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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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  • 2012 Halloween Event
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You pick up the scroll labeled “WinterWhisperz,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
g7lNU(g7lNU)Adult (f)5,1835764
o6jWe(o6jWe)Adult (m)4,7495680
YuB18(YuB18)Adult (f)5,3215720
qSL70(qSL70)Adult (f)4,7165694
SOXue(SOXue)Adult (f)3,82425710
lIW88(lIW88)Adult (f)4,2485982
NUaBU(NUaBU)Adult (m)4,2575881
CPZ97(CPZ97)Adult (f)4,8033372
GDteU(GDteU)Adult (m)5,2503501
WDPH8(WDPH8)Adult (f)5,5063681
15GUk(15GUk)Adult (m)4,7393361
pDeH2(pDeH2)Adult (m)3,9034200
JPR04(JPR04)Adult (f)7,1334760
TKZDR(TKZDR)Adult (m)6,7264490
hQ5QZ(hQ5QZ)Adult (f)3,9344120
hfqh2(hfqh2)Adult (m)3,9034140
6mkrg(6mkrg)Egg (F)
jrXSV(jrXSV)Adult (f)6,8264561
DDphi(DDphi)Adult (m)6,0265491
QG3k1(QG3k1)Adult (m)4,9854231
d8j4a(d8j4a)Adult (m)9,5151,7418
chhVX(chhVX)Adult (f)7,0064680
Q7WK2(Q7WK2)Adult (m)4,8043711
ZeUruZeuruAdult (m)4,2003621
egK2S(egK2S)Adult (f)5,0984161
Y1UZV(Y1UZV)Adult (f)4,8824281
otnfI(otnfI)Adult (f)4,0223660
ajtoT(ajtoT)Adult (f)4,3475023
lYiLc(lYiLc)Adult (f)5,4684334
7hfNV(7hfNV)Adult (m)4,1864380
l9b5M(l9b5M)Adult (f)5,1624141
23Uqa(23Uqa)Adult (f)3,3034913
dbYD1(dbYD1)Adult (f)4,2775283
eXkR1(eXkR1)Adult (f)5,9935730
0Znnk(0Znnk)Adult (f)5,0083340
1FJFo(1FJFo)Adult (f)4,0844322
fOVTe(fOVTe)Adult (f)5,4613650
tMikU(tMikU)Adult (f)3,7263940
QQ8qH(QQ8qH)Adult (m)3,63165512
KcvJ3Balan HecateAdult (m)4,5934453
4iL2AProserpine HecateAdult (f)2,8924913
0USNoDorkface of a Different ColorAdult (f)3,1184926
8vSMnTutella ClypeumAdult (f)5,5664372
qj6W0Tombstone SepulcrumAdult (m)4,4347724
veO4KNoctem BellatrixAdult (m)3,8434514
3TmIvBurrascalAdult (m)3,9584290
t4Z7iYoshi after MarioAdult3,9743862
UvThJStripes are for DorkfacesAdult (f)4,1954372
lN1bZ(lN1bZ)Adult (m)3,2414424
cFHcUAsiaticaAdult (f)3,5484991
kON7SSecret DreamerAdult (f)3,6445152
TtoFh(TtoFh)Adult (f)8,8355895
cfnF1Apollo 10Adult (m)9,0607165
NVKIq(NVKIq)Adult (f)8,6915803
W3rrUPenk ExplosionAdult (f)9,0346259
3WcoZTaren of ThuwedAdult (m)8,82867110
KbfLVPenk ThistleAdult (m)9,4596332
U0lsu(U0lsu)Adult (f)7,9367552
nm0Bq(nm0Bq)Adult (m)8,9547152
FWCs0The Green MileAdult5,9711,1544
uOlmeWheres the BarbecueAdult (f)2,3133685
0JKfY(0JKfY)Adult (m)3,9495123
iF7SBMilo Firestar TinkinAdult (m)3,7674523
7uSV3(7uSV3)Adult (m)3,6245245
OnUNaNocte VolucrumAdult (m)4,1554355
JCjoaNoctis LumenAdult (f)3,6555124
NIueiAlayta EmberAdult (f)4,0264177
bsg29Tempesta LoremAdult (f)4,6047848
AP1SADemorestAdult (m)4,0548259
ETvr6Aerial RescueAdult (m)2,72451610
XNafu(XNafu)Adult (m)3,9368592
0UYO9(0UYO9)Adult (m)4,9383800
XP4BMFerus VentusAdult (m)4,3844372
CSJ2NLady GypsyAdult (f)3,0454844
epDGbCristalli PetraAdult (f)3,0324515
0Pb8BPietra AncoraAdult (f)2,8785883
hcaegMango DisqualifiedAdult (f)5,0503511
6sd6QClara ElectricaAdult (f)4,0704594
W4voPDominus D1Adult (m)2,9715261
FmJQPLetala D1Adult (f)2,9305234
d01NvEnzo D2Adult (m)3,2004993
HKsG4Cashmere D2Adult (f)3,2714941
Tn8JaCaudis D3Adult (m)3,5825755
dLuEcSetta D3Adult (f)3,1534355
KDOaGVolante D4Adult (m)3,0074902
ltPveBella D4Adult (f)3,0425983
ZnR6lBaleno D5Adult (m)3,0674825
7IVghMintali D5Adult (f)3,8384291
Bf6ieMagnus D6Adult (m)4,0326184
dAi57Verde D6Adult (f)4,3847537
DfDPVMorte D7Adult (m)2,7756122
j0bUSNebula D7Adult (f)3,7716246
sWjUUBracken D8Adult (m)2,9155152
QeGuCLilac D8Adult (f)2,1315891
KA6tkDominus II D1Adult (m)3,9874702
78l1mEnzo II D2Adult (f)3,1784261
2ZVf5Caudis II D3Adult (m)3,2583981
fhTnEBella II D4Adult (f)4,3894011
pI571Mintali II D5Adult (m)3,6023962
uv729Magnus II D6Adult (f)6,6254422
T1XVKNebula II D7Adult (m)4,6844002
67kCOLilac II D8Adult (f)4,9194411
TOvhUEnzo III D2Adult (m)6,0165461
FtbprBella III D4Adult (f)6,2085991
9OZohMagnus III D6Adult (m)6,6824461
gPO6YLilac III D8Adult (f)4,2344541
sUAV3(sUAV3)Adult (f)3,4105368
aTIIaWhipped White TailsAdult (m)3,2794513
TjLFP(TjLFP)Adult (f)3,8963904
GCVYkCapiti DuoAdult (m)3,6446844
sX0kPBalloon PancakesAdult (f)2,7404644
b5GZmAqua CustosAdult (f)3,1984972
ho9LPCrimson FiammataAdult (m)3,4884360
sPDouTrica SalumAdult (f)4,8103903
kpqAX(kpqAX)Adult (m)5,5084532
dXQgJKenza's HeartAdult (m)3,3395295
jsVaePaz ChrysanthamAdult (m)3,4434253
pbn76Nocturna ViolinaAdult (f)3,9806633
53U4TI Miss My EggAdult (f)10,9857995
GiKP9(GiKP9)Adult (f)4,2303433
bYIo6Ribbon's RoseAdult (f)2,9464653
MTZjUMoon EruptionAdult (m)3,8054754
la0ZDDemon of the NileHatchling (f, F)2,6985303
0Kpb2Beauty of the NileAdult (f)3,9104363
fN9ghLilac QueenAdult (f)3,1175241
ogGrtAccidental ThuwedAdult (f)3,4904914
2Wfc1Thistleberry TartAdult (f)3,5965002
3Mb86Lilac DoveAdult (f)2,7697724
8o3DUPurple Dorsal on RyeAdult (m)2,8359204
HXD03Firali of the LegionAdult (m)4,6914993
eQBNDShadus of the LegionAdult (m)3,6298794
eaLCCCaslari of the legionAdult (m)4,4436596
ug0RGDeviled Eggs with BaconAdult (m)4,3791,10420
l9E4LDevil's Fang of the LegionAdult (m)5,4598666
P0KKV(P0KKV)Adult (f)5,9544592
UFGAVMalice of the LegionAdult (f)3,9503933
VSfY5Devil's Treason of the LegionAdult (f)3,5754506
nLdYJDementia of the LegionAdult (f)3,5255125
mQ9llTemptress of the LegionAdult (f)3,8794636
nAiN3Corali of the LegionAdult (f)7,8639775
6nhi6Lanine of the LegionAdult (f)5,0764364
RPLSH(RPLSH)Adult (f)4,0133950
WvWU0Hellfire FeraliaAdult (f)3,9733961
rqZd3Winterz FireAdult (f)2,7369243
YY3N7Icy Spicy Blue IceAdult (f)3,2584593
Lk9TY(Lk9TY)Adult (m)4,6764982
gCJK1(gCJK1)Adult (m)3,1164571
obKFqZebrenevaAdult (f)3,8919001
eOJ8M(eOJ8M)Adult (f)5,0844311
GAnRoGanraAdult (f)5,0684260
gGGbrLllyiff LittnerAdult (f)4,8761,1303
7LEZdDaphne the DeadlyAdult (f)3,2234315
1sfcSOleander GoldAdult (m)4,8211,0124
ZNeO4Protector of the Mated PairsAdult (m)3,4444024
4trQ0(4trQ0)Adult (m)4,0003751
VHr2i(VHr2i)Adult (f)7,0214692
AqE2e(AqE2e)Adult (m)7,0844731
7NYjM(7NYjM)Adult (f)7,2004800
1RWeSRosso CovareAdult (m)3,5594552
QI6dm(QI6dm)Adult (f)3,7185322
5OFd7(5OFd7)Adult (m)3,7943771
06B8YLady RaineAdult (f)3,6805083
jHpXQAlton MacchiaAdult (m)3,7084183
tDlMrManami MacchiaAdult (f)2,2775542
IMDNeSchizzo AnguillaAdult (m)4,8843501
SGiWiMurena AnguillaAdult (f)4,5773910
dKJ50Myles MacchiaAdult (m)4,9275421
LIN8gMirage AnguillaAdult (f)5,9318632
X2Y5aDominus MerlinAdult (m)3,6074941
RvZFBEnchantressa MerlinAdult (f)3,4204834
ZVAMBAbraxas NybrasAdult (m)3,2874434
JrMbCMela NybrasAdult (f)3,7165833
TetfQNovembreAdult (m)3,9075211
lbcZNOktobreAdult (f)3,7614412
pUn6aMint JulepsAdult (m)3,9804223
fEWuVSpearmint DreamsAdult (f)4,4104491
DW5X9Peppermint ChewieAdult (m)3,9174824
1TpgNPeppermint LoverAdult (f)3,5204683
5llg1Furys RibbonAdult (m)4,1823693
9GZMjCrimson BowAdult (f)3,1505144
prWQlThorns of the Silver RoseAdult (m)4,5553970
KBUetSilver Rose of Winter-10th GenAdult (f)9,15571216
09AYpAntihypertension-6th GenAdult (m)5,4621,13221
W9HSnHypertension's HealerAdult (f)3,5024372
d57jIThe Art of SuicideAdult (m)2,5926818
rqrtCThank God I'm PrettyAdult (f)3,2405912
LaKnMCupid CalienteAdult (m)2,6908933
EWUkQAbida CalienteAdult (f)3,3604895
rIB6TLord of AnnihilationAdult (m)5,0963481
TY8DMBeauty of AnnihilationAdult (f)3,5385804
A2la6Skywing ThaiAdult (m)3,1855535
AMgdqCoconut Steamed DeepseaAdult (f)3,8538864
CMea0Alastair TropikalAdult (m)3,2434763
CPUf0Annika TropikalAdult (f)3,0625301
Id87tOven baked OrchredrakeAdult (m)4,4829344
RkaVIDrakewing CassaroleAdult (f)3,0744491
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