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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “WereJace,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
rXCaZMKSherlock's RiseOfTheGuardiansAdult (m)4,4161,0381
PFEBCMKSherlock's DelgoAdult (f)8,2328593
8vadvMKSherlock's Make PretendAdult (f)5,0251,1694
srOVrMKSherlock's DefianceAdult (m)2,5036760
4zUcoMKSherlock's Black SabbathAdult (m)3,8318513
wKT7kMKSherlock's JeffreyAdult (f)3,7819691
h35GQMKSherlock's The DungeonmasterAdult (m)4,0547534
p9jYwMKSherlock's Return To OzAdult (f)3,7717242
ONPm6MKSherlock's Castle In The SkyAdult (m)3,8747848
DuoODMKSherlock's The Golden ChildAdult (f)4,0158084
RWUHTMKSherlock's The Worst WitchAdult (f)2,1806933
68SHoMKSherlock's The BarbariansAdult (m)2,0306581
jOJSSMKSherlock's Date With An AngelAdult (f)2,1516961
GHs5XMKSherlock's RougeAdult (m)2,6307442
WxS3FMKSherlock's Wings Of DesireAdult (f)3,3577120
uMCEvMKSherlock's GandaharAdult (f)3,5707891
S2nbWMKSherlock's Vice VersaAdult (m)3,3839010
XkgDEMKSherlock's Peacock KingAdult (m)2,4986501
2c32zMKSherlock's 88 MinutesAdult (f)3,1737613
C7xhEMKSherlock's Capital PunishmentAdult (f)3,9856270
D8nfvMKSherlock's HaircutAdult (f)2,9536240
qRFK5MKSherlock's I Am Number FourAdult (m)2,0678680
HRdTLMKSherlock's Romance GrayAdult (m)2,7488251
ZxRWR(ZxRWR)Adult (m)2,0347153
h9hRc(h9hRc)Adult (f)2,6658821
mGRPT(mGRPT)Adult (f)3,3888782
WKPy5(WKPy5)Adult (m)3,2348802
ChM0G(ChM0G)Adult (f)6,0361,1132
J8gJt(J8gJt)Adult (f)5,9589321
l9YTs(l9YTs)Adult (f)2,7216261
umRzMKSherlock's A Little PrincessHatchling (f, F)1,8061,01316
qSlkT(qSlkT)Adult (m)2,5847490
Df5VH(Df5VH)Adult (f)2,3457570
fifEs(fifEs)Adult (f)2,1647430
plXXf(plXXf)Adult (m)2,5237540
Rhvu1(Rhvu1)Adult (f)2,5317670
UHEjg(UHEjg)Adult (m)2,1707450
fwsTF(fwsTF)Adult (m)2,4347640
RmeFk(RmeFk)Adult (m)4,0111,0443
6bEyI(6bEyI)Adult (f)4,1241,0533
81fPF(81fPF)Adult (m)3,5668442
48DlF(48DlF)Hatchling (m, F)2,5748572
Lwkdc(Lwkdc)Adult (f)6,0295413
JO8Dp(JO8Dp)Adult (m)5,9325361
IIUgN(IIUgN)Adult (m)6,1857523
UNl9c(UNl9c)Adult (f)6,5096051
nHLsW(nHLsW)Adult (f)4,8217191
V5f4gMy Other Astrapi Is CBAdult (m)6,3401,2135
3OEZ5(3OEZ5)Adult (f)6,3181,1143
heD83(heD83)Adult (f)6,1295501
Pnt5E(Pnt5E)Adult (m)5,1476861
fbDOu(fbDOu)Adult (f)5,1317340
wXZ7Y(wXZ7Y)Adult (m)5,7521,1204
eBRtcMKSherlock's Goodnight MommyAdult (m)6,3935331
0Myro(0Myro)Adult (f)6,5587601
rHTrI(rHTrI)Adult (f)5,5216113
7jjYO(7jjYO)Adult (f)7,5157643
kiZGl(kiZGl)Adult (m)5,1266662
wXsgn(wXsgn)Adult (m)4,6847992
FiPq7(FiPq7)Adult (f)5,8425844
UokIlu ok iluAdult (m)5,7841,0291
rKGgr(rKGgr)Adult (m)6,4085391
EdPUG(EdPUG)Adult (m)6,8106342
KKh1jMKSherlock's We Are Still HereAdult (f)7,1554922
rbVwi(rbVwi)Adult (f)6,4876402
hnOLM(hnOLM)Adult (m)5,2516663
v1CnV(v1CnV)Adult (f)6,8546932
ALPd0(ALPd0)Adult (f)6,4221,0232
bIXqu(bIXqu)Adult (m)6,4675121
jYPJq(jYPJq)Adult (f)5,7638531
JJrU6(JJrU6)Adult (m)5,4626672
S6VmsDisappointing My ParentsAdult (f)5,7801,1841
q6Bzx(q6Bzx)Adult (m)4,3881,05716
Vm4Cs(Vm4Cs)Adult (m)6,5665385
G1Rgb(G1Rgb)Adult (f)6,4097453
rLF71(rLF71)Adult (f)4,8347181
lJZFk(lJZFk)Adult (f)7,6856604
mPkz7(mPkz7)Adult (m)5,9077377
h4KxU(h4KxU)Adult (f)6,3377123
87JDV(87JDV)Adult (f)5,3176881
NfyBa(NfyBa)Adult (f)5,2876422
FggI2(FggI2)Adult (m)3,5967004
VruCP(VruCP)Adult (f)5,4141,0753
v8bPn(v8bPn)Adult (f)1,9647170
91KGx(91KGx)Adult (f)2,0187192
MY7bq(MY7bq)Adult (m)2,0956932
p2C9T(p2C9T)Adult (m)2,0596791
XWIvW(XWIvW)Adult (f)2,4806953
wyJkv(wyJkv)Adult (f)2,8978563
W3dyf(W3dyf)Adult (m)3,1158183
71hHe(71hHe)Adult (m)3,4323872
mNq35GGPR KimmyAdult (m)6,0691,2167
ozQIa(ozQIa)Adult (f)6,0101,2973
j8TLj(j8TLj)Adult (m)6,1611,2173
2R2OY(2R2OY)Adult (m)5,4011,0662
Ih6zw(Ih6zw)Adult (f)6,9561,0864
xSmnl(xSmnl)Adult (f)7,6881,0553
bkBd6(bkBd6)Adult (m)6,9101,4613
XG6lN(XG6lN)Adult (f)7,9539785
g2hbiGGPR BillyAdult (m)6,0911,0484
JiIAf(JiIAf)Adult (m)7,5431,1104
VrFhX(VrFhX)Adult (m)7,1981,0582
SEmgh(SEmgh)Adult (f)10,2801,2483
bIEQo(bIEQo)Adult (f)6,8147707
lEzgYGGPR TommyAdult (m)5,6371,0748
7NeHC(7NeHC)Adult (f)6,3221,1075
Bh1RP(Bh1RP)Adult (f)6,8481,2314
IV0PP(IV0PP)Adult (m)8,6591,2692
itdpA(itdpA)Adult (f)6,9261,0633
Jyujl(Jyujl)Adult (f)8,5461,2462
E2q5c(E2q5c)Adult (m)9,5261,1970
11O0L(11O0L)Adult (f)7,0901,0707
o9AD9(o9AD9)Adult (m)6,2051,05215
brFPuGGPR TriniAdult (m)6,4091,1819
QMOjC(QMOjC)Adult (m)8,1561,0335
UScOK(UScOK)Adult (m)8,29190111
i5tEAGGPR ZackAdult (m)6,2621,0205
eEpEp(eEpEp)Adult (f)7,2431,0943
X02vq(X02vq)Adult (f)5,9591,2961
rw4mg(rw4mg)Adult (f)7,6161,1924
ICfFC(ICfFC)Adult (m)5,4729670
1Pud8(1Pud8)Adult (f)9,4551,1232
OeCHDGGPR JasonAdult (f)9,5861,5358
7jSkg(7jSkg)Adult (m)7,2191,2835
WJAeb(WJAeb)Adult (m)7,7241,2141
wMI0o(wMI0o)Adult (f)8,0371,2167
6mkqI(6mkqI)Adult (m)6,15384913
RWPiH(RWPiH)Adult (m)7,0251,0121
6RRfMKSherlock's Chicken RunAdult (f)1,42996743
5x5AMKSherlock's Winged MigrationAdult (f)1,16548625
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