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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “WraithZephyr,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
7OSWM7OSWM - CB M1Adult (m)3,1694251
n7P3fn7P3f - CB F1Adult (f)3,6064530
aZrmbaZrmb - CB M2Adult (m)3,2944311
75XNK75XNK - CB M3Adult (m)4,3698003
osLJ1osLJ1 - CB M4Adult (m)4,6017912
0xrTM0xrTM - 2G PBAdult (f)3,3514822
938ht938ht - CB F2Adult (f)3,7494322
iuN5giuN5g - CB M5Adult (m)5,3926507
VuCrCVuCrC - CB F3Adult (f)3,2844323
PQki6PQki6 - 2G PBAdult (m)3,8054813
zcClSzcClS - 2G x OmenAdult (m)2,5335382
sltaI(sltaI)Adult (f)3,4823633
CLE0g(CLE0g)Adult (f)3,5744322
GhFtP(GhFtP)Adult (m)2,8854241
Ou606(Ou606)Adult (f)2,8354881
rIrp6(rIrp6)Adult (m)2,3304461
Qn8Xt(Qn8Xt)Adult (m)2,2384461
4wazd(4wazd)Adult (f)3,1314592
2FY1S(2FY1S)Adult (m)3,0914843
gIpiQ(gIpiQ)Adult (f)3,1874881
WfMMh(WfMMh)Adult (m)2,7704711
stq9H(stq9H)Adult (f)3,6743763
ZTrM3(ZTrM3)Adult (f)3,5433672
KyUPMKyUPM - CB F1Adult (f)3,8554750
rOL6BrOL6B - CB F2Adult (f)3,3074740
kOqkkkOqkk - CB M1Adult (m)3,1404430
RkooTRkooT - CB M2Adult (m)3,4654511
mAzSFmAzSF - CB F3Adult (f)3,9504851
zHHbgzHHbg - CB F4Adult (f)3,8754601
wzpoKwzpoK - CB M3Adult (m)3,8134760
cAxBOcAxBO - CB M4Adult (m)2,8784401
aF7cBaF7cB - CB F5Adult (f)3,2684631
d18had18ha - CB M5Adult (m)3,7054480
QNb52QNb52 - CB M6Adult (m)3,1924942
BzFJaBzFJa - CB F6Adult (f)4,0334680
pC1ckpC1ck - CB F7Adult (f)3,9094911
5MjtN5MjtN - CB M7Adult (m)3,5134990
wUwI9(wUwI9)Adult (f)3,2598711
NtEMU(NtEMU)Adult (m)3,1468562
2WWZj(2WWZj)Adult (m)4,0644532
IkCbg(IkCbg)Adult (m)3,8583982
QocSSands of DawnAdult (m)2,57033825
HtPvTranslucent PearlAdult (f)3,07360218
4Kmjt4Kmjt - CB F2Adult (f)6,0701,1336
nqkbBnqkbB - CB M1Adult (m)1,8906594
GrWOfUcrade Shoum ThuwedAdult (f)4,0662837
umyttumytt - CB M2Adult (m)3,4204092
3SI753SI75 - CB F3Adult (f)3,7854911
Q7eudQ7eud - CB M3Adult (m)3,4634141
SJX5DSJX5D - 2G x Yule checkerAdult (f)2,3155332
C1JhOC1JhO - CB F4Adult (f)4,0794822
42zB2(42zB2)Adult (m)3,1746692
XZqm0(XZqm0)Adult (m)8,5261,1373
2VM1T(2VM1T)Adult (m)4,3204226
MaPqv(MaPqv)Adult (m)3,3564530
LYPkY(LYPkY)Adult (f)2,9864180
KJrmi(KJrmi)Adult (m)2,8654191
avWKW(avWKW)Adult (f)3,5504701
UapaV(UapaV)Adult (m)5,6459622
Uz90D(Uz90D)Adult (f)4,0544561
L87rxAegelmaerAdult (f)3,5454450
3lbGu3lbGu - CB M1Adult (m)3,5114200
VZnlOVZnlO - CB M2Adult (m)3,1214381
gRN0ZgRN0Z - CB F2Adult (f)2,9894400
2HEOs2HEOs - CB F3Adult (f)3,8024861
fLrvOfLrvO - CB M3Adult (m)3,6775023
zC7Zn(zC7Zn)Adult (f)4,3344192
FHA3wFHA3w - CB F4Adult (f)4,1704142
o6v0p(o6v0p)Adult (f)3,3683912
yXp1xyXp1x - CB F5Adult (f)3,4074090
PhVqaPhVqa - CB F7Adult (f)4,6913671
pHOUApHOUA - CB F8Adult (f)4,5354423
jAki2(jAki2)Adult (m)3,4566313
Tgh7C(Tgh7C)Adult (f)3,8315000
uYEBb(uYEBb)Adult (f)3,5935281
TnINs(TnINs)Adult (f)3,2254903
iUu8E(iUu8E)Adult (f)3,2244081
OGBfc(OGBfc)Adult (m)3,8554711
8davb(8davb)Adult (f)3,4364601
7x0Z5(7x0Z5)Adult (m)3,2994291
5EP1S(5EP1S)Adult (m)3,4644300
ku2F7(ku2F7)Adult (f)3,3994301
G7H2T(G7H2T)Adult (m)3,2864170
hYrwC(hYrwC)Adult (m)3,7314800
xemGw(xemGw)Adult (f)3,4644470
qIvyb(qIvyb)Adult (f)3,4714440
0AkDN(0AkDN)Adult (m)2,5615511
xP9Dq(xP9Dq)Adult (m)3,5193500
LW34E(LW34E)Adult (f)3,5663581
fFW9y(fFW9y)Adult (f)4,0723752
kJnEo(kJnEo)Adult (m)3,7443534
l1QA4(l1QA4)Adult (f)3,5754551
481qq(481qq)Adult (m)3,5554611
0Ep4A(0Ep4A)Adult (m)3,5144483
6kNp5(6kNp5)Adult (f)3,3834510
BLNwK(BLNwK)Adult (m)3,2134351
ljtQB(ljtQB)Adult (m)3,1084170
AHq27(AHq27)Adult (m)4,1474111
a04DB(a04DB)Adult (m)3,5763812
twF7Z(twF7Z)Adult (f)3,8764051
8YPOd(8YPOd)Adult (m)3,3264060
ZbbpV(ZbbpV)Adult (m)3,8784190
uCYbp(uCYbp)Adult (f)4,3204190
ho2gg(ho2gg)Adult (f)3,3604040
Z9DNG(Z9DNG)Adult (f)4,1894511
8xi7I(8xi7I)Adult (f)3,0275452
cxATr(cxATr)Adult (f)1,8847502
MNYpd(MNYpd)Adult (m)1,9507322
f9NNI(f9NNI)Adult (m)1,8817282
Usgsj(Usgsj)Adult (f)1,9027442
GK2qp(GK2qp)Adult (f)1,9237272
K6pUU(K6pUU)Adult (m)1,9277402
Ecs4G(Ecs4G)Adult (f)1,9517232
biiTe(biiTe)Adult (m)2,1617021
PuaoW(PuaoW)Adult (f)2,0506711
RkFWj(RkFWj)Adult (m)1,6906431
fhm8X(fhm8X)Adult (f)1,8906661
StCwU(StCwU)Adult (f)1,6716401
DrrVt(DrrVt)Adult (m)2,2116702
yiPVh(yiPVh)Adult (m)2,2566811
4wXMB(4wXMB)Adult (f)2,0086732
c2mZg(c2mZg)Adult (f)2,6729371
mPONN(mPONN)Adult (f)2,4045291
4v6jS(4v6jS)Adult (f)1,9153843
u7R4GwlithynAdult (f)2,80892612
SjTGGyndallAdult (f)3,5571,61512
ZNo7Rosea DorkfaceAdult (f)1,10552829
k10wJala SkysongAdult (f)83544232
xV4XC(xV4XC)Adult (f)3,1006860
pQmHi(pQmHi)Adult (m)3,4434852
EurZi(EurZi)Adult (f)3,4204871
JNqTE(JNqTE)Adult (f)3,2024882
MgUfM(MgUfM)Adult (m)3,2314830
Pm5nG(Pm5nG)Adult (m)3,4494611
Tre9n(Tre9n)Adult (m)3,7675401
CriR7(CriR7)Adult (m)5,3655501
lbvFS(lbvFS)Adult (m)7,1666721
IxUWe(IxUWe)Adult (f)4,0623983
SyuIz(SyuIz)Adult (f)4,4594601
piu6W(piu6W)Adult (m)4,4074103
9Ap5X(9Ap5X)Adult (m)3,2853814
P91WS(P91WS)Adult (m)4,1374001
AmacCLedrithAdult (f)4,6843182
k2LDpGyfrinachAdult (f)5,4763662
GcADBGcADB - 2G x BlackAdult (f)2,1827915
0Zrze0Zrze - 2G x SilverAdult (f)2,5914657
ab0kLab0kL - 2G x Black TeaAdult (f)3,6991,0722
lJrYxlJrYx - 2G x SeragammaAdult (f)4,1309323
vFuLyvFuLy - 2G x TsunamiAdult (f)1,9404227
ORA0v(ORA0v)Adult (m)3,5984460
EglXn(EglXn)Adult (m)3,8814731
V0VFo(V0VFo)Adult (m)4,0564720
Klbt3(Klbt3)Adult (m)3,9654800
YBQY2(YBQY2)Adult (f)3,6094450
A7bU0(A7bU0)Adult (f)3,4454550
cXK3i(cXK3i)Adult (f)4,2204560
BgbF3(BgbF3)Adult (f)3,7534550
AbsBZ(AbsBZ)Adult (m)2,7062651
zxX50(zxX50)Adult (m)2,7822621
Zd1XB(Zd1XB)Adult (m)3,3722922
ZFIVF(ZFIVF)Adult (f)3,1382903
ndtod(ndtod)Adult (f)2,8254221
hJ6gP(hJ6gP)Adult (f)3,5883440
prPM2(prPM2)Adult (m)3,9783800
9pKlw(9pKlw)Adult (f)4,2923791
jVboZ(jVboZ)Adult (m)3,5873830
qneex(qneex)Adult (f)3,5963922
OO8Fc(OO8Fc)Adult (m)2,6007470
NnG5W(NnG5W)Adult (f)2,6777700
DK87K(DK87K)Adult (f)2,7677510
TwdlA(TwdlA)Adult (m)2,6757470
PruGk(PruGk)Adult (f)2,7497710
bo2He(bo2He)Adult (f)2,6227680
NQtJg(NQtJg)Adult (m)2,6307490
clAXN(clAXN)Adult (f)4,2304322
Hqmom(Hqmom)Adult (m)3,2054111
lr5LG(lr5LG)Adult (f)3,3584170
kwm6N(kwm6N)Adult (m)3,5364371
5iUcU(5iUcU)Adult (f)3,5284341
DKTnS(DKTnS)Adult (m)3,4874402
YYQEq(YYQEq)Adult (f)3,4654441
wVy2E(wVy2E)Adult (f)3,9824143
nVYpW(nVYpW)Adult (m)6,1561,2253
pqibe(pqibe)Adult (m)3,8884361
Fxnwl(Fxnwl)Adult (f)3,8464351
2AjL1(2AjL1)Adult (m)3,3534480
VvCOd(VvCOd)Adult (m)2,9604260
2fqxL(2fqxL)Adult (f)3,1954592
PMUaV(PMUaV)Adult (f)3,4404580
h1Kiq(h1Kiq)Adult (f)3,5454453
3iZGArgon GasAdult (m)1,07351128
sSk2Xenon GasAdult (f)4,8237415
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