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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “Xalithar_Daskel,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
ek1cx(ek1cx)Adult (f)2,0488151
JPz7F(JPz7F)Adult (m)1,8348050
QbuAM(QbuAM)Adult (f)1,8257891
wL1sC(wL1sC)Adult (f)3,0808990
nkODC(nkODC)Adult (f)3,0709040
9RpaY(9RpaY)Adult (f)3,0899250
kO6QC(kO6QC)Adult (m)2,6898980
xWZVf(xWZVf)Adult (f)2,1587704
rcNwk(rcNwk)Adult (f)2,1077482
aNk69(aNk69)Adult (m)2,1177203
ZzhW6(ZzhW6)Adult (f)3,6137712
W2vEn(W2vEn)Adult (f)2,7968969
V8c1K(V8c1K)Adult (f)2,8189142
9cltM(9cltM)Adult (m)2,8648922
Efo2W(Efo2W)Adult (m)3,3348403
nt9wCGrace SerendiaAdult (f)4,59555023
0opLt(0opLt)Adult (m)1,0205325
jYFwn(jYFwn)Adult (f)1,0175335
iEdUv(iEdUv)Adult (m)1,1526227
Sf2OU(Sf2OU)Adult (f)1,2196648
kp2AsThundaru HeraAdult (f)3,7431,8818
Iw0jFMorvaida HeatscaleAdult (f)3,7401,86910
U0OkYSaphir OdaruAdult (m)3,7331,8686
soVWNFlametongue AzinaAdult (f)3,7371,8566
AXAJbArdus StonewallAdult (m)4,0511,1594
TTT3PInfernus BlazeAdult (m)2,4658844
WkpnLYamikazuAdult (m)3,8131,0719
4FSGLXandalor FrostAdult (f)2,8941,47812
8sLHwIkus DallianAdult (m)2,9571,4385
FyakLFyakleaAdult (f)3,0781,3805
44PbOCrimsodalusAdult (f)3,0141,3537
1U8GdCazelrothAdult (m)2,6181,0481
Zc5v1Evinel TerraAdult (f)2,1408282
TJPeITervas BoulderAdult (f)2,1598381
B7kytFlickerfireAdult (m)2,0458082
bLilYSoarvenAdult (f)1,9197830
2O75fGalixus TraverteAdult (f)2,1541,0063
G9lzJDurum AlforzeAdult (m)1,9738230
V2rm6Travuin ArchadosAdult (m)1,8007471
0daZjUthrudielAdult (f)1,9759461
cIs0xLunafridasAdult (f)1,6447743
5GfD2GlissysAdult (f)2,1746724
lr578SvalinAdult (m)2,2746473
CvfvnRaylight KurudurimAdult (f)1,7297461
FQ5oBEversingAdult (f)1,8266501
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