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You pick up the scroll labeled “WildestRose,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
Z2pp0That's Not So RavenAdult (m)4,14027611
G4qwAShe Who Watches From AfarAdult (f)3,6024751
5jAmbMountainous HurricaneAdult (f)4,2524991
HfNotTake Me To The EdgeAdult (f)3,6984901
rCimKStorm of BalloonsAdult (f)7,3189725
HqfEKClutching AspirationsAdult (m)3,0364433
Jf4FpJr Gelato FreakyAdult (m)4,3045084
WZMxRDarkened DeceptionAdult (f)5,8059395
qR4wYMadam XingAdult (f)6,0771,0754
bUVYAInstar EmergenceAdult (m)8,2961,1307
7Sc53Wishwanderer Distantly ThuwedAdult (f)7,7821,1367
sFXE5Perennial Spring DayAdult (m)4,5913076
d16xNWater on the Scales of a MinnowAdult (f)4,4402967
jxfz7Saltwater JayAdult (f)4,6603113
Hz1KdFreshwater JayAdult (m)7,0321,1265
EVtidSeawater JayHatchling (f, F)5,1306805
wSAeKDart FrogsAdult (f)4,2964324
Zokor(Zokor)Adult (m)5,5577662
f86iALemons n LimesHatchling (f, F)4,4407723
EmgSF88 ThisbeAdult (f)4,5045024
xz1h4Stabby McStabhandsAdult (f)3,4914691
zfyZqHappy in HappinessAdult (m)4,9514681
XgscBJungle MoonlightAdult (f)6,3101,0163
H94vxNauticallAdult (f)10,3149133
SCHGvMy Favorite BookAdult (m)4,3605442
fs1UkShark FreakyAdult (m)2,8137452
YrArWScreaming HysteriaAdult (f)3,7434922
zgl41Shrimps Are RichAdult (m)4,6624712
IdmDZKing of the Northern PineAdult (m)4,9091,0914
1Fa19King of the Southern FestivalAdult (m)5,3621,0984
arzZkCold But AliveAdult (f)10,2281,4562
lKRrJA Hovijo ke Rhoot Nakx UdoedoAdult (f)3,5242358
pckmEThe Divine Priestess of MunsterAdult (f)5,4843665
5RivdWectoduwoAdult (m)11,3871,2725
MCgSoChariot ThuwedAdult (f)6,6319923
8RE2nA Special DayAdult (f)3,9802663
1wFbkGreen and CamouflagedAdult (m)4,6724832
lP5jRChange - Real ChangeAdult (f)9,3201,2375
5I04dAnders TodayAdult (m)4,0802727
pbsTyBeetle StarAdult (m)9,5811,6316
rD7c1Heated CocoAdult (m)4,0812737
2HHRNThief of Hearts CourtAdult (f)10,0831,6577
WbQ5sPele - Destroyer and CreatorAdult (f)8,4631,1035
x1kMx(x1kMx)Adult (f)2,8754890
VIvgo(VIvgo)Adult (m)2,8625550
Z9WBiYule DerpAdult (m)5,1003407
56ojg(56ojg)Adult (m)2,5044311
2DYBtTwo Thousand Year WinterAdult (f)5,2431,1752
T5Zu5Lonely in LonelinessAdult (f)4,3412913
S8W5C(S8W5C)Adult (f)2,4774481
NnjnWCorrereAdult (f)4,8894843
D6bkFWinterskipAdult (m)5,30481622
k4KnmKhusaned PillowAdult (m)6,9571,05510
zwy4ULeetle Dee Leetle DoveEgg (F)
EpvPuJumping EmberAdult (f)3,8264681
mO0pBMoopboopAdult (f)3,1104492
1YbqdDark AquamarineAdult (f)7,1641,4276
CaIXpEternal Father - Bless our LandAdult (m)6,8019974
7SWkGKeep us Free From Evil Powers BeAdult (m)4,6025263
sn1duJustice - Truth be Ours ForeverAdult (m)4,7175454
V9K1AGuide us With Thy Mighty HandAdult (f)6,5377413
P4MkqJamaica - Jamaica Land We LoveAdult (m)11,2891,0464
rvbc1Grant True Wisdom From AboveAdult (f)14,4941,2832
HOny0Our Light Through Countless HourAdult (f)11,9091,2913
79kZtStir Response to Dutys CallAdult (m)10,1321,4052
kUR6XTo Our Leaders - Great DefenderAdult (m)7,3291,0883
rljdNStrengthen The Weak to CherishAdult (f)6,0878194
Ou4GmAbove - Justice Truth Be OursAdult (f)6,6339682
yfWzfJamaica LoveAdult (f)5,7227332
ATy0oNot a Goldfish CrackerAdult (f)4,6054514
MQLzAWild's MagiAdult (m)9,4949603
HxncyIslands to IslandsAdult (f)11,8191,2823
NcuosJub Jub Wants Rub RubAdult (m)4,2855292
c4A4uNot If I Bite MyselfAdult (f)4,3045044
ElTkXBurned by the Rising SunAdult (f)7,0359553
ekWqOChallenger BeyondAdult (m)7,4879038
Iwm1YAlla Done el Bosque EscondeAdult (m)5,0095122
fcknkJoongle JangleAdult (m)7,7121,4394
ovQPXSorrow's HarmonyAdult (f)8,0091,1224
qqCZsA Special NightAdult (m)3,9843344
8Ez4LSugar SongsAdult (f)4,4403155
eMT2cSquishy HeartsAdult (f)6,4509722
8HIDtThat One Disney SongAdult (m)7,0271,0224
5yz2gWawawawawakaAdult (f)8,2431,1545
2KJu8Prince Ervir of ConnachtAdult (m)7,07548213
X0sWPSilver Summer HazeAdult (f)9,6348598
RRGE0Silver ChariotsAdult (f)6,3281,1492
pGohRCrystalline FormationAdult (f)7,4701,0008
1EcidNesquik SilverAdult (m)7,13947713
lxEqaBluesteelianAdult (m)8,2069044
k7DuvWindow BirdAdult (f)9,1841,2496
w1xONW1x OnAdult (f)7,2691,0667
owS99Mystical MomentAdult (f)7,2011,3236
7yONHGlimmering DaydreamAdult (f)6,6491,0406
aRLyrArlaterAdult (m)6,8771,0292
pSALTSalty PAdult (f)6,8739453
oZflgMumumumbaAdult (f)4,5353033
mNkxRCacacacardinalAdult (m)8,8501,2142
SMgwISpecial MeteorAdult (m)10,2201,6634
WuUAHFire is FreeAdult (m)7,1771,0675
7AxhJMid AtlanticAdult (f)4,3045613
V6BQHMillennium DawnAdult (f)5,1366823
957tzYou Pretend to Love Me AnywayAdult (f)7,7201,4115
zvnMgTasty Beef BurgerAdult (m)4,4036472
4FAng4Fang ThuwedAdult (m)5,9659055
xyg2OFinal LeafAdult (m)3,2134773
JUOiASolstitio SoleAdult (f)9,8751,3246
cC8NPThe Waning Sun IncarnateAdult (f)6,1847872
1H5F5(1H5F5)Adult (f)2,5754502
8wmkDPoseidontAdult (m)7,0759615
7U5WxLights of QuebecAdult (m)8,3099713
SpzsyKiss in MontrealAdult (f)11,2961,2374
K9MuNRevolutionist Prussian BlueAdult (m)4,3985503
in9okRevolutionist Robin's Egg BlueAdult (m)7,5878862
3dWFpRevolutionist Navy BlueAdult (m)7,5608961
8sEueRevolutionist Iris PurpleAdult (f)3,0395462
r7F0lWar of a Hundred RosesAdult (f)4,9195302
k07VNHot Topic Black Friday SaleAdult (f)8,4121,1483
PgHy3MermanlyAdult (m)3,0857072
xn9tNGreen ArielAdult (f)3,1797061
73oQDSlightly Greener ArielAdult (f)3,1617063
Ker6FKelp ForestsAdult (m)3,3097102
dEI2lBrightbud Second SunriseAdult (f)4,4046122
xZ6DcQuquiaAdult (f)4,2502846
uVrKCA Song Around My HeadAdult (f)6,5637846
zWazdSo Long Since I Left YouAdult (m)7,9821,4593
VmyV1Wind of the East SideAdult (m)12,1561,1013
mrPa8OmridylAdult (m)4,1852796
XGA3BExpensive SunscreenAdult (m)4,49430015
LE0OhWayward HumAdult (f)6,7349308
1uvApLucodkadoj Suht ThuwedAdult (f)8,7511,5434
8mHatKafjo OmrohjAdult (m)6,7718787
RPDMFKaffcohAdult (f)5,1674773
8QaKrGiusboh ThuwedAdult (f)11,7579794
EdBQ6Ghost of Genova HeightsAdult (m)5,9107015
Nf8lgNxaffotshoum ThuwedAdult (f)4,4034423
yuZbLChild of the AngelsAdult (f)8,9461,2095
tAAHWThe Double SnakeAdult (m)4,4367396
RzRgESerpent of Bow RiverAdult (m)3,8233053
n1hrkSerpent of Point NemoAdult (f)3,6576926
n5vvyNaaavvyyAdult (f)9,9378088
m8OTKCawxk Axec IVAdult (m)8,8521,2064
LoPA0Moon Over Emei ShanAdult (m)12,4681,1032
vw1WcMama BurgerAdult (f)9,7211,3576
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If you would like your own dragons, you’ll have to go to the Cave Entrance.
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