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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “WildRiv,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
H0IgPx Riv's Eggs 'n' Hatchlings xHatchling (F)1,9686292
X9oew(X9oew)Adult (m)5,0338342
KGp4x(KGp4x)Adult (f)5,0178402
O52I3(O52I3)Adult (f)4,2827911
UN3sH(UN3sH)Adult (f)4,7518401
Uo7rb(Uo7rb)Adult (m)2,7878331
YKXx1(YKXx1)Adult (m)2,7728341
twDju(twDju)Hatchling (F)2,8457160
ONzwo(ONzwo)Hatchling (F)2,7827260
Lu0yg(Lu0yg)Hatchling (f, F)3,4268380
h3RNy(h3RNy)Hatchling (F)2,5803212
NMhWo(NMhWo)Adult (m)3,2048012
r1Dsw(r1Dsw)Adult (m)3,2568011
X44je(X44je)Adult (m)5,0286771
J3dzV(J3dzV)Adult (f)5,0756811
6Bw12(6Bw12)Adult (f)5,4656622
sJ6q6(sJ6q6)Adult (f)4,6917401
mhhUJ(mhhUJ)Adult (m)4,7137370
wuE4P(wuE4P)Adult (f)4,7477410
Yx4IO(Yx4IO)Adult (f)4,6657391
BUtk7(BUtk7)Adult (m)4,6097391
tuFzq(tuFzq)Adult (f)4,7857120
LO3uq(LO3uq)Adult (m)4,7357150
2lws8(2lws8)Adult (m)4,7137230
W3Tk5(W3Tk5)Adult (m)4,7857160
BRCax(BRCax)Adult (m)4,8137160
i11TU(i11TU)Adult (f)4,8857112
Pwqb0(Pwqb0)Adult (f)4,9127060
u0JyU(u0JyU)Adult (f)2,4189135
8uwfr(8uwfr)Adult (m)2,4519105
HYqZ3x Welcome to Riv's Scroll xAdult4,4531,0999
8zJrK(8zJrK)Adult (f)3,9508441
qxnrk(qxnrk)Adult (m)3,9948421
TULuq(TULuq)Adult (f)4,0538451
MAcGC(MAcGC)Adult (m)3,9788441
iE8Gc(iE8Gc)Adult (m)4,0268411
9GurV(9GurV)Adult (f)3,9788392
jXDy7(jXDy7)Adult (f)3,9898441
cn1eC(cn1eC)Adult (m)3,4657731
0L02T(0L02T)Adult (m)3,4597741
6Afgn(6Afgn)Adult (m)3,4717741
fq8vZ(fq8vZ)Adult (m)5,7216041
K7Vfz(K7Vfz)Adult (f)3,4807771
K1pCH(K1pCH)Adult (f)3,4827711
rFoto(rFoto)Adult (f)3,4437751
dSNbP(dSNbP)Adult (f)5,0077201
3EYyr(3EYyr)Adult (f)3,7067790
Ug0xQ(Ug0xQ)Adult (m)5,0117211
cZhwW(cZhwW)Adult (m)3,9937930
rfQMb(rfQMb)Adult (f)5,8197542
VnqzO(VnqzO)Adult (m)3,7527770
lgQbB(lgQbB)Adult (m)3,7927780
oCdpI(oCdpI)Adult (f)5,1597241
lssjn(lssjn)Adult (f)3,7467821
arAY8(arAY8)Adult (f)4,0507950
lGEqS(lGEqS)Adult (m)3,7947810
9fNWG(9fNWG)Adult (m)5,0727222
BFRfP(BFRfP)Adult (f)5,9488501
ovnhc(ovnhc)Adult (f)5,7698791
lhN7B(lhN7B)Adult (f)5,6858891
2WhcB(2WhcB)Adult (f)7,6806201
1r1cG(1r1cG)Adult (m)5,7908862
befyP(befyP)Adult (m)3,3877761
BVw5d(BVw5d)Adult (m)7,6226251
3V4Ca(3V4Ca)Adult (m)5,7418812
voLo6(voLo6)Adult (m)5,6489101
6Yv66x Riv's Guardians of Nature xHatchling (F)1,1174021
WDZcJHikari Shouen KouriAdult (f)4,8131,0794
9JdEQEnel Aokiji SakazukiAdult (m)5,2061,0253
w5UzQx Riv's Avatars xHatchling (F)2,7627270
fpnOhRiv's Lady NyxAdult (f)5,5771,1340
wZHZDRiv's Lady SolsticeAdult (f)4,7761,3001
U7geARiv's Sir CasanovaAdult (m)5,4911,3995
xzpwGRiv's Lady HecateAdult (f)5,1901,2512
Jb3ahRiv's Sir HadesAdult (m)5,1791,2473
SpIspx Riv's Prize Dragons xHatchling (F)1,6935473
wXolcx Riv's Shimmer-Scales xHatchling (F)1,3821552
7xU8zRiv's Golden Lady LuckAdult (f)4,9241,7509
gT74IRiv's Golden Lady LungAdult (f)5,9291,29812
W2VoZRiv's Golden Lady LuckyAdult (f)5,6189625
49h6RRiv's Golden Lady MenothAdult (f)5,2411,22413
oUCLbRiv's Golden Lady StaticAdult (f)6,2749317
0HCi4Riv's Golden Lady Dany'SeolAdult (f)5,9709422
HRoTQRiv's Golden Sir IzayaAdult (m)4,3211,2643
uNzEAY U NO GENDER RIGHT LungAdult (m)5,2731,14712
yRbV0Riv's Golden Sir SugoiAdult (m)5,3651,35211
HuOzERiv's Silvery Lady DazzleAdult (f)8,3991,7186
xBQVdRiv's Silvery Lady DazeAdult (f)5,3249825
5tGI5Riv's Silvery Lady JewelAdult (f)2,8089728
HicalRiv's Silvery Lady ShaoAdult (f)3,2981,1187
PhylTRiv's Silvery Lady QueenAdult (f)4,2641,1487
49Qh5Riv's Silvery Lady LaylaAdult (f)4,5659445
KblGwRiv's Silvery Lady DivaAdult (f)7,9961,0293
Hk3KjRiv's Silvery Lady Flying EchoAdult (f)6,2311,0731
RPaNLDazzling Alue of Thuwed DorkfaceAdult (m)6,0981,1154
PjfscRiv's Silvery Sir EchoAdult (m)3,4519518
kOwO5Riv's Silvery Sir KawaiAdult (m)6,2581,0032
Ho0dgRiv's Silvery Sir SilasAdult (m)7,6081,4416
MPT6IRiv's Bronze Lady MerryAdult (f)3,3591,1586
2ndECRiv's Bronze Lady HuntAdult (f)4,1571,0878
EieyFRiv's Bronze Lady SeagloryAdult (f)4,5571,0805
QEYKhRiv's Bronze Lady Leia's SoloAdult (f)5,2681,2197
Qzo1dRiv's Bronze Lady SuperSaiyanAdult (f)7,1999015
byfGyRiv's Bronze Lady HermioneAdult (f)6,2021,0761
agsJlRiv's Bronze Sir FelixAdult (m)4,7141,12732
wSZeNRiv's Bronze Sir FelicisAdult (m)3,8011,0665
l8qsDRiv's Bronze Sir PlentyAdult (m)5,1341,2467
nTjKRRiv's Bronze Sir ValentineAdult (m)6,2959282
7qwygRiv's Lil' Bronze Lady MerryHatchling (f, F)4,7407903
V34iJRiv's Lil' Bronze MysteryHatchling (F)2,56590014
EsIo9x Riv's Tinsels xHatchling (F)1,5881833
PYVQ4Riv's Lady GoldTinsel HazelAdult (f)4,8391,2353
UKbXMRiv's Sir GoldTinselAdult (m)5,9871,3685
dkNWORiv's Lil' GoldTinselHatchling (F)1,9336483
iLWnaRiv's Lady SilverTinsel RhynnAdult (f)4,0291,1984
M61qSRiv's Sir SilverTinsel SolAdult (m)5,4651,3084
Tjab0Riv's Sir SilverTin Prince ErnoAdult (m)8,0138203
he2xbRiv's Lil' Lady SilverTinsel SolHatchling (f, F)4,0571,1127
gsKqeRiv's Lil' Sir SilverTinselHatchling (m, F)5,4161,3435
BLnFmRiv's Lil' SilverTinsel SolHatchling (F)2,2307712
07D0URiv's Lady BronzeTinsel SolAdult (f)5,0631,2397
UzKrVRiv's Lady BronzeTinsel IAdult (f)6,8211,0243
QvrWBRiv's Sir BronzeTinsel RhynnAdult (m)5,4691,1867
aSCg8Riv's Sir BronzeTinsel IAdult (m)4,7399643
q9YIYRiv's Sir BronzeTinsel ArmyAdult (m)3,7531,0362
DSrfFRiv's Lil' Lady BronzeTinselHatchling (f, F)5,3101,3273
mCATERiv's Lil' BronzeTinselHatchling (F)2,8409125
IAIK8x Riv's Valentine Specials xHatchling (F)2,4228184
5lTc9Riv's Lady ValentineAdult (f)3,9211,24911
epeWLRiv's Lil' Lady ValentineHatchling (f, F)3,2051,0362
jZXh9Riv's Sir SweetlingAdult (m)3,7601,2977
rvtXmRiv's Lil' Sir SweetlingHatchling (m, F)3,3381,0944
1coAaRiv's Lady RosebudAdult (f)3,9021,3244
8phv7Riv's Lil' Lady RosebudHatchling (f, F)3,3111,0865
HTE9uRiv's Sir HeartSeekerAdult (m)3,8291,23412
vpTB1Riv's Lil' Sir HeartSeekerHatchling (m, F)2,9821,0423
W1qisRiv's Lil' HeartseekerHatchling (F)2,5117627
E7vHuRiv's CB Lady ArsaniAdult (f)3,5961,1594
cACddRiv's CB Lady ArtemisAdult (f)3,4341,1694
nyzHERiv's CB Sir LuciferAdult (m)4,5289241
YENUuRiv's  CB Sir CastielAdult (m)4,4809193
3J5QoRiv's Sir ThelielAdult (m)3,2001,0282
PNvosx Riv's Halloween Specials xHatchling (F)3,2079192
ps1gIx Riv's Pumpkins xHatchling (F)1,8835981
KmO50Riv's Lady PumpkinAdult (f)2,4689514
B0jcPRiv's Lady Pumpkin IAdult (f)2,0649063
8h73uRiv's Sir PumpkinAdult (m)6,6821,5059
0CRn1Riv's Sir Pumpkin IAdult (m)8,2451,6808
v4dXvRiv's Lil' Lady PumpkinHatchling (f, F)1,8418562
aXQkRRiv's Lil' Sir PumpkinHatchling (m, F)5,7451,2843
PN6IZRiv's Lil' PumpkinHatchling (F)1,1173778
A0icgx Riv's Black Marrows xHatchling (F)3,0479011
Me3uFRiv's Lady BonesAdult (f)9,0531,7618
fi7SnRiv's Sir BonesAdult (m)7,0101,5526
Q4pR7Riv's Lil' Lady BonesHatchling (f, F)2,1008974
FegrDRiv's Lil' Sir BonesHatchling (m, F)1,7007622
PjGxmRiv's Lil' BonesHatchling (F)1,2654343
oUmMUx Riv's Shadow Walkers xHatchling (F)2,6407682
hRJqnRiv's Lady ShadowAdult (f)7,1521,5686
JDDfQRiv's Sir ShadowAdult (m)6,9781,5398
ty3YvRiv's Lil' Lady ShadowHatchling (f, F)2,3698782
eSL91Riv's Lil' Sir ShadowHatchling (m, F)1,6757481
JsHAPRiv's Lil' ShadowHatchling (F)1,1914293
pMJMMx Riv's Cavern Lurkers xHatchling (F)1,6415083
0sRl5Riv's CB Lady Lurky SolAdult (f)3,2011,2589
gfqfpRiv's Lady Lurky IAdult (f)2,6259862
VaZMjRiv's Sir LurkyAdult (m)2,4139295
1GWxkRiv's Sir Lurky IAdult (m)2,6819771
g3RRpRiv's Lil' Lady LurkyHatchling (f, F)1,6317241
onwuJRiv's Lil' Sir LurkyHatchling (m, F)1,7077532
Nq7S3Riv's Lil' LurkyHatchling (F)1,2064121
4kOtix Riv's Grave Dragons xHatchling (F)3,0932474
HI6NGRiv's CB Lady RIPAdult (f)1,9228961
2KYDaRiv's CB Lady RIP IAdult (f)1,9229231
tC1paRiv's CB Lady RIP IIAdult (f)1,8818584
Vt6udRiv's CB Lady RIP IIIAdult (f)1,9469031
Y2s78Riv's Lady RIP IVAdult (f)3,9399622
wxI21Riv's Lady RIP VAdult (f)3,7449642
YcIH5Riv's CB Sir RIPAdult (m)1,9789233
c2SrHRiv's CB Sir RIP IAdult (m)1,9379331
uc6JGRiv's CB Sir RIP IIAdult (m)1,9719052
wJK3VRiv's Sir RIP IIIAdult (m)3,7669623
BIrn0Riv's Lil' Lady RIPHatchling (f, F)1,4538001
OC7pmRiv's Lil' Sir RIPHatchling (m, F)3,2898151
DKlAiRiv's Lil' RIPHatchling (F)2,7777082
vFktXx Riv's Desipises xHatchling (F)2,3304500
HTJXfRiv's CB Lady DesipisAdult (f)2,3499512
F0825Riv'S CB Lady Desipis IAdult (f)2,3439501
jse54Riv's CB Sir DesipisAdult (m)2,3619471
jPQDqRiv's CB Sir Desipis IAdult (m)2,3749461
tq6IeRiv's Lil' Lady DesipisHatchling (f, F)3,2508031
ePFbVRiv's Lil' Sir DesipisHatchling (m, F)3,2038141
q14nnRiv's Lil' DesipisHatchling (F)2,1575951
NcXFsx Riv's Christmas Specials xHatchling (F)3,0787743
f09W3Riv's Sir Pale HollyAdult (m)3,6471,0068
NeWhTRiv's Sir Thuwed HollyAdult (m)3,5677911
WHjnhRiv's Lil' HollyHatchling (F)1,8697127
kmE55Riv's Sir YulebuckAdult (m)5,6581,3998
H8oFBRiv's Sir Yulebuck IAdult (m)3,5511,0013
WMEK0Riv's Lil' Sir YulebuckHatchling (m, F)3,7881,0696
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