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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “WhiteTygre,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
TMGYu(TMGYu)Dead Egg000
mT2cRWT Beating Heart G2Adult (m)7,2319313
1Iq5ZWT Poppyhill G6Adult (m)3,2388563
xxLXkWT Say Something G6Adult (f)4,3451,0395
OjVhYWT Ethereal Florals G6Adult (f)3,2124230
YfoGhWT Take Me To Church CBAdult (m)4,5714303
rv8TwWT Turnback G2Adult (m)4,4674191
ugcsIWT Warm Outside G2Adult (m)3,1883751
ojqaLWT Whispered Lights G3Adult (m)3,6004050
BpP8wWT Diamond Keeper G7Adult (f)4,0883460
tiLJHWT Mystical Dream G3Adult (m)4,4603660
LLkNrWT Scarlet Flourish G3Adult (f)3,7133573
MD8ZTWT Silver Clockwork CBAdult (m)3,5674590
w6ntHWT Sugar Sculpture G4Adult (f)5,3008903
dZkpKWT Magician G2Adult (m)2,5676332
X3Hka(X3Hka)Adult (f)2,6275682
9o2h9WT Dream Land G7Hatchling (F)1,7442111
UCQuI(UCQuI)Adult (f)2,6297050
SnTzn(SnTzn)Adult (f)2,1467171
WLI1Z(WLI1Z)Adult (f)2,0947181
XLhx8(XLhx8)Adult (m)2,0206860
PAPIt(PAPIt)Adult (m)2,7115421
BqAW0(BqAW0)Adult (m)2,4215001
IFQgn(IFQgn)Adult (m)2,8095281
tYErG(tYErG)Adult (f)2,5536503
Hbznz(Hbznz)Adult (f)3,0326021
kDtdF(kDtdF)Adult (f)2,5375681
e8VsvWT Frigid Fun CBAdult (m)1,6147070
87G6sWT Chilly Challenge CBAdult (m)1,6567160
ybyaXWT Superb Snow CBAdult (f)1,6307410
iJsOFWT Incredible Ice CBAdult (m)1,8787410
Fy7YDWT Lunar Pull CBAdult (m)2,3066660
jfOY5WT Icy Paws CBAdult (f)2,4126740
htcsvWT Tomorrow's Snow CBAdult (m)2,2588030
3hqu4WT Misty Midnight CBAdult (f)2,1727840
dzHkKWT Mountain Peak CBAdult (f)1,8346701
XTmaJWT Cold Magics CBAdult (f)2,0486521
vmUPnWT Windy Willows G2Adult (m)2,8735703
pf1a7(pf1a7)Adult (f)2,7925702
JRoGq(JRoGq)Adult (f)2,3897340
zeB7B(zeB7B)Adult (m)2,4965548
VJN3WT Vanilla CBAdult (f)1,0355253
21ApAWT Alexander CBAdult (m)2,7948261
0ceWMWT Paper Thin CBAdult (m)2,7005892
h012rWT Laced G2Adult (m)3,7513950
xkoMnWT Glowdust Flower CBAdult (m)4,4394591
4OA2bWT Pink and White G6Adult (m)3,1937072
hT349WT Purloin G3Adult (m)2,4106461
5RF6vWT Clean As A Whistle CBAdult (m)2,1957600
w01gjWT M'Lady Jude G8Adult (f)2,5585344
c8jknWT White Sunshine G2Adult (f)2,0795111
Ob0WC(Ob0WC)Adult (f)3,4175553
yu0voWT Cloudy Roses G4Hatchling (F)2,4571671
0DFhBWT Corvid Charlatan G5Hatchling (m, F)3,3423592
SbRfeWT Green Diamond CBAdult (m)4,1354331
qtwBDWT Lucky Clover CBAdult (f)4,1254320
v8TjfWT Shamrock CBAdult (f)3,3783810
1KLLNWT Minty Fresh G2Adult (f)4,4394142
7s7ZnWT Wilderness CBAdult (f)3,6284481
gcCOG(gcCOG)Adult (f)2,4375923
witB0WT Witbo G2Hatchling (F)1,8032220
Dl6pZWT Strawberry Jam CBAdult (m)3,2979001
2kAXHWT Cherryjam CBAdult (m)3,2568912
B2Eb1WT Red Silk CBAdult (m)3,2318952
WD7hZWT In Name Only CBAdult (m)3,3178990
TQSY2WT Early CBAdult (f)2,8144860
3rde9WT Bluebird G2Adult (f)3,3244920
7Bd87WT Garnish CBAdult (m)4,1473990
O1MZgWT Out Of The Blue CBAdult (f)3,8944630
CWctZWT Moondchild CBAdult (f)4,2154810
O0FcE(O0FcE)Adult (f)2,2787670
6ZaaSWT Angelus Caeli G2Hatchling (F)1,7022170
bV1DlWT Teagan CBAdult (f)3,2634640
ZBvdvWT Foline CBAdult (m)2,9914310
R2fR2(R2fR2)Adult (m)2,7255482
L7RQZ(L7RQZ)Adult (m)2,4166551
PAquZ(PAquZ)Adult (m)2,4826553
Ws8y6(Ws8y6)Adult (m)5,0871,0123
XeItqWT Light of Indira G2Hatchling (F)1,8542560
fKJ9dWT Hotrod G2Hatchling (m, F)2,4185661
9dWhe(9dWhe)Hatchling (F)2,4036371
WEnpZ(WEnpZ)Hatchling (f, F)2,7997601
U8cDH(U8cDH)Hatchling (F)2,1095101
DaoUT(DaoUT)Adult (f)3,1096771
nW8Jx(nW8Jx)Adult (m)3,4196850
jO2TM(jO2TM)Adult (m)3,3206920
DTV0f(DTV0f)Adult (f)2,3367850
bmBtP(bmBtP)Adult (f)2,3497380
cnHC2(cnHC2)Adult (m)2,3777860
H62IQ(H62IQ)Adult (m)2,3617562
VfCz1(VfCz1)Adult (m)2,4117820
ToyaN(ToyaN)Adult (f)2,3827901
dYWfz(dYWfz)Adult (m)2,4527630
PABWa(PABWa)Adult (f)2,6886911
BrGL2(BrGL2)Adult (m)2,8257673
qg5q7(qg5q7)Adult (m)2,7237651
ohziC(ohziC)Adult (m)2,2397830
VZ3IE(VZ3IE)Adult (f)2,6227500
mijpQ(mijpQ)Adult (m)2,4677481
SQuSs(SQuSs)Adult (f)2,5617603
jM1ds(jM1ds)Adult (f)2,4837441
bXFli(bXFli)Adult (f)3,0006101
LPBap(LPBap)Adult (f)3,0676773
JblJ5(JblJ5)Adult (f)2,4127181
GBVjA(GBVjA)Adult (f)2,6826192
dYgWC(dYgWC)Adult (f)3,0035503
1iu2N(1iu2N)Adult (m)2,3715491
yTDv3(yTDv3)Adult (m)2,4187270
FRkrD(FRkrD)Adult (f)1,6986580
5Ob4E(5Ob4E)Adult (m)1,8936930
7BgXlWT Bless'd Be The Wicked CBAdult (m)1,4688111
hIG2YWT No Rest For The Wicked CBAdult (f)1,5578061
Ct87RWT Wicked Is Good CBAdult (m)1,4667862
1uuQNWT Cheshire Grin CBAdult (m)1,5008010
eh76qWT Wicked Smile CBAdult (f)1,4868040
S6dO9WT Rose Quartz CBAdult (m)2,9064490
vp1r2WT Kunzite CBAdult (m)3,7924290
8ULDdWT Pink Diamond CBAdult (m)3,8294290
jL56pWT Strawberries and Cream CBAdult (m)3,1164171
MwzhXWT Pink Ribbons G6Adult (f)2,8234372
r4d7HWT Ladylike G4Adult (f)2,7774111
WA82TWT Princess CBAdult (f)3,2474431
Y0DMZWT Therefor I Am G2Adult (m)7,4569052
6FVVlWT Lux Contri Priest G2Adult (m)4,0464020
I7YRIWT Strawberry Prince G2Adult (m)3,6584331
rKDQnWT Neon Sugar G2Adult (f)3,6214360
sMCAqWT Magic Pink G2Adult (m)5,0399060
FfuTtWT Flower Jewel G2Adult (m)5,3598860
Yx35LWT Rose of Fortune G2Adult (m)5,0358631
dIWvWWT A Pinkish Hue G2Adult (f)4,7177742
GLTYmWT Guilty Pleasures G2Adult (m)5,3068051
XyxzzWT Sweet and Subtle CBAdult (f)3,3968052
sDpJ1WT Bits and Pieces CBHatchling (m, F)3,6044390
GZK9LWT Thread of Memory G2Hatchling (F)2,8323240
cE580WT Ayumu CBAdult (f)1,5517761
DEIuBWT Thanda G5Adult (f)3,3681,1322
t6666WT Liebe G3Adult (f)2,9444860
5lkXNWT Moon Daisy G3Adult (f)3,8684960
IOjDCWT Princess Tiara G3Adult (f)3,3654041
WdEln(WdEln)Adult (f)2,8588032
lM4hqWT Rainbow Meadows CBHatchling (f, F)4,2888231
G9qrBWT Adoration G2Hatchling (F)3,1653560
0zHc7WT Curious CBAdult (m)2,4427051
iDvUjWT Divided CBAdult (f)2,7087051
3cfjrWT Greyfire CBAdult (f)4,1877992
rcQ2qWT Silver String CBAdult (m)2,0866506
psyUcWT Psych You See CBAdult (f)1,9217470
YByEFWT Making History CBAdult (f)1,9177610
R4Lt2WT Ralts G2Adult (f)2,5005942
vRcQdWT Blue Destruction G2Adult (f)1,8696460
j43JpWT Silver Phoenix G2Adult (f)2,2686783
TGG0L(TGG0L)Adult (f)5,3751,1452
ZObRb(ZObRb)Adult (m)2,8735461
ymM58(ymM58)Adult (m)2,1507130
PE0u8(PE0u8)Adult (m)1,8307131
S6Naf(S6Naf)Adult (f)1,8086490
VA7Es(VA7Es)Adult (f)1,6916690
Jbz46(Jbz46)Adult (m)2,5645541
BRi2g(BRi2g)Adult (m)2,4106900
Y01cS(Y01cS)Adult (f)2,4077210
7ylr5(7ylr5)Adult (m)2,5835809
3hhbJWT Periwinkle CBAdult (f)4,7103990
xndehWT Sky Blue CBAdult (f)4,6503902
yxoygWT Sky Shine CBAdult (f)2,6115861
uHrHJWT Phantom Quartz CBHatchling (F)5,9586663
RFBkWWT Jaws G2Adult (m)5,1624103
eJCXOWT Pick A Card G4Adult (f)4,8194120
ypiITWT From All Sides CBAdult (f)3,8104612
H0ATkWT Prized Element CBAdult (m)5,7618222
QvPlPWT Two Sided Coin G2Adult (f)3,4377891
2W5GTWT Double Danger G3Adult (m)3,4827811
E4fg7WT Crusoe G2Adult (f)5,2284015
C66GOWT Walk Of Life CBAdult (f)3,9723642
Lntj1WT Twin Blue G2Adult (f)4,5014643
Bt5OJ(Bt5OJ)Adult (m)3,0675601
ViqhWT Party Time G10Adult (m)8244732
eHgDJWT Balloon Launch CBAdult (m)3,0358550
0DBHbWT Parade Balloon CBAdult (f)2,7639191
KZys0WT Floating Fancy G2Adult (m)3,0124260
7dw3qWT Whisper Puff G2Adult (m)2,8706095
OZ38fWT Purity CBAdult (f)5,4855193
1sRyuWT Nobyll G2Adult (m)7,3099285
X4rMeWT Peace and Quiet G3Adult (f)3,8564001
Gh5vRWT Rain Wisher CBAdult (m)4,0144100
1LDNPWT Purple Dolphins G2Adult (m)3,3997831
UnKPQWT Twin Flowers G2Adult (m)2,1905583
hhHAX(hhHAX)Adult (f)2,3547280
OPKJYWT Parkour CBAdult (m)2,9748550
af5fZWT Dancer G2Adult (f)4,0164180
XZFBiWT Digital World CBAdult (m)4,4583870
QbfF7WT Starspeckled Oracle G2Adult (f)3,5183490
k804JWT Swamp Capsule G3Adult (m)2,1386270
YGr2pWT Faithful G3Adult (f)2,5066132
gy29n(gy29n)Adult (f)2,3737570
Bs2iL(Bs2iL)Adult (m)1,7767010
2RYpq(2RYpq)Adult (f)1,8687450
0srZv(0srZv)Adult (f)1,7076350
76En8(76En8)Adult (m)1,7116690
ElE9T(ElE9T)Adult (m)1,7596830
MuwkIWT Mooneater G3Hatchling (F)2,9362791
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