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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “Watervalley_99,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
Z8YLUDanger With Hope WVDAdult (m)5,7388953
Cb5IJAshes To Ashes With Oblivion WVDAdult (m)4,5859071
fPzDoHypocrite with Glory WVDAdult (f)3,8551,0241
DEuXRLiar with Happiness WVDAdult (f)4,3591,0163
nE5gqSilence With Grace WVDAdult (m)5,6999272
ttBkQMourning Wood With Liev WVDAdult (f)4,8371,2292
4p852Sound with Silence WVDAdult (m)3,5341,0415
1ho8TSerenity with Sadness WVDAdult (f)4,9128881
PG4mYWhen The World Turns On YouAdult (f)2,2576792
14kY4Remember Who You Are WVDAdult (f)1,5857141
mI73DHopeless Moments WVDAdult (m)1,8937042
gi6fnStrongest Wishes WVDAdult (m)1,4187271
e9YPwHopeless Flight WVDAdult (m)4,3891,0265
RtfZXWhen The World Dreams WVDAdult (f)3,6518951
AfL5SWhere The Story Ends WVDAdult (m)4,7041,0213
zvhwjHopeless Lights WVDAdult (m)3,4101,0390
pmvS0Still Sea WVDAdult (m)4,3279301
uOY2gHopeless Daydreams WVDAdult (m)3,6619320
CdChwHopeless Heart WVDAdult (m)3,7099851
OMwUjWhere The Dream Ends WVDAdult (m)3,6031,0001
A8Ah7The Difference WVDHatchling (m, F)3,0338091
AQOJTRose Tyler WVDHatchling (f, F)2,9978312
ThVQdMelody Pond WVDAdult (f)4,1908642
6rucjSilence Of Things WVDAdult (f)2,9286122
H0PBkSupernatural WVDAdult (m)2,3855462
YSFJXBreath Of Air WVDAdult (f)4,4277962
zpWyOSee What I See WVDAdult (m)3,5219681
ZPE2eBlackheart WVDAdult (f)3,6379433
7jQ5OShadow Mover WVDAdult (f)4,6918902
l1QWrBSL Pitt Bull I Am A Rock WVDAdult (f)3,6451,0575
oEuGNBlackstripe FallenHolly WVDAdult (f)5,2599507
BfgBEForgotten WVDAdult (m)4,9788811
dMptrGracie Leigh WVDAdult (f)4,8371,0693
kNy5pDangerous Tricks WVDAdult (m)3,3728501
wqxX8Final Line WVDAdult (m)1,7765711
X1E7vPrince George WVDAdult (m)5,0281,0081
NqhasThe Boxer WVDAdult (m)4,2061,1382
JNu4SFly To Dreams WVDAdult (m)1,6066281
BzGpePrince Of Dreams WVDAdult (m)3,7919721
cXGvkOcean Breeze WVDAdult (f)6,1818921
3ZDSVThere's Nothing Left Inside WVDAdult (f)5,7221,1718
h9HQMMoon Chaser WVDAdult (m)2,4546713
zmSR8Shadow Hunter WVDAdult (f)2,3646151
ucaJ2Brave Heart WVDAdult (f)4,5101,3230
PSaadRed Like Roses WVDAdult (f)3,7841,0632
qPVTgBSL Alaskan Malamute Grace WVDAdult (f)5,2978695
iOp7CIt's Dark In My Heart WVDAdult (m)4,4108613
eUsIcMake Me Feel Better WVDAdult (m)4,5381,2151
siUcmBSL Anatolian Shepherd WVD GuardAdult (m)4,5268412
ZHMwiBSL Borzoi WVD Always NearAdult (m)5,6721,1612
lHNCvBSL Caucasian Shepherd WVDAdult (m)4,6931,0484
wYzVgRache with Mercy WVDAdult (f)2,61857613
oNIoxDanger With Mercy WVDAdult (m)4,3721,0631
feeXjDanger With Rache WVDAdult (m)6,7479092
0QemaBroken Silence WVDAdult (m)4,1781,1546
L6sTKFear with Courage WVDAdult (f)5,1088193
F0tHBThe Major League WVDAdult (m)3,0691,0071
Hu1KnThere's Nothing We Can Stand ForAdult (f)2,8231,0161
dz7biVincent Valentine WVDAdult (m)3,8301,0022
uHJSoOver My Head WVDAdult (m)3,7501,3554
nuv0MVinyls Rule WVDAdult (m)3,7331,3574
uutxmAmmire WVDAdult (f)4,1271,3032
xZxu2Vera WVDAdult (f)3,9291,3081
JEyLw(JEyLw)Adult (m)3,4807591
0vGTnStatic WVDAdult (m)4,1938501
dMMRHKabuto Hopes WVDAdult (f)4,3641,0056
Ioyc0Rose WVDAdult (f)5,8178701
DbFhIShockeria WVDAdult (f)4,1148411
tiscVMichelle WVDAdult (f)7,3577472
kujsiWhen Truth Lies WVDAdult (f)6,3096713
ck2SRRevolution WVDAdult (f)4,4378371
jjuV3Smoke WVDAdult (f)4,3597900
4VgwOWhat I Believe WVDAdult (m)4,6601,0591
E1SfULabyrinth WVDAdult (m)3,7659153
UVrJiRadioactive WVDAdult (m)4,0199611
3MHTGRemember Who Knows The Maze WVDAdult (f)4,3608831
EEPUGParadise WVDAdult (m)4,7959641
orES0Obsidian WVDAdult (m)4,8508632
Vs03yBSL Belgian Malinois WVD FreedomAdult (f)5,1801,0023
PWNCJBSL Belgian Sheepdog WVD ProtectAdult (m)4,2501,0233
AwCw2BSL Chinese Shar Pei WVD LoyalAdult (m)4,7131,0574
R8ulFSummer Breeze WVDAdult (m)1,9396732
Rxzg1Above The Canopies WVDAdult (f)2,2406262
zItVOSummer Canopies WVDAdult (m)5,4969222
mY1xpHopeless Canopies WVDAdult (m)3,6729380
GPn0hKorey Cooper WVDAdult (f)4,9621,2461
b2NbxAs The Canyon Comes Between WVDAdult (f)5,3729691
OjAKtWait Wait Don't Tell Me WVDAdult (f)5,5071,0043
yoBjzInvisible Protector WVDAdult (f)3,0111,0101
f91afHere We Stand WVDAdult (m)3,1041,0161
Qqu1tRed vs Blue WVDAdult (f)3,1611,0741
aE5XqTeeth WVDAdult (f)4,5319551
9y2N7Starlit Nightmares WVDAdult (f)3,6321,1811
ZpCUbFalling Dreams WVDAdult (f)2,8441,0091
0H2ZCBroken Soul WVDAdult (m)3,0751,0201
3aVAGAin't No Rest For The Wicked WVDAdult (m)4,4579631
kUpP2Believe WVDAdult (f)5,7208222
3lTDAYou Thought You Knew The TruthAdult (m)5,7168152
B0J9EStarset WVDAdult (f)5,7289614
BQ9b0Orion WVDAdult (m)5,6661,1152
6SRXoThuwed's Christmas DorkfaceAdult (f)5,5997444
SWhviDifferent Than A Reindeer WVDAdult (m)1,8776081
qF1xrSoul Seeking Heart WVDAdult (m)5,2729011
NhErwSpeak Your True Feelings WVDAdult (f)4,2008421
IIX4dTake Joy In All You Do WVDAdult (f)4,7777461
5a5C5Green As The Holly WVDAdult (f)4,8978674
g5A6nEnjoy Yourself WVDAdult (f)1,5226752
bskNvForgotten Lonely Love WVDAdult (f)4,6579732
KpmYrUnspoken Joy WVDAdult (m)1,8686061
rtKOGColors Of The Rainbow WVDAdult (m)4,3119711
GBZRNSad Christmas WVDAdult (m)4,3649723
I8erJNever Fear WVDAdult (m)5,3039041
tJ4juHave Great Cheer WVDAdult (m)5,6218963
rxeRTFrozen Hearts WVDAdult (m)3,5357861
hocuiRemember What Once Was WVDAdult (f)3,0258681
H3NzbMaster Your Doubts WVDAdult (f)3,0068451
w8S9TMelody WVDAdult (f)5,2396321
FjgqcThe Lonely WVDAdult (f)6,0976212
j3MQuSky's Guardian WVDAdult (m)2,7205631
36WziSun Drop WVDAdult (f)6,1691,1172
zmmsTPrince Copar WVDAdult (m)4,4341,2416
W0eeaPrincess Of Dreams WVDAdult (f)5,7081,0825
3CZmOTrickster WVDAdult (m)3,3026533
vQKTdJoker WVDAdult (m)4,3641,0301
OdhA9RWBY WVDAdult (f)4,9481,2924
wa3d5RvB WVDAdult (m)4,8881,3523
kFPVYEleazar WVDAdult (m)4,7719014
ZTrjvBSL Bouvier Des Flandres WVD NatAdult (f)8,0997863
um87wBSL Catahoula Leopard Dog WVDAdult (m)5,0019682
CMXYCHidden Beneath WVDAdult (m)5,3021,0351
cQ9L5Starlit Dreams WVDAdult (f)2,0767192
W3oBVDemon's Shadow WVDAdult (m)1,6127621
GvJrkDemon's Purity WVDAdult (m)1,3156821
LaN6yElsa WVDAdult (f)4,5229151
tejLSHidden Deep Within WVDAdult (f)4,0541,0471
EqwCmHidden Grace WVDAdult (f)5,0491,3353
5XMJmForgiveness Comes WVDAdult (m)4,1701,1872
lfsJZLive In The Clouds WVDAdult (f)6,6167862
UUe5SSkillet WVDAdult (m)4,63387910
mBnK1Cure My Sorrows WVDAdult (m)6,0148593
S0qfqI Have A Name WVDAdult (m)5,9118973
4fpfrRealistic Dreams WVDAdult (f)5,6468922
nrW9MForgiven Waters WVDAdult (m)5,1008127
OUATMStarlit Waters WVDAdult (f)5,3617732
VxWXnCure My Heart WVDAdult (m)5,8348812
7ObnqStarlit Snow WVDAdult (f)3,2381,0101
6OpcGFalling In The Black WVDAdult (m)6,1028481
zFmIWThis Is Not A Dream WVDAdult (m)4,6451,0080
pJh7nIt's Been So Long WVDAdult (f)3,7931,0770
LsOscFalling Towards The Sky WVDAdult (m)3,7701,0860
t7by2Titanic  WVDAdult (m)2,4006762
tLV4mMidnight WVDAdult (f)1,8546042
Zgj4GJack WVDAdult (m)3,8291,0851
2IB56(2IB56)Adult (f)4,9959761
wCU3LLost What Can't Be Found WVDAdult (f)5,1526192
8R7w8There Is No More Laughter WVDAdult (f)5,2571,0203
xTlyBPass The Time WVDAdult (f)4,7459421
z3pK4Impossible WVDAdult (m)5,1628121
b614KStolen Secrets WVDAdult (m)6,0628812
9ohfsRealms With Unknown WVDAdult (m)3,6178295
dEZR9Rache With Unheard WVDAdult (f)3,5227074
p1N8dSilence With Fear WVDAdult (f)10,4091,1521
a9MYhSilence With Graceful Fear WVDAdult (f)4,1091,0241
l3pZsScreaming With Bloody Murder WVDAdult (m)4,0359732
krIzbSolace With Scars WVDAdult (m)4,1149811
wdYDNDark With Day WVDAdult (m)4,9269021
e4PokShocking Tail WVDAdult (m)5,9008282
8r2eAThunderstorm WVDAdult (m)4,0188421
8kzEKBright Lights WVDAdult (f)5,1179410
1kohFJeff Williams WVDAdult (m)4,9001,0401
yRoqGWeapons Blizzard WVDAdult (m)6,6607204
bfVXZHellfire WVDAdult (f)5,1181,0032
FldBSDoiteain WVDAdult (m)3,5378282
7IYtXFiamma WVDAdult (f)3,7948821
8Fi4nHow To Save A Life WVDAdult (f)3,8708771
PjWMdFeuer WVDAdult (f)4,7029011
vbOs9Flame WVDAdult (m)3,1831,0111
EouszLoz WVDAdult (m)4,2861,2722
6MYZNBSL Akita Blaze WVDAdult (m)5,4067933
VyqhKHidden Behind Shadows WVDAdult (m)4,9368821
6qcu7BSL Australian Cattle Dog WVDAdult (m)4,3998371
lsbPZBSL Staffordshire TerrierAdult (m)5,9998682
KYTZ8(KYTZ8)Adult (f)3,3827351
hSNCDSong Of The Century WVDHatchling (f, F)3,7109581
uLjSfBSL Airedale Terrier Fuinseo WVDHatchling (f, F)3,9419188
gcczESpitfire WVDAdult (f)4,8376991
0H0m6Oblivion WVDAdult (m)3,6428382
Mjr0MDark Soul WVDAdult (m)4,5988532
7sxRpRemember Darkness WVDAdult (f)5,1148861
I9PaXRaging Doiteain WVDAdult (m)5,6319652
agjxuDark Doubts WVDAdult (m)5,5739622
CjdupDark Fire WVDAdult (f)4,0249441
ygwTOIce Fire WVDAdult (f)3,1291,0371
gIp9IStars WVDAdult (f)3,2391,0401
VoJcgDarkness Falls WVDAdult (f)3,4381,0560
jXbWNChurch WVDAdult (m)3,1401,0781
sbsC5Remember The Dark WVDAdult (f)4,4391,0743
kgMMgDon't Mess With Me WVDAdult (f)5,0071,0400
mBIdJ(mBIdJ)Adult (m)5,3521,0001
QP5KcSparks WVDAdult (f)3,6229213
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