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You pick up the scroll labeled “Wahya,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
GCGc1Wahya's Scroll WelcomerHatchling (F)2,4694996
DyZVf(DyZVf)Adult (f)3,4616135
zSF1r(zSF1r)Adult (f)3,9575796
sq7W4(sq7W4)Adult (f)3,3636162
GuEqY(GuEqY)Adult (m)3,5516441
V9Z1J(V9Z1J)Adult (m)3,8533952
mh4c5(mh4c5)Adult (f)3,1588247
r89Gt(r89Gt)Hatchling (f, F)2,9724714
4nZefSoot NoseHatchling (f, F)3,5786213
Y5Bny(Y5Bny)Adult (m)4,1457231
VnYVr(VnYVr)Adult (m)3,3777101
ZfCPXZ'e Sleek VampAdult (f)3,3616971
Ihzv3(Ihzv3)Adult (m)3,1546723
rUMbo(rUMbo)Adult (m)3,2446782
ESDBV(ESDBV)Adult (m)3,2376551
KIn9UJungle VolcanoAdult (m)3,6627272
6UtpA(6UtpA)Adult (f)3,5807311
ciKTO(ciKTO)Adult (m)3,6527461
9ywkY(9ywkY)Adult (f)3,6577041
Y76rV(Y76rV)Adult (f)4,8278030
QRy4CSpectral ButterflyAdult (f)2,7106911
YeoJELady YekiraAdult (f)2,6306961
TqmDBSooty ButterflyAdult (m)2,5696831
RVZR8(RVZR8)Adult (f)2,8336922
iptWt(iptWt)Adult (m)3,2637432
Vylg3(Vylg3)Adult (f)4,7907650
Qhb6f(Qhb6f)Adult (f)4,3677521
6JkPg(6JkPg)Adult (f)4,4807561
64GPM(64GPM)Adult (m)4,4307640
WJJIhDaughter of the West WindAdult (f)4,3507612
jjoul(jjoul)Adult (m)4,4517771
yb6T3(yb6T3)Adult (m)4,8207730
zbj4x(zbj4x)Adult (f)4,5687670
HBx62(HBx62)Adult (f)1,4166402
vXpkJ(vXpkJ)Adult (m)3,4366674
DHBmc(DHBmc)Adult (f)3,1966542
N2aPt(N2aPt)Adult (f)3,1916612
lusmm(lusmm)Adult (m)3,0836780
2Gl1t(2Gl1t)Adult (f)3,2107042
sYdEZ(sYdEZ)Adult (f)6,9181,0281
oohs7Air ExpertAdult (m)3,5427321
GNW5Q(GNW5Q)Adult (m)3,6057252
seXsw(seXsw)Adult (f)3,5127012
FFKxA(FFKxA)Adult (m)3,5757341
bjFSA(bjFSA)Adult (m)3,7477261
Ydw9M(Ydw9M)Adult (m)3,9807780
pz7aU(pz7aU)Adult (f)3,5187560
ee1vo(ee1vo)Adult (f)3,5816352
m2Non(m2Non)Adult (m)3,8426611
nzNuw(nzNuw)Adult (f)4,1569712
dpAJ6(dpAJ6)Adult (m)4,5001,0132
zIgke(zIgke)Adult (m)3,9959042
hLJ6g(hLJ6g)Adult (m)3,7418562
Eiurs(Eiurs)Adult (f)4,3879193
gUBIb(gUBIb)Adult (f)5,2321,0131
kcpttBottled Poe SoulHatchling (F)3,1244582
wrYFyI Should Have Stayed in the EggHatchling (F)3,7365981
OrU8j(OrU8j)Adult (m)3,9379071
h2By4Light of FootAdult (f)6,1061,3443
nVkRI(nVkRI)Hatchling (F)2,7743003
ZHHQa(ZHHQa)Adult (f)4,1889371
lJztK(lJztK)Adult (m)3,9169021
i26yr(i26yr)Adult (m)4,1788923
XWKMZ(XWKMZ)Adult (f)4,1798991
zB8Ug(zB8Ug)Adult (f)3,8168891
KUN4u(KUN4u)Adult (f)3,2771,0102
VWGh6(VWGh6)Adult (m)3,3101,0192
ULfKM(ULfKM)Adult (m)2,8098173
nHcIQ(nHcIQ)Hatchling (f, F)2,4007033
Zamrd(Zamrd)Adult (f)3,1178120
V5Fmj(V5Fmj)Adult (m)2,8447912
87Kxe(87Kxe)Hatchling (m, F)2,5096913
kEFBK(kEFBK)Adult (m)2,9978312
U8oRy(U8oRy)Adult (f)2,5828131
yZbS6(yZbS6)Adult (f)2,6398300
xITjp(xITjp)Adult (m)2,7318031
uc7XA(uc7XA)Adult (f)2,7227991
NmQ3k(NmQ3k)Adult (m)4,1468951
4miJnJaradale PumpkinAdult (f)4,5021,1771
iAO5Z(iAO5Z)Adult (m)4,1669114
e57Li(e57Li)Adult (m)4,0759021
DPNxv(DPNxv)Adult (f)4,5059241
UnNET(UnNET)Adult (f)2,7458353
Xd2O7(Xd2O7)Adult (f)2,6868312
Fltuz(Fltuz)Adult (f)2,7068032
8da46(8da46)Adult (f)2,7257771
I9ClY(I9ClY)Adult (f)2,7268651
PehfN(PehfN)Adult (m)2,8768561
bomOeBomoeAdult (m)3,7391,1301
cLQOE(cLQOE)Adult (f)3,6851,1220
sjDlV(sjDlV)Adult (m)3,7171,1252
TmXJm(TmXJm)Adult (f)3,9131,1230
ZFu96Z'e ArcanaAdult (m)3,7111,1121
wobW4(wobW4)Adult (f)3,9911,1423
OHrnW(OHrnW)Adult (m)2,5824152
foqGF(foqGF)Adult (m)2,9094531
vlQL9(vlQL9)Adult (m)2,5624512
KSroB(KSroB)Hatchling (F)1,1652731
eOOpIA Mess of Z'sAdult (m)2,3924341
5bMsv(5bMsv)Adult (f)2,8324442
WBFIi(WBFIi)Adult (f)4,2321,1440
5OgtQ(5OgtQ)Adult (f)4,4221,1662
Lq4Vz(Lq4Vz)Adult (f)3,8227516
4d5FC(4d5FC)Adult (m)1,7676493
BByj6(BByj6)Adult (m)2,6095752
YvYKs(YvYKs)Adult (m)2,5295103
oYpNt(oYpNt)Adult (m)2,6434983
cXxWw(cXxWw)Adult (f)2,1204851
yx6sb(yx6sb)Adult (m)3,4116821
EGYo2(EGYo2)Adult (m)3,4386751
1eKq2(1eKq2)Adult (f)3,3386892
zpgiU(zpgiU)Adult (f)3,3266951
Kmlsi(Kmlsi)Adult (f)3,3696902
N5Jve(N5Jve)Adult (f)3,9667431
7XVxk(7XVxk)Adult (m)7,6851,2142
3MK6ZFrom the Spice of LoveAdult (m)6,49494513
Fel9gSpicy Danger NoodleHatchling (F)1,3761842
QipqN(QipqN)Adult (f)3,9178311
tVeOH(tVeOH)Adult (f)3,2828613
O06qr(O06qr)Adult (m)3,3208605
yEDCtDance of the Leaved OnesAdult (f)3,0776257
zwcxm(zwcxm)Adult (m)3,4618874
rjHPfBlurple BloomAdult (f)3,1706135
AokRy(AokRy)Hatchling (F)1,5552952
YMkAt(YMkAt)Adult (m)3,4758761
y6TAA(y6TAA)Adult (m)3,6407711
u08cp(u08cp)Adult (m)3,6277140
vfEQN(vfEQN)Adult (m)3,7117080
rtB5kAgeless UniverseAdult (f)2,6511,2411
xhRntGreen HognoseAdult (f)2,6051,2343
5pA6QColorwheel JewelAdult (m)3,8542,1042
1PKJrMerry Midnight WoodsAdult (f)2,4631,1911
F01eFForged in VesuviusAdult (f)2,9281,5483
6ujPPMuco Xecc0 ThuwedAdult (m)3,9768671
ZegUNZ'egunAdult (f)4,0468674
exEdw(exEdw)Adult (f)3,7638211
abkPE(abkPE)Adult (f)4,2428503
zHOle(zHOle)Adult (f)4,0778611
duZAa(duZAa)Adult (f)4,0058510
QAqbN(QAqbN)Adult (f)4,0248820
NdwMKOversized BowAdult (f)3,7358702
Il0Dx(Il0Dx)Hatchling (F)1,2482812
8eophFestively Decorated MantelAdult (f)3,1137921
h4W0K(h4W0K)Adult (f)3,2548061
F0PYsFeminine FlairAdult (m)3,1097951
ttejeA Firework's GlowHatchling (F)1,2412233
NQKXjCombustible PresentAdult (m)4,3167964
fFPnUBourgeoisie PaperAdult (m)4,2988042
2fODMBeast of WinterAdult (m)3,9597063
cIMHcPrincess of the North PoleAdult (f)3,4998452
tE6j8Butterfly RageAdult (m)3,5678612
CVRic(CVRic)Adult (m)3,1326233
eK5BRTreasured CompanionAdult (f)8,4581,0865
PykaZ(PykaZ)Adult (m)4,3596627
Fp919Fiona and FrancineAdult (f)4,7426821
nfiA9Filthy PoolAdult (m)5,1427242
YFN7eMessy WaterAdult (f)5,0887151
ZZWEKZ'weet ZeaAdult (f)4,2337251
kWfMvWhen Wind and Water CollideAdult (f)3,5776583
JXuxuWhere Magma Meets the SeaAdult (m)3,5986742
j4wJkAir and Deep SeaAdult (f)3,7687854
KJCnHLovely Sea of Z'sAdult (f)3,3157372
lNVVFBones of the SeaAdult (f)3,4457531
rO6xsIntense OceanAdult (m)3,5437473
wWWFxDiving MaskAdult (f)3,6707712
YyRAIFreaky WaveAdult (m)3,8647731
BzTsoGlow-in-the-Dark Bubble TeaAdult (f)4,2927779
z06QZZ'e Deep SeaAdult (f)4,0927362
6WRPGFreaky HurricaneAdult (m)4,5227521
aVq3GFreaky ThoughtAdult (f)4,4537162
ErYzRFreak for LoveAdult (m)5,0707421
o7U6oFreaky CycloneAdult (m)4,6287571
4zSc9Wishes in the WindAdult (f)4,6367371
zC3hiZ'e Deep Blue SeaAdult (f)3,8346661
QObcdCryptopsaras couesiiAdult (f)4,3166601
56uMPHumpback AnglerfishAdult (f)4,3346812
a2CmvSeian Sea ShoreAdult (m)4,3626492
MAYgPStealing MayAdult (m)4,1946152
LYmYoEthereally PainfulAdult (f)3,1046302
8NB52Lurking Beneath the WavesAdult (f)4,1706090
01VvmBleach ResidueAdult (f)4,2796241
zU9c6Z'e Lantern FishAdult (f)4,6616281
OwihXLindon VilyaAdult (f)4,4156221
L7K7HStory of the SeaAdult (m)3,8437431
hDe56Yuletide at SeaAdult (m)4,0957290
GhV5CEchos in the WavesAdult (m)4,0487401
r9NmCWaves of Water GlowheartAdult (f)4,0087231
nP9KxFreak of the DeepAdult (f)4,9136622
8xgQZFreaky WhirlpoolAdult (m)4,7936811
IibeDFreaky IlluminationAdult (f)4,9267251
EucgUFreaky LungsAdult (m)4,9846801
bWEHgOceanic DolphinAdult (m)3,5866604
GjrZFBay of BalarAdult (f)3,5336494
UuxTKCharles CobolAdult (m)4,0927372
065SpSpace of the SeaAdult (m)4,0649630
pm2VMNeedless FreakyAdult (m)3,8388881
TDQxTBay of AndunieAdult (m)4,0357492
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