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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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  • 2010 Tree Decorating
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You pick up the scroll labeled “Woyzeck,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
jd7D(jd7D)Adult (m)8,1421,51612
tUYA(tUYA)Adult (f)4,8061,1974
Mb27(Mb27)Adult (f)1,8744646
chJk(chJk)Adult (f)1,8394377
PvG6(PvG6)Adult (f)1,65160213
SZYF(SZYF)Adult (f)1,4496161
QPRL(QPRL)Adult (m)1,66259311
W8SY(W8SY)Adult (f)6,7541,5866
gcjq(gcjq)Adult (f)6,8371,61510
qK65(qK65)Adult (m)6,2251,3887
3S5h(3S5h)Adult (m)3,6211,2662
PRKm(PRKm)Adult (m)6,1971,4555
pe2R(pe2R)Adult (m)4,1101,1081
g8gj(g8gj)Adult (m)5,0711,3517
I4ul(I4ul)Adult (m)8,1751,51810
E04J(E04J)Adult (m)6,4041,4603
7gTU(7gTU)Adult (m)2,0186882
JsIr(JsIr)Adult (m)2,0946752
QqHB(QqHB)Adult (f)7,2011,5517
iTYu(iTYu)Adult (m)1,9837875
AicN(AicN)Adult (m)1,70859416
2ncR(2ncR)Adult (f)1,7824261
Dd17(Dd17)Adult (f)1,4904031
Jrfp(Jrfp)Adult (m)6,3971,3575
XlaH(XlaH)Adult (f)1,89744612
D2Ja(D2Ja)Adult (f)5,7251,3023
aEYW(aEYW)Adult (f)3,6801,2443
sBWZ(sBWZ)Adult (m)6,1341,2019
8MUB(8MUB)Adult (m)8,2521,36617
VU7e(VU7e)Hatchling (m, F)4,6701,05114
ifY3(ifY3)Adult (f)6,4391,4027
X48M(X48M)Adult (f)3,1509474
mLAP(mLAP)Adult (f)1,7247093
p151(p151)Adult (f)2,0136741
105c(105c)Adult (m)10,0131,4876
NubI(NubI)Adult (m)6,3231,4284
toPb(toPb)Adult (m)3,6491,2322
Iisr(Iisr)Adult (f)1,5356021
07nM(07nM)Adult (f)6,3071,4347
fiKR(fiKR)Adult (f)1,5276102
AdAZ(AdAZ)Adult (m)3,0628424
b64N(b64N)Adult (m)4,6371,7425
84Tu(84Tu)Adult (m)2,2948481
T4o0(T4o0)Adult (m)1,4025931
fZui(fZui)Adult (m)8,4651,52415
NvRn(NvRn)Adult (m)5,0681,3443
3iXp(3iXp)Adult (m)4,9271,2485
mpqT(mpqT)Adult (m)1,5076333
3XKT(3XKT)Adult (f)1,8524427
h0eB(h0eB)Adult (f)5,9281,53010
QduN(QduN)Adult (f)7,0301,5062
f22D(f22D)Adult (m)4,3379985
MTbS(MTbS)Adult (m)1,8226369
LP5U(LP5U)Adult (m)2,15968819
fgso(fgso)Adult (m)1,61750314
BkfP(BkfP)Adult (f)4,15860825
8rSB(8rSB)Adult (m)8,4751,3455
HIpl(HIpl)Adult (m)1,8536181
cb21(cb21)Adult (m)4,2879965
aIR0(aIR0)Adult (m)1,6156483
fY5P(fY5P)Adult (m)2,0486832
UiWq(UiWq)Adult (m)7,01185024
qjbB(qjbB)Adult (m)1,5355992
irS7(irS7)Adult (m)4,6121,7374
01ec(01ec)Adult (m)2,2898246
v5aR(v5aR)Adult (f)8,1151,5388
bWpD(bWpD)Adult (f)1,9616253
bqZ7(bqZ7)Adult (m)1,5456062
70iH(70iH)Adult (f)4,3801,5901
3TBD(3TBD)Adult (f)4,3711,5953
d1rH(d1rH)Adult (m)5,4471,14611
c4Z3(c4Z3)Adult (f)6,4401,63016
LI4T(LI4T)Adult (f)8,5901,5777
HIIc(HIIc)Adult (m)9,4301,4825
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