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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “Willa-Wisp,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
p8JkEAeon-Wisp Half 2MAdult (m)4,5989502
xoFKJAeon-Wisp Half 2FAdult (f)4,1878472
bhoWuAeon-Wisp Half 3MAdult (m)3,9459472
uj2xIAeon-Wisp Half 3FAdult (f)4,5477122
4Z1qWAeon-Wisp CB 1MAdult (m)3,6969331
Oaho6Aeon-Wisp CB 1FAdult (m)2,7147073
rzVcdAeon-WispHatchling (f, F)3,6639343
xvkLQCB 1F Aeria Gloris-WispAdult (f)3,5781,0802
T4lOgCB 1M Aeria Gloris-WispAdult (m)3,2041,0751
ATvYgCB 2F Aeria Gloris-WispAdult (f)2,9017642
JNeoKCB 2M Aeria Gloris-WispAdult (m)3,8531,0311
YiFpYCB 3F Aeria Gloris-WispAdult (f)2,1177541
Awnh8CB 3M Aeria Gloris-WispAdult (m)4,2251,0652
1o2VeAeria Gloris-WispHatchling (m, F)3,7459601
QxxkfCB 1F Aether-WispAdult (f)3,7398904
XExiGCB 1M Aether-WispAdult (m)3,4808883
zHibgCB 2F Aether-WispAdult (f)3,5919861
qewhyCB 2M Aether-WispAdult (m)3,5641,0171
kujzvCB 3F Aether-WispAdult (f)4,3381,2742
WdaVyCB 3M Aether-WispAdult (m)2,8609441
pJqDhAether-WispHatchling (m, F)3,7849281
pXLfCB 1F Albino-WispAdult (f)3,54760827
6WJ9nCB 1M Albino-WispAdult (m)4,8121,1022
0kq2aCB 2F Albino-WispAdult (f)5,1791,1251
kEpQGCB 3F Albino-WispAdult (f)4,9221,1471
4uVazCB 2M Albino-WispAdult (m)4,0179732
TFjOcCB 3M Albino-WispAdult (m)4,0029911
pPPuAlbino-WispHatchling (f, F)2,46440918
rD0DGCB 1F Alcedine Blue-WispAdult (f)5,4881,2203
7CGfsCB 2F Alcedine Blue-WispAdult (f)6,6761,3034
a6sUPCB 1M Alcedine Blue-WispAdult (m)6,5651,2843
KSuZ8CB 3F Alcedine Blue-WispAdult (f)4,2109363
YTUEMCB 2M Alcedine Blue-WispAdult (m)5,0959783
i9W2gCB 3M Alcedine Blue-WispAdult (m)3,9271,0581
tbJzWAlcedine Blue-WispHatchling (m, F)3,6829611
t1kIZCB 1M Alcedine Red-WispAdult (m)5,3231,2353
9lOIrCB 1F Alcedine Red-WispAdult (f)3,0478022
FiDaaCB 2M Alcedine Red-WispAdult (m)3,7191,0473
J1YC9CB 2F Alcedine Red-WispAdult (f)4,8031,1103
pqEbbCB 3M Alcedine Red-WispAdult (m)4,5651,1214
XnodDCB 3F Alcedine Red-WispAdult (f)4,6611,1002
EYqHAAlcedine Red-WispHatchling (m, F)3,8599712
gsfFoCB 1F Almerald-WispAdult (f)5,0091,1391
njobTCB 1M Almerald-WispAdult (m)4,8571,1361
qqcOBCB 2M Almerald-WispAdult (m)4,3709211
P0ojnCB 2F Almerald-WispAdult (f)3,5229593
6nnMKCB 3F Almerald-WispAdult (f)3,0237022
LECHtCB 3M Almerald-WispAdult (m)1,6927192
xZMKIAlmerald-WispHatchling (f, F)3,8179451
2n7o1Hybrid 1F Amalthean-WispAdult (f)5,1441,1642
q4TU3Hybrid 1M Amalthean-WispAdult (m)6,5181,3034
JAjnhHybrid 2F Amalthean-WispAdult (f)5,2711,1693
gCRBzHybrid 2M Amalthean-WispAdult (m)5,3961,1793
FUPD1Hybrid 3M Amalthean-WispAdult (m)4,7981,0851
XlJ03Hybrid 3F Amalthean-WispAdult (f)5,5241,1812
tWgfEAmalthean-WispHatchling (m, F)3,8669971
bmnUkAmarignis Val2021-Wisp CB1FAdult (f)5,0821,3483
2eDqIAmarignis Val2021-Wisp CB2FAdult (f)4,9401,3037
dJIXSCB 1M Anagallis-WispAdult (m)4,3371,1514
fmLXbCB 2M Anagallis-WispAdult (m)4,3841,1382
fOiwxCB 3M Anagallis-WispAdult (m)4,3811,1323
dpbnOCB 1F Anagallis-WispAdult (f)4,3881,1373
oVHh4CB 2F Anagallis-WispAdult (f)4,4321,1372
AticNCB 3F Anagallis-WispAdult (f)4,4681,1634
TinDIAnagallis-WispHatchling (f, F)3,6669321
VceHWCB 1M Antarean-WispAdult (m)4,0868241
9QuMpCB 2M Antarean-WispAdult (m)4,2278170
F5AMyCB 1F Antarean-WispAdult (f)4,0968310
IFSfhCB 2F Antarean-WispAdult (f)3,6499013
mozNDCB 3M Antarean-WispAdult (m)3,7099082
yn7TdCB 3F Antarean-WispAdult (f)3,7718962
dx2RFAntarean-WispHatchling (f, F)4,2751,0182
AuimGCB 1F Aqualis-WispAdult (f)4,2949401
7BxuGCB 2F Aqualis-WispAdult (f)4,0849291
NGgNwCB 1M Aqualis-WispAdult (m)4,3109521
jUybVCB 2M Aqualis-WispAdult (m)3,9929351
h4QjaCB 3F Aqualis-WispAdult (f)3,5121,0121
VD5XrCB 3M Aqualis-WispAdult (m)3,5031,0461
dcBrMAqualis-WispHatchling (m, F)4,2189952
4kqz3CB 1F Aranoa-WispAdult (f)3,1198894
xZHNPCB 2F Aranoa-WispAdult (f)3,4199133
AHuRqCB 1M Aranoa-WispAdult (m)3,3479302
ZPvcQCB 2M Aranoa-WispAdult (m)3,2449141
V49rXCB 3F Aranoa-WispAdult (f)3,6068842
HnRMhCB 3M Aranoa-WispAdult (m)3,5378542
Gx3SmAranoa-WispHatchling (f, F)4,2521,0224
IP8xNCB 1F Arcana Hal2018-WispAdult (f)5,5331,3629
qQdbQCB 1M Arcana Hal2018-WispAdult (m)5,5581,3895
pq0WPCB 2M Arcana Hal2018-WispAdult (m)5,6261,3954
YyLWeCB 3M Arcana Hal2018-WispAdult (m)6,6011,3094
m8MmiCB 2F Arcana Hal2018-WispAdult (f)5,9421,4244
LTrInCB 3F Arcana Hal2018-WispAdult (f)5,2921,4152
dPZMbCB 1F Aria-WispAdult (f)4,0761,0332
oM41rCB 2F Aria-WispAdult (f)3,1797622
aZxeUCB 1M Aria-WispAdult (m)3,4227891
EuFSgCB 2M Aria-WispAdult (m)3,7239481
Zanr8CB 3M Aria-WispAdult (m)4,2967511
1RVaUCB 3F Aria-WispAdult (f)3,9349491
CHOIAria-WispHatchling (f, F)3,06162824
CDVRTCB 1F Arsani Val2k13-WispAdult (f)3,4961,1145
LfatfCB 2F Arsani Val2k13-WispAdult (f)3,4541,1393
66Qm5CB 1F Ash-WispAdult (f)3,2119653
KLtM8CB 1M Ash-WispAdult (m)3,5229901
kradqCB 2M Ash-WispAdult (m)3,4909981
AJYGtCB 2F Ash-WispAdult (f)2,4928851
n9ZnyCB 3M Ash-WispAdult (m)4,2421,0311
JsBSeCB 3F Ash-WispAdult (f)4,2801,0662
yCexPAsh-WispHatchling (f, F)4,3121,0203
cGHrMCB 1F Astaarus-WispAdult (f)4,6201,1702
fdJqUCB 2F Astaarus-WispAdult (f)4,5151,1396
GlSDXCB 1M Astaarus-WispAdult (m)4,6981,1676
U3doeCB 2M Astaarus-WispAdult (m)4,7411,1513
YljmkGen 3F Astaarus-WispAdult (f)6,4941,1556
A4e48Gen 3M Astaarus-WispAdult (m)6,4041,1655
CqF1SAstaaras-WispHatchling (m, F)4,1091,0122
fftkz(fftkz)Hatchling (f, F)5,3411,1482
uJZNx(uJZNx)Adult (f)4,9141,3562
zz0Or(zz0Or)Adult (f)5,4261,0842
yeMLT(yeMLT)Adult (m)5,7301,0211
96ghO(96ghO)Adult (m)7,6051,0861
4I76M(4I76M)Adult (f)7,7101,1103
ZpVkS(ZpVkS)Adult (m)7,6661,0753
hTFHACB 1F Avea Pygmy-WispAdult (f)4,0019591
aMpX2CB 2F Avea Pygmy-WispAdult (f)3,9649552
XVETuCB 1M Avea Pygmy-WispAdult (m)4,0539871
jXrkkCB 2M Avea Pygmy-WispAdult (m)3,7039692
38rznCB 3F Avea Pygmy-WispAdult (f)4,0929771
YL0wKCB 3M Avea Pygmy-WispAdult (m)3,9339153
ZSQEGAvea Pygmy-WispHatchling (m, F)4,3011,0304
bXscP(bXscP)Adult (f)7,1471,3232
FXGEp(FXGEp)Adult (m)8,3671,1521
7q081(7q081)Adult (f)7,7661,4281
qEjgN(qEjgN)Adult (m)7,9331,4141
xIZBK(xIZBK)Adult (f)6,7311,3031
9Aol4(9Aol4)Adult (m)6,7251,2941
W77rmCB 1M Azure Glacewing-WispAdult (m)2,1565973
klBemCB 1F Azure Glacewing-WispAdult (f)2,2325962
Al6zkCB 2M Azure Glacewing-WispAdult (m)2,4797122
znGA9CB 2F Azure Glacewing-WispAdult (f)2,5207281
JBQAeCB 3M Azure Glacewing-WispAdult (m)2,5128092
0gHfKCB 3F Azure Glacewing-WispAdult (f)3,6439321
JtehYAzure Glacewing-WispHatchling (f, F)4,3151,0452
nYFdcCB 1F Baikala Green-WispAdult (f)3,8449923
UbDv3CB 1M Baikala Green-WispAdult (m)4,1559162
YTVYICB 2F Baikala Green-WispAdult (f)2,9748522
fQJJPCB 2M Baikala Green-WispAdult (m)4,3189942
Q5dYjCB 3F Baikala Green-WispAdult (f)4,2859901
aDfaNCB 3M Baikala Green-WispAdult (m)4,5469561
DqlKVBaikala Green-WispHatchling (f, F)4,4389804
RiVQPCB 1F Baikala Blue-WispAdult (f)4,0249891
BJzrrCB 2F Baikala Blue-WispAdult (f)3,8399963
KhhMICB 3F Baikala Blue-WispAdult (f)4,2119741
sIyhlCB 1M Baikala Blue-WispAdult (m)3,9231,0553
N0Sm9CB 2M Baikala Blue-WispAdult (m)6,7711,3355
gizngCB 3M Baikala Blue-WispAdult (m)4,8161,1461
xgW96Baikala Blue-WispHatchling (m, F)3,8118633
jlRXCB 1M Balloon-WispAdult (m)1,99738914
5GI2CB 1F Balloon-WispAdult (f)2,15238426
VMDJCB 2M Balloon-WispAdult (m)3,5508974
sD8ACB 2F Balloon-WispAdult (f)3,0507512
FZ8nhCB 3M Balloon-WispAdult (m)5,3061,1433
TemOOCB 3F Balloon-WispAdult (f)2,0386703
fPgcBalloon-WispHatchling (m, F)2,53330011
imBrJCB 1M Bauta-WispAdult (m)5,4178542
JDAgXCB 1F Bauta-WispAdult (f)5,4078742
wo0vxCB 2F Bauta-WispAdult (f)5,4678662
w63JlCB 2M Bauta-WispAdult (m)5,6268702
aJVSECB 3M Bauta-WispAdult (m)5,2638970
nIONzCB 3F Bauta-WispAdult (f)5,5878592
2PsElBauta-WispHatchling (f, F)4,4209542
OC9pG(OC9pG)Adult (f)6,6641,2375
qWC7J(qWC7J)Adult (f)6,7391,1922
sFmvV(sFmvV)Adult (m)6,5331,1873
uLRqZ(uLRqZ)Adult (m)6,7001,1703
onM4A(onM4A)Adult (f)6,0881,1541
RHz0W(RHz0W)Adult (m)6,1731,1321
A9KERCB 1F Black Capped Teimarr-WispAdult (f)3,7671,2805
3aolaCB 1M Black Capped Teimarr-WispAdult (m)2,2228214
yCQxKCB 2M Black Capped Teimarr-WispAdult (m)2,3219854
a75M7CB 2F Black Capped Teimarr-WispAdult (f)2,3289903
5RZWFCB 3F Black Capped Teimarr-WispAdult (f)4,5725597
yqWf2CB 3M Black Capped Teimarr-WispAdult (m)4,8338893
1O07BBlackCap-Wisp2Hatchling (m, F)2,9037094
bUHjfBlackCap-Wisp1Hatchling (f, F)2,2906069
JIbXCB 1F Black-WispAdult (f)2,67559661
0s4CXCB 2F Black-WispAdult (f)3,2719601
E1NNVCB 3F Black-WispAdult (f)3,0451,0073
R4OvCCB 1M Black-WispAdult (m)4,3439922
bRua4CB 2M Black-WispAdult (m)5,3181,0433
pzDltCB 3M Black-WispAdult (m)5,3618011
cssgBlack-Wisp 2Hatchling (m, F)2,68957830
TbZtBlack-Wisp 1Hatchling (f, F)4,6738846
4cok1F BlackAlt-WispAdult (f)3,37076334
husJ1M BlackAlt-WispAdult (m)2,24946914
6eWZbBlackAlt-Wisp 2Hatchling (f, F)3,0378405
ZxRUBlackAlt-Wisp 1Hatchling (f, F)2,19944210
il7bCB 1F Black Marrow Hal2010-WispAdult (f)3,1708966
N09iCB 1M Black Marrow Hal2010-WispAdult (m)3,1928903
DCDtjCB 2F Black Marrow Hal2010-WispAdult (f)5,7131,4265
gPgeVCB 2M Black Marrow Hal2010-WispAdult (m)5,9451,4344
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