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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “WishingRain,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
utqf(utqf)Adult (f)2,80656320
cKC3(cKC3)Adult (f)2,73456214
e9uD(e9uD)Adult (m)2,66256117
UXLy(UXLy)Adult (m)2,78656818
UibA(UibA)Adult (f)2,3316318
KWQr(KWQr)Adult (f)2,7966849
zIhd(zIhd)Adult (f)3,28475514
VJGT(VJGT)Adult (m)2,69164413
cl2u(cl2u)Adult (f)3,17675810
2aMt(2aMt)Adult (m)2,72570112
n5sD(n5sD)Adult (f)3,1327518
nyb5(nyb5)Adult (m)2,8588177
rGWL(rGWL)Adult (f)3,12584010
RCHz(RCHz)Adult (m)2,47372611
fHPp(fHPp)Adult (f)2,70385416
LFDV(LFDV)Adult (m)2,2196946
yo3Y(yo3Y)Adult (m)2,2507156
RiO5(RiO5)Adult (m)1,9436175
MAlG(MAlG)Adult (m)1,78962910
unSz(unSz)Adult (m)2,62586112
edki(edki)Adult (f)1,7115655
SlTg(SlTg)Adult (f)5,1621,81927
ahP5(ahP5)Adult (m)2,22658020
VS8y(VS8y)Adult (m)2,0656984
55Aj(55Aj)Adult (m)8774806
FQHU(FQHU)Adult (m)1,1195004
y1Gq(y1Gq)Adult (f)1,3184555
6Rl5(6Rl5)Adult (f)1,3204534
3AaV(3AaV)Adult (m)1,0314402
84SL(84SL)Adult (f)92639911
T5JY(T5JY)Adult (f)1,07038810
MKVU(MKVU)Adult (f)2,22733217
LRWg(LRWg)Adult (f)1,3715298
P2oe(P2oe)Adult (f)1,1684849
X0Xk(X0Xk)Adult (f)1,1084735
h6K6(h6K6)Adult (f)1,1104792
Itj4(Itj4)Adult (f)1,0324503
LZjI(LZjI)Adult (f)1,5407396
aAZi(aAZi)Adult (m)1,2626175
nyKC(nyKC)Adult (f)1,3716823
AdFl(AdFl)Adult (f)1,2915653
klOK(klOK)Adult (m)1,2766283
vGXn(vGXn)Adult (m)1,0324753
g7pj(g7pj)Adult (m)1,2335403
gD8B(gD8B)Adult (m)1,2815652
4glY(4glY)Adult (f)1,2885373
Ut0J(Ut0J)Adult (m)1,7576792
CtMg(CtMg)Adult (m)1,2614602
X6n7(X6n7)Adult (m)1,1404334
Up22(Up22)Adult (m)1,2725002
Y40O(Y40O)Adult (m)1,2835123
rGy7(rGy7)Adult (m)9764712
gLb0(gLb0)Adult (m)1,1135163
gRtG(gRtG)Adult (f)1,0895043
ARxG(ARxG)Adult (m)8213851
OsX8(OsX8)Adult (f)8513872
yjag(yjag)Adult (f)8423861
u71Z(u71Z)Adult (f)8644023
uOMw(uOMw)Adult (m)9523441
0giN(0giN)Adult (m)1,2323782
CvXk(CvXk)Adult (m)1,2014193
AJIl(AJIl)Adult (f)1,2224205
SoL9(SoL9)Adult (f)1,1744133
SquY(SquY)Adult (f)1,1874222
8WGV(8WGV)Adult (f)1,2313954
CAGI(CAGI)Adult (m)1,1083843
Oq3h(Oq3h)Adult (m)1,3553336
QW6um(QW6um)Adult (f)1,6456412
Z6sqm(Z6sqm)Adult (f)1,5536548
Mb5y9(Mb5y9)Adult (f)1,8027023
Z7GyI(Z7GyI)Adult (f)1,6776923
acC5X(acC5X)Adult (m)1,8936621
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