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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New types of dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “WhatDoesntKillYa,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
pEeNx(pEeNx)Hatchling (m, F)1,6246201
JTFZR(JTFZR)Hatchling (F)2,5396203
tUdz5Kin No ShuukakuAdult (m)3,4115037
nLQ2DKomakai TenAdult (f)1,9836257
LQkIhShadowy TulipsAdult (f)2,3587135
VzchwHel's GaurdianAdult (f)2,9917618
3rxYLPaisley Sun PatternsAdult (m)2,3237532
U1QQ2Doesn't Have A ClueAdult (m)2,6097793
Rakv4Dream of a Celtic KnotAdult (f)2,8898773
Uuea5Refia the White MageAdult (f)2,8208442
WIG6LSmall Piece Of GoldAdult (f)2,5878478
XBdeRDenim Blue JeansAdult (f)3,5718118
ZWQOhTransparency ClauseAdult (m)2,0477234
XavGFMorgana The StrangeAdult (f)1,8506852
AqxmQFinally a Small GuyAdult (m)1,6136852
KWSJ9Couldn't Dream of MoreAdult (f)2,0987313
2fOaWProudly Not A MermaidAdult (f)1,7847051
w1JLANarukoAdult (f)2,1297191
j7hv5Give Ma A Good Reason Ta Heal YaAdult (m)2,1097022
wqIn8Japanese FireworksAdult (f)3,6661,1783
DUq9uWeeping Sakura BlossomsAdult (f)1,9706833
PleT7Climbing To The SunAdult (m)2,2317191
LPkgrShe Is WiseAdult (f)2,1396971
qAgLDThe Glorious KnightAdult (f)1,6286873
C7mmgGo Speed Racer GoAdult (m)1,7416681
ph99DBlue Jeans Made Of DenimAdult (f)1,8556551
6W1jC(6W1jC)Adult (f)1,5996511
6NfRy(6NfRy)Adult (m)2,1957302
YtSYWDrunk On Celtic DreamsAdult (m)2,2767482
Nu8lT(Nu8lT)Adult (m)2,1727301
gFNsf(gFNsf)Adult (m)2,2297591
tBkyxThere Is No School TodayAdult (f)2,2277122
JHF2S(JHF2S)Adult (m)3,0878324
gV0Cq(gV0Cq)Adult (m)2,9528312
WblsB(WblsB)Adult (m)3,6551,1081
1qMlaLqua MiaAdult (f)4,6321,0297
5PZNRThe Fifth Panzer GeneralAdult (f)2,7989295
VIapIVapieAdult (f)2,0555986
2EbPwPaisley Sun LaceAdult (f)2,4936632
eP55o(eP55o)Adult (f)4,3011,1024
opjRe(opjRe)Adult (m)2,6636845
MgtoPMigoto PAdult (f)2,1948353
pZKGx(pZKGx)Adult (m)2,8406622
2sl0G(2sl0G)Adult (m)2,9758514
v2nE0(v2nE0)Adult (m)2,7806613
9pylYGolden AirplaneAdult (m)2,7156484
1QDlh(1QDlh)Adult (m)4,8348683
gd6yK(gd6yK)Adult (f)1,8106542
6wfx8(6wfx8)Adult (f)3,3718794
BriCbBrick Out The WindowAdult (f)3,2217946
PfPIp(PfPIp)Adult (f)3,6429404
Cpcjf(Cpcjf)Adult (f)1,5866101
TcfHw(TcfHw)Adult (m)3,4569166
ub9OD(ub9OD)Adult (f)1,6166421
VLccm(VLccm)Adult (f)1,5035981
3u2UKMerlin The StrangeAdult (m)3,0678692
AgNRn(AgNRn)Adult (f)3,1399133
7yHRd(7yHRd)Adult (m)3,6801,0886
gU2n6(gU2n6)Adult (f)1,4566394
XJRpf(XJRpf)Adult (f)2,8855613
52mSM(52mSM)Adult (f)2,4405312
mGSD2(mGSD2)Adult (f)2,9136033
K9tSC(K9tSC)Adult (m)2,9706183
3lrrj(3lrrj)Adult (f)1,9336982
KWo91Kool 108Adult (m)1,8568061
Xy54t(Xy54t)Adult (m)1,9248112
KuNU4(KuNU4)Adult (f)1,9086763
smzAj(smzAj)Adult (f)2,3427373
8eGes8 Shades of GrayAdult (m)1,6756661
ccxyX(ccxyX)Adult (m)2,5154052
IvKn3(IvKn3)Adult (f)1,8796723
Lzufj(Lzufj)Adult (m)2,3767894
hNkHA(hNkHA)Adult (f)1,8838061
06NTZ(06NTZ)Adult (m)2,0708753
qbm3t(qbm3t)Adult (m)2,2296944
V7AOj(V7AOj)Adult (m)1,9106362
rHLac(rHLac)Adult (m)3,8078643
Cns0HNaruto the FoxAdult (m)2,0418503
wEiiu(wEiiu)Adult (m)2,1606816
sfGXb(sfGXb)Adult (f)2,4806944
3HHElNaruko the FoxAdult (f)2,8806181
31iEZ(31iEZ)Adult (m)1,9726615
xZvqK(xZvqK)Adult (f)2,6348765
4UOvd(4UOvd)Adult (m)2,0818473
3nN6f(3nN6f)Adult (m)2,2136905
6RhfJ(6RhfJ)Adult (m)2,0318463
zJivD(zJivD)Adult (m)1,7826681
wZtHK(wZtHK)Adult (m)3,2498627
y4Vbf(y4Vbf)Adult (f)2,1297152
TrtaB(TrtaB)Adult (f)1,7706392
Ak6v4(Ak6v4)Adult (f)2,7179084
4P7MU(4P7MU)Adult (f)1,7266613
y4GbQ(y4GbQ)Adult (m)2,1318392
04dQk(04dQk)Adult (f)2,0597222
Y2JGY(Y2JGY)Adult (f)2,4508662
HaXnN(HaXnN)Adult (f)2,1918382
4ut94(4ut94)Adult (m)1,9516432
uTxCO(uTxCO)Adult (f)1,5526132
6HLhN(6HLhN)Adult (m)1,7436512
ioUCE(ioUCE)Adult (f)2,2698291
44o2h(44o2h)Adult (f)2,0788352
YolVt(YolVt)Adult (m)2,1246603
Cddxd(Cddxd)Adult (f)1,9686151
c43mL(c43mL)Adult (f)1,9306593
acm7L(acm7L)Adult (f)4,1856993
weFpo(weFpo)Adult (f)2,0917971
hwe6F(hwe6F)Adult (f)2,0727941
QBAXR(QBAXR)Adult (m)4,5647711
9wTeu(9wTeu)Adult (f)1,9166623
ejkZZ(ejkZZ)Adult (m)1,6986914
uN1JS(uN1JS)Adult (m)2,1058043
AiOlI(AiOlI)Adult (m)2,4628013
L04bj(L04bj)Adult (f)2,7389443
T4gVc(T4gVc)Adult (f)2,2167753
b7K0d(b7K0d)Adult (m)1,9478074
5lvST(5lvST)Adult (f)2,2708931
Im2a6(Im2a6)Adult (f)2,1218483
F2UVQ(F2UVQ)Adult (f)2,1208592
qeway(qeway)Adult (f)2,5051,0164
HIQLl(HIQLl)Adult (m)2,1698773
tjueZ(tjueZ)Adult (f)2,6141,0333
WyjeK(WyjeK)Adult (m)2,6741,1102
J6lU7(J6lU7)Adult (f)2,6681,1043
PLObD(PLObD)Adult (m)2,1881,0513
dc20u(dc20u)Adult (f)2,0579602
lecyh(lecyh)Adult (f)1,9039610
2aQoJ(2aQoJ)Adult (f)1,9929510
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