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Dragon pixel art

Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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  • Trick-or-Treat
  • Egg Basket
  • 2019 Valentine’s Day
  • 2018 Holiday Event
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  • 2017 Halloween Event
  • 2017 Valentine’s Day
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You pick up the scroll labeled “X-acidic pixie stick-X,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
ufprr(ufprr)Adult (f)5,3107091
9ClqWThe God - AirusAdult (m)4,9725062
aVgPQ(aVgPQ)Adult (m)4,0328731
24qc3(24qc3)Adult (f)4,7539420
2mxqN(2mxqN)Adult (f)4,5299200
pd5ae(pd5ae)Adult (m)3,8418420
04XkBlodwen of LucidusAdult (f)4,8111,38126
1djuThe Eclipse of LucidusAdult (f)4,4781,29735
0mlWThe Rider ConquestAdult (m)3,62856810
KjM1Rinya of LucidusAdult (f)2,57084911
kCiRDaranar LucidusAdult (m)2,00036711
p0s4PThe Goddess - ProsperahAdult (f)3,8472790
qOWCiQ'WarrenAdult (m)4,2243032
3OpPLDidihraAdult (f)5,5477290
SwK26(SwK26)Adult (f)4,7796181
g0fNr(g0fNr)Adult (m)4,9356992
8aJQPhrideHatchling (m, F)3,65725912
d7aGY(d7aGY)Adult (f)5,2436381
aFLT9(aFLT9)Adult (f)5,1645061
iFjek(iFjek)Adult (m)4,9545150
TKGTW(TKGTW)Adult (m)8,2675792
pNcvXThe Goddess - AnabailleAdult (f)6,4685101
cEFgr(cEFgr)Adult (f)4,7065902
Liz80The Goddess - JuliraAdult (f)5,8026491
gAXX8GarlaneAdult (f)5,2346781
8NpRMNepharahAdult (f)5,6967753
fnrvUThe God - SekrimantAdult (m)6,2479721
cANFZ(cANFZ)Adult (f)6,0196121
mxoRC(mxoRC)Adult (f)5,6766142
2rDMd(2rDMd)Adult (m)8,4435812
eeGm5TemairaAdult (f)4,4977251
KXLRxLoraihaAdult (f)4,6907301
qWVxrThe God - SehmirAdult (m)5,6737211
Xpw4QThe Goddess - AngelhesseAdult (f)5,1347132
icHHr(icHHr)Adult (m)5,0107092
VtfT7The Goddess - BreilaAdult (f)4,7527152
1ytdC(1ytdC)Adult (f)5,1286071
M5KRCThe Goddess - FreiaAdult (f)5,1616381
uANdt(uANdt)Adult (f)5,6345932
9AUG2(9AUG2)Adult (m)5,5555701
lvLK6(lvLK6)Adult (f)7,3685041
DIB93(DIB93)Adult (m)4,5906830
BuGID(BuGID)Adult (m)3,9648721
hTxba(hTxba)Adult (m)4,9461,0113
QyOwX(QyOwX)Adult (f)3,3627942
yx5SW(yx5SW)Adult (f)2,5486881
mlH0M(mlH0M)Adult (f)3,9018812
mp8j1(mp8j1)Adult (m)3,9139131
0aJfX-Zuri-XAdult (f)3,91545318
9x90H(9x90H)Adult (f)5,0907090
i1Xts(i1Xts)Adult (m)5,1736862
YvePs(YvePs)Adult (f)5,2236160
UsT5k(UsT5k)Adult (f)4,1327101
FwFd6(FwFd6)Adult (m)5,3936002
yaS1Z(yaS1Z)Adult (f)5,4686631
F8fAc(F8fAc)Adult (m)4,3907750
ZyjlE(ZyjlE)Adult (m)4,1467401
TBzqv(TBzqv)Adult (f)4,8116761
Q4CtkLadyRainicornAdult (f)4,1914659
oCrMd(oCrMd)Adult (f)3,1614512
L524f(L524f)Adult (f)5,3476532
QdWNn(QdWNn)Adult (m)4,3689238
gy17p(gy17p)Adult (f)4,0588790
Y5lmX(Y5lmX)Adult (f)6,4657311
8zjgB(8zjgB)Adult (m)3,4458211
i6SWv(i6SWv)Adult (m)6,2705102
5wXS4(5wXS4)Adult (m)5,1476162
ufomV(ufomV)Adult (f)8,2805751
Gu1mK(Gu1mK)Adult (f)8,0725671
U0SGC(U0SGC)Adult (m)9,4751,3991
oqqWu(oqqWu)Adult (f)4,2787016
kcOPU(kcOPU)Adult (m)6,6665001
7h4dH(7h4dH)Adult (m)6,1765190
qARCG(qARCG)Adult (m)5,2476300
cuRwq(cuRwq)Adult (f)5,4376360
1dk0x-Twinky-XAdult (f)7765616
dUMm(dUMm)Adult (f)4,0293056
00jY8(00jY8)Adult (m)4,8476992
4lCku(4lCku)Adult (m)5,6675212
34xwS(34xwS)Adult (f)9,0137352
dyO6x(dyO6x)Adult (f)3,1648411
AnhEBThe God - CavereanAdult (m)3,4205802
px6fE(px6fE)Adult (f)3,6295561
cW1z6(cW1z6)Adult (f)5,3333561
0fwd8(0fwd8)Adult (f)1,9853843
ehQz7(ehQz7)Adult (f)3,6233120
f0krS(f0krS)Adult (m)4,1532770
83H4EThe God - DornadAdult (m)4,8586893
9oUzX-Raya-XAdult (f)3,0471,06742
AhYMX-Death wing-XAdult (m)1,17181410
YhcYX-Cript's keeper-XAdult (m)1,1608514
gZODX-Dairnine-XAdult (m)1,4271,0206
d5OdX-Marynine-XAdult (f)1,4331,0237
aFEfX-Sumizonine-XAdult (m)2,7841,38425
oUYeX-Mayoke-XAdult (m)6344861
dtpOX-Debirunine-XAdult (m)6334840
ZGtaX-Makkura-XAdult (f)2,0111,2092
DImbX-Yuuanine-XAdult (m)9097862
6CxvX-Akujinine-XAdult (m)1,1427812
usJkX-Tensonine-XAdult (f)9316794
MzgcX-Danineku-XAdult (m)1,7649932
iA90X-Shinigamine-XAdult (m)1,3087521
BiA6X-Kurainine-XAdult (f)9297151
Dv3dX-Kitainine-XAdult (m)9495914
CrAYX-Myounine-XAdult (f)2,8251,3123
MWpZLiana The Thuwed DorkfaceAdult (f)2,70532917
oEEHYour Heart in My HandAdult (f)5,0283429
DdtEYour Blood on My SkinAdult (f)4,8411,0337
PrRRYou Look at my FaceAdult (m)4,2931,09812
ntIJBut You Don't See MeAdult (f)5,1084789
5iVDCassandra NightingaleAdult (f)3,5194779
6g2rGristaAdult (f)3,8052627
ioEdIoedAdult (m)2,82420514
VemDHaut NachtschwarzAdult (f)4,7483957
akPqSchwarzer FlugelAdult (f)4,3403437
UrtovSuch a Pretty Tinsel FailAdult (m)3,2554599
d3sYqDeskharAdult (m)1,9423532
aBmcOLynraAdult (f)2,7122107
cW3vfRowinAdult (m)3,9422817
XC30CDark Nights in ItalyAdult (m)4,1876957
q4hdeSuperficial CircumstancesAdult (m)3,5274252
OdFe4Odfehr of  the SwampAdult (m)1,1454904
NXZq6Nax D'herAdult (f)3,42681014
uZ99LThe Radiant DarkAdult (f)3,5842418
f8SVTFeeling HandsomeAdult (m)4,3502902
xMfT1If You Say SoAdult (f)3,3034287
mBNluMilwenAdult (m)3,4973963
i3uIYElrearAdult (m)3,4035054
bi1XjMoonlight's AmbianceAdult (f)4,3122884
gjFCaMythcaAdult (m)4,1373322
3N2WaDilhraAdult (f)4,2002804
ts3yuTsulranAdult (m)4,2423920
6KEy1Fruene ThineAdult (m)3,2363910
YQ9L2Ya'NorAdult (f)3,7013670
LEItHLealishkaAdult (f)4,1436461
35y3UThe God-NisteAdult (m)3,1346454
Pfi8jElehraAdult (f)4,8668800
UhE54BestariaAdult (f)5,1201,1104
DeStXDestirhAdult (m)6,7166421
47XQBElantrahAdult (f)4,7016920
O2iPELunar Aura ThuwedAdult (f)7,4896003
a2Ej7(a2Ej7)Adult (f)5,4107950
z3pUX-Onigami-XHatchling (m, F)4,84476314
siOZX-Kishin-XHatchling (m, F)9947401
97llX-Kijin-XHatchling (f, F)7656015
KNbHX-Chisetsu-XHatchling (m, F)2,16070419
OAkbX-Scarlet-XAdult (m)3,33467366
i7ojX-Atra-XAdult (f)2,78127426
Ui3fOh Can't you seeAdult (m)2,64230715
VUJdHow I'm DyingAdult (m)3,88025911
Pc68I've Got No Reason To Be ProudAdult (f)4,30190127
HKqeDrink This Water Around MeAdult (f)3,0832469
eqBMBefore I DrownAdult (f)3,64624415
UH7IGodSave The QueenAdult (m)4,50848610
3lvbBut Why Can't God Save MeAdult (m)3,86731411
aMhArAll The Flowers Died TonightAdult (m)2,8104364
5Ml8Tear Drops Falling Down My FaceHatchling (F)2992462
PoVWUAnd All the CandlesHatchling (f, F)3,1792166
WW8gEWhy am I over hereAdult (m)4,0167118
4kJHLose Their FlameHatchling (m, F)5,3301,1535
JoXmAdal AnguisAdult (m)4,0125858
EkGcTiomatAdult (f)3,8786017
Nm2FB(Nm2FB)Adult (f)3,6273463
NC8UPImmrahAdult (f)3,6773324
owAzy(owAzy)Adult (f)3,9488522
aE5bS(aE5bS)Adult (f)3,9668552
Sk57z(Sk57z)Adult (f)4,2388060
TaINn(TaINn)Adult (m)4,1448601
J5Lkp(J5Lkp)Adult (f)4,1018600
Urm5O(Urm5O)Hatchling (m, F)3,1762172
3kch3The Goddess - Ni'EmaAdult (f)2,9274631
p4MSrHir'RuneAdult (m)3,1325700
74NhOLi'RahAdult (f)3,3025531
7KYdTThe Goddess - VilraAdult (f)6,9461,0706
zl8tLThe God - DibjornAdult (m)5,4377141
oHXHwThe Goddess - FrubellaAdult (f)5,6815841
RukxDRukkAdult (f)3,5558250
V2Pej(V2Pej)Adult (f)3,4976881
YWUEO(YWUEO)Adult (m)3,8318941
r290HDifruneAdult (f)2,6835790
02kQo(02kQo)Adult (m)4,1212832
pp5eP(pp5eP)Adult (m)4,7173323
k72pQ(k72pQ)Adult (f)3,0081,0050
2LbjZ(2LbjZ)Adult (m)4,0132681
2gqXD(2gqXD)Adult (m)4,5127490
pqQFw(pqQFw)Adult (m)4,6597310
JhUEe(JhUEe)Adult (f)5,7057240
l4y6l(l4y6l)Adult (m)5,7045621
EOQfX(EOQfX)Adult (m)5,2576340
6b5LV(6b5LV)Adult (f)3,9038610
mpBYv(mpBYv)Adult (m)6,3951,2590
3zgwM(3zgwM)Adult (f)4,8241,1362
kpQHt(kpQHt)Adult (f)4,4067152
IFGS8(IFGS8)Adult (f)5,6287753
TDfPk(TDfPk)Adult (m)4,3537791
jTD06(jTD06)Adult (m)4,0294253
BnHtY(BnHtY)Adult (f)3,6774752
WtdtJ(WtdtJ)Adult (f)4,1181,07510
DSIEU(DSIEU)Adult (f)2,45341714
cGnmI(cGnmI)Adult (m)4,8761,1224
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