(uffFS)Adult (m)5,2486430
Odnri(Odnri)Adult (m)7,2716250
yS3Rc(yS3Rc)Adult (m)7,2656290
j1UBt(j1UBt)Adult (f)7,2546390
AaHdh(AaHdh)Adult (m)7,2906320
gvSW9(gvSW9)Adult (f)7,2556300
tUi7J(tUi7J)Adult (f)7,2156330
YAJU6(YAJU6)Adult (f)7,2616371
zjJOf(zjJOf)Adult (m)5,1697794
YjI0q(YjI0q)Adult (m)5,0047122
FCylU(FCylU)Adult (f)5,5326000
oR8Xq(oR8Xq)Adult (f)5,1837493
u9Bit(u9Bit)Adult (f)6,1791,0384
buzIL(buzIL)Adult (m)6,0911,2133
ZZ71e(ZZ71e)Adult (m)3,4016347
hm7Jh(hm7Jh)Adult (m)3,7276572
qerNZ(qerNZ)Adult (f)2,2216471
Kss3N(Kss3N)Adult (f)4,8006251
oO3LD(oO3LD)Hatchling (F)2,2452080
tUdML(tUdML)Hatchling (m, F)4,6635470
mxi0V(mxi0V)Hatchling (f, F)4,1628613
qUuUU(qUuUU)Adult (f)5,6095741
6CjVH(6CjVH)Adult (m)5,7285741
U6uS2(U6uS2)Adult (m)5,5375790
JSvLz(JSvLz)Adult (m)3,7879142
nrbkO(nrbkO)Adult (m)7,3569311
IXjPg(IXjPg)Adult (f)7,1319210
iU5mG(iU5mG)Adult (f)5,6161,1723
HSeMU(HSeMU)Adult (f)5,5821,1782
EJZQZ(EJZQZ)Adult (m)5,7641,1941
5HDvI(5HDvI)Adult (f)5,2091,2911
GoFJ2(GoFJ2)Adult (f)5,2067301
dhY4r(dhY4r)Adult (f)2,5077144
qdvmH(qdvmH)Adult (m)7,2261,0766
fDyat(fDyat)Adult (m)5,9851,1512
HLn7D(HLn7D)Hatchling (F)2,3962332
zn3UL(zn3UL)Adult (m)3,4908381
sBN8j(sBN8j)Adult (m)3,8008721
ujuuk(ujuuk)Adult (m)3,6258851
t0JeK(t0JeK)Adult (f)3,7208712
kHhQS(kHhQS)Adult (f)3,5118481
kq3Ii(kq3Ii)Adult (f)5,4157583
t96t5(t96t5)Adult (m)3,7315721
5WHQB(5WHQB)Adult (f)3,6295431
3c15Y(3c15Y)Adult (m)3,4825580
JMCS3(JMCS3)Adult (m)3,6945870
qArMt(qArMt)Adult (f)2,8006045
jdBaSubject CF22 - Pinkie PieAdult (f)1,91366220
i4BXM(i4BXM)Adult (m)4,6536780
KT5ty(KT5ty)Adult (f)4,6806721
rJuEy(rJuEy)Adult (f)5,5685930
X4y4M(X4y4M)Adult (m)5,1606201
0rrBL(0rrBL)Adult (f)4,4638312
Vg4aR(Vg4aR)Adult (f)3,9626300
3wBah(3wBah)Adult (m)3,7766130
xCpa9(xCpa9)Adult (m)4,1686510
puK3S(puK3S)Adult (f)3,9396221
PGAzu(PGAzu)Adult (m)5,0647121
DaHfo(DaHfo)Adult (m)4,8727050
XDQeK(XDQeK)Adult (f)4,7037151
jUSqU(jUSqU)Adult (m)5,8117551
EwODl(EwODl)Adult (f)5,5647382
HJpZN(HJpZN)Adult (m)5,7737220
bX4yw(bX4yw)Adult (m)5,8807650
puBzT(puBzT)Adult (m)3,9386542
nUcyU(nUcyU)Adult (f)4,1146700
BqjJr(BqjJr)Adult (m)3,8877971
jqtd0(jqtd0)Adult (f)3,8547370
2BIOm(2BIOm)Adult (m)4,0047550
5Qdkj(5Qdkj)Adult (m)6,6039616
gay1E(gay1E)Adult (m)4,0201,02436
0wRfo(0wRfo)Adult (f)4,5247322
qulcg(qulcg)Adult (f)3,3286951
zBUqq(zBUqq)Hatchling (F)2,9893612
FM8d9(FM8d9)Adult (m)6,9209232
UQS1z(UQS1z)Adult (f)6,7169052
coO3u(coO3u)Adult (f)4,4767261
dUzCF(dUzCF)Adult (m)6,3348712
6Iegm(6Iegm)Adult (m)3,7637801
FaSDSubject CF66 - Balloon UnicornAdult (f)8626831
72fRSubject CM66 - Balloon DogAdult (m)7525963
2aLOSubject FB4M66 - Balloon KittenHatchling (m, F)1,8314857
ZR0VSubject FB10S66 - Balloon CrownHatchling (F)1,21818210
Z7uDSubject FB5S66 - Balloon FlowerHatchling (F)7833172
izfcz(izfcz)Adult (f)7,5585181
eaKhJ(eaKhJ)Adult (f)6,3256371
aVqSK(aVqSK)Adult (m)6,1847493
GBFrF(GBFrF)Adult (m)3,3067321
x2B1Subject CF79 - Mary ReadAdult (f)2,00662127
XPFOSubject CM79 - AncaladarAdult (m)1,91048815
xmmpSubject B4M79 - LassimAdult (m)7094942
M0FjSubject I9M79 - ChadimAdult (m)1,4054286
e2MYSubject I12M79 - AssakoAdult (m)1,2743809
Qmf7Subject B9F79 - LisilsaAdult (f)1,29046214
6N8VSubject I11M79 - SseninAdult (m)1,5784255
9FFhSubject I12M79 - IthenAdult (m)1,5623419
VSnqSubject B8M79 - HaratarAdult (m)2,83329416
BQgZSubject I10F79 - ShalishaeraAdult (f)2,3613524
aAsBSubject I9M79 - TinrgAdult (m)1,4862735
2LHOSubject B11F79 - RalaiaAdult (f)1,8414626
ibb1Subject I9M79 - RalishulAdult (m)3,5263467
ZGD3nSubject I8M79 - RelatarAdult (m)3,2641,0786
0q22YSubject B3F79 - Tabitha BlackAdult (f)3,1448751
wrx84Subject B3F79 - Black DeathAdult (f)3,7863644
fGrBSSubject B3M79 - AssassiniAdult (m)3,6453274
1Bt5oSubject B6F79 - Tat'azarAdult (f)3,7668076
ZO6rtSubject B3F79 - Blackest ThuwedAdult (f)7,4131,0433
7vMuiSubject CM79 - DrogonAdult (m)5,7331,2045
uZ0APSubject P2F79 - LauraleeAdult (f)3,2868257
xm3D1Subject CM79 - Ah TabaiAdult (m)5,3461,3035
YYGdbSubject CF79 - MaleficentAdult (f)7,1471,0655
2Nv65Subject P2M79 - NesbitAdult (m)5,7079486
RaL7WSubject P2M79 - GlaurungAdult (m)5,7179644
wi47HSubject P2F79 - KalessinAdult (f)4,6531,0002
k3jVuSubject CM79 - Jon SnowAdult (m)7,4181,1802
O0tPjSubject B2F79 - Black PlagueAdult (f)5,8741,3192
hmHLdSubject B2F79 - JabberwockAdult (f)7,5471,0954
cDjVmSubject B3M79 - SmallpoxAdult (m)5,5068973
34sWnSubject P3F79 - YevaudAdult (f)7,3231,1162
JxYtFSubject B3F79 - BryaghAdult (f)7,3241,1503
5N5IHSubject P3F79 - XanthAdult (f)7,2851,1602
FK0vSSubject P2M79 - Only DarknessAdult (m)5,2948365
PbgEQSubject B2M79 - BeowulfAdult (m)6,5639751
QLqyk(QLqyk)Adult (m)6,4719760
iJciV(iJciV)Adult (f)6,6289481
TLseC(TLseC)Adult (f)6,2321,4441
P7yJ7Subject P2F79 - KnightstarAdult (f)5,0221,2062
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